Stream Cares is Doing Special Things in Texas

Hurricane Harvey was a tragedy, and when the city of Houston was hit by the storm, the results were catastrophic. Harvey did significant damage to the entire area, and flooding took the homes and lives of many. Pets were lost, keepsakes were washed away, and many who survived the initial storm struggled to survive the storm’s immediate aftermath. Fortunately, a number of organizations stepped forward to help. One group, in particular, was one of the first to fund recovery of the city of Houston and its citizens. This group is the energy company Stream Energy, and their actions were hugely influential in the city’s recovery.

Stream is an extremely successful energy sales corporation, but their charity is just as significant as their business ventures. Stream Energy has been known to help dire causes all across the country, and recently, the company launched a specific charity foundation called Stream Cares. This new organization is mostly continuing the philanthropic mission of Stream, but is continuing to expand efforts and do even more for the community. Surprisingly, it is not that common for corporations to launch a charity-specific sub-organization, but Stream’s clear intention to better its surrounding communities pushed it to make that decision. By dividing efforts within the company, talented, driven individuals were able to be put in charge of the charity and philanthropy efforts, and the results will certainly be good. Stream shows a constant drive to be the best at giving, and the creation of Stream Cares is emblematic of this mission.

It’s worth mentioning that Stream’s corporate structure lends itself well to this type of charity. Stream is in the business of direct energy selling, and through this practice, Stream acquires and maintains an ever-growing group of pleased clients. As associates of Stream gain more and more traction, through both sales and bigger client numbers, their opportunity to donate and help others grows as well. Throughout its entirety, Stream Energy encourages all employees and representatives to contribute to society the best they can. Each individual is encouraged to work for a cause they personally believe in, but Stream, as a company, has built some priorities of its own. One of these is homelessness, and Stream has done significant work throughout Texas in helping curb this epidemic.

It’s easy to forget all of the work some corporations do for the well-being of the planet and those who inhabit it, but Stream Energy’s impact is special and deserves to be remembered. What Stream does with its success – in this case, sharing with the needy – is commendable and a great blueprint for other companies to emulate.

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