Don Ressler’s Fabletics Is Experiencing Incredible Success

In recent times, the athletic wear trend has taken the world by storm. Many women were left with little choices when it came to purchasing athletic wear. They could either buy clothing that was affordable, or they could buy athletic wear that was high quality, but expensive. Luckily, e-commerce pioneers Adam Goldberg and Don Ressler realized that there was a need for athletic wear items that fit both profiles. With this in mind, they co-founded Fabletics. They wanted to create a brand that inspired women while offering functional and affordable clothing with style and comfort in mind.

When they set out to begin branding the company and creating their line of clothing, they wanted to blaze a trail rather than going with the current trends. In order to accomplish this, they decided to listen to women and find out what they really wanted from a company.The feedback they received reflected a need for a greater consciousness with regards to style as well as more attention to the fit of the garments. Other brands often sold athletic wear that was unflattering or did not fit properly in addition to being unattractive. The current market trends tended to be off-putting to the average athletic wear consumer. Fabletics set out to change the way the customer viewed athletic wear apparel and give them the quality they deserve without the high price tag.

One of the genius ideas the duo had when creating the brand was working with American actress Kate Hudson. They chose her specifically because she is approachable and friendly. Women everywhere recognized her face and could relate to her easily. She ended up being the perfect face for the Fabletics brand. Her addition as a co-founder was warmly received by the consumer, which helped to propel the brand to the enormous success they enjoy today. Kate Hudson is a very hands-on part of the company and works hard to connect with the consumer and strives to improve the company’s online presence.

Don Ressler faced several challenges when getting the brand off the ground. One of the biggest obstacles was actually creating the right type of clothing products without sacrificing quality and style. The products also had to be affordable in order for the brand to succeed in the highly competitive market. The next hurdle he experienced was creating a brand that operated on a subscriptions style basis. Each month the customer is charged a $50 subscription fee that allows them to select a single item from a boutique that is specially chosen for the customer based on questions they answer when they sign up for the service. After some trial and error, Fabletics has managed to become one of the most successful e-commerce companies in the market and the leading athletic wear company.

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