Avaaz: United Global Citizens Into A Massive Collective Force For Good

Uniting citizens to engage in global campaigns is where Avazz excels; the civic organization tackles a broad range of causes. By using the Internet, Avazz reaches ordinary people who care about an issue, such as climate change, but who do not consider themselves activists. Online petitions, according to Avazz, do make a difference, as do email campaigns, demonstrations and media campaigns because they combine the voices of people into a collective force that politicians who are sensitive to the public’s viewpoints cannot ignore.

With a single team of activists, Avaaz champions numerous causes at the same time, with members voting on which issues should receive priority. Avaaz has supported everything from saving the Great Barrier Reef to keeping the Internet free of government censorship. In the past, the majority of citizens, between work, school and home life, only had time to support one cause. Today, Avaaz makes it easy for an individual to support any number of worthy causes; all it takes is signing an online petition, making a small donation or sharing one of Avaaz’s causes on Facebook. Avaaz’s type of activism, supported entirely by member’s donations, which depends on Internet engagement and creative advertising in traditional media, appeals to liberals and idealists who want to get involves, but lack the resources to attend a demonstration in another city or commit to weekly in-person meetings.

Avaaz mobilizes their supporters to come together and donate to countries hit by natural disasters as well. Since the organization bypasses traditional channels and sends the money, food and medical supplies directly where they are needed, more aid reaches the population affected by the disaster.

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