How the Affordable Care Act Has Affected the USHEALTH Group

Some insurance companies suffered as a result of the Affordable Care Act. The USHEALTH Group did not suffer. They had been doing the same thing for years which made it easy for them to acclimate to the new system that was put in place by the ACA. For the USHEALTH Group to adjust to the ACA, they simply had to be prepared for more people to come to their insurance company looking for all the right answers. They knew it would happen so they were ready when self-employed individuals and small business-employed individuals began coming to them for the health insurance they needed. Part of what they had done throughout the time they had been helping people was offer insurance for those who were employed on their own or who were employed by a small business. They thought of it as their specialty and the ACA did not change things in that sense.

For individuals who were self-employed, the ACA made it more difficult for them. They would have to pay a huge fine if they did not have health insurance. Some of the plans that were available from other companies were not the best, though. In fact, many of them didn’t even have the funds to afford the insurance plans because they didn’t even make that much money per month to begin with. The ACA made it difficult for those people because they couldn’t get the help they deserved if they were working as a self-employed person.

Those who were working with small businesses when the ACA went into effect knew they would have to deal with the high fine too because many small businesses didn’t offer insurance. The ACA actually was detrimental to small businesses that had employees, but the USHEALTH Group knew they could help these small businesses keep their employees while also keeping the business alive. They just had to provide them with the things that would allow them the chance to continue operating their business in every way possible. The thing the small businesses needed was health insurance for the employees they had.

USHEALTH Group makes sure they offer group plans and individual plans. The group plans are affordable for both the small businesses and the employees. They no longer have to worry about the high prices that come with corporate insurance plans. The plans were not large for the groups and it was not hard for the companies to get them through the USHEALTH Group. The company is responsible for not only helping small businesses and self-contractors navigate everything that was going on with the ACA but also providing them with the insurance they needed to be compliant with all the laws set into place by the ACA. Know more:


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