Susan McGalla’s Success In The Corporate World

In the 21st century, women have been able to undertake various leadership roles in the various spheres, including leading corporations. Today, there is an increasing number of women in the boards of high-ranking companies. However, the percentage of women in corporate management positions and other fields is still low. Governments and non-governmental organizations have embarked on measures that seek to uplift women and give them resources that will enable them to venture into business or pursue their careers. With such efforts, the number of women has risen above the glass ceiling to take leading roles in various companies.

For many years, men have dominated different industries. Since today’s economy does not depends on masculinity, women are taking up various competitive positions. Susan McGalla is an example of the women who have had distinguished careers in the business world. Owing to her extensive expertise, Susan has managed to become a leading financial advisor to top players in the retail industry. She attributes her success to an impressive admixture of hard work, flexibility and a deep passion for her work. Susan McGalla believes that for people to build a successful career, they should identify their powerful traits to elevate them to greater levels. With this approach and attitude, most women will be able to succeed in their professional lives. Notably, Susan has been involved in empowering women to engage in business and climb through the corporate ladder.

At the Pittsburgh Steelers, Susan McGalla serves as the director of strategic planning and growth. She is also the brain behind P3 Executive Consulting, LLC. McGalla is highly experienced in the retail and clothing sector. She has been advising leading companies and persons on financial issues. She has extensive knowledge on product merchandising, branding, talent management and marketing. Susan started her career by working for Joseph Horne Company before joining American Eagle Outfitters. Her commitment and work ethics at American Eagle resulted in her promotion to serve as the president and chief merchandising officer. She also served as the president of the company’s flagship, American Eagle brand. Later, Susan went into private practice where she offers consultancy services.

Therapy Does Wonders With Patty Rocklage

**UPDATE July 28th 2017**


Why You Really Need A Patty Rocklage Everywhere

A well-respected Massachusetts family psychotherapist, Dr. Patty Rocklage, continues her lifetime mission, helping those that need guidance and direction. She’s equally enthusiastic about philanthropy as well. She received her specialist degrees in psychology at USC (University of Southern California). The MIT faculty staged a celebration last summer to personally express gratitude to Mr. and Mrs. Rocklage. With the couple’s donation, Lester Wolfe Professor of Chemistry and two other Building 2 labs received a long-awaited renovation. Having studied for his Ph.D. at the same lab, Dr. Scott Rocklage couldn’t imagine a better gift.


Mrs. Rocklage operates a licensed practice in Boston. She’s a well-established expert providing relationship services, family therapy, marriage, peer and social/personal counseling. It’s a career she’s been practicing for some 20 years in Boston. Dr. Rocklage is also a mentor, life coach, an expert team builder and a well-rounded motivational speaker. She’s often admired for having a warm, welcoming personality. This has aided her efforts in creating a conducive atmosphere for clients on a journey of healing. It lends them the strength to embark on a journey of personal growth.


Patty’s voluntary work extends to local communities and the global society. Humanitarian voluntary outreach offering quality education and opportunities to aid the needy is an ongoing endeavor for nonprofits like SEF (Sudanese Education Fund). Dr. Rocklage is among volunteers lending support to the organization. The Fund which operates out of Massachusetts launched its first program in 2003. It has since helped over 250 Sudanese refugees to scholarship and tuition grants. While adapting to life in a new environment, Southern Sudanese natives encounter challenges that hinder personal growth and development. With SEF members like Dr. Rocklage, they’re afforded a smooth transition as they adjust to a new life.


When she’s not engaged in her professional duties or volunteering, Patty entertains quality family time. The newly remodeled Rocklage family home is decked out in subtle Ed Freedlender design. The couple needed a whole-house renovation and commissioned a local subcontractor, Sudbury Companies. This is another way in which they’re building their community and supporting local professionals. Freedlender remodeled The Rocklage’s home to their satisfaction. Upon completing the project, he also presented a case study exhibit called “The Rocklage Home.” It details the dialog, project progress and completion.


These days, people are overwhelmed with problems. As a result of all of the stress and other issues thrown at people, they can find themselves struggling to manage their lives. As a result, some of the important aspects of their lives like their marriage could fail. While marriages could be vulnerable to anything, this does not mean that all marriages are doomed to fail. As a matter of fact, marriages that have a little help will have improved chances at success. Therefore, it is important to find some kind of counseling or therapy.

Fortunately, marriage counseling could help with life struggles. Among the marriage counselors that are helpful is Patty Rocklage. She is able to help couples tackle their issues. One of the most effective ways that she is able to take on the issue is by finding the root and dealing with it. For instance, if the marital issue is the result of something that is going on with one of the partners, then they will be able to address that. Also, they will learn how to communicate with one another so that they will have a stronger communication for their marriage. One thing that is not good for a romantic relationship is a communication breakdown.

Patty Rocklage has a lot of success in dealing with couples as they learn about themselves as well as each other. While some people say that it is good to take time in order to get to know one another, it is also important to know that people change over time. Therefore, it is important to be able to handle these changes. Patty knows how to get people to pay attention to these changes that they are going through so that they will be able to preserve their marriage. After all, a good marriage requires flexibility.

Important Information about Kabbalah Centre

Kabbalah Centre International has its base in Los Angeles, California. It was founded in 1922 by Rav Yehuda Ashlag as a non-profit organization that provides courses on matters of the Zonar and Kabbalistic understandings. The director of Kabbalah, Philip Berg, developed the platform presentation that is interwoven with multi-ethnic international staff.

Madonna became interested in Kabbalah, and much non-Jewish followed her steps. She decided to study deeply in the ancient tradition of the Jewish after getting much interest in the Jewish mysticism and opened up many times the Kabbalah centre. Other Hollywood stars such as Paris Hilton, the late Sammy Davis, and the late Elizabeth Taylor followed her steps and showed much support to the Madonna.

The move by many Hollywood stars to tag along in that line created a lot of stir. This is because most of them were not born Jewish, and they became fascinated to the point of observing Jewish mysticism. One of the Hollywood stars claimed that 80 percent of the chaos in his life eliminated through the Kabbalah, the explanation that was concurred by many of them. Sandra Bernhard, one of those who defected, kept going to the Kabbalah on purpose after splitting with Nick Carter to cope with the situation.

Sandra Bernhard believed that the decision helped him to deal with a lot of challenges in his life. The primary goal of the Kabbalah Center was to be viewed as ancient wisdom tool that brings joy that lasts to the members. The system was observed to completely change the direction of the members and their look in the world. The culture that was imparted to the observers encompasses a comprehensive structure that defines the universe and captured the thorough understanding of it to learn more: click here.

However, some of the members like late Sammy Davis did not join Kabbalah to deal with their problems. They wanted to play a part in the 5,000-year-old history. Additionally, through the strength that the Jewish demonstrated over many years of oppression attracted many memberships. Some felt they were tied much with Judaism and it was the right opportunity to them to quash the stun based on their traceable background.

As a matter of fact, many Hollywood stars viewed the Kabbalah Centre as a refuge point that will bring solutions to their problem.

OSI Groups Accomplishments And Collaborations

OSI Group is among one of the most well-established and greatest food processing companies around the world. It’s acknowledged for supplying products and food solutions that are beneficial to its clients and customers. Therefore, OSI Group provides ingredients and products like sausage and bacon, steak, pork, and even bread and vegetables in addition to cheese.

Even though OSI is headquartered in Aurora, Illinois, it is able to function in other offices or branches in different areas across the world including China and Germany. In recent growth the organization, OSI, obtained Baho Food, which is a Dutch maker of deli meats that also offers foods of convenience in addition to snacks. David G. McDonald, the COO and president of OSI Group, announced the collaboration for broadening OSI’s existence in Europe.

OSI is an effective food processing firm that is currently ranked one of the 39th Top 100 Food and Beverage Companies for 2014 and functions as a leader and achiever in the food and beverage department. In 2016, OSI Food Solutions UK won dual awards including the Globe of Honour and the Sword of Honor, which was given to them by the British Safety Council. They were also one of the 61 companies selected to win the Globe of Honor and Sword of Honour awards. Both awards are made to celebrate and recognize safety health conditions in the food industry and also the management department.

The OSI began its operations under the owner of Otto Kolschowsky who has been in the meat market industry since 1909. The organization was originally named Otto & Sons, which carried their family name. Since it started its operations as the OSI Group, the business has maintained an unwavering commitment to its clients and customers. OSI’s loyal devotion to its customer’s success serves as the most important reason that it is considered one of the top international brands to respect and love. Subsequently, many popular brands rely on OSI to provide food solutions and product development for them.


Why Borrowers Should Prefer Equities First Holdings to Conventional Banks

In November 2016, Equities First Holdings (EFH), a leader in the provision of alternative shareholder financing confirmed that it had relocated its Melbourne offices. The decision to shift their offices came as a result of increased consumer base prompting them to move to the heart of Melbourne. Mitchell Hopwood, the managing director of Equities First Holdings (Australia), indicated that the firm relocated to become readily accessible to their associates and clients.

The new offices are now located at 287 Collins Street, Melbourne, Victoria 3000. EFH will, however, continue operating the other offices located in Perth and Sydney. In the Australian borders, EFH has gained a reputation for providing stock-based loans that have helped businesses to expand. The loans offered by Equities First Holdings are unrestricted and non-recourse, meaning they can be used for any purpose.

Equities First Holdings also operates other offices in Switzerland, Hong Kong, Thailand and the United Kingdom. In the United States, the firm is headquartered in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Services Offered By Equities First Holdings

Equities First Holdings was established in 2002 with a goal of providing stock-based loans to investors, businesses, and individuals. Since its inception, Equities First Holding has been offering non purpose loans to their clients. Today, EFH has grown to become a global leader in the provision of stock-based loans. At EFH borrowers are not subject to the strict requirements for obtaining loans similar to those set by banks. If the tightened bank requirements are tight for you, Equities First Holdings will offer you quick working capital in either stock-based loan form or margin loans.

According to the Equities First Holdings CEO, Al Christy, stock-based loans are advantageous compared to margin loans. Stock-based loans have fixed interest rates that give borrowers peace during the repayment period. Moreover, the firm uses assets as collaterals allowing the borrower to liquidate their stocks whenever in need of working capital.

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Imran Haque Is Regarded among North Carolina’s Best

often host low-income individuals and families that find paying medical bills and even finding transportation to doctors’ offices difficult. Dr. Imran Haque is regarded so highly because of his tendency to work with rural, low-income patients in delivering healthcare that meets their needs.


Dr. Imran Haque attended medical school more than twenty years ago at the regionally certified University of Virginia’s Internal Medicine programs at Roanoke-Salem. The renowned physician also completed a residency there lasting three years to work in internal medicine. Dr. Imran Haque completes necessary continuing education and exams necessary to retain his license to practice as an internist, something that many physicians struggle with or put off until the last minute.


This physician works for the well-established Horizon Internal Medicine chain of healthcare offices, specifically in the Asheboro and Ramseur areas. His Asheboro practice is located at 138 Dublin Square Road, Suite B, directly off of highway 42. Horizon Internal Medicine’s Ramseur facility is located off of Coleridge Road at 1508 Main Street. Phone numbers for these facilities are 336-290-7209 and 336-824-2255 for patients to make appointments — luckily for those living in the Tar Heel state, Dr. Imran Haque is always taking new patients.


Basic preventative wellness exams, diabetes management, supervised weight loss programs, and cosmetic enhancement procedures are among the many services Dr. Imran Haque provides his patients. This physician also takes nearly every insurance provider, both major and those native to rural North Carolina that other offices may not accept.


Some of the cosmetic procedures that Dr. Imran Haque offers to patients include laser hair removal, Venus body contouring, and Botox injections. All of those help his patients look and feel better, resulting in better quality of life and strong boosts to self-confidence.

Doctor Imran Haque: Internal Medicine Physician Beautifying Up North Carolina

Brian Torchin: Helping Companies Hire the Best Professionals

Brian Torchin helps medical facilities to find the right staff. He has a staffing firm called Health Care Recruitment Counselors (HCRC). The company has a website, where the majority of its operations take place. Potential employees submit their applications through the site for Brian and his team to review. HCRC’s main objective is to find employment for medical practitioners. Also, it offers consultation to both employers and employees.

Brian aims at ensuring that hospitals and clinics hire the best professionals. He has a twitter page as well as a Facebook account, where he writes about his company’s services.

He also advertises job vacancies for physicians and nurses. Mr. Torchin can find employment easily because he’s well connected. He knows professionals from various reputable institutions, including non-profits and government healthcare facilities.

Brian revealed in one of his interviews that he started HCRC because he realized that some medical practitioners took long to find employment. He began to put together a list of firms that offer excellent services and treat their workers properly. Additionally, Brian set up a website that enabled him to reach people who needed jobs.

Throughout his staffing career, he has worked with different organizations and offered them great talent. Brian Torchin’s leadership has helped HCRC to become a leading staffing and advisory company in the healthcare sector. He prioritizes on his clients to ensure they get satisfactory services.

Aside from recruiting medical staff, Brian Torchin also carries out recruitment for law firms. He helps paralegals and attorneys to find companies to work for. His ability to work with the legal sector has placed him ahead of his competitors.

He has built a great reputation that allows him to work with some of the most trusted firms and corporations in the United States. According to Behance, many businesses view Brian Torchin as an asset because he delivers the best results.

Brian attended the University of Delaware, where he studied Exercise Science. He has spent several years studying job market trends, professional practices and interviewing process.

This has enabled him to carry out background checks on candidates who are seeking employment through his agency. His passion for medicine helps him understand what health care industry needs.

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Kabbalah, a Rapidly Growing Religion in Hollywood

Madonna was one of the most recent celebrities to open up about her fascination with the Jewish Kabbalah religion and it seems to have spread like a wildfire from there. The religion has been popular back since Elizabeth Tayor, Marilyn Monroe Sammy Davis Junior and much more.

The question is why has a large number of non-Jewish celebrities found their way to become more involved with the Jewish Kabbalah? According to Paris Hilton, she stated to magazine publication that is helped her cope with depression and everyday stress when she split from Nick Carter. Soon after her split she started attending the Kabbalah Centre in Los Angeles and attending services there on a regular basis. She mentioned that attending the Kabbalah Centre in Los Angeles has had tremendous strides in helping her deal with the problems of everyday life. It seems like several of the other celebrities has started attending studies and feel the same.

Sammy Davis Junior was attracted to Kabbalah, not because of problems, but because he wanted to become part of a 5,000-year history and cherish something, not just materialistic. Something which would help give him the inner strength spiritually. As an African American, he felt as though he had an extra special bond that was tied to Judaism. This was one of the reasons that he became a Jew to help find that spiritual peace that was lacking in his life for more info:  click here.

The majority of celebrities all have their personal reasons for their interest in Kabballah. Madonna said that, according to Kabbalah, we were put on this Earth to help people and spread the message across the world. Elizabeth Taylor developed an interest after watching the documentary “Genocide: The Story of the Holocaust” and while she was not as outspoken as other celebrities on her religion it maintained her belief in helping to make the world a better place.

The website for the Kabbalah Centre in Los Angeles states, as their main statement that Kabbalah ancient wisdom that tools for creating joy and a lasting fulfillment. It will change the way that you loo at the world and strive to make it better through the teaching of Kabbalah. The site goes on to define that the word Kaballah means “to receive” and they reference that as meaning how to receive fulfillment in your life.

At the Kabbalah Centre of Los Angeles, was founded by Rav Yehuda Ashlag in 1922 and now has facilities all over the world where they strive to teach a better life and creating a better world versus teaching at a scholar level of learning. The Kabbalah Centre in Los Angeles is also a non-profit organization. They continue to offer the tools and guidance to help make the world a better place with the tools of Kabbalah.

A Brief History of Fabulous Funding for Just Fab

JustFab, a membership site has a unique history, and the funding is just as unique. This e-commerce giant, founded by Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler is nothing less than a phenomenon in the fashion industry. This global membership company is just what the fashionista ordered, but the small beginnings grew into something much bigger with the right fundraising. Starting in 2011, when Ressler and Goldenberg were working with Matrix Partners, more than $33 million had been raised, and that’s a pretty figure. Those two were the investors, and they were confident enough to put their own funds behind it. That speaks volumes about their passion and drive to see the company succeed.


In July 2012, Rho Capital Partners, with four investors involved gave more than $75 million to the entrepreneurs, and soon more changes were made to the company as well as the vision and long-term mission. This large sum of money would allow them to not only re-brand, but to build upon numerous brands in an attempt to broaden their horizons. They could offer more than just women’s apparel, and the consideration was made for a brand that would be for children as well as other options for men too.


Later in 2013 more funds were given, all from Shining Capital. There were two occasions in which money was raised, totaling a large sum of money. With more than $54 million raised with this company, the two partners were well on their way to making big changes in the e-commerce world as well as fashion.


The company was noted for financing debt in 2014, and while not unusual, it was a time of reconsideration for Ressler and his partner. They were considering what else they could do in order to be top-notch, providing the best in products and customer service. The VIP membership would be the ultimate tool to seal the deal on customer loyalty, and it would ensure that they had a massive following as well.


Passport Capital gave $85 million to the group in 2014, and since that time the company has continued to excel at what they do best. They have made the change to all-inclusive brands in order to reflect the companies core values. Ressler and Goldenberg are both thrilled with the change. They believe that allowing all women to feel beautiful is important, and with that in mind, TechStyle has turned e-commerce on its head and is getting consumers attention around the world.

Susan McGalla is Making a Way for Future Businesswomen

According to statistics, businesses that have gender diversity are more likely to perform better than companies that do not. (By 15% to be exact.) Ethnically diverse companies are more likely to do better by 35% as well. This is believed to be true because they are not as set in their traditional ways and diversity brings in more perspectives into the workplace. Still, there is just a small percentage of C-level positions that are held by women in S&P 500 companies.

Susan McGalla has helped to make a way for women leaders and she has had to work hard to get to where she is today. She started out in accompany where all of the executives happened to be men and she worked her way up the corporate ladder of American Eagle outfitters. She also grew up with two brothers and a dad who was coach of a football team.

McGalla founded an executive consulting company and is now Vice President in a division for the Pittsburgh Steelers. Her success is impressive and there are many organizations that are working to help provide opportunities for women in the business world.

Sponsorship organizations can help to get women a step up and to create opportunities for advancement so that other women can be successful just like McGalla. This can be the key women have been waiting for. It would be very helpful if every business could be more open to make some changes. It would be beneficial not only to businesswomen but also for the companies themselves. The future of business is changing and is becoming more and more diverse and is a change for the better.

Susan McGalla worked in many positions before becoming the Vice President of the Creative Development of the Pittsburgh Steelers. She was born and raised in Ohio and she earned her bachelor’s degree, from Mount Union College, in business and marketing.

Susan McGalla’s a businesswoman and executive consultant who’s not afraid to take risks. She is a former trustee of the University of Pittsburgh and formerly worked high in the ranks of American Eagle Outfitters.