Talon Energy Opens First Oil Well in Mexican Waters in Eight Decades

Talos Energy, LLC in part of a joint venture with London-based Premier Energy PLC and Mexico’s Sierra Oil &Gas, Inc. is on the road to the opening of the first private company managed oil well in Mexican waters in more than 80 years. The well, labeled ZAMA-1 is located in the Sureste Basin, which is off the coast of the state of Tabasco. The well drilling began on May 21, and is the first well to be launched by an entity other than the state-run Petroleos Mexicanos, a monopoly which controls all of the oils and natural gas resources, and has since the Mexican government nationalized the industry in the spring of 1938 and read full article.

The new well is drilled into a field that is estimated to contain between 100M and 500M barrels of crude oil, and possibly more. The cost of the drilling exercise is approximately $16M and is being carried by Premier. The consortium of the three companies won the drilling and prospecting rights in a contest in 2015 after Mexico, in light of its ailing oil industry being declared to be in a tenuous position at best, opened up the possibility of private investment. The rights were awarded in the first round of bidding and Talos Energy’s lacrosse camp.

Talos Energy, which is a closely held private company, will be the operator of the well and holds a 35% stake in the venture. The remaining stake is held at 25% for premier who is the primary funder and European distributor of the product of the well, and Sierra holds 40%. The group knows that as the first well to be drilled in Mexican waters that is not owned and managed by PeMex in more than eight decades, they will be closely watched by industry observers. Investment group managers at several organizations have stated that the project has a high probability of overwhelming success. If it is so, then this might very well be a good model for future ventures along the same vein. This is a great opportunity for the three companies in the group as well as a chance for Mexico to once again be able to take advantage of its abundance of rich natural resources for the betterment of its people and what Talos Energy knows.

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A Review of White Shark Media from Someone Who Cares About People

I’ve been working with White Shark Media for some time now. Long enough that I wanted to put into words exactly why they have my loyalty. It’s not a term I use lightly. But at the same time, it demonstrates the real differences between White Shark Media and their competition. When I talk about White Shark Media I don’t find myself thinking of it as a corporate entity. Instead, I think about conversations I’ve had with individuals there. Right from the start I’ve always been aware of the people working behind the scenes.

I wasn’t even quite sure if I could benefit from their help at the beginning. I think that like many, I’d simply gotten used to my low performance with adwords. I knew that it could pay off in some big ways for a company. But at the same time I thought there was an element of timing about it. It’s all too easy to think that people who started using it earlier would have an automatic advantage which the rest of us could never quite reach.

Right from the start it became obvious just how wrong I was. I started out simply talking to a representative over the phone. That kind of one on one interaction matters. But it was just as important to me that I could see real involvement. While I was speaking with the representative it was clear that they really cared. They were going over my site with a clarity and skill which I’d never even been able to manage when I worked on it. They offered suggestions and questions in a way that made me realize that they really cared about how well I was doing.

That concern prompted me to give White Shark Media a chance. And those experiences really did set the tone for my work with them. People are important to me, and it’s part of why I went into business for myself in the first place. I knew that I had something to offer to the world that could make it a better place.

I wanted to help people, and I knew that empathy was one of the most powerful tools of the businessworld. People who care about people are driven to push themselves to the next level. Not to mention the fact that they’re capable of offering and receiving loyalty. That’s why it didn’t come as a surprise to me when I saw that they were able to push my adword results upward in a short period of time. And that upward growth has never stopped. And I know it’s because White Shark Media is a company that really cares about the people they work with.

Equities First Holdings In Australia

Equities First Holdings in Australia is an amazing place to come when you are hoping to find better funding for your company, and you can ask them to help you from their Australia office. The office is a great place to come, and it is a safe place to ask questions about how to manage your business. There are many people who hope that they can find money that will help them get their businesses off the ground.

Australia is a big place with many industrial centers around the island, and all these company must come to Equities First to ask about their loan products. The loan products that are offered through this company are easy to use, and easy to understand. You can apply in their office, or you can call someone from your location in Australia to see what can be done about your personal or business loan needs.


Aloha Construction and Other Companies to Benefit from $1 Trillion from Trump’s Government

Many construction companies in the US are currently experiencing growth. Although the growth is slow, many companies in the industry such as Aloha Construction are grateful for the growth as the construction industry experienced a downturn caused by economic uncertainties of change in leadership.

The economic uncertainties affected many sectors of the economy. The booming construction sector courtesy of the residential segment of the industry generated 6,000 jobs in July. 12,000 less than the number of jobs it created each month before the presidential poll. Aloha Construction, a Lake Zurich based company, is delighted by the prospect of normalcy returning. Aloha Construction offers roofing, siding and guttering services. The family-owned business has become a renowned roofing contractor in Illinois and Southern Wisconsin. Also, the company has interests in the siding business. Dave Farbaky, the founder of Aloha Construction, states that many contractors usually ignore siding, but it forms an important aspect of construction. The company provides vinyl, wood, Hardee board, and aluminum siding.

The growth experienced in the construction industry is a relief to many sectors of the economy. When the construction sector was almost at a standstill, other areas of the economy such as banking, manufacturing, and transport among other sectors witnessed a rough period in business. Apparently, the sectors of the economy depend on each other. Loans from financial institutions are used by companies such as Aloha Construction to purchase construction materials and to finance other projects. Consumers of products produced by Aloha Construction and other companies in the construction industry borrow funds from a financial institution to finance their home buying needs. The dependence of different sectors of the economy on the construction sector is mind-boggling.

As the growth continues picking the pace, the government is set to inject $1 trillion into the construction industry. Aloha Construction and other companies are set to benefit from the funds as they create employment opportunities for the youth.

Daniel Taub is a Diplomat

Daniel Taub is a writer, international lawyer and an Israeli diplomat. From the years 2011 to 2015, he served as Ambassador to the United Kingdom. Born in 1962, Daniel Taub grew up in the United Kingdom.

He attended a secondary school in Elstree, Hertfordshire; called Haberdasher’s Aske’s Boy’s School. Upon completion of secondary school, he attended Harvard; University College, London; and University College, Oxford. Learn more about Daniel Taub:  http://www.daniel-taub.com/ and http://www.daniel-taub.co.il/

In 1989, Daniel Taub relocated to Israel. In Israel, he served in the Israeli Defense Forces, or IDF. In the Israeli Defense Forces, he was a combat medic. Daniel Taub also served the role of reserve officer in the IDF’s international law division. Currently, he is an Israeli citizen.

Daniel Taub took up the role of speech writer for Chaim Herzog, the president of Israel. He is happily married to a woman named Zehava, who he has raised six children with. He supported young entrepreneurs and start-ups, earning him the title of Grassroots Diplomat Initiative Honouree in January of 2013. Read more: Daniel Taub – Crunchbase

In the Yad Hanadiv Foundation, Daniel Taub is the director of strategy and planning. In the history of mankind, he is the 2nd ambassador to Britain who was born and raised in the United Kingdom. He gives lectures in policy institutes and universities all around the world.

Interviews with Daniel Taub have been seen on CNN, Hardtalk, Sky News and Newsnight. Despite the fact that he is an Israeli citizen, he has close ties with the Jewish community of England. He is very much in the know about their needs and the issues surrounding the Jewish community.

Daniel Taub passionately writes about topics pertaining to the Middle East and Israel. His articles have appeared in publications such as Huffington Post, The Guardian, The Times and The Daily Telegraph.

He created an Israeli drama called Hechatzer, a show set in a sect of Ultra-Orthodox Judaism. He has been involved in inter-faith and cross cultural outreach, helping to establish programs for such causes. He has helped to negotiate deals between the Israelis and the Palestinians.

Norman Pattiz and PodcastOne Take Radio Into the Future

Norman Pattiz and PodcastOne together have released new mobile software that helps to expand upon the ways that the individual can experience programming. Video broadcasts through the service are now available with 360-degree views and new social features that let the listener interact. The new software can be found at PodcastOne’s website or through the most popular digital stores.


Specifically, the application introduced by PodcastOne gives individuals access to many different shows on various topics. The listeners can then easily contribute to the discussion through the chat feature and interactive forums. Additionally, the service includes a rewards system that will let listeners unlock new perks and features as they gain comp points. Learn more: https://www.crunchbase.com/person/norman-pattiz#/entity


PodcastOne is also delving into the world of virtual reality. The broadcaster has teamed up with Mandt VR, and there are already over 1,000 videos created by the two parties. This collection of VR content is designed to give each listener a more immersive experience.


The company PodcastOne is currently the largest broadcasting service provider that includes advertising in its business model. There are over 200 shows available to listeners who use the service, with an average of 1.5 billion downloads annually. Over 20,000 minutes of new content is recorded every week through PodcastOne. Users have access to the most popular names in podcasts with unprecedented integrated technology.


As can bee seen through his creation of Podcast One, Norman Pattiz is a media entrepreneur who specializes in providing programming across more modern platforms. Aside from his business ventures, Pattiz has also been involved in the public sector. He was a member of the Broadcasting Board of Governors of the United States of America. Pattiz was first appointed by President Bill Clinton in 2000 and then selected to serve again by President George W Bush in 2002.


Norman Pattiz focuses on the on-demand area of public and private broadcasting. His work for the U.S. Government provided translated radio broadcasts to other countries around the world, primarily in the Middle East. Pattiz has been officially recognized for his success as a broadcaster and was inducted into the National Radio Hall of Fame in 2009. Learn more: http://normanpattiz.com/author/npattiz/


Envoy Integration with OneLogin Helps it Reduce Hassle With Visitor Data

One thing that people can agree on is that the internet can bring forth a lot of hassles. While the internet is filled with a lot of convenience, it can get tedious for people. This is one of the reasons that a lot of developers are designing products and apps with the purpose of reducing the hassle. The latest development is the integration of Envoy with OneLogin in order to bring forth a lot of convenience when it comes to user data. Among the activities it is helping with is user registration. Among the types of people that benefit greatly from this development are IT professionals that have to deal with employees that are relocating.

OneLogin is a company that deals with the safety and convenience of the online world. Among the activities that the company is involved in is the security of the cloud. Among the things that OneLogin helps with is making sure that every device is secure for its clients. For one thing, it is common for people to have more than one device in the home that has access to their accounts. The unfortunate thing is that just because one device is secured does not mean that people are not going to have to worry about the other devices.

With Envoy, people are given the assistance they need when it comes to managing employees and other business related activities. After all, there is a lot that goes into running a business. It is important for every bit of information to be accurate so that the business will have the best possible chance at not only surviving, but even growing. OneLogin allows Envoy users to also experience security among the platforms they are using. Using technology to run a business needs to be simple and easy for people.

The Inspiring Career of Imran Haque

Imran Haque is a doctor with a difference. He shares professional medical insights with the residents of Asheboro, Northern Carolina. He is centered at the Horizon Internal medicine, a group that has specialized in offering high-quality medical care to the residents of Ramseur, Asheboro and the surrounding locality. For more than 15 years, Imran Haque has shown his expertise in internal medicine. He has various skills among them performing the physical examination and treating illnesses that require his prowess. When patients are referred to him, he treats them just right.

Imran Haque attended the Universidad Iberoamerica which is commonly known as UNIBE and is located in Santo Domingo. He passed with honors which allowed him to receive his medical degree. He did not rest at this. Imran Haque enrolled in advanced training at the University of Virginia, Internal Medicine. While he was still a student, Dr. Imran Haque always envisioned a world where every patient receives the best medical service. This vision has guided him to date. He ensures that he provides his patients with the right treatment. He performs regular checkups so that he can diagnose the ailment accurately and hence provide the patients with correct treatment.

Many residents of Northern Carolina flock at Horizon Internal Medicine seeking special treatment from Imran Haque. His offices are located in a strategic place and as such patients can easily get their medication. His commitment to giving outstanding results has also led to patients choosing him. He has developed a customized patient care, where he and his patients develop a relationship. If it is your turn to see Dr. Haque he does not hurry you off so that he can treat more patients. He takes his time to hear from you. The success that Dr. Haque has achieved is as a result of collaborating with other doctors.


Cancer Treatment Centers of America Is OK With Homeopathic Treatment

**Update** 9.20.17 Read this testimonial article about Cancer Treatment Centers of America on thedickinsonpress.com


Cancer Treatment Centers of America recommends taking the typical routes for cancer treatment, like chemotherapy, in order to effectively treat your disease. Those who are adverse to non-natural treatments can still homeopathic treatment to reduce the growth of cancer.

A Change In Diet
It is known by many medical professionals and naturopathic gurus that eating a poor diet can trigger cancer. What is mysterious to most is what an anti-cancer diet actually entails. Many believe that a diet rich in anti-oxidants and low in animal products create the perfect environment in the body to prevent cancer. Animal protein creates an acidic environment in the blood as well as feeding cancer cells with certain amino acids.

Meat, dairy products, and junk food are acid-forming foods that cause damage to the body. Your body in this weakened state will not be able for fight off cancer cells accumulating in the body. A huge abundance of fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds and sparsely whole grains is ideal.

Mega Dose Of Vitamin C
Another theory is that vitamin C can cleanse the body and eradicate cancer cells. It also fights off inflammation and oxidation in the body that creates an ideal environment for cancer growth. A homemade solution would be to buy vitamin C supplements from the internet and take it orally. Many experts believe that this is not effective and the vitamin solution needs to be administered into the veins by a professional.

In the case of vitamin C injections, it has a hyper-oxidative effect that kisses tumor cells. Although it can be harmful to the body during its short term treatment sessions, it can have a lasting antioxidant effect. In the end, it is always recommended to consume vitamin C rich foods (like broccoli or oranges) in order to fight most types of diseases.

Increasing Vitamin D3 Production
Although excessive sunlight can promote the growth of skin cancer, getting too little will weaken your body against cancer. Placebo studies have been conducted in the past and the majority of results have shown a positive effect in those that had taken the supplement. Calcium in combination with vitamin D3 is also exceedingly effective rather than taking D3 alone. With over 1,000 IU of the vitamin, cancer rates had been reduced by 77% on average. Since the majority of people live indoor lifestyles, many people should be taking a supplement.

The Source of Success of Securus Technology-Rick Smith

One of the greatest assets of a company is its CEO. The chief executive of a company is like a driver of a vehicle. If the driver does not have the knowledge required, the car is likely to crash. Also in times of danger, the vehicle may have to break the rules and use his experience and innovation to avoid the car crash. The driver needs to be accurate on the timing of his decisions for everything to work out well.

It is the same responsibility that the CEO of the company has. The CEO needs to be wise and creative. The Securus Technologies identified these qualities in Rick Smith and crowned him the CEO. This ceremonious event took place on the ninth month of 2008.

Regarding experience, Rick Smith has worked in some companies before joining Securus Technology. Not only was he a competent employee concerning cooperation and efficiency but he also contributed significantly to the growth of the companies. Take Eschelon-Telkom for example, where he worked as a CEO for nine years. He helped the company raise a revenue of $350 million from their usual $30 million. Rick Smith also assisted EBITBDA to raise $80 million.
Rick Smith is also an educated elite.The CEO has an MBA, masters in mathematics not to forget a degree in BSc Engineering.

This combination of skills makes Smith a perfect choice for the company. The Securus technologies have confidence in him.

Rick Smith is, therefore, a productive asset in the Securus Company. Since his announcement as the CEO, the company has taken a positive turn. It is named as one of the leading correctional technologies providers. Over a million inmates depend on the Company’s gadgets in so many ways. The government and other companies also rely on the Securus technologies for security.
The Securus Company protects the public as well as the inmates. The Securus technology has come up with gadgets that assist the inmates in keeping in touch with the world. This has reduced the boredom and level of seclusion that the inmates used to have.
Through an email address that inmates sign up, they can see the changes in the world. This development is vital especially for the detainees who are jailed for decades. Lack of this system would confuse the inmate after being released. This is because the current world changes every day. This is as a result of high competition that has left entrepreneurs with no choice apart from being creative.

Rick Smith is an educative fellow, who has experience in the leadership world. Smith has been successful as a CEO before. The Securus technology is therefore lucky to have him run their company. All they can accept is success and development.