Inequality in Men’s and Women’s Salaries Still Shows a Significant Difference in NYC

The fight for the equality of salaries for men and women in the workplace goes on. In New York City, if you are women, you are paid approximately $6,600 less than a man at a comparable position: this is 2017.


According to this recent study by the Pew Research Center, more than half of men in the United States see no sexism in the culture, but two-thirds of the women say that because of this misconception, there are more obstacles than ever when looking for equality. In education, women outnumber men in the universities in graduate degrees, and yet in the workplace, gender and race pay gaps definitely exist.


The study shows that New York state has the narrowest gap in men and women’s paycheck in the country. It showed that a woman makes 87 percent of the man’s earnings, and if the same rate continues, as it has since 1960, this gender gap will not close until 2049. These women are less likely to own businesses, and most are women of color.


If a working woman and man’s salary were equal, in New York there would be an increase of $29.6 billion to the state’s economy. Yes, billion and if NYC’s working women were paid an equal salary as men at the same age as men, the same level of education, and who works a comparable number of hours, the study showed that the poverty rate for women and their families would decrease from 27 to 13 percent or over half.


There is a glimmer of hope in NYC because the millennial generations have shown a slight increase for women in the age group of 16-34. Their earnings, on the average, were $38,319 compared to $37,542 for men in the same age group. The study suggests that this discrepancy is because 46 percent of women to age 34 have earned a bachelor’s degree or higher, compared with 37 percent of men the same ages. This defies the statistics.


There are signs of progress in closing this gender and racial gap in NYC, and one substantial legislation was an executive order to eliminate salary history as a requirement on resumes and job applications. Progress will be shown in the results.

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