Cynthia Nixon Is Running As The Governor Of New York And Challenging Andrew Cuomo

Cynthia Nixon the award winning actress has just announced she plans to run for the Governor of New York. She is best known for her part on Sex and the City and is running as a Democrat. He opponent is Governor Andrew Cuomo. The primary election will be held in September. Cynthia Nixon has been involved with politics although she is new to campaigning. She wants the government to focus on healthcare and repairing the broken subway. She stated the people are tired of politician more concerned with power and headlines than the people.

Cynthia Nixon made an announcement for two minutes. She spoke of her advocacy for public education and of the New York City public schools attended by her children. She additionally talked about the deteriorating subway system in the city. Her press release was a direct attack on the Governor. She said Andrew Cuomo’s time in office has consisted of corruption indictments, making no attempt to repair the subway and support backroom deals leading to the Republicans controlling the Senate in the state. For additional details please visit

Cynthia Nixon became involved in politics in New York City in 2014. She has been critical regarding the work Andrew Cuomo has done as the Governor. She does not believe his best policies come close to providing what is required by the state. She says his policies only concern people making $75,000 to $125,000 per year. She wants the number of charter schools privately run in New York City to increase by at least half. She cited Andrew Cuomo as a proponent of tax credits imposed on private schools. She referred to this as a backdoor voucher system and said this may be expected from Betsy Devos but was a surprise coming from Andrew Cuomo.

Cynthia Nixon intends to dethrone the governor. She spoke of one of Andrew Cuomo’s top aides, Joseph Percoco. She reminded the public he was found guilty regarding his participation in a corruption scandal. He allegedly accepted bribes totaling $300,000 from the state business done by executives. The latest poll released by the Siena College shows Andrew Cuomo currently has 66 percent of the Democratic votes. It remains unclear if Cynthia Nixon will become a credible threat to the governorship of Andrew Cuomo.

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