Keeping Private Information Private

Sometimes, hell has no fury like a fired employee. There have been instances where a disgruntled employee who was let go from a job, uses the access they still have on the company’s website or network to do damage. In fact, considering that nearly 58% of ex-employees still have access to their former IT department, it is amazing that more bad things don’t happen. However, according to OneLogin, around a quarter of businesses do experience data breach of some sort, from former employees. Whether it was intentional or not is beside the point. The bottom line is that people should not have access to information that they are not entitled to, whether employed or not.

This is why laws and regulations have been put into place. An example of this is the penalty that was put in place by General Data Protection Regulation or GDPR, by the European Union, to protect employers from stolen data. The fine has been set at 10 million euros or 2% of the companies revenue if they are caught using stolen data provided by a former employee. The law is set to come into effect next year. One of the reasons why this law is being put into place is because of an incident that happened to a company called OFCOM. They hired a person who brought along stolen data, which he got from his former employee, and was caught trying to pass it to his new employers.

The silver lining to all of this is that it does not need to be this way. However, it will take responsibility from the IT and HR department to accomplish anything. There are automated processes available where an employee’s account can be closed within minutes of his termination. This type of lockout capability has been around for some time. Now, companies just need to use it. What needs to be taken away from all this is that former employees rarely have a sense of loyalty towards their former employers. The onus is on the IT and HR department to make sure a former employee does not have access, by taking necessary steps.

How George Soros Became a Progressive Hero

The American political divide is greater now than, perhaps, it has ever been. The rise of the internet has given everyone a voice and a chance to pursue information that fits neatly into their echo chamber. As a result, a lot of misrepresented media as well as character assassination starts to gain an audience. One such victim of that character assassination, fueled on by the fervent finger-pointing of America’s conservative propaganda machine, has been George Soros. George Soros has been one of the most prominent progressives in the world over the span of decades and his work has helped to change and save lives around the globe. However, if you listened to only conservative media then you would perhaps think him some sort of monster. Let’s cut through the actual fake news and get to the truth surrounding George Soros.

Political Action

George Soros came under the crosshairs of conservative media when he first took aim at the Presidency of George W. Bush. Soros openly derided then President Bush in the lead up to the Iraq invasion.. Michael Vachon, a spokesman at the Soros Fund, said: “George Soros first found himself in the crosshairs of the conservative propaganda machine when he publicly expressed opposition to the March to war in Iraq.” As usual, Vachon is hitting the nail on the head with this statement. George Soros would move further than just simply chiding the War in Iraq and he would actually work closely with Democrats during their presidential campaigns, including Al Gore and John Kerry.

Since Soros first entered the political arena he has become something of a mainstay. Soros himself has tried not to be too active during just Presidential Elections as he hopes to make a difference more at the local level. Still, the 2016 election changed things in a way that nobody could have understood. Donald Trump vs Hillary Clinton in one of the most bizarre campaigns in political history. Donald Trump, a former reality TV star known for bankrupting businesses, represented such a threat to the world that George Soros felt obligated to take center stage. Soros became fervent and public in his opposition to Trump and that has further cemented his name as an enemy to the right wing of American politics.

Philanthropic Works

George Soros is more than just a political figure as he is also fiercely dedicated to philanthropy. After the Soros Hedge Fund found success, Soros would transition to focusing more and more on philanthropic efforts through his Open Society Foundations. The OSF has donated more than $12 billion to foundations all through the world in order to fight for democracy, social justice, and freedom of expression from goverments that seek to stymie their people.

Talk Fusion Creator Contributes to HuffPost Relaunch

Innovators tend to start on the cutting edge and continue right along with that trend. And it’s important to remember that this often transcends subjects or projects. For example, Bob Reina is an example of someone who innovates in almost every area of his life. He’s best known for changing the face of telecommunications with Talk Fusion. But he’s also creating an audience on the newly rebranded HuffPost.


Reina has already earned a name for himself with readers thanks to some extraordinary material in The Huffington Post. In fact, he’s been sharing his insight into entrepreneurship and technology since August of 2016. But the recent rebranding offers up a chance for Reina to showcase just what makes him such a valuable voice in the literary landscape. Just as the magazine is working on forging an innovative identity, so is Reina. However it’s quite clear that Reina has already more than succeeded in that quest. And he’s ready to offer up his wide range of experience to readers.


In fact, the new mission statement of HuffPost is quite in line with his own. HuffPost is aiming to give voice to the voiceless. They want to broaden the conversation and include people who might have been left out. Meanwhile, Reina has taken on a mission of helping people to succeed no matter where they’re starting out from. It’s quite clear that he has quite a bit of valuable wisdom to lend to readers.


Of course as the creator of Talk Fusion he’s already had his own success with helping to enlarge the conversation. Talk Fusion has been working hard since 2007 to integrate various methods of communication. At the time it was becoming increasingly difficult to talk to people over various platforms. Talk Fusion aimed to do just what the name suggests. It offered up a chance to fuse various methods of speech and communication into a singular whole. Instead of platform lock-in, people would be able to talk to each other whether they were using landlines, smartphones or computers.


As the technology advanced so did Talk Fusion. It would expand to encompass video based email and marketing. A full suite of telecommunications solutions would soon follow. And Reina would even use it as a way to help out charities who needed to find a voice of their own. Learn more:


Dr. Avi weisfogel Secret to Success in Business

In the recent periods, research in sleeping g technology has become of importance. In this field of the study, Dr. Avi Weisfogel has cut a niche in the area. Dr. Avi Weisfogel attended Rutger University where he earned his degree in biology and psychology; he later joined New York University and became a doctor in surgery. Having completed his education, he established his practice. Old Bridge dental care, the firm always had patient lined up, highlighting the professionalism of Dr. Weisfogel. On top of his excellent customer care, the practice twice won the best dentist of the year.

During his routine, Dr. Weisfogel noticed a significant number f his patients were suffering from Sleep Apnea. It is a condition that makes one hold their breath temporarily during their sleep. If not arrested the state could lead to diseases such as stroke and heart disease. Despite his growing practice Doctor weisfogel found this as a chance to move into an unchartered territory, his entrepreneur’s eye was twitching

After finding a way to treatment, his next step was to step into the marketing world. He spent years and resources trying to make a perfect model of the business. Persistently he worked all the tested methods, searching for a miracle. He had spent time looking for a role model, taking a professional course to find a solution. The results were there but not as desirable, despite the fact that the field has too much potential to tap. However, it’s during the difficult years he learned various strategies that he should have used from the beginning.

The business required enough patients to ensure continuous running. Attracting the necessary customer was the conundrum. He needed the type of patients who were going to invest in their health. To find a solution, he came up with a group whom they shared similar objectives. While sharing and comparing systems with his colleagues, he noticed that he had been emphasizing the wrong type of advertising. He worked on rectifying his methods; he focused on the newfound techniques. In a month he had a much more significant crowd since he had the know how to find the patients from the population. With the success of his program, he started teaching and helping other doctors establish their sleep clinics.


SahmAdrangi: The Former Hedge Fund Manager

The talks done by the hedge fund manager about the GNC Holdings is of many advantages. He has been following the connections on GNC and building position of equity. According to sources, he is a hard-working Penn State and a graduate who has done sheer hustle with all types of networking. SahmAdrangi landed his first work as an intern at Merrill Lynch’s desk.

His hard work has assisted him in spending three years in Merrill. He parlayed his working experience in credit trading sector. His stay and working at Longacre gave him time to overlap with Adrangi, the current founder of the hedge fund. This is also the inventor of Kerrisdale Capital. Sahm recently published an aggressive short piece moved the market After leaving Longacre, he worked as a team at the Paulson & Co, and during his time, he made $6 billion mortgage bonds. In 2015 he went a life decision to quit Wall Street.

SahmAdrangi was born in Canadian he has helped in growing the hedge fund Kerrisdale Capital from a small of start-up $US1 million to a large company worth $US200 million. According to Adrangi uncovering corporate fraud is one way of improving the strategy that has increased the returns for this Australian hedge fund. The life of Adrangi began as a hedge fund in June 2010. Some of his focus was concentrated in the murky world. This involved the Chinese reverse mergers. These were companies that got their way and un-vetted the North American by rolling into listed entities that were already in the market.

Adrangi is a hard-working person who began his life in the fund with less than $US1 million. Most of the money he used was raised from friends and supporters of the family who were ready to invest. Also, Adrangi used investigators who were located in China in many occasions an did may advertisement mostly on the internet asking the services from the people situated in Harbin to surf the site and make inquiries about anything they wanted. Due to this budding, the Chinese enterprise boosted its income and made ­$US22 million regarding revenue.


Orange Coast College: Recycling for the Next Generation.

Orange Coast College is a small community college that was founded in 1947 in Costa Mesa, California. Classes officially began at the college the following year and new the college boasts an enrollment of more than twenty-thousand students per semester. The college offers students a taste of the latest technology while studying academics. Orange Coast College also boasts a recycling program that has been in place for more than forty years. Now it has a state of the art recycling center that will carry the college forward for decades to come.

Over a year and four months, Orange Coast College has completed building a new and significantly better recycling center than the one that was there before. The price tag for this project was over seven million dollars and was funded by government grants as well as public and private donations to the college. The advantages of the new building are many. The main advantage is that the building is much larger and provides more parking spaces for those wishing to use this particular venue. The parking lot alone can house up to forty-five vehicles at a time. A second advantage is that the new center has larger spaces for meeting rooms and will be open throughout the week. The final advantage to the new building is that it can accept a variety of materials for recycling. These materials include tin and aluminum cans, cardboard, magazines, glass containers, and most importantly metal scraps and recyclable appliances. This will be a great benefit to the students of the college and for those around the surrounding areas as well. This will help protect and preserve the planet for future students as well as future generations.

Orange Coast College has been ahead of the curve when it comes to being socially responsible to the planet in which we live. Now with the recycling center, the college is proving once again that protecting and preserving the planet is the best way to go. The staff and the students of Orange Coast College wouldn’t have it any other way. That is a great thing for everyone. Learn more:


Dr. David Samadi Hosts a Special Health Live Broadcast on Sundays

     Dr. David Samadi is a reputed physician and Chief of Robotic Surgery and Chairman of Urology at Lenox Hill Hospital located in the New York City. He recently announced a special health live broadcast on Sundays called “Sunday Housecall with Dr. David Samadi.” Interestingly, the live broadcast features health issues and latest medical stories, and Dr. Samadi would provide valuable inputs on various treatment options, especially in the effectiveness and economical point of view. The live broadcast airs at 12:30 pm ET on Sundays, and people can watch it via YouTube live,, Facebook, or Twitter. Interestingly, a variety of experts from medical to wellness would join Dr. David Samadi and share their thoughts with the viewers.

The show would also have discussions on some of the interesting and hot medical and health subjects, and that can help the viewers to get some comprehensive and detailed information on some medical scenarios. The health topics ranging from women’s health, men’s health, food and diet, exercise, sexual health, prostate health, common health, and other hot health and medical topics. The viewers have the option to call up or email the live broadcast and raise their questions and concerns to the panel of discussion. Dr. Samadi or any other health specialist would address the queries and answer with detailed information. Interestingly, Dr. David Samadi invites medical or health specialists who have extensive knowledge in health and wellness, to join him in the live broadcast. The medical/health experts can reach Dr. Samadi at 212-365-5000.

Dr. David Samadi is an expert in the treatment of urologic diseases, bladder cancer, kidney cancer, prostate cancer, and more, and he is one of the few board-certified urologists. He is credited for giving advanced treatment options for prostate cancer, including laparoscopic robotic radical prostatectomy and laparoscopic radical prostatectomy. Dr. Samadi started his career with Columbia Presbyterian Hospital as the Director of Laparoscopic Surgery in 2002. Five years later, he joined Mount Sinai Medical Center as the Chief of Robotic Surgery where his primary duty was treating the patients who were struggling with prostate cancer.

After four years, Dr. David Samadi became the Vice Chair of Urology in the hospital, and during the same time, he started collaborating with Fox News Channel as a medical consultant and health news contributor. From June 2013, he started working at Lenox Hill Hospital. While coming to the education, Dr. Samadi completed his graduation in biochemistry from Stony Brook University and secured his M.D. in Uro-Oncology from Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center.

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Bringing The Law With Ricardo Tosto

Brazilian law differs greatly from that of the United States. While the legal system in the United States is based upon English law and is considered a common law system, Brazilian law is borne from the civil law system of Europe and focuses on codified law versus the laws of precedence.

While there are similarities between United States lawyers and Brazilian lawyers, such as the right to practice in any area after passing their Bar Exam, there are some striking dissimilarities as well. In Brazil, the judge takes over the duties of examining evidence, questioning witnesses, defendants, and plaintiffs, and even appointing experts that may be able to better interpret the case.

One of the top lawyers in Brazil is Ricardo Tosto. He is known for his expertise in business criminal law and credit recovery. When it comes to making sure that his clients win their cases, Ricardo Tosto is at the top of their game. He has been named by Who’s Who Legal as one of the best attorneys in the field of Commercial Litigation. Ricardo Tosto is also a co-founder of the firm of Leite, Tosto e Barros Advogados, where he still practices to this day.

When not busy practicing law, Ricardo Tosto spends his time writing legal articles, giving lectures, and writing books, such as the noted O Processo de Tiradentes. Ricardo Tosto is no stranger to staying busy in the field of law, no matter what field of expertise that may entail.

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A sneak peak into Jeremy Goldestein

Recently employers have declined to give their employees discount related benefits due to various reasons such as depreciating of the value of the stock, employees having lacked complete trust in the benefits and also the cutting down the enormous salaries that employees would otherwise get if such benefits get eliminated. However there some advantages that come with these benefits such as boosting own wages hence making the employees focus more on the firm’s success. The benefits also ensure fairness and even getting favorable insurance covers. They also lighten the tax burden which comes with giving of shares.


To counter the disadvantages that come with the benefits a company can assume the knockout barrier which gives defined terms through which an employee can continue getting the benefits and to what extent the benefits can be viable. If the stock of a firm often varies then this mechanism is safe for curbing costs. The arrangement also encourages investors from outside the company hence growth. Besides the benefits, it’s advisable for a business to seek advice from experts before issuing the benefits to its employees. Noting that it should take six months for a company to provide fresh options before the existing ones expire is also vital lest it brings a negative impact on the firm’s financial statement.


When firms need any advice on benefits related to employees, Jeremy Goldstein experienced for over a decade who owns a law firm in New York is entrusted with such pieces of information. He is ranked high due to his involvement in essential transactions in top esteemed companies. He learned having schooled in Pingry school where he graduated and went to Cornell University for his undergraduate where he pursued a bachelor of arts – art history. He, later on, went for his further studies at the University of Chicago to do a masters degree in the same field. He finally studied his doctorate in the New York University school of law where he attained a Juris Doctor – law.


Jeremy L. Goldstein has also partnered with esteemed firms like Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen, and Kats where he has played a vital role in firm’s reimbursement practices. He is also an associate in the Shearman and Sterling LLP. Jeremy has ever volunteered as a director in the Fountain House social service. He has been endorsed by various people most of them being the ones he has partnered with like David A. Kats, his colleagues at Wachtell and Lipon.


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How Dick Devos is beating public education at their own game

Dick Devos is a well-known business leader, CEO, and billionaire that has been making waves in education. Despite extreme criticism and unwavering skepticism, he has proven teachers unions and the state of Michigan that not only does he have the expertise to his business he also has the expertise to run a school. This is all part of an ongoing platform to encourage charter schools and school choice in his home state of Michigan as well as across the country.


The West Michigan Aviation Academy started in 2010 with just 80 children in a small warehouse outside of the Gerald R. Ford International Airport. As a startup, the school did not have the same resources that established public schools had, get the school’s academic performance still managed to outclass the same public schools.


The success of the first crop of students, as well as the course offerings at the school, made it an instant hit. Just for years until later in 2014 they reached the student cap permissible by the charter of 500 students. Today this state-mandated charter has not yet been approved for expansion, and students are required to enter a waiting list to determine whether or not they will be accepted as students.


Critics say that the school has an unfair advantage. They accuse the school of receiving unfair amounts of donations from dick and his personal fortune, when in reality this is not the case. Aside from the initial four million dollar donation to bring the school on par with other public schools, the school operates almost entirely on public funds that any school would receive. This information can be confirmed by in-depth and transparent financial statements issued by the school every year.


In the interest of fairness, there cannot be a stacked ranking for students. Any student who meets the academic requirements to join the school has an equal chance of being accepted from the lottery. This can be brutal for high achieving students who suffered unfortunate luck in the lottery selection process.


It is issues like these that show just why more school choice and needs the voice and influence of entrepreneurs like Dick DeVos more than ever. He has made it clear that a businessman can run a school just as well as if not better than the government, all while being hindered only by government regulation rather than the laws of supply and demand.


Dick Devos has proven to be a success in business as well as education. It will be interesting to see where he takes the West Michigan Aviation Academy as well as how he can help bring this level of service to the country as a whole.


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