Remarkable Contribution of George Soros Philanthropy to the Open Society Foundation

George Soros Philanthropy is the founder of Open Society Foundation. The donor has been supporting the formation since its existence. His donation of $18 billion to the foundation is the most significant private transfers ever made to a lone establishment. The endowment is established to support future work of the organization

Open Society Foundation has been in existence for over 30 years. Its core objective is the promotion of democracy and human rights in over 120 countries. The founder Mr. Soros has contributed more than $30 billion of his fortunes to support the foundations work around the globe. The organization has made a tremendous impact in the world for the last two decades. Also, the Open Society Foundation has invested in programs that protect the rights of lesbians gays. It also focuses on reducing their abuse by the police.

The democratic donor through his foundation supported Roma art and culture treatment centers in 2004 during the Ebola epic. He also protected United States people in 2016 during the national hate incidents. The investor contributed $10 million towards the violence prevention at the time. Mr. Soros was determined and fought to end the election crisis in the United States.

Under the leadership of the renowned donor, the foundation has supported organizations and individuals around the world. It has focused its operation on government accountability, promotion of injustice and equality and freedom of expression. Through the guidance of the philanthropist, the foundation has offered school fees support to promising students who would have otherwise missed opportunities.

Open Society Foundation has collaborated with several leaders in the civil society. Contributing widely and deeply impacted its programs to the roots of the humanity. It has worked with Roma in Eastern Europe and as far as Africa Americans in Cleveland despite their class of justice. George Soros has supported other independent organizations, and also one of the America’s medical marijuana movement pioneers.

The philanthropist has supported democratic politicians with donations. During Mr. Clinton the last election, the investor donated millions to super PACs, geared towards the Mr. Trump defeat. Also, he placed $1 billion as a bet that Trump will not win the election.

About George Soros

Mr. Soros is the leading philanthropist in the world. He is a renowned hedge fund executive who managed customers’ funds in New York since 1969 to 2011. The well-known investor expanded his treasure and formed Open Society Foundations in 1979. He later established the Budapest Social science studies center.

His life influenced the establishment and funding of the Open Society Foundation. Mr. Soro was born in 1930 in Hungary and faced the Nazi occupation in 1944-1945. Witnessing the death of more than 500,000 people, with his family surviving the saga. The experience inclined his thoughts to fight against discrimination injustice.

Mr. Soro left his country Hungary to London, where he joined the London school of economics. After his education, he worked as a railway porter and waiter. Later in 1956 he migrated to the United States and secured a job in finance and investments, which served as the path to his fortune and Follow him

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