Two Years After Dropping Out Of College, One Former Student Won’t Give Up Her Dorm Room

A recent article on the Buzz Feed website tells the story of a woman who dropped out of a New York City college and continues to live there without paying rent.

Evidently, a 32-year old woman who dropped out of Hunter College in Manhattan two years ago is refusing to leave her dorm room, even though she is no longer a student at the school.

The college, which is part of the City University of New York system, claims that the former student owes the school more than $94,000 in unpaid residence fees. The school is now suing the woman, stating that she has been illegally squatting in the dorm room since 2016.

According to the Buzz Feed article, the former student was a geography major who stopped paying her residence fees shortly after she began living at the dorm. When the woman was denied housing during the summer months in 2016, she dropped out of the school.

Hunter College says that it has sent the woman numerous notices of the fees that are owed, and eviction notices have even been sent. The former student has ignored these efforts, and says that she should not have to pay the fees.

In the lawsuit filed against the former student, it is alleged that an agreement between the former student and a college would allow her to stay in the dorm if she enrolled in classes again and paid off outstanding course fees.

As it turns out, the woman has not reenrolled in courses and has not paid off her outstanding fees. She claims to be working two jobs, but says that it is unrealistic to think that she could pay off the money that she owes. It is the woman’s contention that because she can’t pay the debt, she should not have to. She also thinks that she should be allowed to remain in the dorm room.

In the real world of privately-owned apartment buildings, not paying the rent for two years and ignoring eviction notices would usually lead to the tenant and his or her belongings being removed from the premises. In this case, the woman says she is going to stay in the dorm room and fight the case.

The New York Taxi and Limousine Commission Is Being Called Out On Their Ban Regarding Commercial Speech

The limousines, black cars, livery and taxicabs in New York may be owned by the businesses but in truth they are controlled by the Taxi and Limousine Commission. The city highly regulates all passenger transportation but the businesses are still entitled to their constitutional rights. Prior to May of 2005 pre-authorization was required by the TLC for all interior advertising in regulated vehicles. In 2004 the installation of passenger monitors was required by the TLC. The next year the ad ban for taxicabs was lifted by the TLC to enable them to offset the costs.

Vugo is a media distribution company. In 2015 they attempted a partnership with New York City rideshare companies including Lift and Uber. The software from Vugo was downloaded onto tablets the riders could view. Sixty percent of the revenue generated from the ads would be paid to the drivers. The TLC stated interior advertising would not be approved for ridesharing. Vugo had to cancel their plans for expansion. Vugo then challenged TLC under the first amendment in New York’s United States District Court. Ronnie Abrams was the judge for the Southern District of New York. She declared Vugo’s commercial rights to speech had been violated due to the ban of TLC.

Judge Abrams determined TLC was promoting the interests of the state. She additionally determined the comfort of the customers was substantial. Due to the exemption of liveries and taxis the ban was deemed under inclusive. This ban was not connected to the comfort of the customers. The judge noted there were no limits on the size or placements of the ads. The final result was TLC was prevented from discrimination pertaining to rideshare vehicles. These vehicles were given the same commercial opportunities as the taxis. For additional details please visit

The advertising rule was justified by TLC with a study conducted seven years previously. The study showed Taxi TV was annoying to 33 percent of all passengers. This was not enough evidence to support the ban imposed on speech. The rules of TLC disfavored marketing and were considered to be invalid. Numerous courts for federal appeals were urged by the Washington Legal Foundation to assess the content of restrictions regarding commercial speech restrictions. It is possible the ruling of Judge Abrams will be appealed by the TLC.

How Nick Vertucci is Transforming Careers at the NVRA

Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy (NVREA) is an organization that was launched in 2013, which pioneers in the in teaching students how to manage real estate investments. This school is one of the most extensive training facilities in the United States.

About Nick

Nick established Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy, a school that imparts skills to people so that they can generate income in the real estate industry. Nick had a humble background and began depending on himself at the 18. Early in his career, he operated a few businesses that involved selling computer parts. In the 2000 economic recession, Nick busines’ was significantly affected, and this prompted him to seek alternative solutions so that he could achieve financial freedom. During this time is when he got involved in the real estate after attending a three-day training. A decade later, he came up with a system that has helped numerous individuals generate income. Nick currently spends most of his time teaching other professionals at the Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy.

A closer look Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy

The Academy, teaches students various vital topics including:

  • Rehabbing and flipping properties
  • Asset management
  • Wholesaling and contract administration
  • Leveraging 401K and IRA to fund investments
  • Commercial investments
  • Buying and holding properties as long-term investments

Since the Academy was launched, it has helped many people get started in their careers. According to Nick, his goal is to transform the lives of the people he mentors so that they do not experience financial difficulties. The Real Estate Academy hosts workshops regularly. This institute has trained different kinds of people of all ages, including couples and business partners looking to venture into something different. Nick works with a team of highly skilled professionals who assist him in organizing training sessions. Workshops are held in various towns and cities across the country. The Academy prides itself as an organization dedicated to revolutionizing the real estate industry. BBB has listed Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy as one of the best performing institutes in the business.

Find out more about Nick Vertucci :

New Study Finds Airbnb Driving Up Rent in NYC

For those of you who may not know what Airbnb is, it is a website that is used by many people to find a short-term rental property. Using this site, any homeowner can rent out a room or a house for extra income. Usually, renters are charged by the day. This means that any property owner can effectively use their property as a small hotel. Needless to say, this has had a negative effect upon the hotel industry, and upon the rental market.

A new study conducted by McGill Urban Planning professor David Wachsmuth attempts to show the impact of Airbnb upon these markets. It should be noted that this study was commissioned by the Hotel Trades Council and the AFL-CIO. They estimate that average long-term rental prices in New York have increased about 1.4% as a result of Airbnb’s increased popularity, which equals about $384 a year.

Their numbers were obtained using a complex comparative research model that is meant to rule out any other factors that could have caused price increases. As for the cause of these price increases, it seems to mostly be the prevalence of “ghost hotels”.

A ghost hotel works like this: Let’s say you’re a property owner, and you want to rent out a bunch of Apartments. If you rent them out in the normal way, you have to deal with a lot of regulations and fees. Renting your properties out individually on Airbnb gives you a way to avoid many of these regulations and fees. While Airbnb was intended to provide private homeowners with a means of extra income, this study suggests that many listings come from professional operators who are simply looking for a loophole.

The study found about 4,700 listings that were obvious “ghost hotels”. In addition, the study found that between 7,000 and 13,500 rental properties have been removed from the market using this method. The end result is an increase in prices across the board. Techcrunch’s article on the subject can be found here:

Even more disturbing, the study finds that about 45 percent of all Airbnb listings in the last year are in violation of New York law. New York City has a law against renting out property for less than 30 days if the property has more than 3 units, unless the owner also lives on the property.

The study also found that the top 10% of Airbnb hosts generated about 48 percent of all Airbnb revenue, giving additional credence to their theory that unscrupulous property managers are abusing a service intended to benefit the average homeowner.

New York City Chef To CoFound Seed Business

New York award winning chef, Dan Barber has been talking about WalMart, which is about as far away as you can get from the farm to table cooking Dan does. But WalMart is the end result that Mr. Barber is talking about in regards to the seed business that he co founded with Michael Mazourek, a Cornell professor that specializes in plant breeding and genetics and Matthew Goldfarb, who is an organic seed grower from the Fingerlakes region in New York. Row 7 Seed Co. is the end result from this collaboration and I, for one, will be eagerly looking for the seeds when they hit the market.

What is different about the Row 7 Seed Co.? These three men are creating seed blends that first of all are quality produce seeds and secondly are loaded with guaranteed flavor. For example: the founders produced the Habanada pepper, which has all the taste components of a Habanaro pepper with none of the heat that goes with it. Or the Upstate Abundance Potatoes these potatoes have a lovely buttery taste. My favorite is the Badger Flame beet. It is very beautiful when you cut into it (it looks just like flames) and is a milder, sweeter beet that is meant to be eaten raw.

I like that the founders see the formation of the company not just as a way to create seeds for their personal use or other professional chefs to use on some higher level, i like that they are creating these seeds to bring some quality to the consumer. They are seeing this vision of unique, fresh food that is available to all. There is something very beautiful in that mission. This is where the WalMart talk comes in. The seeds would be on the inexpensive end. For example, Badger Flame seeds come in a 100 pack for about $3.50. Here is hoping that this is the start of a beautiful thing and will be waiting eagerly with my trowel to plant some seeds. To read the original accounting for yourself, please click here.

Dr. Saad Saad Aging Gracefully as a Pediatric Surgeon

A good number of people feel handicapped by their economic and social status especially those who come from poor backgrounds. However, that should not be the case as indicated by Dr. SaadSaad, who came from a poor background and went all the way to become a successful surgeon in American. His advice to the world and anyone feeling incapacitated is they should work hard and persevere.


Dr. SaadSaad is a retired Surgeon-in-Chief and the Co-Medical Director of K Hovnanian Children Hospital who currently works as a pediatric surgery specialist in Eatontown, NJ. Born in Palestine and raised in Kuwait, Dr. SaadSaad went through a rough patch as his parents were poor with eight children.


His dream of becoming a surgeon was fueled by the harsh and hot Kuwait weather where temperatures can exceed 110 degrees Fahrenheit. In his high school days, he wanted to be an engineer. However, he changed his mind after summers got too hot, opting for a profession where he would be working indoors in air-conditioned rooms. He went to Cairo University in Egypt ranking second and graduating with honors. He took the ECFMG exam while a third-year medical student in Beirut Lebanon. This exam gave him the opportunity to train in the US after completing his medical degree, and an internship in England.


After relocating to the US, he did a residency in surgery, and pediatric surgery in the USA Board Certified in Pediatric Surgery. Dr. SaadSaad believes the best way to bring ideas to life is through research as this gives results. In the US, he worked with Dr. H BiemannOthersen one of the greatest physicians in the US who trained him in Charleston. Dr. Saad learned the values of equal treatment among all people regardless of color, economic status, or religion, and how to being kind, honest and hard-working. He has come up with many new surgical procedures in pediatrics together with two patented inventions.


In his more than 40 years’ experience, Dr. SaadSaad has operated thousands of pediatric patients ranging from teenagers to infants in complex pediatric surgeries. He also takes part in giving back to the communities and has gone to Jerusalem eight times to perform free pediatric surgeries to needy children. He is married, and three of his four children have followed him in the medical field.


He is motivated to see how the use of genetics will help in understanding, preventing, and treating chronic diseases especially cancer. He believes young people should be persistent when trying to reach their goals. This is even as they aim at being organized, which makes work and responsibilities efficient avoiding procrastination. Learn more:


The Unbelievably Innovative Dr. David Samadi

Dr. David Samadi is a celebrity doctor, who specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of urologic diseases, such as prostate cancer, kidney and bladder cancer. He is well known for his technique in advanced minimally invasive treatments for prostate cancer. His experiences as a young boy has shaped him into one remarkable surgeon he is today.He grew up in Iran, but at the tender age of 15 he was forced to leave his birth place and family because of the Iranian revolution. He eventually made way to New York where he completed high school in Roslyn, NY. He earned a degree in biochemistry on a full scholarship at the State University of New York at Stony Brook School of Medicine. He completed his post-graduate training at Montefiore Medical Center and in urology at Albert Einstein School of Medicine and Montefiore Medical Center.Dr. David Samadi is the only surgeon to perform the SMART surgery technique using the da Vinci robotic system.

Using the Da Vinci system the incisions are much smaller than conventional prostate surgery. The delicate prostate nerve will be saved by less damage, and a faster recovery. Dr. David Samadi is highly active on social media to promote is weekly TV show SamadiTV. SamadiTV is a weekly live-stream show that premiers every Sunday at 12:30 PM EST. It features relevant health topics providing the public with answers and advice on good health. With his many awards and wide recognition, he lives up to the name given by New York Magazine as the Best Doctor year after year. He has also been honored by the following: Vitals Patients’ Choice Award 2008-2014, Castle Connolly Top Doctors – The Top 1,251 Physicians, New York Magazine 2013-2014, New York Sup

er Doctors 2014, America’s Top Doctors for Cancer 2009-2014, Best Doctors New York Magazine 2009-2012, 2015. America’s Top Doctors 2008-2013, Most Compassionate Doctor 2010-201.He believes that Mitt Romney has a very high recovery rate and a chance to avoid any relapse of the cancer. He states that Romney chose to have surgery and believes this can be the best choice for certain patients. He is also certain that a diagnosis like this one has a very good lasting outlook.During his interview with Ideamensch, Dr. David Samadi unfolds a look at a day in his life. He wakes up early at around 4:30 am and reaches his office by 6:00 am. He remains on he feet throughout the rest of the day, performing numerous surgeries. The Dr. also reveals that he has a photographic memory, and that he sketches out his ideas that appear to him through the day.Dr. David Samadi is not only a remarkable and respected surgeon, he is an extraordinary human who continues to save lives, and educate the public. He has truly lived up to his title as the BEST DOCTOR.

Andujar Continues to Impress

The New York Yankees are one of the most dominant teams in Major League Baseball history. The franchise has won more World Series championships than any other team and continues to find new talent and sign a big free agents. In 2017, the team was expected to take a step back and focus on growing its talent. While it was expected to be a rebuilding year, the Yankees ended up surprising a lot of people and ended up making the playoffs. Now is the team is preparing for the 2018 season, there is a lot of hope and optimism around the Yankees.

One of the main reasons that people are excited about the Yankees is that the team is loaded with talent. In 2017, the team was led by young players including Gary Sanchez, Starlin Castro, and Aaron Judge. Aaron Judge was also named the MVP or the American League. While the lineup was already deep as it was, the team also made a big move during the offseason when it traded for Giancarlo Stanton. Stanton was previously with the Miami Marlins and won the NL MVP while hitting nearly 60 homeruns.

What makes the Yankees even more exciting is that they have a very good young farm system full of talented players that have not even made it to the majors yet. One player that is continuing to turn heads during Spring Training this year is Miguel Andujar (

Miguel Andujar is a 23-year old prospect that has been considered one of the most talented players in the Yankees farm system coming into the Spring Training season. While he has always been a good player, he has been off to a very good start in some of the games this year. Through the first couple of weeks of the season, he already has 8 hits on 21 at bats, which is good for a .421 average. Of those 8 hits, four were home runs that came in the last week alone. If he keeps this up, he will likely be a very valuable addition to the team as they look to set their final lineup.

The Yankees will have some tough roster choices to make. By the time the season starts they will need to have it narrowed to just 25 players.

Take Care Of Your Mental Health On The Go With Talkspace

Talkspace is the mental health therapy platform of the future. It helps you find, match and connect with great mental health professionals conveniently from your mobile phone.

The app is heaven-sent for people in difficult situations. We are in the mobile era. The phone is always on you. Even in your darker moments. It is reassuring to know that support is right at your thumbs. Consider the classic setup.

You have to wait until morning, go over to your health center, check to see if the provider will take your insurance, and at best, book a time to start your therapy session.

Why set yourself up for additional stress when you are trying to get relief from your stress? In like manner, it can be a headache finding a great therapist online.

Mostly, all you have to go by is a photo and a couple of lines of bio.

Talkspace is always on, and someone who is ready to share your experiences is a simple subscription away. In fact, the process is simple. After you sign up for the app, someone will contact you, and you are good to go.

Just answer a few questions and fill in an online form. They will search for a matching and qualified therapist for you. Sometimes you can get a list to choose from.

It is cheaper than similar services in the market, and you can quickly check to see if your insurance is acceptable. The matching service is quick, and you will be chatting with your primary therapist in no time.

Decrease In Price Of Housing For Residents Of New York City

For many years New York City has been listed as one of the most expensive areas to live. It comes as a great relief that the recent announcement that housing within the metropolitan area is finally coming more affordable.
According to the United States Census Bureau, housing costs are beginning to take less of the typical household monthly budget. It has also been shown that a record amount of new housing in addition to one of the highest rates of rental vacancy since the first survey was conducted in 1965 are potential factors in the driving down of the cost of housing.
This in combination with a robust economy which has seen a more significant rate of job growth in comparison to the increase in rents had finally begun to show some benefit to the lower income groups of the city. However, still some groups of New Yorkers and particularly rent-controlled elderly tenants of apartments are not sharing in the newfound prosperity.
The vacancy rate is at its highest that it has been for over ten years with the Manhattan area coming in at over 4% vacancies. This is a sign that the supply of housing is beginning to outpace the demand creating a downward force on the cost of housing. Not all areas of New York are equally affected by vacancy rates only passing 2% in the Bronx.
During this time. The average household income of New Yorkers rose over 10% outpacing the rise of rent which rose nearly 8%. Rent laws have required locations to abandon rent regulation if the overall vacancy rate is over 5%. There have been arguments in city Council from landlords that these regulations should be done away with. However, due to the power from more than 1 million rent-regulated tenets, the City Council is almost certainly going to continue the regulation in full. A comparison to the recent 2014 Census Bureau survey which showed over 1 million rent-stabilized apartments the most recent study has shown slightly over 945,000 this year or in other words a percent less.
All in all, this is pointing towards a hopeful economic future for the city of New York, in particular, those of the lower economic classes within the city as housing is becoming more formal and people are beginning to earn more substantial incomes.