Troy McQuagge Named the Best CEO at USHealth Advisors

Just the other day, Troy McQuagge was named as the chief executive officer of the year by the One Planet Awards. The One Planet Awards is one of the most respected and prestigious honors and awards in the world. Troy McQuagge emerged victorious in the Gold winner category. This is an award that sees thousands of applicants every year. The One Planet Award recognizes professionals and business people for their involvement in changing the field they work in. The one Planet Award does not discriminate on any company. They also don’t look at the size of the company meaning that both small and big companies can nominate their employees. Also, people working in the public and private sector are allowed to submit their nominations. Each year, One Planet Awards encourages start-ups to nominate their employees. Also, non-governmental organizations are encouraged to make nominations. Finally, profit organizations can also apply for the awards. Read more on about Troy McQuagge US Health

Since he joined the USHEALTH Group, Troy McQuagge made it his main mission to transform USHEALTH Advisors. For starters, this is the distributive agency of the USHEALTH Group, and he focused on rebuilding it after years of underperforming. He recorded significant success, and this led him to be promoted as the president of the USHEALTH Group. In the year 2014, Troy McQuagge was named as the chief executive officer of the US HEALTH Group after helping the company realize profits as the president. Since he became president, the company has recorded significant growth coupled with unprecedented success. He has also helped the company become competitive once again in the insurance market.

When accepting the award, he mentioned that it was an honor and a privilege to be named in this position. He said that this should be seen as the commitment of the USHEALTH Group in honoring their motto which is making the health insurance affordable to Americans. He also insisted that the company will continue with its good work. Troy McQuagge also mentioned that the award belonged to everyone associated with the company. USHEALTH Group is an insurance company that has its headquarters in Ft. Worth, Texas. The company has one of the best reputations in the United States.

As for Troy McQuagge, he has been in the insurance industry for long making him realize what it takes to succeed in the field. On a personal level, Troy McQuagge is a social man. He has maintained his presence on social media. Troy McQuagge USHealth has accounts on CrunchBase, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Snap Chat. Through these platforms, Troy McQuagge updates his followers on the latest trends in the health insurance industry. Troy McQuagge studied at the University of Florida for his undergraduate degree.

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New York to Upgrade Tenet Heating Systems

This winter has been exceptionally cold in many parts of the United States. The New York area has already seen several Arctic blasts. This winter’s cold weather is taking its toll on the old heating systems that exist in many of the buildings owned by the New York City Housing Authority. Heating units have been breaking down right and left, and residents are spending nights struggling to stay warm.

In order to alleviate some of the heating problems, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio authorized $13 million dollars in emergency funding. This funding was designed to provide repairs as soon as possible and get people through the winter. However, this is not a long-term solution for many buildings.

In order to provide a permanent solution, the mayor wants to spend $82 million to replace some of the worn out heating units. This money would fund 39 new boilers that would heat 104 New York Housing Authority buildings.

In addition to this funding, an additional $74 million in funding is proposed in order to upgrade the heating in 12 housing developments. These buildings do not need repairs, but they do need work to bring them up to best efficiency.

The repairs and replacements are scheduled to be completed in 2022. Although public housing advocates are pleased that action is being taken to alleviate tenant’s heating needs, they are not pleased with the mayor’s proposed timeline. In the opinion of many who follow the issue, four years is too long for tenants to have to worry about whether or not they will stay warm in the winter.

In defense of the mayor’s position, it has been noted that in order for the new heating boilers to be installed, a process needs to be completed. The heaters need to first be designed. Once an acceptable design is in place, the boilers must be manufactured to specifications. Then, the old units must be removed, and the new units will be installed.

This is an ambitious project that will affect city residents in Manhattan, Brooklyn and the Bronx. Approximately 45,000 city residents will receive either new or upgraded heating under the mayor’s proposal.

Equities First Holdings Moved Its Australia Office For The Sake Of Its Clients

Australia is one of the many countries that Equities First Holdings is operating out of, and just like in the other countries, it is a unique business there. People are attracted to it because they can do more with the loans they receive from it than they can from other loans, as through it, they can use the capital they get for any purpose they choose. The Australia office was moved to the heart of the great city of Melbourne because it is an ever growing office, and also because it is easier for potential clients to find it there.

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Puerto Rican’s Still Fleeing Their Homes Destroyed In Hurricane Maria To Head To New York City

Hurricane Maria ravaged Puerto Rico not that long ago, and the some Puerto Rican’s were forced to flee their homes. Many came to New York City looking for safety and someplace to call home, but have now found themselves in a constant state of uncertainty. They don’t know if they should stay or if they should go, they are waiting with uncertainty to find out if their homes will even be recovered.

The city has set up hurricane service centers to offer as much help as possible to these people. One particular, located in Harlem, generally sees roughly 35 families per day who need help getting benefits like Medicaid and SNAP. Back at their home, in Puerto Rico, the situation is getting better but very slowly. Electricity is still unstable, its generation changes each week. Water is still not safe to use without boiling. The efforts to reconstruct are going at a snails pace, and government contracts as well as the islands rough terrain have made everything even more difficult. Recent immigrants from Puerto Rico noted that there was water but not enough electricity for lights, supermarket shelves were almost empty, nothing is even open. For those who have stayed behind, there is no work, no income, and people are living in conditions like those of a third world nation.

Hurricane Maria made it’s landfall on Puerto Rico on September 20 leaving a path of destruction in its wake. Thousands were left with no electricity or water, and many are still waiting for their chance to escape the island. There are no exact numbers on how many people fled to the mainland from Puerto Rico, Florida does note that since October 3 they alone have received over 218,000 people. New York City Council Speaker Melissa Mark-Viverito, originally from Pierto Rico before coming to New York, has openly voiced her criticism of the federal and territorial government and how they responded to the crisis of Maria. She is working to pressure the administration as well as the Senate and Congress to do more, she expects them to step up and do what is right by Puerto Rico. For more information on this and some people’s personal recounts of their lives since Maria hit their island, check out this BuzzFeed article.

Protecting Information from Breach

Technology is steadily advancing. The advances in technology have allowed companies to develop and expand their brand. Although they can progress many companies still face many problems that they have not yet found an efficient solution. Derek Brink received data from over 17,000 companies in the United States and Canada. He wants to review the company’s portfolios and point out the problems that they are having alike.

Two of the most prominent challenges that companies are facing is related to online security. Technology is advancing, and people have begun using technology to hurt other people. Many manufacturers have trouble maintaining control of their user’s profiles because they have gained too many users due to progressing technology. Also, manufacturers have failed to put proper protection in place for their customers. Companies have had to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to recover from a data breach. When a company faces a data breach, they have become a victim of someone stealing their client’s confidential information.

Relationships can be ruined after a data breach take place. Clients may start to feel that they are no longer able to trust their partner. They don’t know who did the breach so to assume it was someone outside might be hard for them. Distrust between manufacturer and client can be the complete downfall of a company. Strong, reliable security is not an option for manufacturers they must be able to uphold a high standard of safety for their users.

Many companies have begun using OneLogin to secure their information and their client’s information. OneLogin protects a company’s data without giving them a hard time about their credentials. You have to login in once a day, and you can work freely until the next day. Airbus and many other companies have given up trying to do it on their own to be supported by reliable security. OneLogin removes the risk that many companies face with a data breach. They help companies keep up with their growing set of users rather than being taken under by a broad collection of new users.

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New Venture Capital Heats Up the Tech Party in New York City

When you think of tech startups, app developers or creative new business models, Silicon Valley naturally comes to mind, but New York City more than holds its own. In a recent Business Insider article, the New York Metro area had attracted tech investment of $4.2 billion in the third quarter of 2017. For a little perspective, Silicon Valley and San Francisco combined, attracted $6.4 billion in the same period. With New York’s diverse population and high powered finance fueled by Wall Street, we begin to understand why. Historically, New York has always been blessed with a steady stream of immigrants with their initiative and ambition. Those immigrants still arrive, many coming from countries where their ideas withered, or their national economies had little investment money available.

Immigrants will frequently seek out others of their own cultural background and New York benefits from this dynamic also. A nearby city with a similar diverse population, high powered finance and top educational institutions, Toronto, Canada, is a 90 minute plane ride away. An article by Salim Teja on in December outlines his opinions on the collaboration between New York and Toronto. A tech investor with a background in software, Toronto based Salim Teja is president of venture services at MaRs, a tech incubator. A specific example he cites is New York tech startup Uru, who worked with the University of Toronto utilizing that institution’s computer science strengths. Uru’s business model needs artificial intelligence for digital advertising and the university has a wealth of talent in that area.

In the Forbes article, Salim goes on further to say that tech incubators Grand Central Tech of New York and MaRS of Toronto are cooperating to attract and keep investment capital and entrepreneurs that might otherwise be attracted to Silicon Valley. This cooperation is seen by Mr. Teja as growing into what he calls an east coast alliance, to include Boston and other tech centers, “…and benefit from established global infrastructure…” that New York, Toronto and Boston make available like no one else.

From Vanderbilt’s railroads of the 1800s, through JP Morgan’s banking in the 1900s to the high technology of the 2000s, New York continues to make its mark on the world stage thanks to its diversity and cultural inclusion.

Nick Vertucci Has A Proven System For Investing In Real Estate

Nick Vertucci is the founder of the NV Real Estate Academy which provides education on buying properties and flipping them, and it has proven results on changing the market. It’s the people who have attended and benefited from Vertucci’s knowledge who have spoken on how well it works. The attendees come from all over the US and even from diverse business backgrounds and many have posted reviews about how they became home flippers. One reason Nick Vertucci has dedicated his business to sharing wealth secrets is so others could find it just as he once did.

When talking about his background, Nick Vertucci has always said his family was loving and caring, but they lived in poverty and could barely afford to pay bills. Some of his lowest points include losing his father while still a child, and having to live out of his vehicle when he turned 18. Vertucci was entrepreneurial-minded though, and he started a business in computer hardware sales that soon went online. During the time he ran this business, he got married, bought a home and began a happy family life. But then his life hit another low when the dot-com disaster happened and things took a turn for the worse. He went into deep debt and nearly lost everything except the house, but it was during this point that he learned about something bigger and better than his old business.

Nick Vertucci attended a seminar in town that his friend had mentioned to him, and he was amazed by what the speaker said about flipping homes to earn profits. He decided to start doing it and before long he was running several properties as family rental units and also renovated and resold homes. His NV Real Estate Academy shows others how they can finance property purchases, get in touch with contractors and get a quick turnaround in selling the property.

The News Daily Sells For a Dollar

The New York Daily was recently acquired by Tronc for just $1 in a move that exemplifies the effect digital media is having on the traditional print newspaper market. Tronc also owns both the Chicago Tribune and the Los Angeles Times. Confirming the takeover, Tronc Chief Executive officer Justin Dearborn said the move is aimed at serving new audiences and marketers as a way of giving Tronc shareholders value. Daily News has been operating since 1919 and is known to represent views held by the working class. The liabilities of the Daily News is said to be in millions and probably tens of millions, leading to its bankruptcy. The newspaper’s circulation stands at 200,000 a day and over 250,000 on weekends, which is a pale shadow of a daily that used to sell millions of copies in a day back in the 1940s, although it still retains its spot as one of America’s best-selling newspapers. The sale of the newspaper also signifies the end of Mortimer Zuckerman’s political influence. Mr. Zuckerman has owned the tabloid newspaper since 1993 and consistently used it to run commentaries on both local and national politicians.

Bold and perilous move

Reaction from the media industry has been varied, with Brian Stelter from CNN describing the acquisition as a sign of dangerous times for publishers of newspapers. On the other hand, Chicago Tribune welcomed the new Daily into the Tronc family by terming its acquisition as a bold and stunning bet on what the future hold for newspapers. It further stated that the move was a way of Tronc taking a plunge on all mainstream market newspapers as part of its strategy in growing the firm’s digital business. Tronc has been on an expansion drive, including unsuccessful attempts to buy the US Weekly and Chicago Sun-Times. Digital media competition has had a great effect on traditional print media, eating into its revenues and forcing most newspaper publishers to either shut down or change tact. However, this has not been the case with small or medium market newspapers, which have managed to be insulated from the technological disruption. Buying newspapers in this insulated segment of the media industry can be seen as an effort by Tronc to insulate its revenue streams.

Women’s March Took To The Streets Of NYC To Spread Their Powerful Message

It’s been a year since the 2017 Women’s March, and seems the spirits are still running high. In 2017 hundreds of thousands of women took to the streets of Manhattan as a sister march to the huge group of half a million women that marched in Washington to demand women have equal rights on all playing fields. Women stood up and marched across the country in most states to have their voices, and demands, heard. It wasn’t simply great to see so many women come together, but also great to know that they were all together in solidarity and they could not be ignored.

This year was a wonderful follow up and didn’t disappoint. Following the #MeToo, women are feeling empowered and they know that they are being heard in ways that hasn’t happened before. A year ago, women and men marched across the country the day after Donald Trump was sworn in as president, it logged in as the largest single-day protest in the history of the United States. This year was not a disappointment. On the day the United States government shutdown women and men empowered by the #MeToo movement and their growing anger at the current administration once again let their feelings be known.

New York City’s march covered over twenty blocks as well as two avenues. The marches included men and women of all ages and races with unique and powerful signs. You can view a collection of some of the best ones at the Huffington Post. The energy was high and participants told reporters that they are prepared to spend the next three years contacting their representatives and marching as many times as necessary to see the changes they not only want, but the country as a whole deserves. The march has now turned into so much more, people had signs showing their disagreement with the political practices on immigration, some concerned with healthcare, racial discrimination, and some concerned with the President’s past sexual misconduct.

One of the most beautiful things was the huge gathering of so many different people who showed attitudes of nothing but inclusivity. Everyone was after the same things, fairness and equality across the board, and the crowd showed their message through their actions. Those that have been working hard for change are aware that this sort of thing takes lots of time, it is, after all, a marathon, not a sprint, but one day the race will be won.

Jeff Aronin: Weizmann Leadership Award Recipient

At a time when matters of healthcare and disease seem to be consistently in the public zeitgeist, it can appear as though there is a lot being talked about, but not a lot being done. We need innovators and creators to treat disease and ease suffering. Fortunately, there are people in the world like Jeff Aronin who are willing to push forward and make advancements toward humanity’s well-being. Despite the challenges and obstacles, Aronin has become one of the pioneering innovators the field so desperately needs.


Jeff Aronin, the 2017 Weizmann Leadership Award recipient and CEO of Paragon Biosciences, has two decades of experience in developing companies specializing in healthcare innovation. The combination of his entrepreneurial instinct and his knowledge in the areas of drug development, rare disease, and complex science have allowed him to achieve a remarkable amount of success in the bioscience sector. He facilitates the cooperation and teamwork of scientists and business executives to create and discover new drugs and therapies that will ease suffering and enhance the lives of often neglected patients. He and his teams have successfully obtained 13 Novel Drug Approvals through the FDA, and he serves as a mentor for up-and-coming entrepreneurs (Chicago.BlueSkyInnovation).


Along with being an experienced and accomplished innovation and business expert, Jeff Aronin is known for his connections and focus on people ( He has been described by colleagues and associates as being “enthusiastic” about developing solutions and “passionate” about patient care. He has a deep-rooted commitment to making people’s lives healthier and happier. Patients are not just patients to him, they are whole human beings with lives and loved ones. It is this kind of compassionate approach to research and innovation that keeps the work Aronin does focus on the people he serves. He has a “big heart”, and it is apparent to everyone around him.