Tourism In New York City Is Declining Thanks To Donald Trump

Donald Trump is an icon in New York City. He lives in his gold building and overlooks his massive real estate empire. But now that he’s president, his presence in the city is not that appealing to visitors from other countries. In fact, his presence is not that appealing to people in this country. For the first time since 2010, New York City officials expect a drop in the number of people visiting from other countries. Trump’s rhetoric is scary, and his nationalistic attitude does not conform to the principles that the United States. America has always been a haven for immigrants around the world. Foreign visitors help fuel New York City’s economy, so less foreign visitors means less revenue, according to an article posted by the New York Times.



New York City’s tourism marketing agency will announce the new foreign visitor forecast soon, and according to city officials, the agency believes there will be 300,000 less foreign visitors spending money in New York City this year. There were 12.7 million foreign visitors in New York in 2016. The expected change in visitors will cost city businesses more than $600 million in lost sales. That number does not include the number of Americans who plan to stay away from the city because of Trump.



The issue is, Trump has changed the perception of America’s hospitality. New York is one of the pillars of that hospitality. Europeans start coming to the city in April, but this year Europeans are going elsewhere because they feel a sense of alienation from Trump. And most Americans feel it too.



New York is not the only city that will lose revenue thanks to Trump. The number of foreign visitors who do have visas and legitimate passports may fall by more than 6.8 million over the next two years, according to Tourism Economics. The president of Tourism Economics said his company is an international corporation that predicts travel trends in several American cities. Thousands of foreign travel plans don’t include American cities this year or next year. Online searches for hotels and airline tickets dropped sharply after the election and they continue to drop.

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