New York City To Host Whiskey Festival And Fundraiser

Felipe Schreiberg, a contributing writer at Forbes magazine recently wrote an article about a major whiskey themed event that is set to take place in New York City. According to Schreiberg, New York City will host the third Water Of Life Festival this year. It is scheduled to take place on May 18th of this year. The location of the Water Of Life Festival will be inside the IAC Building that was designed by famous architect, Frank Gehry.


The Water Of Life Festival is actually a fundraiser for a cancer non profit organization. Proceeds from the event will benefit the GIST Cancer Awareness Foundation. GIST is an acronym for gastrointestinal stromal tumor, which is an extremely rare but often fatal form of cancer.


The man who create the WOL festival is a fellow named Dr. Matthew Lurin. The whiskey theme of the event comes from the fact that Matthew Lurin is a major whiskey drinker and enthusiast. Lurin says he was introduced to the alcoholic drink of Scottish whiskey by his stepfather, who was none other than Joe Temperley. Mr. Temperley was a famous Scottish musician. Dr. Lurin says that ever since his Jazz rocking stepfather introduced him to his first shot of Scottish whiskey, he has not looked back and has became an affeciando of the beverage.


Joe Temperely was eventually diagnosed with the rare gastrointestinal stromal cancer, which led his stepson, Dr. Matthew Lurin to set up a fundraiser to bring awareness and help fund research into this form of cancer. Unfortunately, Joe Temperley passed away due to the disease last year, but his memory lives on with the Water Of Life Festival which also supports further research into this disease.


The format of the WOL festival is unique. The Water Of Life Festival holds a speed dating style format to drinking whiskey. What this means is that a brand ambassador will come to your table and share some whiskey with you. They will also tell you about the brand and its history while they are at your table. Such an approach prevents crowds from forming and the increases the likelihood that event participants will be able to sample as much whiskies as they can. A total of 74 different whiskey brands are set to be part of the event, so whiskey lovers should look forward to sampling quite a lot of whiskey during the event.

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