Susan McGalla: a Fully Refined Leader

Susan McGalla is a globally appreciated authority possessing a wealth of knowledge in several sectors. She stands out as an exemplary figure showcasing what women are capable of doing. Susan is famously known for her prowess in addressing issues relating to talent nurturing, marketing, branding, among other activities. It amazes me how McGalla has grown to become an influential woman of valor with a great ability to address huge gatherings. She confidently holds national forums where she urges women to rise and pursue opportunities available for them. Some of her audiences include Pittsburgh’s Women and Girl’s Foundation as well as Carnegie Mellon University Speaker Series meant for chief executive officers.

Susan’s Inspiring Story

Having known what Susan McGalla does, no doubt you are compelled to research further and find out what story she shares. While growing up, Susan had her dad, a football coach, and two brothers around her. You will be wrong to think that Susan got more attention or fewer duties just because she was a girl. Her parents believed in nurturing a strong woman who would confidently raise her opinions without fear of the audience. Precisely, Susan’s gender did not at any one point make his father cut her any slack. What she may not have known is that the experience was to hone her and prepare her alleyway to greatness. Right now, Susan works in an environment dominated by men and never gets intimidated by their positions.

MacGalla’s Successful Career Path

Susan attended Mount Union College for her BA after which she got a foothold where she would later polish her skills. She started off by working at Joseph Horne Company and in 1994 moved to American Eagle Outfitters, Inc. while at American Eagle, Susan often found herself as the only woman on the executive board. She courageously handled most of the projects and performed excellently. During her tenure, the company achieved a lot particularly in cultivating corporate cultures that would see the company dynamically run its operations. Both men and women participated in the exercises aimed at steering the company’s success. Since then, Susan has always risen above all odds and sought significant opportunities without cowing over female prejudice.

In a Nutshell

According to Susan, women pursuing their academics should aim beyond the sky. We are living in times when women perform just like men do, if not far much better. I believe women have influential roles to play to impart not just their families, but their respective sectors entirely.


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Jeremy Goldstein on the Importance of Knockout Option

Many corporations have stopped giving employees stock options due to some complex reasons. The three most important problems that cause the companies to limit these benefits are the drop in the stock value that may make it impossible for employees to practice their options. Since the businesses still need to report associated expenses, the stockholders, therefore, face the risk of option overhang. The employees are also cautious of the compensation method since economic depression causes options worthless. Finally, options result in significant accounting burdens.

This type of compensation still have benefits such as better insurance coverage, equities, and additional wages. If the corporation’s share value rises, the options boost personal earnings, and this can prioritize company’s success. It makes the employees work towards satisfying the current customers and attract more clients. Options are also better compared to shares since they don’t draw more tax burdens to the company. A firm that is interested in awarding options to its employees can enjoy the benefits aforementioned and avoid extra costs by following the right strategy. The company can also adopt a type of barrier option known as knockout.

Knockout options help to get rid of the obstacles associated with stock-based compensation. The company officials need to discuss with the auditors concerning the consequences of giving these options to the employees. The businesses can also benefit by waiting for about six months before providing new options; otherwise, it may have an adverse impact on the quarterly financial statement.

Jeremy Goldstein did Bachelor of Arts at the Cornell University. He earned his Master of Arts degree at the University of Chicago. Jeremy Goldstein got his Juris Doctor from the New York University School of Law. Jeremy Goldstein is the founder of Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates, LLC. He was also a partner in Lipton, Rosen & Katz from 2000 to 2014.

Jeremy provides legal advice to companies seeking to know about employees benefits. He has experience of over 15 years as a business lawyer. He has played important roles in major transactions involving top companies such as Chevron, AT & T, Duke energy, Verizon among others.

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Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin Created Their Own Civil Rights Organization

People cannot rely on civil rights laws to protect them because of all of the issues that are associated with law enforcement and government officials. They have to make sure that they are doing everything that they can to help each other out and that can make things complicated for people who are trying to do different things.

While Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin are confident in the things that they can do, there is no way that they were going to be able to fix every civil rights issue on their own.

They knew that they needed to be able to have an organization that would stand behind them and would make things better for them no matter what they were trying to do. This was something that became apparent for the people who were in different situations and for the people who wanted to be able to make things better on their own.

When Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin were arrested, they did nothing wrong. This was an illegal arrest and wasn’t something that the men were thinking would ever happen to them. They decided that it would be in their best interests to fight against the charges because they knew that they were within the rights that they had. Read more: Village Voice Media | Wikipedia

They tried to make sure that they were going to win the case and they walked away with over three million dollars from the case. It was something that they knew would be their lucky break so that they could help other people.

With the money that they got from the settlement of the case, Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin decided that they were going to make sure that things were going to work out. They hire several different people and they decided that they were going to make things better for people.

They named the organization the Frontera Fund because that translates to border and they are in a border town so that they can help other people. This has made things easier for people from both countries to understand what is going on and what they can do in different situations.

Michael and Jim were successful at creating a civil rights organization. They knew a lot about the things that they were doing and they tried to make sure that things were going to work out for them.

Since they had come a long way in the time that they were working toward civil rights success, they knew that they would continue to be able to help different people who are in different situations.

All of this has led to Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin being able to make things better and being able to bring improvements to their own areas.

7 Types Of Crown Moulding Styles For Your Home Interior

Designing a house can sometimes be a challenge when we’re doing it all on our own. It’s pretty easy to overlook the walls and ceilings of our house when we’re juggling furniture purchases and types of flooring. Then again, we can always depend on the appearance and long-lasting status of crown mouldings. Not only are its designs and materials constantly updated, it also goes perfectly with any interior concept you can think of. Let’s take a look at the available materials out there that you can use for your crown mouldings.


Plaster Crown Moulding


Simple crown moldings made from plaster are a classic example of long-lasting elegance. It can usually be seen in 19th century homes and establishments. The biggest drawback to this material is that you will have to get your design custom-made. Then again, it is still popular today due to its versatility. If you’re aiming for a more elaborate crown moulding, this is definitely one of the options to consider.


Solid Wood Crown Moulding


Although there are several techniques that can achieve a passable wood impression, nothing can beat the natural grain of a solid piece of wood. This sturdy material instantly brings added warmth to any space and can be worked to achieve elaborate profiles. If you’re looking to add solid wood crown mouldings to your home, you should be aware that there is the possibility of warping and shrinking depending on the weather and humidity levels.


MDF Crown Moulding


MDF crown mouldings are pretty easy to install and can be purchased off-the-rack from your local hardware shop. It is a relatively stable material and costs less than the purchase of solid wood crown mouldings. Depending on your design idea, you can either choose a MDF crown moulding with a natural wood veneer or paint over it instead. You’ll also have to be careful when handling this more delicate material to avoid scratches and dents.


Polyurethane Crown Moulding


If you’re looking for a more detailed crown moulding without breaking the bank, then polyurethane is the way to go. Not only are you able to achieve delicate details, it’s also an easier material to work with compared to plaster. Since it’s not as dense as wood, you’ll have to be more careful with handling this material. To achieve a longer lasting use, you’ll need to apply a protective layer like paint as it will help to tighten the material.


PVC Crown Moulding


If you decide to add crown mouldings to your bathroom, kitchen, exterior or any other space where moisture is present, you’ll definitely want to consider using PVC. Since the polymers in PVC are impervious to rotting and warping, this maintenance-free material is pretty much a no brainer. However, you’ll be limited to more simple lines and you’ll have to apply a paint layer if you don’t want to face the plastic sheen of this material.


Polystyrene Crown Moulding


Polystyrene is definitely not the longest lasting, but it is very easy to work with as long as you have a knife and a pair of scissors. This type of crown moulding is usually used for a quick room design. Since it’s incredibly lightweight, all you’ll need is construction adhesive to get it up there. About the only thing you’ll need to watch out for is it fragility. You can’t really achieve crisp edges, but if that’s not your concern, then go for it.


Flex Crown Moulding


Having a headache with your curved wall sections? With flex crown moulding, you’ll get to achieve a consistent design without the need for relief cuts. This material succeeds in presenting a smooth finish due to it’s rubber-like qualities.

Although it is less expensive than a custom-made wood crown moulding, you would still need to specially order it to size and the cost is dependent on the complexity of your design and the amount of space to cover.

The Tech Scene In New York Is Completely Changing

The New York tech scene has gone through a lot of changes in the past few years. The trend has started to stabilize as the excitement has worn off. In 2014 and 2015 a tech company in New York went public and their valuation exceeded $1 billion. By the year 2016 all of the IPO’s were gone although the year was not quiet. There were 421 new businesses with $9.5 billion in funding and 109 existing with a value well over $5 billion.

The numbers show similarities between the tech scene and traditional economy of New York. The investors and companies are not trying to make thousands by betting on companies that fail. They have turned to companies referred to as cash cows who make money not noise. The biggest private tech company currently in New York is Infor followed by a grocery store called Fresh Direct, the office space business WeWork and the insurance firm of Oscar. For more details on the new York tech scene please visit

The workspaces, accelerators, events, business groups and government initiatives available in New York are supporting the companies. There are programs available to support entrepreneurs, international entrepreneurs, non-profit organizations and small businesses in industries from biotechnology to fashion. New York’s tech industry was originally located in Silicon Alley but has begun to expand north towards the Bronx and Harlem. The industry is expected to reach Queens and Brooklyn with all new developments.

Every tech region has a different focus. Silicon Alley consists of traditional tech companies including AdTech and Fintech. Brooklyn has been attracting companies such as CreativeTech and Urbantech while Queens has established Biotechnology businesses like FoodTech. Even the Bronx and Harlem are seeing good social enterprises. The biggest change is the loss of the tech companies’ independence. The line between traditional and tech businesses is becoming thinner.

Knicks Look to Trade Anthony

During the prior NBA basketball season the New York Knicks were the most disappointing team in the league. They had spent the prior off-season bringing in a number of high profile players, including Derrick Rose. While the team looked like they could compete for a playoff spot, they quickly faltered and fell out of playoff contention early in the year. Due to the poor season, it appears that the Knicks are now finally looking to rebuild their entire team. They have already made a number of big moves and are looking to trade away their star player.

For the past five years, the Knicks have been led by forward Carmelo Anthony. Anthony has always been considered one of the most talented players in the league but has not been able to get the Knicks over the hump. Anthony has a no trade clause in his contract which he previously was not willing to waive. However, at this point it appears that both the Knicks and Anthony are willing to approve some select trades. According to recent reports, the Knicks are in talks with the Houston rockets to send Anthony there immediately ( This could be a good move for all parties involved.

If Anthony is traded to Houston, the team could soon be one of the most competitive in the league. The Rockets were already one of the most explosive teams last season and recently signed point guard Chris Paul. If they are able to get Anthony as well, the offense sure to be very hard to stop.

While it will be good for the Rockets and Anthony, it could also be a good move for the Knicks. The team will likely now look to clear space and make a move to be a younger team. With a number of young talented players and high picks, they could be more competitive in the near future.

Something is Phishy in New York City!

Starting on Friday, the band Phish will start a 13 concert marathon at Madison Square Garden. People from all over the United States, as well as the world, are going to show up. In a New York Times article posted on July 18th, 2017, people gave testimonies of how they made plans to stay in New York to see Phish. Many people have already made accommodations and have come here. Now, they are playing the waiting the game until their concerts begin. Some people may not have come here, yet, but will eventually arrive.

There will be a plethora of Phish-themed events that will go on as fans enjoy their time in New York City. There will be Phish themed children’s concerts, workouts, after parties, art shows, tailgate gatherings, flea markets and after parties. The Phish-bonanza does not just start and end at the concerts; there is a whole Phish-themed world that will exist in New York City during their 13 show marathon. You should expect there to be a very Phishy presence in New York City. Some say that the presence of the Phans will be visibly felt and that you might see a lot more tie-dye than usual. Over the course of 13 shows, it is expected that about several hundred thousand people are going show up. Roughly 1.6 million people live in Manhattan. Several hundred thousand is a pretty big fraction of 1.6 million, so it is very feasible to say that yes, you will feel the Phishyness throughout the borough.

For those who are into watching cover bands, the DeadPhish Orchestra, Pink Talking Phish and Jazz is PHSH will perform on daytime cruises. For those who love fish-inspired art, there will be an art showcase call PhanArt. At the J.C.C. Manhattan, there will be Phish-themed spinning classes that will include glow sticks and good music.

Brooklyn Park to Honor Biggie Smalls

Soon, the basketball court at Crispus Attucks Playground in Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn, will have a new name. After many unsuccessful years of trying to change the name of the court, City Councilman Robert Cornegy has finally fulfilled his promise to Notorious B.I.G., aka Biggie Smalls’ mother, whom he promised this honor many years ago.

The Councilman first tried to change the name of St. James Place, the apartments where the two grew up, in 2013. He began a petition to fulfill the change but was unsuccessful in gathering the required signatures. Many who didn’t sign the petition felt the rapper’s name shouldn’t be honored due to his violent lyrics.

Cornegy grew up with Christopher Wallace at 226 St. James Place in Bedford-Stuyvesant. He lived in apartment 1R. Biggie lived with his mother in apartment 3R in the same building. The pair was close growing up, often seeing one another in passing in the hallway. The two even hooped together on the basketball court that is being renamed in his honor.

A ribbon-cutting ceremony will take place on August 1 or 2 at the court in honor of the court’s renaming. For the past 20 years, a basketball celebration has been held in the rapper’s honor on August 5. Those who come to the celebration this year will have far more to look forward to, thanks to the authorization of the name change and the honor to this rapper.

Cornegy couldn’t be happier about the ribbon-cutting ceremony and the name change to honor his childhood friend turned successful rapper. Despite his violent lyrics and use of curse words, those who knew Biggie can tell you that he was down-to earth, honest, and always fun, simply doing what needed to be done to survive in Brooklyn.

Yankees Make Big Trade

Heading into the 2017 season, the New York Yankees were not considered to be much of a threat to win the NL East Division. However, the Yankees ended up having a great start to the season and are now in competition with the Boston Red Sox. Much of this is due to the considerable success of rookie Aaron Judge, who is now considered to be a favorite to win the AL MVP award.

While the Yankees are about 3.5 games out of first place, they are now looking to make some moves to improve the team. This past week, the Yankees made a big trade that will help to improve their bullpen ( The Yankees announced that they had made a big trade with the Chicago White Sox. In this trade, the Yankees were able to acquire Dave Robertson, who is considered one of the top relief pitchers in the game. They also received Todd Frazier, who will likely be used as a utility infielder.

While the Yankees were able to get some good veteran players, they did not have to give up too much in return. The Yankees traded away Tyler Clippard and several prospects. However, none of the prospects were considered to be among the top in the organization. This then will help the Yankees today, but will not mortgage too much of their future.

The addition of Robertson should be a big one for the Yankees. While their offense has been a surprise, the Yankees have struggled to hold leads late in games. The team was able to sign Aroldis Chapman in the offseason, but he has not performed as well this year as he has in the past. The Yankees will likely be able to get more innings out of Robertson, which should provide some needed rest for Chapman.

Twins’ First Photo Released

Rapper Jay-Z grew up in the Marcy Projects in Brooklyn, New York, but didn’t let this minor setback stop him from achieving greatness. Not only is Sean Carter a lyrical genius and one of the best rappers to ever grace the mic, he also captured the heart of the beautiful Beyoncé Knowles.

Married since 2008 , Carter and Knowles kept their relationship under wraps for many years, but have recently gave the public an inside glimpse of the happenings in their life. We’ve been there for the Lemonade, Kanye, and Solange, too. We’ve been there to hear of possible Jigga-affairs with Becky with the good hair, and now, we’re here to welcome the couple’s twins with open arms.

Joining big sister Blue Ivy, twins Sir and Rumi Carter were born in early June. One-month after delivery, Bey released the twins’ first photos, and as expected, they’re each equally adorable (although an up-close-and-personal baby shot would’ve suited us perfectly well.) Mom also stunned us with her beautiful appearance, but that is nothing unusual.

The newly-released Instagram photo shows Beyoncé holding the twins while wearing only a luxurious silk wrap covering her nude body. Sir was born just seconds before Rumi during a planned C-section. Although no photo of the entire Carter clan has surfaced yet, we eagerly anticipate seeing a photo of the five-some together very soon.

If there was ever a great way to make a comeback from a marriage in turmoil, delivering twins is certainly the way. Eat your heart out, Becky. Congratulations to Jay and Bey on the gorgeous babies!