NYC playground pose danger to kids, audit finds

The safety of New York City’s children is at risk at the 788 playgrounds overseen by the New York City Housing Authority, according to a new report released by New York City Comptroller Scott M. Stringer.

The Housing Authority, which is responsible for providing public housing for New York City’s poorest residents, also manages playground for the children living at the city’s 238 public housing developments. Stringer’s audit found that 70 percent of the playgrounds managed by the Housing Authority have dangerous conditions, including missing and broken equipment and unsatisfactory safety surfaces.

Even worse, the audit turned up evidence that the Housing Authority was reporting incorrect information in required safety reports or failing to file those reports entirely. Many of the safety reports that were filed did not mention pressing safety issues, even at sites where the Comptroller’s office found damage that imminently endangered children.

Perhaps most shockingly, the audit indicated that professional managers at the Housing Authority were unaware how many playgrounds they managed. When initially asked, the Housing Authority submitted a list of just seven playgrounds to the Comptroller’s office. Only after the auditors conducted site inspections did it become clearly that the Housing Authority manages nearly 800 playgrounds.

“This is a very disturbing audit that shows the dangers children face within Nycha developments,” Stringer, the comptroller, told The New York Times. “The dangerous conditions that permeate these developments are simply horrifying.”

In response to the critical audit, the Housing Authority said that it was working to implement the advice of the Comptroller’s office. However, as of Wednesday, it seemed unlikely that much progress had been made because the Housing Authority considered corrective action to be filing a work order, as opposed to actually repairing or replacing damaged equipment.

The Housing Authority, which has been plagued by complaints about horrific housing conditions, is the center of an ongoing dispute between Democratic New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio, who oversees the Housing Authority, and Democratic New York Governor Andrew M. Cuomo, who has lamented the conditions in its facilities and declared a “state of emergency” in the agency.

New Taco Option Coming To Brooklyn

Brooklyn is a highly diverse place. People here have a highly sophisticated sense of taste. Those who love tacos will soon have other options in the borough. Famous restaurant developer and wildly successful chef Danny Meyer has announced his new plans. He’s going to open up a new place devoted to tacos in Brooklyn. Like so many other chefs and food professionals, Meyer has realized that this part of the area has a great deal of potential. He’s also realized that Brooklyn also has about a million people as well as many national and international visitors. Understanding this growing market has helped him come to the conclusion that any new business venture in this part of the area is likely to have an immediate customer base. Meyer knows that people today are also more likely to be willing to take public transportation or even walk across a bridge to enjoy the diverse delights of this part of the region. Given this base, industry observers are not surprised that he, like many of his fellow chefs, has decided to start a new venture here.

Tacocina During The Summer

Danny Meyer let his many fans know of his new plans in a recent announcement. The Union Square Hospitality group, his company, has confirmed the new plans for an expansion. The new taco stand will be opening at some point over this coming summer in an area that is known as Domino Park. This area is located in the Williamsburg section of Brooklyn. Williamsburg is a section of Brooklyn adjacent to much of downtown Manhattan via subways and buses. In the last few years alone, many companies have found a haven here. The area has cheaper rents than much of Manhattan, making it a highly attractive place to locate a new venture while still attracting a great deal of pedestrian traffic. Meyers has been vague about the details of his new restaurant. Industry insiders expect that he will be forthcoming with more details as he heads into the summer season. Domino Park is a new development in the area that is also expected to attract even more attention and other business ventures. The new space should be highly successful attracting those who really love good food.

Lime Crime and Founder Doe Deere

In recent years Lime Crime, a bold cosmetic company created by Doe Deere, has struck popularity. Lime Crime is all about individuality and is vegan and cruelty free based. The company’s founder and CEO, Doe Deere, is an upcoming entrepreneur that describes the company as “a cult favorite.” The makeup lines offered range from bright eyeshadows to courageous lipsticks colors.

Doe Deere was originally born in Russia then moved to America as a young girl and was raised in New York City. Deere started the now brand name company on eBay, creating colorful clothes in 2004. The brand then took off as Lime Crime in 2008, selling beauty products based off of her clothes collections in previous years. Deere recalls from the age of 9 using fearless makeup choices when all her friends thought she was crazy.

Lime Crime hopes to “shake things up” by creating unicorn based products. When asked, Deere stated that people today are about individuality and self-expression. She continued by saying that unicorns are the first thing people think about when they hear individuality; so the brand centers around that. Continuing the unicorn trend, she as well refers to Lime Crime fans as unicorns.

The brand name cosmetic company also refers as themselves as a cult. “To me, the word ‘cult’ means being unique,” said founder Deere in an interview with Stylist. By using the word cult, the company captivates beauty fans into the brand that is Lime Crime. Learn more:

In recent months the brand has even reached out to hair dye. Deere had been dyeing her hair for approximately ten years and thought of it as a way to express herself. With the company intended towards adventurous men and women, she decided it was another way to express oneself.

With Lime Crime running account of popular social media websites, they have over 3.3 million followers on Instagram alone. The brand posts pictures and videos of possible makeup looks that one can achieve with the products. Since Lime Crime has much success on Instagram, Deere refers to the brand as an internet-based company. Although Lime Crime specializes online and digitally, they also peak in store as well. Lime Crime can be found at Urban Outfitters, a popular brand for teens and young adults; as well as hosting pop-up shops. A recent pop-up shop held by the brand was on April 27th in central London.

Lime Crime is a bold cosmetic brand that specializes in making the consumer become confident while wearing the bright and eye capturing makeup. While vegan, the brand promotes self reassurance referring to their fans as unicorns. From adventurous eyeshadows to vibrant hair dyes, Lime Crime continues to sell to their 3.3 million followers.

Kushner Real Estate Company In Center Of Investigation

The New York City Council has began an investigation into documentation that was filed by the real estate company that belongs to the Kushner family, Kushner Cos., under the belief that the company avoided certain rent laws in order to widen their profit margin.

After meeting with tenants of Kushner Cos. properties, New York State Attorney General Eric Schneiderman discovered that while hundreds of the buildings that belonged to the company fell under the protection of a New York City law that prevented them from having to push major rent hikes on their tenants or forcing out tenants under new ownership, it appears that the real estate company often filed falsified documentation stating that the buildings had no tenants under rent regulations from 2013 through 2016. During the years stated, Jared Kushner was serving as the CEO of Kushner Cos., Jared Kushner is also married to first daughter Ivanka Trump.

Per information that was received from Housing Rights Initiative, a watchdog group, there were at least 80 applications filed for construction permits on 34 separate buildings during that time period that included false information. Each application stated that the buildings had no rent-regulated tenants living in them, but in reality, they had about 300 rent-regulated tenants. The false information led to a lack of city supervision at the construction sites which in turn left vulnerable tenants who were harassed to leave or forced to endure the constant upheaval that came with the construction.

The move was one that allowed the real estate company to force certain tenants out of the building in order to renovate then bring in tenants who were able to pay new and higher rents. This type of accusation goes beyond just falsifying certain information in documentation, according to some city council members, it threatens the very existence of affordable rents and the safety of tenants who are living in construction zones.

While it is clear that New York is not fond of the President and his family, city council members made it clear that fault also lies with the city for failing to properly vet the paperwork which clearly disagreed with city tax documents. For his part, Kushner was quick to point out that a third party was hired to file the paperwork, he and his family had no knowledge of what was actually happening. Since the 2016 election when President Trump took office, Jared Kushner stepped down as CEO of his company but still has major holdings in the company as well as Westminster Management, a real estate company located in Maryland that carries residential properties that were recently hit with their own lawsuit by tenants who claimed they had been charge strange fees which occurred simply to force them from the properties. For more detailed information on this topic, click here.

GoBuySide and Top Recruitment Styles

GoBuySide is a credible financial recruitment firm that was established back in 2011. It was made by an individual by the name of Arjun Kapur. Kapur is an alumnus of the Stanford Graduate School of Business located at Stanford University in Stanford, California. He earned an MBA (Master of Business Administration) degree from the widely known West Coast school. Once he completed his education, he began a career in finance. He started picking up on a pattern in the recruitment sector. Kapur wanted to put together a much more efficient approach to recruitment within the finance division. That’s why he came up with the concept for GoBuySide. This is a comprehensive platform that’s driven heavily by technology. It has transformed classic recruitment procedures considerably. It involves the assistance of all kinds of things as well. It takes advantage of job-seeker tracking, job boards on the Internet and more. The aim behind GoBuySide initially was to pinpoint job candidates. It was to assess them meticulously, too. GoBuySide aims to accommodate clients’ requirements in significant detail. It has enjoyed significant improvement since its launching several years ago. It currently accommodates more than 500 different clients all over the planet. It assists 10,000 plus companies. These companies are based in around 500 metropolises all throughout the globe. Read this article at Yahoo Finance.

There are quite a few things that have made GoBuySide the hit it is. The platform gives employers and job-seekers alike the convenience of clarity and honesty. It enables people to get their hands on networking advantages. It helps them secure compensation assessments, too. Job-seekers who want alerts in the event of desirable job openings often get a lot out of the thorough platform. Kapur operates as the Chief Executive Officer of GoBuySide. The leader has helped his crew provide clients with savvy that is memorable and rare within the recruitment field. Read more about GoBuyside at

GoBuySide is a big craze in the recruitment sector these days. It accommodates the requirements of alternative investment managers, hedge funds, private equity companies and even advisory platforms. The company comes to the aid of corporations that classify themselves as Fortune 500 entities, too. The GoBuySide team strives to assist businesses that are trying to get to the finest professionals regardless of their specific global locations. Employment is a category that’s shifting in a major way. Employment practices that were typical in years and decades past are no longer the norm. GoBuySide confirms that.


New York Joins Others In Lawsuit Against Trump Administration

New York state has joined sixteen other states who have filed a lawsuit against the Trump administration. The lawsuit raises concerns about the legality of a question that is slated to appear on the 2020 United States Census. The controversial question that seems to be causing all the stir is a simple yet powerful one, are you a citizen of the United States?

The United States Census began in 1790 and has occurred every ten years since then. As outlined in the United States Constitution, the taxes shall be divided among the states in amounts that are respective to the population. In layman’s terms, this means the government needs to know how many people reside in each state in order for them to properly divide up the resources such as funding. Population also affects the amount of electoral votes each state receives in a presidential election as well as the number of representatives states, meaning these numbers could have a widespread political effect as well.

New York Attorney General Eric Schneierman (D) joined with sixteen other states as well as the U.S. Conference of Mayors, the District of Columbia and six separate cities to file a federal lawsuit that is intended to stop the 2020 census from including a question that requests a persons citizenship in the United States. The group filing the federal lawsuit believes that this question violates the very laws of the census, which, when outlined in the Constitution, state that the purpose of the census is to simply count the population, not determine citizenship status. This group feels that many people who are not legal citizens of the country will refuse to answer the questions which would therefore make the numbers inaccurate when it comes to the needs of the state. This group also feels as though this is a personal attack on states that have high immigrant populations that are aimed to cut the congressional representation of these states.

It is, in fact, highly likely that those that are in the country without documentation would avoid answering this type of question. The Trump administration has made it quite clear that they have every intention of removing those who do not have proper documentation and new stories arise on a regular basis of deportations happening around the United States. The Department of Justice defended the decision to include the question, which has not been on the census since 1950, stating that they require better information in order for them to properly enforce the Voting Rights Act, a law that was created in order to help secure voting rights to minorities in the country. Section 2, which the DOJ specifically noted, refers to prohibiting any voting practices that are deemed discriminatory. Schneiderman was quick to note that the DOJ has yet to bring a single case under Section 2 of the act under the Trump administration, leading everyone to believe he thinks this is a smokescreen for the real motive.

These types of cases are often slow to play out, and with nearly two years before the census even happens it might be awhile before we have answers and a long fight could take place. It is clear that the Trump administration intends to push this topic heavily and will continue to meet adversaries at every turn. For more information on this topic, click here.

Lawrence Bender: Kill Bill: Vol. 2

Sequels are often letdowns. Good thing that Kill Bill: Vol. 2 (2004) was a second volume. OK, so maybe it did not speak as loudly to me as volume one. But how could it? I had already been transformed. What I knew about movies and comics was, quite frankly, shattered.

Before encountering the Kill Bill volumes, I thought the only aspect of science fiction that could blur the lines of reality were those centered on technology. We speculate about what is possible, and then we see it in real life, like a touch screen tablet. And horror films, mind you that Kill Bill has some of this, scare us because we go to see them for this very reason. But fantastic comics? Is this not one of the main reasons for the advancement of 3D animation?

In Kill Bill: Vol. 2, Lawrence Bender demonstrates that it was not an idea that can challenge a viewer to grow, but that cinematography and artistic philosophy can still dominate a production. The second volume flows seamlessly, and maybe they were produced so that fans could view them together time and again throughout their life. Will they eventually seem like one movie? Quite probably. Will the ending be a letdown? No.

Kill Bill: Vol. 2 extends the thrill ride. It brings new ideas and polishes existing ones. The characters continue to grow and develop. Viewers are rescued from the ninety minute standard that Hollywood has fed us for decades. Like the intermission at a live show, or a lunch break at an amusement park, Lawrence Bender allows viewers to wipe their brows, feed their head, and take a breath before pressing onward into the wilderness of artistic innovation.

Lawrence Bender was Born in New York City. He is a lifetime environmental and political activist. After a career ending injury as a ballet dancer he went on to captivate viewers with the iconic Reservoir Dogs (1992) and An Inconvenient Truth (2006). Lawrence Bender produced 3 films nominated for best picture and is known for intriguing fans by taking on small movie rolls in his productions.

New York Bars Domestic Abusers From Owning Guns

While the nation as a whole cannot come to an agreement on how to handle gun laws, states have been stepping up and providing laws for their citizens, and New York just passed one of their own. The new bill, which was just recently passed by the New York State Legislature, will make it so that those who have been convicted on domestic abuse charges will no longer have the right to purchase or own any type of firearms.

The state gave themselves a big pat on the back calling the new law a “common sense bill” and claiming that their state is heading the pack on the road to prevention of gun violence across the nation. New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D) stated that this is just another building block on New York’s gun laws, laws he referred to as the strongest in the entire nation, and stated that this was a step to make the state even stronger. Cuomo advocated for this bill at his 2018 Women’s Agenda, and it passed through both the State Assembly and Senate with little opposition. This legislation will require that all people who have been convicted of domestic abuse must surrender all of their firearms as well as bans them from purchasing new guns. This closes a loophole that was left in previous legislature that only required them to surrender handguns, but allowed them to maintain ownership of other firearms. Likewise, the previous bill stated that domestic abusers convicted on felony charges or other serious offenses were not allowed to purchase guns, the new bill adds some new assault and battery charges to the list of offenses that bar their right to purchase guns.

While the new bill hopes to lessen the amount of gun crimes that occur in the state of New York, the legislators also believe that it can aid in lessening the chances of mass shootings as it has been proven that the majority of mass shootings that have occurred in the past often involved some history of domestic abuse. Per a report from NPR in 2017, roughly 54% of mass shootings that occurred between 2009 and 2016 were committed by someone who had a history of domestic violence. Likewise, a gun being present in a domestic violence situation increases the risk of homicide by about 500%, and there is astounding data from the FBI that shows that every 16 hours in the United States, a woman is fatally shot by either her current or former intimate partner.

This new law is one that is likely to make a difference. Cuomo stated it was a common sense law, and those words seem like a very accurate description. While the national government bickers on the topic and accomplishes nothing, states like New York are slowly stepping up and making changes that are sure to alter the future. For more information, click here.

New York Chefs Are Using Caramelle More, And It Looks Delicious

There is a type of pasta that is making a semi comeback in some New York restaurants. I say semi comeback because this is not a well know type of pasta to begin with. Caramelle is a variety of pasta the looks just like it’s candyish namesake. Caramelle is pinched on both ends about an inch before the pasta ends. The middle of the pasta is rounded and, of course is stuffed with whatever your heart would desire. Just like a Ravioli pillow with ties on the end. Pasta candy!

Several New York City chefs have been using this little known pasta shape in unique ways, making the pasta pertly striped or brightly colored such as the pink offering from Barano that is made from the juices of beets. The restaurants brave enough to use this quirky pasta shape (Don Angie, Faro, Legacy Records, and Osteria Morini to name a few) have been well received. New York has always been a literal melting pot for different cuisine, but Caramelle has made the rounds of several New York restaurants in the 1990’s. It is believed that this type of pasta was originally used in Northern Italian homes as a “holiday pasta” and is not even included in “Encyclopedia Of Pasta” English or Italian version.

Wherever this pasta came from, Caramelle sounds fun to make and eat. Almost like adults are allowed to play with their food. In a world where pratically everyone takes photos of their perfect plate of food before eating, these pasta would steal the show. I would love to find a recipe for this type of nooodle and give it a try myself. I could hide all sorts of small chopped vegatables in those candy shaped pillows, tricking my kids with a fun shape and great taste. If you happen to be in New York or visiting soon, here is a link to the original article with a restaurant listing, complete with colorful photos of this fun pasta shape. Happy eating!

Non-Profit Organization Seeks To Provide East Harlem Groups With More Access To Neighborhood Recreational Spaces

East Harlem is home to more space for recreation than most neighborhoods in the borough of Manhattan. The problem as some sees it is that most of the permits to use these rec spaces have not been given to local athletic groups. Information regarding the situation is available in a recently published report that studied how the city can even the playing field for young athletes in the area.

It was revealed that approximately 44% of the land area in East Harlem is recreational space or public parks in a 44-page report on the matter that was prepared by the Aspen Institute. The institute is a non-profit organization working in conjunction with Mount Sinai Health Systems as well as other charitable organizations in the area in hopes of expanding youth sports options.

The report that 80% of the available athletic spaces in East Harlem were used by athletic groups based in other neighborhoods for the 2017-2018 winter season.

The report further detailed the situation at Thomas Jefferson Park, which contains a large area used for recreation. It was observed by the Aspen Institute that 57% of the track and field reservations for the park in November went to leagues that are not based in East Harlem.

The Department of Parks and Recreation for New York City did not provide a careful review of the report but countered the findings by saying that a full-year review of reservations at Thomas Jefferson Park would show more usage by local leagues. The reinforce their point, the department explained that the East Harlem Little League is the entity that uses the field more than any other.

Sam Biederman, a spokesman for the Parks Department said that the ballfields are available to any group in the city and that all have equal access to them.

Ranya Bautista, working with the Aspen Institute, explains that sports groups in East Harlem find it more difficult to manage the issues with bureaucracy that is necessary to reserve the athletic spaces.

The institute suggested that to remedy the problem the city could give priority to athletic groups from East Harlem when issuing permits for usage of the neighborhood recreational spaces.

The city has not yet provided a response to the suggestions made by the Aspen Institute.