New York Public Schools Make First Step to Improving Public School Lunches

Word has been spreading fast over the past few years over about the quality of school lunches that are being served to children in the United States. From local television programs to Hollywood documentaries by the likes of Michael Moore, increasing light is being shed on the unsatisfactory quality of these lunches. These public school lunches in the United States are ridiculed for being unhealthy and unappetizing. In fact, two-thirds or around 67% of students in middle school who eat school lunches on a regular basis are obese or overweight.


Taking note of these appalling numbers, the New York City Public School System has taken a step towards making public school lunches significantly more healthy. Kellogg, the giant cereal corporation, has been supplying the schools of New York City with cereal for years. However, they are now being replaced by a smaller California brand as the cereal choice for NYC public schools. Back to the Roots is a small company that focuses on producing healthier cereals that have proven to be lower in sodium and sugar while being higher in whole grain than their Kellogg counterparts.


Following a taste-test by students, the public schools of New York City decided to go with this company instead of remaining with Kellogg. Although this change only impacts a small portion of the overall lunch menu, it is a big step in the direction of providing healthier school lunches for children. New York represents the largest school system within the United States. If any precedent is to be set by a public school system, New York City would be the place to originate the idea and catalyst.


With millions of children across the United States relying upon school lunches, it is the responsibility of the school systems to provide students with meals that are nutritious and healthy. When instead the meals are high in saturated fats and sugars, this is adding yet another problem to the growing obesity issue in the United States. This recent move by New York City is a great push towards introducing a healthier alternative to the current types of meals served in school.


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