Trump is Headed to NYC After First 100 Days are Over
President Trump made an announcement Friday that his trips to New York City were costing the taxpayers too much money. The extra security costs over $300,000 in overtime police officers every weekend he goes to NYC with several streets requiring to be closed around Trump Tower.


He will be going on Thursday as planned. He has been accused of not telling the truth, and Buzzfeed has found one false statement every day for the first 100 days Trump was in office.


Experts call some of them “bullshit” because the statements never meant to get near the truth. I.F. Stone once wrote, “All governments lie,” but some say Trump has gone beyond other presidents in this area. Some say he has created a crisis of credibility. What do you think?


Here are six of the 100 lies that Buzzfeed attributes to Trump and his aides.


1) Lie – “I wasn’t a fan of invading Iraq; but, we got out wrong.” Truth – In 2002, Trump said he supported invading Iraq.

2) Lie – “This was the largest audience to ever witness an inauguration, both in person and around the globe.” Truth – Barack Obama’s inauguration in 2009 was larger according to photos.

3) Trump claimed that 3 to 5 million “illegals” voted in the 2016 election, which cost him the popular vote. Truth – The National Association of Secretaries of State found no evidence to support voter fraud claims.

4) Sean Spicer reported that “Trump won the election with 306 electoral votes, the most since any Republican since Reagan.” Truth – George H.W. Bush received 426 electoral votes in 1988.

5) Lie – “The Obama Administration agreed to take thousands of illegal immigrants from Australia.” Truth – The U.S. accepted 1,250, not thousands, from Australian custody.

6) Lie – “I’m very much opposed to sanctuary cities. They breed crime.” Truth –

Researchers deny any evidence showing there is more crime in sanctuary cities, compared to non-sanctuary cities.


Apparently, there are 94 more statements made from President Trump and the Trump Administration, but, since all governments are known to lie, the question is “Are these misstatements tainting the presidential office by creating shame and incredibility? It’s up to you as a discerning citizen and voter in the United States of America.


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