A Major Transportation Milestone That Will Rock New York City In 2017

New York is a city like no other. It is one of the busiest and highly advanced cities in the world, with towering skyscrapers built using modern technology. Being a current attraction site, New York City has had the privilege of hosting some of the best events ever to be recorded in history. In 2017 however, one particular event will shake this great city to its core.


In 2017, New York City plans on opening up its state of the art subway to members of the public. Having been built more than a century ago, the Second Avenue Subway will soon become a reality. When complete, this metro is projected to span a staggering thirteen and a half kilometers from Manhattan’s East Side to the 125th street so as to cover areas like Harlem.


The Avenue Subway construction project aims at offering transport services to more than two hundred thousand people every day. Presently, part of the Avenue Subway in New York City is operational. It has tried to integrate all sectors, so as to help boost the economy of New York City. On site are shops, restaurants and bank facilities all meant to make passengers have an easy time during travel.Also, the Avenue Subway is connected to the local road grid network making it easily accessible by bus. Therefore, many bus companies in New York City have formed partnerships with the subway so as to provide scheduled rides to and from this facility for travelers.


One of the things that make the Avenue Subway unique is the nature of artwork inscribed on its walls. Images outlined in these portraits include those of American icons, cultural figures, and even ordinary mosaics. It is a mega project constructed to ensure that traffic congestion is a thing of the past in New York City. Besides, the Avenue Subway will help reduce passenger traveler times since there is no traffic on train rails.


When complete, this project will inevitably transform the entire landscape of New York City. As a result, an excellent transport system will encourage economic stability in this region.


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