Dr. Mark McKenna Went on to also Establish Universal Mortgage

Dr. Mark McKenna is known for being a Medical Doctor that happens to be licensed in both Medicine and Surgery by the Florida and Georgia State Board of Examiners. When it comes to Dr. Mark McKenna he is very passionate about patient advocate and is a very dedicated community servant. He is known as originally being from New Orleans, LA but is a graduate of the Tulane University Medical School.

Shortly after he finished his medical training he began practicing medicine alongside his father. This was done at the same time that he was trying to launch McKenna Venture Investments, which is known for being a boutique real estate development firm. This is not, however, where McKenna’s achievements stopped.

Throughout his career years, Dr. Mark McKenna went on to also establish Universal Mortgage Lending and Uptown Title, Inc. He would later go on to grow these companies to have over 50 employees. Along with helping grow the employee count he also helped the companies to be able to offer real estate closing services, financial services, and turnkey design-build services.

It was on August 29th of 2005 after Katrina destroyed New Orleans that Dr. Mark McKenna decided that he wanted to help by participating in the rebuilding of New Orleans. He decided that he would do this by taking part in the redevelopment of the low moderate income housing. This turned out to be one of the things that McKenna took a lot of pride in helping with. On November of 2007, Dr. Mark McKenna decided that he wanted to relocate to Atlanta, GA and established ShapeMed, which happens to be an aesthetic and wellness based medical practice. In 2014 ShapeMed happened to be sold to Life Time Fitness Inc., which McKenna served as being the National Medical Director for until July of 2016.

The Results in Using Cancer Treatment Centers of America

The Cancer Treatment Centers of America are different than many medical practitioners in that they focus only on the treatment of cancer without other disciplines that might interfere with that objective. Cancer Treatment Centers of America strives to treat the whole person because each person may have individual cancers that are unique to that person. Such treatment requires care that is personalized conducted by well-trained clinicians who are able to cope with the complexities and variations of cancer.

A collaborative approach is used in order to bring in specialists in the field who have dealt with the different kinds of cancer and who can treat the disease with evidence-based treatment plans and therapies.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America uses what they call the Integrative Approach to treating cancer. Cancer can be an incredibly complex disease, requiring multiple doctors’ visits and treatments. The more traditional ways of treatment such as surgery, chemotherapy and radiation therapy are used along with other supportive measures that are meant to bolster the patient’s stamina, strength and the quality of life.

There are some interesting facts about cancer patients that many are not aware of. For example, 80 percent of the people who have cancer are under-nourished. When the cancer is diagnosed, 50% of those patients have some form of a deficit nutritionally. At least 70 percent of cancer patients who are undergoing treatment are experiencing fatigue. These and other life events take place regularly among cancer patients.

Integrative care combines the traditional therapies along with supportive therapies to combat some of the side effects that come with the cancer treatment. All of the treatment is under one roof so you won’t have to deal with lots of travel to receive your treatments. Your personal treatment plan will probably not be duplicated for anyone else, as each patient’s experience with cancer is unique.

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Madison Street Wins Prestigious Award

The industry of corporate finance and investment banking has been an incredibly powerful and lucrative one for over a century. While it has been extremely profitable for many organizations, it used to be lead by several major investment banks that have been in business for decades. However, for the past 10 years one company has continued to build a better presence in the space and has now become well known for being one of the top advisors for corporate finance in the industry.


Ever since the company was founded in 2002, Madison Street Capital has continued to be one of the leading providers of advisory services for mergers and acquisitions. The company has continued to develop its reputation due to the impressive strength of its deal team and strong overall experience of its senior executives. The Madison Street Capital reputation has continued to develop and grow and has continued to meet the eye of clients, prospects and other peers in its industry. Over the past few months, the company has received a number of different awards that show that it is continuing to be one of the top firms in the country.


In this past year, Madison Street Capital was named the winner of the very prestigious Advisor of the Year Award, which was revealed at the annual M&A Awards in New York City. The award was given to Madison Street Capital after beating out over 600 different firms that are in the same industry. The reason that the company won the award is due to the fact that they closed some of the biggest deal of the year and continued to build its reputation. Beyond winning the Advisor award, the company also was nominated for the Boutique Firm of the Year award. This award is given to the top small firms in the industry and being nominated is a major accomplishment.


In the coming years, it is widely expected that Madison Street Capital will continue to be named as one of the top advisors in the industry. They are continuing to grow across the United States as well as other countries across the world. Their client list is continuing to develop into new Industries, which is giving them the opportunity to continue to expand. They are also looking to expand their services beyond M&A with a renewed focus on investment banking services, which should help to fuel further growth for the firm. Learn more: http://www.benzinga.com/pressreleases/17/01/r8887730/madison-street-capital-arranges-minority-recapitalization-for-ares-secu

Services Gives Their Customers More Ways To Save

NexBank has become the most talked about financial institution in Dallas, Texas and has been making a name for themselves under the leadership of CEO, John Holt. Their net-worth is estimated at well over $45 billion dollars in assets. You will also be glad to know your money is proudly backed with FDIC insurance. In fact, their customers have 0% fraud liability on all unauthorized purchases. They employee over 1,200+ highly trained and knowledgeable IT financial specialist ready to speak with you 24 hours a day, seven days a week on your new or existing account. Their patrons see more of their hard earned money working to meet their financial goals.

Are you paying excessive fees with your current financial institution? Do you find yourself standing in long lines to cash your checks? NexBank relieves the hassle of standing in line with superior online banking features. Their online financial program operates from their website under descriptive tabs for each feature or service. They proudly stand by their personalized account holders, but they also provide commercial and industrial accounts. Holts says, in an unstable financial economy, transparency is the key to rebuilding your patrons trust. NexBank teaches their patrons how to invest in their future retirement or save enough money to start a business.

NexBank Services & Features

– free checks for the life of your account

– direct deposit access

– easily switch money in between accounts

– retirement counseling

– expert technicians

– multiple device access

– IRA accounts

– online bill pay

– mortgage accounts

– retirement programs

– and much more…

You can participate in their college savings program and stop increased student loan debt. College tuition has soared over the past 10 years along with other college expenses and parents and students need assistance. Their combined effort with New Jersey based College Savings bank has given their patrons the option to save up to 26% on over 1,200+ college savings programs. Their website has more details on their website listed under the college savings tab. Become a part of the reliable NexBank financial institute today.

Porzingis Surges Knicks Past Lakers With a 37-Point Performance

A thrilling contest ensued between two storied NBA franchises at New York City’s Madison Square Garden on Tuesday night (December 12).

According to the New York Daily News, the hometown Knicks hosted rookie point guard Lonzo Ball and the Los Angeles Lakers in a competitive professional basketball game that went into overtime. Some star-studded members of the audience were in attendance, including Lonzo’s bombastic father, LaVar Ball.

Acclaimed film director Spike Lee, a Madison Square Garden mainstay was there rooting emphatically for his hometown team as he always does. The native New Yorker has been a season ticket holder for a long time. Also, the larger-than-life Magic Johnson was there to represent his Lakers, a team that has been his heart and soul for decades.

The former Laker and five-time NBA World Champion now serves in an executive position for his historic NBA ball club. However, it was Kristaps Porzingis who stole the show by delivering an absolutely fantastic performance in which he set an NBA record. The 7’3″ power forward/center dominated the defensive end as well.

Porzingis scored 37 points, crashed the glass for 11 rebounds, was a 62.5 percent three-point shooter, and registered five blocks in a monster game. The Latvian national is the first player in NBA history to gain more than 35 points, five blocks, 10 rebounds and five three-pointers in a single game.

Lonzo Ball scored in double digits, made more than a handful of great assists, and activated the Lakers offense respectably late in the game to keep things close. However, it wasn’t enough and the Knicks advanced in an overtime thriller 113-109. Porzingis had help from his rookie point guard Frank Ntilikina as well.

The Knicks star big man praised his rookie point guard for his role in the win. “Frank deserved his minutes tonight. He hit big shots, played well. It was fun to watch them going at each other — two rookies with a lot of talent. I enjoy Lonzo’s game. He is not selfish. He definitely showed up tonight,” Porzingis said, according to the NY Post.

When asked about his record-setting performance, Porzingis was humble and realistic with his words. “It’s an honor. I’m capable of doing something that’s never been done. But it doesn’t help us make the playoffs. I want to do something big as a team,” Porzingis also said, according to the NY Post.

Currently, the Knicks have a 14-13 record and are neck and neck with a few other Eastern Conference teams for the eighth seed.

The High Minimum Wage Is Causing A Decline In The Retail Sector Of New York

The editorial board of the New York Times wants to know why New York is currently filled with empty stores. There have been numerous stores closing that have affected all different areas including part of Brooklyn and Manhattan. According to the editorial board, one of the prominent problems is a new type of vacancy tax the owners of all unoccupied storefronts must pay. The editorial board of the Time’s failed to mention their involvement in the current issue experienced by the cities. They have been advocating for a minimum wage of $15.

The concerns regarding employment in retail businesses is valid. The data of the Labor Department showed there was a decline experienced by the retail trade sector in New York City in 2016. This was regarding the growth of employment, and has not occurred since 2009. According to the current data, the expected decline for 2017 regarding employment in retail is expected to be a lot worse. A similar fate is affecting the cities restaurant sectors. This is occurring in both the limited-service and full-services sectors in the cities. The growth of the average employment from 2015 was more than double the current average. For more details regarding the issues facing New York, please visit Your text to link….

The problem began when New York state decided to experiment by raising the minimum wage. When 2016 had only just started, the city raised the minimum wage by half. The fast food workers saw an increase of almost seventeen percent when their hourly wage increased to $10.50. Towards the beginning of 2017, wage floor increases exceeded $12 per hour. There was an increase of 22 percent in all businesses wages to $11 per hour. By the time 2018 concludes, New York City’s minimum wage for all business with employees numbering eleven or higher will increase to $15 per hour. This represents an increase of 67 percent from 2015.

These increases were supported by the editorial board of the Times, and all the critics were dismissed as being stingy. The arguments for a $15 minimum wage were shaky, and their basis was not on rigorous research, but rather the talking points of the union. The research performed by the neutral third-parties did not come as any surprise when it showed the Times advocacy of $15 was a folly.

The David Giertz’s Amazing Secrets On How To Maximize Your Retirement Benefits

David Giertz has been on the forefront in assisting the youth in planning their retirement well and early. In his article in 2016, he explains the biggest mistakes that individuals make regarding their social security that in turn cost them in the long run. He outlines the consequences of early retirement and the benefits of delayed pension to the social security funds. As an international manager and a financial advisor, David Giertz conducts his research through his Nationwide Retirement Institute to arrive at his conclusions and points to share with the youth.

David Giertz on the relationship between retirement age and social security benefits.

In his latest research recommendation, David Giertz says that people should create a retirement income plan that can benefit them in the long run. In the survey that Nationwide Financials sales and distribution organization conducted, they retirees where categorized into three categories (those remaining with ten years to retirement, those under ten years in retirement, and the people with more than a decade on retirement).

From their findings, taxation and factors affect the amount that one is likely to get from retirement. For instance, those who opt for social security at the age of 62, are likely to be charged 50% taxes since it is part of their income hence reducing the earnings. Those who retire exactly at the recommended age are likely to get their full benefits but no profit. However, David Giertz also advises that the retirees who wish to get the highest amounts of profits should consider getting into the retirement slightly above the actual retirement age.

Who is David Giertz?

David Giertz is retirement adviser with a wealth of experience in financial management. He is the President of Nationwide financier’s sales and distribution organization where he has promoted the revenue growth from $11 billion to a whopping $17.8 billion in a short span of less than a decade. David Giertz success began earlier in his life right his graduation from Milliken University with a BSC and subsequently from the University of Miami with an MBA. From this time, David Giertz has been the mind behind every firm he works. For instance, he certified more than 100 leaders as business coaches. Also in 2009 while at the Financial Institute Bank, David Giertz propelled the wholesales and distribution channels to grow from $1.5 billion to $8 billion.

Online Fashion Company Everlane Opens Its First-Ever Store in NYC

Everlane, which started six years ago in San Francisco, is a successful online fashion apparel company with a cult-like following. Everlane prides itself on what it calls “radical transparency.” The company only buys from manufacturers that follow high ethical standards in their factories and disclose the actual cost of making the products.

Everlane offers accessories, clothing, and shoes for women and men that are made from quality materials. This fashion line is both stylish and affordable. For example, a tank top sells for $20, a cashmere sweater for $100, a puffer jacket for $198, and a pair of elegant high-top boots for $225.

Since its inception, fans of this fashion line had mostly only the choice to buy online. A few “pop-up” stores, such as a special section within Nordstrom stores in New York City were tried. Besides that, there has been no physical retail presence for this company.

Business Insider reported that this is about to change. Everlane is opening its first-ever retail store on Prince Street in the SoHo district of New York City on Dec. 2, 2017, just in the nick of time to capture holidays sales. If things go well, stores will then open in San Francisco and other major cities.

Everlane clothes come in solid colors and have a classic yet contemporary style that makes them desirable for any wardrobe. Going against all fashion industry trends, Everlane does not introduce a new line of clothing each year. Instead, the company releases new products in small groups throughout the year. Decisions about new products are made after considering feedback from customers, reviewing the items that have been returned, and listening to the comments from focus groups that the company calls “fit clinics.”

The new store in NYC is called Everlane “IRL” for initial retail location, one must presume. The company will hold community events and fashion panels at the store in the three attractive lounge areas. The company embraces state-of-the-art technology to personalize and improve customer experiences. Once you become an Everlane customer, you can shop without needing to have an ID or credit cards in hand. The company uses facial recognition technology to recognize a registered customer for sales and even to issue credit for any returns.

Shopping at Everlane is like meeting up with friends to try on new clothes. It’s really fun.

Matthew Autterson Brings Success to the Bioscience Community

Matthew Autterson has always wanted to be successful. He has worked hard to get to the point where he is as successful as what he is now and that is evident in the things he does with the business. In fact, it is one of the easiest things for Matthew Autterson to pay attention to because he knows what will happen if he continues on this path of success. For years, Matthew Autterson has always wanted to make sure he can help people and he can give back to the community he has worked in. For Matthew Autterson, this is what success means and it’s what has allowed him to make all the right choices.


There have been many times when Matthew Autterson is doing what he can to help the community. In fact, he knows that as a philanthropist, he is doing the best job possible. He wants people to realize they have a chance to try their best and they have the ability to make the community better than what it was. For Matthew Autterson, this has allowed others to do their best and has given them what they are looking for in the community they are a part of. Go To This Page for more information.


There are different options that people have when they are looking at the industry and when they are in the industry. Matthew Autterson knows that bioscience is changing, and he plans to make sure that CNS Bioscience is changing along with the company. While most people know what they are doing in the industry, Matthew Autterson is confident his company is going to be the best it can be. He has always tried to show them they can do their best and they can experience more because of the industry standards.


Despite bioscience being a relatively new industry, Matthew Autterson has managed to make waves in it. He knows what most people are looking for and knows the industry has set certain standards for the company to do their best with the possibilities they have. In addition, he has always tried to make sure he is showing people how their experiences can grow and how they can have a more enjoyable business experience if they have to use the bioscience opportunities he has come up with. It will give them what they need and what they can get from the community he has worked so hard to be a part of. As a supporter of the Denver Zoo, Matthew Autterson knows what it takes to give people what they are looking for.

Cheryl Blossom Lime Crime Lipstick Revelation

Cheryl Blossom is known for her unique and perfect festive look that stands out. She dresses in red from head to toe that includes her always-flawless rouge mani, perfect glam curls, and her bright red wardrobe. Her perfect signature lipstick is the striking final touch for the Riverdale queen, and it puts to shame her Christmas look.

It is to our advantage that no one in Riverdale is keen on keeping secrets: that includes the awesome make products Madeline Petsch uses, for the classical Blossom Red Kiss. This has led to the revelation that Cheryl favorite lipstick comes in the form of Lime Crime’s Red Velvet and is pretty affordable. This is considering that she is all about the high-end life.

The Red Velvet Lipstick vanilla scented color is inspired by red roses, is richly pigmented and comes straight from Lime Crime’s Matte Valentine collection. It matches perfectly with Cheryl’s character in that it is additive and it is proof to kiss and touch. Madeline told Teen Vogue that she is obsessed with the Lime Crime because it does not rub off and a layer of Nivea chapstick works for the additional slicker and gloss finish.

Would recommend Cheryl Blossom to try out other Lime Crime products and have a complete look. For instance, Lime Crime Zodiac Glitters that can be used on hair, nails and anywhere sparkle is needed as they shift colors depending on the angle you see them from.

To take her lipstick game to the next level, she can use Lime Crime Red Velvet together with their diamond crushers to add glitters and enhance the liquid matte. It can be used on under the bow, collar bones and on cheeks. It never runs, adds gritty feeling or dries and never ruins the liquid matte lipstick.

For the eyeshadow would recommend the grunge eyeshadow palette and it is available in 8 shades namely: unconventional neutrals, burgundy, brick brown and rust red. This eyeshadow never falls out or fades. She can also try the Unicorn hair from LimeCrime a semi-permanent hair color that is gentle enough to avoid hair damage and lasts longer.