New Yorkers Get Chance To Try New Kind Of Ramen Noodles

Ramen noodles have become one of the hottest food items in recent years. This former dried kitchen staple has gone upscale. No longer the plain, easy to cook snack so beloved of late nigh workers everywhere, the new ramen is all about freshness and flavor. New Yorkers everywhere are about to get a taste of ramen many people have not tried before unless they’ve been to New York. In the last few years, many places have opened up where diners can slurp to their heart’s content. Those places have been content to serve up a dense style of ramen laced with pork flavor with a creamy mouth feel. While this style of ramen is highly popular both in Japan and the United States, it’s not the only kind of ramen available. For those in search of other kinds of authentic ramen that has more variety, one restaurant has an idea it knows that New Yorkers will love. The Japanese have developed many styles of ramen they want to share with this city.


E.A.K Is Opening


Downtown New York will be the site of a new restaurant called E.A.K. They specialize in a style known as Yokohama’s iekei ramen. Yokohama is one of the largest cities in Japan and one known for good eats. Their plan is to offer ramen that has thicker noodles and a broth with many flavor notes including clear broth with lots of umami. The new restaurant also plans to serve many other kinds of ramen including a variety known as the zebra with lots of butter and hints of garlic in the broth. There’s also plans to serve a ramen choice that combines ground chicken with a miso that has lots of spice. Vegetarians can find a ramen to their taste. In addition, there’s also lots of appetizers for those diners who are not content with just soup or have a crowd of people and want to share dishes.

Hey NYC, the Whales Are Back

That’s right, NYC, humpback whales have returned to your waters.


Not only are people spotting the huge mammals near the city for the first time in a century, but the sightings now happen frequently enough to regularly bring tourist groups out to see them.


Former New York City Aquarium curator Paul L. Sieswerda founded Gotham Whales, a company that monitors and also gives boat tours specifically to scout the newly returned humpback population. He credits decades of environmental clean-up for the change.


“Because of the improvement of the water quality, algae and zooplankton have multiplied, giving food for the menhaden {small fish eaten by humpbacks}, which have returned in numbers that the fishermen say they have not seen in their lifetimes,” Sieswerda said.


For decades, the waters of the Hudson were a dumping ground for the waste from the city. Between the waste paint deposited by General Motors and the potentially cancer-causing polychlorinated biphenyls left behind by General Electric, the color, smell, and general danger level of the river changed weekly.


At the same time, the Bronx River became a garbage dump (as many as 89 cars were pulled out during clean-up), and the East River played host to a bevy of city sewage. It’s no wonder the ecosystem suffered.


With the passing of the Clean Water Act in 1977, the water began to change for the better. The wildlife that once populated the NYC area slowly returned.


According to Sieswerda, humpbacks started reappearing in 2011. Since then, sightings have exponentially increased.


The Coast Guard issued a warning when a humpback emerged near the Statue of Liberty in November. Even with multiple ferry tours specializing in whale watching, there’s more than enough to go around. On one excursion, American Princess Cruises spotted four humpbacks in the same trip.


So look sharp. The whales are back.


New Portuguese Restaurant For Manhattan’s Lower East Side

The Iberian peninsula is home to both Spain and Portugal. Each country has a magnificently diverse cuisine with lots of emphasis on fresh seafood and the use of subtle and elegant spices. The unique cuisine is not only popular locally. It’s also a cuisine that exports well. New Yorkers are about to get their own taste of this part of the world right on the Lower East Side. Nialls Fallon loves the food of this region. He has teamed up with his chef and partner Nick Perkins for a new venture. They have dubbed the restaurant Cervo, a Portuguese word that means stag and symbolized their quick thinking and plans to move forward. The new restaurant is one with an innovative menu that is all about using fresh ingredients both from the land and the sea. Their emphasis is also about bringing out flavor from olive oil and seafood along with vegetables with a crisp snap.


Lots Of Flavors


Portuguese and Spanish foods often focus on ingredients that are not always familiar to many Americans like sardines and bottaga. The partners at Cervo know that sophisticated New Yorkers will appreciate their determination not to sacrifice authenticity while providing a menu with lots of modern twists. Here, diners can share items like grilled whole fish that has been cooked Portuguese style and flavored with olive oils. They can also try other kinds of dishes that also draw on Mediterranean flavors and easy access to varied seafood. Fat, thick prawns, for example, are flavored with oranges and then topped with sweet chile. Olives make an excellent appetizer when spiked with paprika oil. Main courses include dishes such as squid, mussels and octopus paired with broad beans and grilled mackerel that is topped with green salsa and then served with potatoes. Classic Portuguese wines are offered by the glass along with standard desserts such as flan that are an integral part of the area’s regional cuisine.


How To Improve Sanitation

The government is aimed at ascertaining that there will be proper sanitation within the country, to achieve this, the solution will be through making concessions through partnering with the National Bank for Economic and Social Development. The partnership will bring about some changes since it will assist with the management and provision of resources which are needed. Furthermore, there will be a notable decrease in the waste material through the planned infrastructure projects.


The collaboration between the government and a bank, there will be a lot that the citizens will attain; the public sector will provide all the required experience while the private sector deals with the management and a part of the financing. These sectors will, therefore, complement one another thus bringing about the necessary sanitation improvements. Through proper management of resources, the partnership will ascertain that sanitation in Brazil has been improved and everyone is surfeited.


Water has been a problem for a while which leads to issues with the flow of financial resources within the water sector, to avoid all this, remedies to water wastage will be put in place. More so, there will be more investments within the sewer system which will ascertain that all the plans will move on smoothly. All this will bring together organizations to ascertain that everything has been properly followed.


More About Felipe Montoro Jens


He is a renowned leader and has some roles within most companies, through this, he can ascertain that he can work on improving the growth of an organization. Through these roles, he has been able to improve on his capabilities.


Amongst some of the companies in which he is an excellent leader include Energipar Captacao S.A., Arboreoland Empreendimentos Imobiliarios, Foz does Brasil S.A., AC Energia S.A., Concessionaris Interoceanica Sur Tramo 2, Concessionaria Interoceanica Sur Tramo 3, and many more.

New Manhattan Opening For Brooklyn Pizza Favorite Emily

Since opening in 2014, Emily has become a Brooklyn favorite. This Clinton Hill based pizzeria serve a happy client base on Fulton Street. As pizza experts, the founders know what people want from this old favorite. The owners have played with existing favorites and thought about ways to create something that is entirely new and different. Those who love modern ideas about pizza have always been able to come here and explore new toppings like banana pizza and pizza with the ranch dressing that is popular in cities like Detroit. Emily and Matt Hyland serve square slices baked quickly on metal sheet pans to help make the crust even crispier. While they’ve been working in the small spaces of their Clinton Hill location, the two are excited to expand into a new space in Manhattan that promises to give them even more time to create pizzas that are full of flavor.


A West Village Location


Their new location is the West Village. Here, foodies from the local area as well many of the millions of people who visit New York City each day can come and try their take on pizza. The new menu draws on items they have been serving in their current location as well as another location in Williamsburg. Guests can try the Buffalo chicken pizza with a hot sauce that the Hylands have been working on for many years. The pizza, with it’s smoked chicken, is a huge favorite of their customers in Brooklyn. They also have other menu items that they know their guests will enjoy as much their take on pizza.


All Kinds of Menu Items


At the new location, called Emily, it’s also possible to order burgers and onion rings. Large burgers are available made with meat like lamb that is topped with innovative items like green papaya. There’s also the highly popular Emily Burger, a huge burger that is ideal for people looking for something hearty.


Visit the New York Food and Wine Festival

If you adore eating great food, then mark your calendars now for the New York Wine and Food Festival to be held on October 13 to 16. Over 100 different events will be held over the course of four days.

Guests attending the festival, believed to be the largest in America, are given the chance to meet over 500 chefs. While it is estimated that over 55,000 people will attend this event, many who have attended over the last eight festivals have been surprised at how close they can get to some of the chefs that they admire most.

One of the chefs that will be at this event is Mario Batali who is one of the nation’s foremost authorities on Italian cuisine. Also, present at the festival will be David Bouley who is the owner of Bouley’s where over 7,000 people told Zagat’s is where they would choose to eat their last meal. Another chef that will be present is Bobby Flay who is the executive chef for many restaurants including Bar American, according to an article in Huffington Post. In addition to meeting professional chefs, attendees can meet several celebrity chefs including Whoopi Goldberg, Neil Patrick Harris, and Patti LaBelle.

While the food promises to be outstanding, attendees can also sample wines from some of the best wineries found in Southern Glazer’s Wine and Spirits of New York portfolio. Their CEO was just named person of the year by Wine Enthusiast Magazine.

There will be many intimate dinners as part of the Bank of America’s Dinner Club with many selling out very fast. The festival also features hands-on demonstrations like cake decorating, cooking with spices and making homemade beagles. Brides will not want to miss the demo on wedding food. The festival swings on late into the night with a chance to eat French desserts and a midnight jazz breakfast.

Each event carries its own price. Over the last eight years, the festival has managed to raise $9.5 million for No Kid Hungry and the Food Bank of New York City.


Kabbalah Centres are the Hub of this Ancient Wisdom

In 2016, over 40 cities around the globe have one or more Kabbalah Centres open, but the first was started in 1922 when Rav Ashtag founded the first Kabbalah Centre in Israel. Up until that time, Kabbalah has been a spiritual wisdom that was only passed down from generation to generation by word of mouth.

The name Kabbalah received teachings or traditions, and though it is not a religion, Kabbalah has its roots in Judaism, This spiritual wisdom dates back to the foundation of the Jewish culture with Moses, and the study of Kabbalah was traditionally only available to the upper segment of priests and prophets.

When the first Kabbalah Centre was formed, it broke all the traditions of this belief because now anyone who was interested in learning about Kabbalism could come to the Centre.

Rav and Karen Berg came to the Kabbalah Centre in Israel and studied under Rav Ashtag for almost a decade. Then, they returned to America and started a Kabbalah Centre in NYC in 1985. This was the first Kabbalah Centre in the U.S. and the Bergs taught classes on the principles of Kabbalah and translated ancient Kabbalah documents into English.

By the year 2016, Kabbalah Centre offer much more than instruction. They have developed and become central meeting places. Besides instruction in the principles of this ancient wisdom elder Kabbalists, the members hold dinners monthly to share their ideas and the Centre has volunteering events so the members can reach out into the community to help those in need. Anyone who is interested is welcome to the classes and more.

Today, there are five Kabbalah Centres in the U.S.: NYC, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Arizona and Utah, but the Internet has also opened up the world to Kabbalah. Streaming out of the LA Centre, the Kabbalah University is available 24 hours a day, In the past century, Kabbalism has grown from only being studied by a small group of people to letting the entire world learn about ancient wisdom and its teachings. If there is no Centre in your city, go to for more information.

Weight Loss And Technology May Not Go Arm and Arm In The Big Apple

How many New Yorkers currently use activity monitors? How many are acheiving posotive results? Dr. John Jakicic representing  The University Of Pittsburg’s Department of Health and Psychical Activity…, is an astutely motivated individual who aimed to define the true benefits of activity trackers, specifically, in regard to the efficiency of the technology and the psychology in which it plays on the human mind. According to a diligent amount of research, studies are suggesting that users of activity tracking technology, most commonly attached to the arm or wrist, are experiencing a lack of motivation when completing their daily goals unlike the other group of the research contributors who find themselves reaching weight loss goals without any interference from these tracking devices. The facts align almost symmetrically when viewing the data recorded. Those who wore the armbands average a loss of eight pounds after a two-year period, and those who did not use the armbands, average a loss of thirteen pounds. Dr. John Jakicici was puzzled by this finding and was eager to express himself on the subject that he dedicates everyday exploring. In the name of research, Dr. John Jakicici’s is a true virtue to the world of Health and Psychical Activity. Dr. John speculates the irregularity of the act of using these monitoring technologies may be depressing the very act of activity in general. Perhaps a man who is unhappy with his lifestyle choices in nourishment has fallen into a unmotivated state, and once he checks his activity for the day, his lack of accomplishment pushes him even further down into a more servere state, misery. Apparently, it’s easier to just give up rather than move forward when one is faced with the digital lack of results they’re not even close to positively acquiring. It’s unfortunate that this revelation in technology isn’t having a profound effect similar to the other industries of the world. However, as this information becomes available, it’s rather inspiring if you glance at it from a specific perspective. The most prominent idea here is, health and fitness remains to be an extremely significant fabric of societal wellness, one that human beings should consider only trusting themselves or a registered fitness instructor to keep track of when desiring life enhancing results.


New York City is Hosting 2016 Wine and Food Festival to Support Food Bank and No Kid Hungry Charitable Organizations

The 2016 New York City Wine and Food Festival (NYCWFF) is coming to the city on October 13th. Foodies and wine tasters prepare yourselves for the time of your lives being entertained and educated at the four-day national event. World famous chefs, wine producers, television personalities, and culinary professionals will be attending the annual festival. Patrons can look forward to tasting over 100 wineries producers from Southern Glazer’s Wine and Spirits, as well as attending intimate dinners and cooking classes events. According to Huffington Post, the proceeds from the festival will benefit the end hunger movement in NYC.



The festival is expected to host more than 500 chefs, culinary experts, wine producers, spirit producers, stars from Food Network, and entertainers. Famous chefs and restaurant owners, including Rachael Ray, Martha Steward, Bobby Flay, Carla Hall, Robert Irvin, Masaharu Morimot, Guy Fieri, and others are scheduled for quest appearances. Celebrities Whoopi Goldberg, Patti LaBelle and Neil Patrick are expected to appear at the NYCWFF. The celebration will comprise of food and wine tasting, parties, cooking demonstrations, and educational conferences. Approximately 100 events are hosted by the festival during the four-day event.



The New York City Wine and Food Festival is recognized as the largest food and wine festival in the city. This is the festival ninth year holding a national event that supports the no hunger campaign. The festival was first held in 2007 and one later, the director and founder launched the opening of NYCWFF. Since its founding, the festival foundation has raised $9.5 million to help fight hunger in New York City neighborhoods. All proceeds generated from the festivals goes to the No Kid Hungry and NYC Food Bank non-profit organizations.



Get ready for an experience filled with talent, entertainment, and American favorite food tastings. Meet some of Food Network television stars, world famous chefs, television personalities, and celebrities. Patrons have the opportunity to eat and drink and at the same time help put an end to hunger in New York City. Tickets to attend various events range from $10 up to $400. Out of 100 events, 23 events have already sold out of tickets.



Met Opera Set to Open

According to the Huffington Post, the 2016-2017 Metropolitan Opera House lineup promises to be an exciting one. In all, the season will include 225 operatic performances including six operas that have never been seen on the Metropolitan Opera House’s stage, according to the Huffington Post.

The first show of the year will take to the stage on Monday September 26 with the opening night of Richard Wagner’s “Tristan Und Isolde.” This show is conducted by Sir Simon Rattle and features performances by Nina Stemme promises to be very exciting. Performances will run through October 17.

Opera goers will then hear the velvety smooth tones of Gerald Finley as he takes to the stage for rare performances of Gioachino Rossini’s “ Guillaume Tell.’ This French Grand opera is co-produced by members of the Dutch National Opera Company. This exciting show will run through November 12.

After premiering at the Salzburg Festival, Robert LaPage once again graces the Met’s stage in Kaija Saariaho’s “L’Amour de Loin.” This ephemeral love story with a very fluidly structured score can be seen from December 1 through December 29. It will dazzle crowds with its unique LED lighting running the length of the entire stage.

New Year’s Eve promises to be very exciting as Diana Damrau and Vittorio Grigolo come to the met in their production of the much-loved ‘Romeo and Juliette.’ This Charles Gounod arrangement of the story will have audiences buzzing because of the beautiful costuming. This show will run through March 18.

Renée Fleming has announced that she will close out her exciting career at the Mets. This time she will star in Richard Strauss’ grand comedy “Der Rosenkavalier” directed by Robert Carsen. Those needing comedic relief can catch this show starting March 2.

This is the 50th anniversary of the Met at Lincoln Center. On May 7, a gala party will be held with dinner available ahead of the one-time performances of songs from “Porgy and Bess,” ”Samson et Dalila,” ” Les Troyens,” “I Lombardi.” Making the evening even more special, selections from “Antony and Cleopatra” will be heard from the Met stage for the very first time.