Where Does The Charity Of $18 Billion Go? “A National Wave Of Hate Crime”

What George Soros sees in the American society is startling.

The vision may have inspired his recent donation to the Open Society Foundation. That donation went past $17 billion and all in one, quick transaction. The American society is unfolding and revealing a number of caustics conditions that stuns George Soros and his moral standing. He holds an uncomfortable view on the values of the United States.

These values are tested by George because of recent violence. No one knows for sure what the nature of these hate crimes are. We often ask ourselves, “Is it an American thing,” or “Do we have an innate problem in the States?” As a financial professional, Mr. Soros believes that what’s occurring is a national wave and no localized incident.

He then donates $18 billion to everyone’s surprise. His statements challenge both sides of the argument and peaks the interests of nations around the globe. His long history in charitable work puts George in a place that best leverages his aide and what he can do. He knows when aid is needed in society or its political realms.

The Dynamic George Brings To Philanthropy

Dynamic is what George Soros brought to philanthropy and is clear in an $18 billion donation to the Open Society Foundation. The voice of Mr. Soros speaks a message that’s not often shared among other elites. We say elites to signify that the wealthy in the world can leverage as much influence as do the political leaders we have. George brings his sense of duty into the equation he has regarding wealth.

The money he makes often acts as a tool to fuel his charity. We can’t be certain about which issues are the most important. What we can see is that George Soros steps up to spread an idea he believes must stick. His money is also involved. The world is changing and evolving fast. More nations have democracy. The world’s citizens are working with their own governments.

When the media presents limited views on these historical facts, men like George Soros feel the need to engage. We call the philanthropic work of George Soros a full engagement that goes well beyond $18 billion in cash. The dynamic he has challenges others working in charity while convicting the leaders and rulers of many nations.

George Soros developed this career in philanthropy because of his past.

As a young Hungarian during World War II, George Soros was displaced from home. Ongoing military campaigns threatened him and his family. The events led George to get a glimpse of the world many never see.

This became the drive of George Soros and the name we hear in charity today.

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