New York City Council Passes A New Parking Bill For Car-Share Vehicles

Parking spots in New York City are understated luxuries until someone needs one. Parking in New York City has always been a challenge. Sure, there are parking garages and parking lots all over the city, but who wants to pay as much for parking as they do for a dinner for two at a popular New York eatery? The answer is no one, but people do pay exorbitant rates to drive into the city. New York’s City Council is making the parking debacle more frustrating for some commuters. The City Council just passed a bill that will set aside three hundred parking spaces on local streets, and 300 more parking spaces in city lots for car-share companies. That’s right. Companies like Car2Go and Zipcar are part of a two-year pilot program.



The car-share program is designed to motivate commuters to leave their car at home and use a car-share company. For every car-share on the street, five to ten less fuel efficient cars are off the streets, according to an article published by City officials have not announced the location of these dedicated parking spaces, but the word on the street is, Washington Heights and Astoria are definite candidates.



The car-share technology makes sense for people that need a car a short period and don’t want to go through the hassle of renting a car or using their own car. Zipcar developed a painless process that gives people the opportunity to reserve a car for one hour or for a week. All a person needs to do that is use the mobile app or the Zipcard they receive in the mail after registering online. Zipcar patrons can take the car wherever they want in the time reserved, or they can extend the time they need the car using the mobile app. When the rental is over, a Zipcar can be dropped off in a designated parking space. Renters can lock the car using the app or the Zipcard.



Car-share companies are located in New York, LA, Baltimore, Washington D.C., Denver and Providence. A car-share membership cost about $70 a year and driving rates range from $8 to $10 an hour.


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