Pop-up Star Wars Themed Bar Is Blowing Up In NYC

Star Wars fans can now head to a pop-up bar in New York City if they want an immersive sci-fi experience, but they shouldn’t expect to step into the Mos Eisley Cantina. Instead, the Darkside Bar looks more like the basement of the Death Star, you know, before it was blown to smithereens.

Pop-up bars have become all the rage around the nation, but they’re especially popular in the Big Apple. You might remember a popular Stranger Things-themed bar that was open briefly last year. Netflix actually sent the operator a cease-and-desist letter, but it allowed the owners to continue the theme until the last day of October: Halloween.

Darkside Bar will be similarly temporary. It runs only until January 13th. But its brevity will surely lead to popularity. Already there has been a massive line despite the $33 reservation fee ($40 if you just walk in).

Once inside the Empire’s bar, patrons will be able to order drinks that pay homage to the theme and enjoy props and decoration taken straight from the Star Wars universe. For example, Death Star lamps adorn the bar, and the walls make you feel like you’re actually in the death star. The owner, Zach Neil, employs LEDs and dry ice as techniques to make the theme more immersive and unique.

Nightly events also make your experience unforgettable. Burlesque shows, trivia games and interactive roleplaying are just some of the events you can expect to participate in at Darkside Bar. Or you can simply get jiggy with it next to Darth Vader or a Stormtrooper. Many customers have already appeared in their best Imperial gear, but costumes aren’t required.

You can visit Darkside Bar at on Lafayette Street between Kenmare and Broome Streets. Not in New York? Darkside Bar also has locations in Los Angeles and Washington DC.

Three Essential Considerations For Foreign Investors In Brazil, By Igor Cornelsen

Igor Cornelsen is a prominent banking consultant, having managed one of Brazil’s largest banks for decades. These days, Igor spends his retirement days playing golf in South Florida. The brilliant consultant regularly pens financial opinion posts to his thousands of admirers and followers. Igor’s posts are always full of golden investment advice that emanates from his thirty-plus years as a leading financial consultant. Investors have benefited immensely by taking heed of the wise counsel by Cornelsen.

His recent article posted in the French Tribune is a must-read article for all Brazil-bound investors. Igor mentions three valuable tips for investors looking to make a killing in the lucrative Brazilian market. According to Igor, Brazil is every foreign investor’s dream destination. The country’s economy continues to post positive gains despite the lingering global economic fallout. But, there are numerous risks and pitfalls standing in the way to success. If the foreign investor fails to be cautious and fully informed on the intricacies of this South American marketplace, they risk losing all their hard-earned capital in months.

Understand the Currency Laws

As a foreigner, there’s no evading performing an exhaustive research on Brazilian currency laws before arriving. For instance, it is illegal for foreigners to trade and exchange currency in the local forex bureaus. Foreigners are only supposed to exchange currencies at the banks. Again, it is only via research one gets to learn that Brazil doesn’t have a single set exchange rate for any foreign currency; the rate always oscillates as set by the Central Bank. Compare and contrast the rates offered by as many financial institutions as possible to narrow it down to the most competitive Forex.

Networking with the Natives

Igor Cornelsen argues that it is essential to work with the locals for faster and hassle-free integration into the Brazilian market. Fortunately for foreign investors, however, Brazilians are very welcoming people and everyone you meet will be more than glad to help you.

Dealing with Red Tape

The Brazilian business environment is one of the most heavily regulated in South America. As a foreign investor, you’re faced with a plethora of bureaucracies as you set up shop and continue investing. Failure to adhere to these strict business regulations is a sure recipe for disaster for your business and investments, moving forward. Avoid paying hefty fines and incurring severe penalties by always staying up-to-date on all the poignant regulations governing foreign-owned Brazilian businesses, Igor advises.s

Bob Reina: The Man With The Golden Heart

Bob Reina is the man with the golden heart and most likely, even just hearing that makes him uncomfortable. He is not one for praise or one for the spotlight. He likes to do nice things because it is in his makeup as a human being. It is how he was raised and it is how he operates daily. As a matter of fact, chances are if someone asked him about what he is doing, he would say he is doing what anyone with great power should do. Bob Reina is the perfect example of someone using their power and their status for something positive and something good. He is not using it to get more money, buy more boats, or go on crazy trips.


Bob Reina used it to donate over one million dollars to the Tampa Bay Humane Society. As an animal lover, this is something that means a great deal to him and truly matters. In his house, there are tons of animals all over the place. It is how Bob Reina likes it. He knows the kind of love that animals give, which is unconditional, and he wants to make sure as many of them are alive and happy as possible. If he could take in even more animals, he would. Knowing Bob Reina, he probably will sneak in a few more along the way.


When Bob Reina is not donating money to The Tampa Bay Humane Society, he is running Talk Fusion. Talk Fusion is a company he built in 2007, and now they are what people are using for video emails and video chats to name a few. Some people use it for business and others for pleasure. Bob Reina has also stated that his work is not done, and he is on the lookout for the next big thing with his company and the product. He is always thriving to make it better and more advanced along the way.


He wants the best for the company and he wants the best for his clients that use it to enrich their lives and make them better. He is proud of every single one of them. Learn more: http://www.phillypurge.com/2017/07/14/talk-fusions-bob-reina-releases-article-about-top-marketing-trends-of-2017/


Cancer treatment campaign through the Cancer Treatment Centers of America

Cancer cells are believed to affect each individual differently but cases of prostate cancer have been common to all men. The figures of men being reported to contract the disease are always increasing monthly. It is through this factor that the National Football League Alumni Association with collaboration with the Cancer Treatment Centers of America have taken the opportunity to create an awareness of the disease and the benefits of its early screening.

Through a campaign that they started in early September, they have been on the streets to educate men and increase the access of screening services right at their doorsteps. All that one requires is signing up for the free treatment and any eligible member will be free to receive treatment in the over 1,750 locations that are well fitted with specialists from CTCA.

CTCA have been in place for over 30 years now offering cancer health services with the help of an advanced technology that meets a personalized approach. Just as its name sounds, the main aim of the establishment of the cancer treatment centers of America was to offer Cancer health care services to patients throughout the US. Its main headquarters are situated at Boca Raton Florida where it was initially meant to work as a profit network of five hospitals.

Among the key approaches that the facility offers include radiation, immunotherapy as well as chemotherapy for the treatment of the cancer cells. Other than this, CTCA is also known to facilitate integrative therapies that are meant to manage side effects such as nausea, fatigue, anxiety, malnutrition, pain and depression. The key founder of the organization was Richard J Stephenson back in 1988.

He came up with the idea about it after the death of his mother who was suffering with cancer cells. Richard was never satisfied with the kind of treatment options that were being offered to her mom and since he never wished see another life lost he facilitated the establishment of the center.

The very first hospital opened In Zion Illinois and between now and 1988, the facility has undergone massive expansion. Currently, the CTCA health centers have grown to the recognition as the best performer through the strong satisfactory patient scores they offer.

To Learn More : www.yelp.com/biz/cancer-treatment-centers-of-america-goodyear


Agora Financial Company has existed since 1979. They have been known to have the best market ideas, which has helped build and grow their brand. According to them and their strategy, financial media has remained on top of their game. News gets to reach the readers of their publications way before, and they have a great way of creating awareness.

Agora Financial have never had to leave or keep their readers in suspense. They can well formulate rumor before it has spread, and no information is wrong when the truth comes out. Some of the information that the company’s readers have been kept aware of include the tech bubble, the underlying panic of 2008, the credit bubble, the housing bubble and the collapse of the Lehman Bros.

The Agora is Agora Financials parent company. Ever since its being brought to being, it has grown from just one small company. As it is today, they operate in dozens of buildings and have had several mansions being converted into office spaces. Their headquarters are at 808 St. Paul. St. Other than publication, Agora Financial has also contributed in philanthropy.

Their headquarter in 808 was used for the aged and those suffering from infirmities. They even went ahead to increase the size of the buildings and have more rooms to cater for more people with these conditions. Unfortunately, the building got destroyed through a fire and had to undergo rigorous innovations. To know about Agora Financial click here.

During the renovations, the company decided to have the building as it was originally. Agora Financial went back to what they did best, and that’s financial media publication. Agora Financial challenges other companies who have to go through long processes to have news come out. They remain the most competitive in media publication due to their speed and accuracy of information. They have the best editors who ensure the messages are well outlined before release.

Visit their Vimeo: https://vimeo.com/agorafinancialvideos

Greg Secker’s Expert Tips for Forex Trading Success

Greg Secker is an industry leader in the world of trading. He has some expert tips for those who want to get started with forex trading.

First of all, you have to understand how things work. You can not just jump in without knowing what you are doing. That is a recipe for disaster. Before you get started, make sure you know how things work, which tools you are going to need, how to use them, and the terminology of the trading world. You need to have a solid foundation before you start.

Next, follow in the footsteps of someone who has done it already. There are many experts out there, and most of them started out just as you did, as a beginner. By learning from them and following the steps and methodology they took, you will be able to copy their recipe for success. For example, you can learn from Greg Secker and study how he managed to become so successful.

Another good idea is to stick to one trading strategy. It is easy to switch from one strategy to the other, hoping that one will work out better than the one you tried before. However, if you keep switching, you will only end up with confusion on your part. You have to stick to one thing and learn it well before you move on. Just become an expert in what you do.

You also have to make decisions that are based on pure logic. It is likely that you will sometimes get frustrated and upset. However, you can not make rash decisions based on how you are currently feeling. You have to think things through and make decisions based on pure logic.

Greg Secker is a well known trader. He started out at Thomas Cook Financial Services, where he created the Virtual Trading Desk, the first online platform for forex trading.

Greg Secker later became a well known speaker and author. He started the Learn To Trade program, which helps people start trading. His Smart Charts Software lets anyone be successful with forex trading, even if they are newbies.

The Most Beautiful Churches In Minnesota among them the Mighty Fortress Church

Minnesota is a region blessed with endowed and beautiful churches that capture the eyes of many people globally. Excellent architecture and a rich history are important factors that not only make the churches attractive but also unique. Some of the most beautiful churches to look out for in Minnesota include:

Cathedral of Saint Paul

The church’s establishment was in1900s, and the church positions itself on top of Summit Hill. Being the third largest church in the US, the church contains French modeling exuding classical themes and French Renaissance. Follow Mighty Fortress Church on Facebook.

Sacred Heart Church

The church, whose location is in Freeport, has a stunning interior that is rich concerning designing and ornate. The interior designs of the church are breath-taking.

Cathedral of the Holy Trinity

Located in New Ulm, the architecture of the building is the baroque style that contains a clock tower at the apex of the structure. It is a renowned historical place, due to the fantastic paintings of the 12 apostles.

Visit: http://mightyfortress.net/newsletter

St Thomas More Catholic Church

The church is situated in St. Paul and is one of the historical buildings. The architecture is classic Romanesque revival which arched windows, heavy doors and contains limestone bricks.

The Might Fortress Church

The mighty fortress church is also one of the most beautiful churches located in Minnesota.

What is unique?

The church scenery provides an environment that is vital to the deepening ones long lasting relationship with God. Also, the surrounding enhances deepening of knowledge in God.

What is the atmosphere like there?

The general atmosphere enables and encourages all types of believers to come as they are as it is open, accommodative, and value every single believer.

About Bishop Thomas Williams

The leader of the church is the respected senior pastor Bishop Thomas Williams who has served the Lord for the past thirty years in different ministries. Apart from ministering, the pastor has also attained several academic degrees in various educational institutions. He is the founder and the present president of Mighty Fortress International Ministries that prides itselfon finding wisdom and knowledge from God. The church has an active support group with outreach ministries whose basis are on Christian principles. View the interactive map at minneapolisnorthwest.com.

Nick Vertucci: A Success Story in Real Estate


Nick Vertucci, a successful real estate investor is guided by the philosophy that your past does not have to dictate your future. His life story confirms this philosophy. This is his story, a true inspiration and motivation for anyone desiring to venture into real estate.

The Journey

Vertucci grew up in a not so well off family but that provided for what he needed. However, things changed for the worse when he lost his father at the age of 10. His mother was left alone to care of him and his siblings; working long hours such that she would come back home late while Nick Vertucci was already asleep. By the time he was 18, he was living out of his van, an all time low of his life.

Changing Fortunes

A few years afterwards, Nick’s luck started changing when he started his business dealing with computer parts. At this time, he had the freedom that comes with being an own boss. He married during this period and became a father of three daughters. Things were going well for him until the 2000 dot com crash.

All of his finances dissolved under his watch. This is because his previous mentality was wrong and he had not invested. For a period of about one and a half years, he had very little to no income, a situation that made him enter deeply into debt. It is during this moment that he lost almost all of his belongings, except for his home.

The Turning Point

At this time when Nick Vertucci was struggling financially, his friend invited him to a three day seminar on real estate training. He was reluctant initially but his friend assured him that whatever he had learnt was worth hearing. Reflecting back, Vertucci says that attending the seminar was the best decision of his life.

From this seminar, Nick was inspired and renewed. He continued learning and training on real estate, knowing that his financial problems would be over. This did not just happen overnight; it took over a decade for him to learn, digest and apply all the information he was learning to actually make it.

The resilience, commitment and dedication in his investment journey are what transformed Nick to the millionaire real estate investor he is today. From his experience, Nick Vertucci has developed a system that has been helping him money to make money. He has decided to share this system with others who have the desire and drive but don’t know how to. He does this through Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy (NVREA).

End Citizens United Fighting For The People

End Citizens United is a political movement that seeks to make changes in some important aspects of the political system in the country. It is also a movement that belongs to the Political Action Committee that is an umbrella where most political movements in the country belong to. They are all brought together because of certain changes each and every movement wants to address. The End Citizens United issue was with the elections funding in the United States of America. This movement wanted to make sure that billionaires don’t hold the country captive by funding political candidates.

The End Citizens United was started on 1st March in the year 2015. It is also, as other foundations or movements funded for it to be able to carry out different tasks. For this political group, it was funded by the community and not the known billionaires as it was what it wanted to fight and it would be ironical if they were funded by billionaires. The End Citizens United main objective was to make changes in the financing of political campaigns. They mobilized the people to ensure that their voices are heard also and the billionaires cannot do what they want. What happened was, when a billionaire funds a politician to get into office, they would pressure the elected leader to amend laws that would favor them and their businesses. This would mean that the people would not be part of any decision making processes.

Read more on gazetteday.com

The End Citizens United was majorly against the Supreme Court ruling in the year 2010, which allowed the other super Political Action Committee to bring money and fund politicians without having any limits. A political office is an office where anyone can be free to join and not the elite people only. This would make sure that they serve the people who voted for them and not want to enrich themselves and acquire properties. Over 400,000 Americans have put pressure on the Congress to pass the End Citizens United petition against the billionaires funding of political candidates. The movement, however, has some challenges where some experts in matters of a political campaign are not supportive of them. For an amendment to be made effective, it must garner the majority votes which must be two-thirds of both houses.

There have been huddles in the making of changes in the congress whereby some Republicans have been seen to be making it hard for the End Citizen United to pass their amendments. This has seen the political movement back Democrats and any other persons who may be supportive of the electoral reforms. However, even if everyone supports the campaign finance not everyone is being honest as someone to use the platform to get votes as the End Citizen United movement is seen to be a big movement with so many people following them and supporting them. This has made the End Citizen United decide unanimously that anyone who would be supportive of the reforms would be given full support so that they can be able to successfully beat the free-spending billionaires who are even spending to make sure the reforms to the campaign financing receives no opposition from anyone.

For more information about End Citizens United, just click here.

Giertz Gives Advice on Retirement

Planning for life in retirement is one of the most important things most things an adult can do. Fortunately, according to financial expert David Giertz, more and more people are looking at an planning for retirement. However Giertz has seen that many of these young people are still not totally going about this process in the correct manner. In a recent article by Reporter Expert, David Giertz provides some tips to help young adults planner for a great retirement.

Assess your Finances

Knowing where you are financial is a big deal. Making saving money and paying off debt a priority are crucial in planning for a great retirement. The less debt a person has the more than can prioritize for retirement.

Capitalize on Compound Interest

Compound Interest is a powerful tool.David Giertz recommends young people start an IRA because the money is taxed before you make a deposit. Also if you start early you can build compound interest through your life.

Work on the Side

Having a second stream of income can be a great help. The ability to make extra money helps to speed up the savings process as well as the process for eliminating debt. A side gig may be the start to a great retirement.

David Giertz has more than three decades of experience in the financial world. He is known largely for his role as president with Nationwide Financial. It was there that he helped to grow their sales to nearly eighteen billion dollars. Other positions he has held include a certified business coach with WABC and the Chair of Board of Trustees with Millikin University. It was at Millikin University he received his BS and later earned an MBA from he University of Miami. Giertz has built quite an impressive resume and continues to advise clients in the financial world.