Rodrigo Terpins Follows The Steps Of The Father

Comparing Rodrigo and Jack

Jack Terpins, Rodrigo’s father, was one of the few people who believed in sports. The gentleman played basketball for several years especially in the 70s and the 80s. His passion for sports appeared to be genetic since he passed them to his two sons. According to Jack, sports to him was not about winning titles, but it was about putting up good fights and ensuring that he gave the best even if it was not enough to convince the crowd. He has since been championing for the people, especially the young people, who love sports but are getting discouraged.

Rodrigo Terpins shares the father’s sentiments about sports. His sentiments are not in words, but he is one of the few examples of people who have been unrelenting in their bid to win races. For several years, Rodrigo was not successful in his bid to win a race. He could not get through the intense competition with professionals who understood the tricks of the game.

Teaming up with Michael Terpins

After his attempts to make a name in the Industry, Rodrigo did not stop at trying his best. He teamed up with his brother for motivation and working together during the races. Having formed the team in 2002, the duo saw their first results as they both made it to the finals of the motor racing. Later in 2006, Rodrigo and Michael made their debuts in the yearly rally competition held in Brazil. The two held the second and the third positions in their competitions.

Making a father proud

Jack Rodrigo has been a very honest fan of his two sons. Having had his share of trials in sports, his successes, and failures; he ensured that he gave his sons sufficient motivation to win their races. Rodrigo did not quit the racing industry partly because of the encouragement of his father. Jack did not let his sons wallow in discouragements as he understood the nature of sports and how he could be useful to them. At the 2006 finals, Rodrigo Terpins became among the best in a competition that was attended by millions of contestants. You can search him on Google to know more

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