Fans Of Spicy Ramen Will Love The New Karakatta Restaurant In New York City

Ramen noodle dishes can be quite flavorful and fun to eat. In New York City, there are lots of ramen restaurants, and according to a recent Grub Street article, the city’s first spicy ramen-only eatery is now open for business.

Located at 230 Thompson Street near Washington Square Park, the all-new Karakatta is a small and charming restaurant that is operated by Takayuki Watanabe and Takatoshi Nagara. Mr. Nagara is the chef and Mr. Watanabe is the owner of the fittingly named Mr. Taka ramen restaurant on the Lower East Side.

Karakatta offers four basic types of ramen dishes. These include shoyu, classic-style butter-miso, spicy vegetable curry, and a ginger-infused option. Some dishes come with a choice of chicken or pork belly, and spice-levels in all of the dishes can be adjusted.

Teriyaki chicken or pork belly dinners that come with miso soup and different-colored Japanese pickles are available at Karakatta, as are appetizers such as Japanese-style fried chicken.

The different ramen bowls at Karakatta are loaded with healthy and delicious ingredients including scallions, zucchini, ground pork, bean sprouts, cabbage, and my favorite, leeks.

Karakatta sounds like a nice place to visit for a ramen meal. Being a fan of ramen, I would particularly like to try their spicy veggie curry.

Until I can get to Karakatta to try their food, I can still cook and eat the little packages of ramen noodle soup that I purchase for approximately $0.39 each. Even though they’re high in sodium, these noodles, when drained, can be a good side dish. It would be great if they made the noodles microwavable, however.

To me, the opening of Karakatta represents the sheer size of New York City and the incredible amount of diversity that is displayed in its population. A spicy ramen-themed restaurant is certainly a niche business, and according to the Grub Street article, crowds of hungry diners have been enjoying the delightful fare that this new restaurant has to offer.

Michael Lacey Signifies Over 30 Years Of Mathematical Excellence and Leadership

Since graduating with his Ph D. from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in 1987 under the direction of Walter Philipp, American mathematician Michael Thoreau Lacey has gone on to many great achievements in the field of mathematics, not only in studies but as a mentor, professor and teacher of many students as well.

Over the years his work has covered mathematical areas such as ergodic theory, harmonic analysis and probability. He began his journey with a thesis in the area of probability in Banach spaces solving a problem related to the law of iterated logarithm for empirical characteristic functions.

He went on to the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and Louisiana State University for his first postdoctoral capacity. While at the University of NC at Chapel Hill, Lacey again teamed up with Walter Philipp and they provided proof of the almost sure central limit theorem together.

Lacey went on to accept a position at Indiana University that he held from 1989 to 1996. Highlights of that tenure included being awarded a fellowship from the National Science Foundation Postdoctoral Fellowship which lead Lacey to the study of the bilinear Hilbert transform which at that time was the topic of a conjecture by Alberto Calderon.

Lacey with fellow mathematician Christoph Thiele solved the conjecture in 1996 and they were both awarded the Salem Prize for their accomplishment.

These days you can find Michael Lacey in Atlanta as a member of the Georgia Tech faculty where he has been since 1996. Over the past 20 plus years he has had many major accomplishments in addition to being a well respected leader and mentor in the mathematics field.

Some of his accomplishments and awards for his outstanding research include a fellowship from the Guggenheim Fellowship with colleague Xiaochun Li in 2004 and the Simons Foundations.

In 2012 he was accepted into the American Mathematical Society as a fellow.

Lacey’s accomplishments do not stop with his own research and contributions to the mathematical field of study. He has been the director of many training grants which have contributed the support of many postdocs, grad students and undergrads alike.

Today at Georgia Tech you will find him mentoring postdocs as well as advising undergraduates who, if they are anything like past students he has mentored, will move on to leading graduate programs and then become Phds. themselves as well as leaders within the industry.

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Yankees Consider New Pitching Options

While the New York Yankees are widely considered to be the most successful major league baseball franchise of all time, the team was not considered to be a great team for the 2017 season. The team has lost its leadership due to Derek Jeter’s retirement and appeared to be heading into a rebuilding year. However, the team ended up surprising everyone and made a deep playoff run due to the strength of their young core including Aaron Judge, Gary Sanchez, and Starlin Castro.

While there were not a lot of expectations heading into the 2017 season, the 2018 Yankees are considered to be a favorite to win the division and even the World Series. This offseason has already been a pretty good one as they were able to trade for Giancarlo Stanton from the Miami Marlins. Stanton is one of the best hitters in baseball and won the NL MVP award the prior season.

While the Yankees looked like they were set on offense, the team still was discussing making some moves to improve its pitching staff. While there are still several big free agent names available, it appears that they may have lost out on one of their bigger targets ( Earlier this week, it was reported that Yu Darvish had signed with the Chicago Cubs. Darvis spent the majority of last season with the Texas Rangers before being traded to the LA Dodgers. While he did not have a great World Series, Darvish is considered a top-tier talent and was highly sought after in the offseason.

While it appears that Darvish will not be joining the Yankees this year, there are still a number of players that the Yankees are going to pursue. At the top of their list is Lance Lynn. Lynn previously spent the last season with the St. Louis Cardinals and was a solid and consistent pitcher all year. He ended up winning 11 games while losing 8. Another person that the Yankees could try and get is Jake Arrieta. Arrieta was with the Chicago Cubs last year and is a prior Cy Young Award winner. While Arrieta is very good, there is concern that is salary demands are too high give the fact that he is getting older than prime pitchers.

The Fearless Girl of Wall Street May Be Moving to Another Part of NYC

Right now, there are two statues called The Fearless Girl and The Charging Bull near Wall Street, In the future, these two statues may no longer be there as a new report says that they can move to another part of the New York City area.

The Charging Bull has been at the beginning of Wall Street since 1989. The Fearless Girl is a bronze statue of a girl that joined the bull statue just last year.

The Fearless Girl was only supposed to be there temporarily, but the statue attracted many tourists so the city decided that it should stay. The city is also deciding now that it may move the statues to a more permanent place in. another part of the city. This is according to a report in the magazine called Adweek.

In the report, Adweek talked to unidentified sources who believe that the pair of statues could be going to a location that is more friendly to pedestrians than the current location on Broadway near Wall Street.

Natalie Grybanskas, a spokeswoman for Mayor r Bill De Blasio, said that city officials have been discussing various ways that the statue could stay permanently in NYC. She feels that people are attracted to the Fearless Girl because of its message. Visitors and New Yorkers are very enthusiastic about the statue and city officials want it to become part of New York life.

An asset management company called State Street Advisors had put the statue in March of 2017. The statue expresses this company’s desire to have more women on the boards of companies.

Critics feel that this company is being hypocritical because this company has only 5 women on a leadership council that has 28 people. Last September, this firm had settled a class action discrimination suit for $28 million from about 300 female employees.

The current permit for the girl statue will be running out at the end of February. This is why they need to find a permanent location for the Fearless Girl

Matthew Autterson and A Track Record of His Business Success and Responsibilities

It’s an incontrovertible fact that businesses come and go, and there are only a few winners in the game. The silent evidence of history would tell us that the cemetery of business losers is so vast that it’s hard to imagine putting one’s own complete life savings in the business. Fortunately, Matthew Autterson is one of the few winners that have withstood the challenges and risks of running a business. Let’s learn more about him in the article below.


The Finance Background

What stands out in the career of Mr. Autterson is the fact that he’s already almost immune to the failures of running a business. He graduated from the Michigan State University in Finance. He’s proven to himself first and foremost that the fact that he graduated in Michigan State University is an excellent reason to say that he has the educational foundation to lead a team.

It must also be noted that Mr. Autterson got a University of Denver Graduate Tax Program degree. His leadership skills are impressive enough that he was made part of First Trust Corporation, and when he left the team in 1982, he has proven himself a name that he’s one of the most competent and passionate in the line of business. His skills are so impressive, too, that he was also given a chance to work for Broad Inc., which subsequently had become the renowned SunAmerica, Inc. Click Here to learn more.


The Current Leadership

Right now, we also know of Matthew Autterson as the leading Board Member and CEO of CNS Bioscience, Inc. His new role as the company’s CEO means that he’s the leading innovator, technologist, and leader of the company’s operations. It’s also the main duty of Matthew Autterson to make sure that the operations of Falci Adaptive Biosystems run smoothly.

It also means that he has a responsibility as a business leader in Colorado’s business industry. He also represents a lot of what Colorado’s business industry can offer, and with the powerful and efficient leadership of Matthew Autterson, there will be more growth and new fantastic positive changes in the CNS Bioscience company that he leads.


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The Business Building Successes of the Incredible Medical Professional, Dr. Mark McKenna

Dr. Mark McKenna is an incredible licensed medical professional and surgical doctor who also possesses an incredible entrepreneurship skill as well. Not only has he built his medical career to a great height but managed to build up a real estate development business as well, a business that has led to a yearly worth of $5 million annually. Dr. Mark McKenna is a genius when it comes to building businesses.


After graduating Tulsa University Medical School, Dr. Mark McKenna would join his father’s medical practice in New Orleans. Dr. Mark McKenna’s parents were both entrepreneurs themselves – his dad, ran his own medical practice and his mom, owned a publishing company. He would work for his dad for 5 years, but while in all, the two would start a real estate development firm titled, ‘McKenna Venture Investments’. The business would thrive and would expand to two other companies, ‘Universal Mortgage Lending’ and ‘Uptown Title, Inc. The business would grow to a worth of $5 million a year and employ 50+.


Heart-break would strike in 2005 when most of the real estate business gets destroyed on the account of Hurricane Katrina. As a result, the business would accumulate zero cash-flow. Dr. Mark McKenna and his father would attempt to rebuild the business, it had minor successes, but the business wouldn’t be very lucrative, so it was sold for $700,000.


Dr. Mark McKenna would leave New Orleans and reside in Atlanta, Ga. He wouldn’t let the disaster of New Orleans get the best of his care, so he picked up his spirits and started a new business, ShapeMed. The ShapeMed business would provide Atlanta with weight loss and non-surgical aesthetic solutions that the community would absolutely love. The business would grow to $4 million in revenue a year.


Dr. McKenna would sell the business to Life Time Fitness Inc. and even work for the acquirer as their National Medical Director of Life. A year later, the doctor would start his own Atlanta-based company, UVME.


Since 2016, the UVME business has been in existence, providing innovative aesthetic procedures and products from a team of certified goal-oriented caregiving professionals with a positive spirit towards making people look and feel better. Aesthetic solutions that are offered through UVME are, but not limited to: skin care, vascular lesion removals, lab testing, body sculpting, botox and chemical peels. See Related Link to learn more.


Dr. McKenna has been a great business building genius throughout his career and it is only a matter of time when UVME will be as successful or an even a greater achievement.


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Jason Hope’s new eBook explains the Internet of Things

The Internet of Things is here with us. This is a reality that many people may not be aware of. It is a technology that will soon transform all the aspects of our lives. It will bring new ideas in the manner we live, the way we carry out basic tasks and the way even large-scale industrial operations are carried out. It will be part of every aspect of our lives from our homes to our roads, offices and everywhere else.

What is the Internet of Things? IoT is a technology that will make it possible for electronic devices to connect amongst themselves through the internet. These devices will not only connect, but they will also be able to communicate by themselves. For instance, it will be possible to connect your vehicle to your smartphone, or your coffee maker to your alarm clock. That way any information between these devices will be accessible to the user through the smartphone.

IoT technology will have numerous advantages, even the ones we have not yet imagined. Think of it this way. You can get the traffic information while you’re at home. This way through your phone you will be informed of the roads that have a traffic jam, and which are safe to use as an alternative. It is a benefit that many people have never thought about. To make it even juicer, the phone will be able to send a message to your workplace informing your boss that you are held in the traffic jam. These are just some of the possibilities.

The Internet of Things will roll out very quickly according to Jason Hope. This will be caused by the competition that is about to be witnessed between companies. As the IoT becomes a reality, many companies will try to produce the best products. This will create a lot of completion that will make the process of attaining the global rollout of this technology even better.

Users of IoT device can be sure that they will get the best services since the competition will be huge and only the best devices will see the light of the day. The Internet of Things will also generate a lot of competition among businesses in the industrial sector. Industries will be looking to get the best technology that will make the production system efficient and easy to monitor.

About Jason Hope

Jason Hope is one of the believers of the Internet of Things. He has been a key commentator such that he has even published an eBook that details all the information one would like to know about the Internet of Things. The book is available on Amazon and is entitled “Understanding the Internet-of-Things Revolution: A quick guide for thriving in the IoT era,”

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Mighty Fortress Church: A Safe Place in an Uncertain World

Mighty Fortress International, located in Minneapolis, Minnesota is a Christian Church dedicated to being a multi-dimensional church that brings the power of the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the northern cities of Minneapolis and the surrounding metro area in order to make Disciples of Christ while celebrating the presence and the power of God in the life of the believer. The ultimate goal of Mighty Fortress International Church is to serve as an influence on the surrounding community, bringing them to the church, then winning them to Christ through dynamic, uncompromised teaching and preaching of the Word of God. Learn more about Mighty Fortress Church at

Mighty Fortress International is lead by it’s senior pastor and founder, Bishop Thomas Williams. Bishop Williams, who has been active in ministry for over 30 years is a highly respected minister, and a profound prophetic voice for this generation. Bishop Williams is a graduate of the renowned Rhema Bible Training Center of Tulsa, Oklahoma, and also has a Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communications from North Central University, a master’s Degree in organizational leadership from Bethel University and Seminary, and two Honorary PhDs from Midwest Christian College and Seminary and from St. Thomas College respectively. Bishop Williams is dedicated to bridging the gap between the Church and the world by emphasizing the practical applicability of the Bible, reaching beyond cultural and ethnic boundaries, and infiltrating the local community with the life changing power of the Word of God. Bishop Williams is dedicated to leading by example, illustrating the true meaning of being a servant in his church and community.


Mighty Fortress International is a relationship driven church; first and foremost, Bishop Williams and his staff encourage each person to seek a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, urging them to investigate the claims of Christianity, and who Christ really is. Furthermore, Mighty Fortress Church offers visitors the ability to form lasting relationships with people just like themselves. Visitors will find a welcoming body of believers who engage in life changing worship and relevant messages for modern living from the Word of God. Potential visitors are encouraged to reach out to the church staff if they have any other questions about what they can expect at MFI. Visit Yelp to write a review about Mighty Fortress Church.

Highland Capital Management Of Dallas – Protecting Private Equity

Highland Capital Management of Dallas is a private owned company that deals in private equity. It was founded two and a half decades ago in 1993 by James Dondero and Mark Okada. Their main focus is in Growth capital and Leveraged buyouts. The company has total assets of almost $19 billion and employs over 100 people.

Highland Capital is one of the largest and most reputable alternative credit management companies in the world. They specialize in long-only funds, credit based hedge funds, private funds and many other special situation equity funds. HCM offers several other alternative investing options as well including natural resources, long and short equities, emerging markets and more. Read more about Highland Capital at


In nearly two and a half decades of business HCM has turned into one of the most respected names in the industry. In the very beginning (1996), they created the collateralized loan obligation, now known as the CLO. The next year Dondero and Okada acquired Protective Life’s share of ownership in PAMCO. Within the next year Highland Capital Management, L.P. was born. Dondero and Okada launched their first bank loan fund in the year 2000 and have never looked back.

The company is known for absolute success. Back in 2000, aside from their first bank loan fund, they also launched their first total return strategy which focused on distressed funds. Also in 2000 they created their first pension plans available in both Canada and the United States. Over two decades later, HCM has invested over a quarter of a billion dollars into the market right beside their clients. Visit to know more.

HCM has a extremely diverse client base including governments, corporations, high-profile individuals, foundations and more. They have business branches in Dallas (where their headquarters are located, New York, Seoul, Singapore, and São Paulo. HCM is dedicated to protecting their clients assets and helping to stimulate growth at the same time.


Avaaz Organization

Avaaz is an organization that specializes in civil matters. A typical community is one that has a variety of people. Everyone usually has a unique way of dealing with issues and conducting activities. This independence in ideologies and activities is what has brought about some problems in the very societies.The whole world has very many countries and billions of citizens. Among the citizens are those with the very best of intentions and also the ones with the worst of intentions. However, for a harmonious living there has to be a common ground for all these different groups. When no common ground is achieved, then corruption and theft will be the least of issues because many more will rise.

Avaaz aims to bring an end to all these problems and at the end of it all, transform the world to become a place where everyone will feel happy and at home. Avaaz was formed more than a decade ago. Every year, more and more vices rise in the community. As a vice rises, Avaaz aims to bring down another. This will never be successful if nobody is willing to cooperate. Cooperation is essential because it is a fact that these very problems exist among us. Using online tools is one of the best ways to bring people together. It is important to note that technology is something that almost everyone nowadays interacts with. The introduction of internet, however, made everything much easier. It led to the rise of social networks which have millions of traffic.

People like to do things on their phones rather than walk all the way to meet and discuss. Avaaz appreciates this fact and works well with it. The community, therefore, discusses all the issues that are brought up on their platform. Some of the issues are usually more serious than others. Priority is therefore given to eminent problems. Uniting people for a common cause is not always easy, but Avaaz has been able to always achieve this. It also holds various campaigns to advocate on issues that they have planned on. These campaigns are participated by millions of people all over the world. The good thing, however, is that they are not compulsory. And because there are many different campaigns, one is allowed to participate in the ones that they want to. Interests are not forced on anyone, and therefore, there is no point in making someone take part in something they do not wish to.

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