Fourth Nor’easter In A Month Hits New York City

In the northeastern part of the country, snowstorms are not an uncommon weather event during the winter months. But by mid-March, things tend to slow down quite a bit. But this has been a snowier season of snowfall this year for the east coast. On Wednesday, an unusual spring snowstorm all but shut down the Big Apple Wednesday as the fourth Nor’easter in less than a month hit the northeastern east coast. Governor Cuomo ordered a State of Emergency for the city and parts of the state. He appeared in a photo on twitter of a major tractor trailer accident and urged people to stay off the roadways. The metro area and Long Island could see upwards of over a foot of snow in this late season record breaking storm.

Thousands of flights out of JFK, LaGuardia, Newark were cancelled because of the storm. By the early evening Brooklyn and Queens had over 8.5 inches of fresh snow which is unusual for this time of year. In Central Park, 6.7 inches of new snow had already covered the region with more on the way into the evening hours and early morning hours on Thursday.

The storm has been dubbed “Four’easter” because it’s notoriety as the fourth Nor’easter in less than a month. In New Jersey and parts of Pennsylvania there has been icing on the powerlines and the storm is expected to last throughout the night.

While most people in and around the city and Long island were waiting out the storm there were a few people out in the storm trying to enjoy the conditions. At Rockaway beach in Long Island, high waves caused by the Nor’easters winds were bringing out surfers even in the frigid temperatures. But it has also been a deadly storm as there have been several road fatalities from this most recent snowmaker in the New York City area.

The storm has already become a record breaker for New York City snowfall. Because of the fresh batch of snow, it is the first time in the city’s recent history it has experienced a five year stretch of consecutive winters where there has been over 30 inches of snow in a winter season. The last time this occurred was when Chester A. Arthur was president in the 1880’s.

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