Zombies Take Over New York City!

Before you grab your nearest crossbow and prepare to Daryl it across the country, there were not any actual zombies in New York City. Dish Network recently decided to drop AMC from its list of available channels. In protest, AMC unleashed a few zombies into the civilian world of New York City to make a statement. People were dressed up like firefighters, food vendors, construction workers, mailmen, essentially everyday people found in the famous city. Except they were zombified and played their part quite well.

People were either terrified, curious, or excited about the staged act. The entire performance was filmed and the message at the end entails a zombie dragging a Dish satellite, with words proclaiming that zombies only belonged on television and not in real life. AMC had some problems with Dish when they began to ask for those who wished to watch the channel online pay extra fees. Officials from AMC thought it was questionable that viewers should have to pay more when they already had access to the channel on their TV.

The website currently being used to protest the drop of AMC from Dish’s lineup is called PutZombiesBack, and it believes that the reason AMC is being dropped doesn’t have to do with the channel itself at all, and instead is about an older business issue. One that never even involved AMC or anything related to it. PutZombiesBack is pushing those who interested in the dispute to find a new provider since they believe that the regular viewer is just being used as a pawn in a business game. That they are being charged unreasonably for a service that others can provide for them as a cheap and normal part of their viewing list.

While it is yet unknown what Dish will plan to do next, whether it will return AMC to its viewing list, or if viewers will simply decide to ditch Dish and find a different provider, there’s no doubt the impact the zombies had on those during the protest. Signs of the apocalypse are certainly a guaranteed method to attract attention to your cause. For fans of the Walking Dead and other AMC shows, let’s hope the stunt does more than just scare a few innocent passersby.

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