Letitia James Launches Bid To Become New York State Attorney General

Leticia James, a public advocate in the New York City borough of Brooklyn, formally launched her bid to become the first woman of color to become the attorney general for the state of New York.

James, who represents the Democratic party, says that she was inspired by African-American predecessors Thurgood Marshall and Barbara Jordan. James has dubbed herself as the “the people’s lawyer” and promises to defend the causes of the vulnerable and provide resistance to the hostile forces in Washington on behalf of New York State residents.

The kickoff rally for the campaign of Leticia James took place at the Brooklyn Historical Society. Her resume includes time spent as a public defender, a New York City Councilwoman, and an Assistant District Attorney. Leticia James is the first Democrat to formally announce the intent to seek the position vacated by Eric Schneiderman due to allegations of abuse against women.

The James campaign has already garnered the support of three top labor unions and local representative of these unions joined James onstage at the announcement rally along with members of the city council.

Leticia James has just begun her second term as public advocate and is now turning her attention to the task of securing the nomination for the Democratic party in preparation for the November election. The nomination convention for the New York State Democratic party will be held next week.

The initial campaign speech of James promised to address the topic of corruption in the state politics of New York. The issue of corruption has plagued the state for some time now and has recently caused problems for present New York Governor Andrew Cuomo.

A top aide for Cuomo, Joe Percoco, was convicted in March of charges that included the solicitation of bribes and wire fraud. A former assemblyman, Sheldon Silver, was also convicted at a pre-trial hearing a week ago.

When asked about the situations involving corruption in the Cuomo camp, James expresses that the citizens of New York State deserve a government “that works for them” and is not operating on a rent for hire basis to outside business interests.

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