Homeless Girl Scout Troop Aims High With Cookie Sales

For those looking for a wonderful cause to support, Girl Scout Troup 600, located in New York City, will be selling their famous cookies in Union Square with a goal of 6,000 boxes. These aren’t just any regular troop of Girl Scouts though, this troop is made up of girls living in a homeless shelter.

Created in 2016, Troop 6000 was made to allow the thousands of girls who live in the shelter system in New York the opportunity to participate in Girl Scouts. The creation of this troop allowed them to belong to something and become a part of a sisterhood, helping them to not feel so alone in such a difficult living situation. This, in itself, is important, but when you look at the stats, nearly 40% of children in the New York City shelter system are homeless, it makes it even more important to offer these children the opportunity to participate in something amazing.

A recent study by the Institute for Children, Poverty, and Homelessness discovered that an elementary student who is homeless typically misses, on average, 88 days of school per year, which equates to nearly half the school year. By offering participation in an organization like Girl Scouts, these children get the chance to achieve higher levels of success and education, feel a stronger sense of self and are far more likely to reach a higher socio economic level in the future.

With their lofty goal set, these girls will gather in famed Union Square in hopes of moving at least 6,000 boxes of their famous cookies. This is a big goal for any troop, and one that would generally prove even hard for girls in their situation. Living in a shelter provides obvious difficulties to selling and distributing these cookies in the traditional way, but thanks to help from a generous cereal cafe in the area, Kellogg’s NYC, these girls will have plenty of space for their stand. For more details and background information on this story go to Huffington Post.

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