How Pittsburgh’s Susan McGalla Paved the Way for Women in Leadership

According to the latest statistics, businesses with a wide range of diversity, work for better business especially if both genders are well represented in the world of business. This means that more than 15 percent of the companies that gave gender diversity will always work to outdo the companies that do not have the necessary gender disparity. This is research that was conducted by the University of Michigan to denote that companies that also have ethnic diversity and 35 percent more likely to outdo the companies that do not have the same level of ethnic diversity in the world of business and leadership.

Whenever a company has gender and ethnic diversity, it is more likely to be open to receive and implement ideas that can help it achieve better business growth. This means that working for your success is entitled to develop the best motivation structure in the industry. However, this is not the case with most of the Fortune 500 companies that don’t adhere to this rule. While this is true, these companies would have experienced a wide range of achievement if they would implement such strategies in their business modules. Susan McGalla advises that women must also strive to achieve these solutions if they are holding leadership positions in their companies.

Many women are struggling to become leaders or reaching the high-level positions in their companies or organizations. There are other women like Susan McGalla who have always led the way for other women leaders in the world of business and strategies. Susan McGalla credits the way she was raised as it has helped him live among women and men at the same time. For you to become better leaders, you must strive to develop the most sophisticated business capability in a way that advances your creativity to take up the highest level of management in your company.

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