Yanni Hufnagel, the Recruiter with a Difference

Basketball is one of the highest rated games in America. It is also the highest paying professional game in the world today. As a result, it is almost every child’s dream to be a basketball professional or player at the very least. Unfortunately, it is not all who meet the cut. However, this is not reason enough to give up on your dream since you can serve in various capacities in the game leave alone the playing role, just like Yanni Hufnagel.
Yanni Hufnagel, a promising basketball recruiter, grew up in Scarsdale. Unfortunately, he never made the cut to join his high school basketball team. Hufnagel graduated from the University of Cornell with a bachelor’s in Industrial and Labor Relations and also a master’s in Adult and Higher Education, majoring in Intercollegiate Athletics Administration. He now lives and works in Boston. He was a successful assistant basketball coach at Harvard. Under his assistant-leadership, Harvard won the Ivy League and went ahead to produce a star, Jeremy Lin who turned out to be his silver lining. He has also coached Vanderbilt in 2013, the University of California in 2014 and the University of Nevada from 2016.
In 2011, Yanni Hufnagel was voted the most promising assistant coach and the best recruiter in college basketball from a study of over 100 coaches due to his unique recruiting abilities. In high school, he participated in the sport as he called games for his hometown’s television station. It is here he learned how to analyze the game, laying down a solid foundation for his coaching career.
In college, he was a basketball manager for a season and managed to get an internship with the New Jersey Nets. It was in his final year that he landed his first job as an assistant coach at Oklahoma. Here, he rubbed shoulders with some great players like Blake Griffin whom he nurtured and supported through his time there by offering extended training sessions. He was a busy bee and provided everything his players needed.
Yanni Hufnagel’s success is attributed to the fact that he does not discriminate as he recruits and secondly, he possesses qualities of a good salesperson and therefore convincing, and persuasion is his specialty when it gets down to recruitment.

Jim Hunt’s Take On Being Proactive In Investing

Jim Hunt runs a business for those who are self starters and eager to follow their financial goals using all available means. His company is VTA Publications which is based in the UK. VTA Publications is a source of information about important financial tools and tips to follow for running a business. Hunt does a lot of research on both UK and international markets and is always talking about which funds should be invested in or traded at a given time and how you could take advantage of an upcoming bear or bull market.

Hunt talked to Ideamensch about how he makes things happen at his business and said he likes to work out in the mornings before doing the research and making his investments and trades on Twitter. He said he often likes to hear about ideas from his customers and after spending his whole day in research he finds time to relax and let them come to life. Hunt is also an avid reader and recommends books such as Rich Dad, Poor Dad and Reminiscences Of A Stock Operator to help people understand the fundamentals of investing.

At VTA Publications, Jim Hunt has put together quite a collection of business courses available in both print and electronic media formats. One of the first places a new investor might start with is the course about learning how to read and use stock charts followed up by the course on little-known trading options and strategies. VTA Publications also have a course on retirement planning as found in the bible, and many speakers have come to seminars hosted by the company and shared information available only on DVD.

Hunt also started two YouTube video series and other publications titled “Wealth Wave” and “Making Mum a Millionaire.” The idea behind “Wealth Wave” was to inform people of what really happens in bear market and how there are maneuvers that can be made behind the scene to capitalize on the money transfer. “Making Mum a Millionaire” is about the simplicity of stock trading and how only 10 trades could make someone rich. All of these programs can be ordered by going to vtapublications.co.uk.

Quality Care Found At the Office of Dr. Edward Honig, MD


A cardiologist like Dr. Edward Honig, MD is one that specializes in the care of the cardiovascular system. This system includes all of the vital part of the body including the heart, arteries, and the blood vessels. People often wait until their primary care provider refers them to a cardiologist to take care of this important system. Unfortunately, after a primary care physician refers a patient to a specialist a problem is usually already there. There are other situations when a person should seek out the help of a cardiologist. These situations include family history of problems with the cardiovascular system, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, diabetes, or if the person ever smoked cigarettes. Seeing a cardiologist before a problem exists is vital to helping ward off future health problems.


When it comes to locating a cardiologist there are certain things to keep in mind. Location is important to anyone seeking the help of a cardiologist. The office of Dr. Edward Honig, MD is a perfect example of how easy access helps in locating one. He was located right at the Glen Cove Hospital in New York. The experience of the specialist is also something that should be considered when looking for a cardiologist. Asking questions of the specialist as well as a primary care giver about the specialist will help the patient discover how many successful surgeries have been performed. Dr. Edward Honig, MD was a cardiologist in Glen Cove, New York that fit this description as he had verified experience in the field.


A cardiologist will often have an office located in a hospital as well as in a separate office location. They may need to perform extensive tests to make sure there isn’t a problem starting, or to see how bad an existing problem is. They use echocardiograms that use sound wave pictures to see the heart and functions of it up close. Abnormal heartbeats can be seen with an Ambulatory ECG that will keep track of the hearts activity. A Cardiac Catheter may be used to take pictures of the heart.

Discover A Leading Online Financial Institution With Interest Bearing Savings

NexBank leads the financial industry in Dallas with over $4.6 billion dollars in assets and 37.6% in returns on the average equity. Their superior liquidity and capital has their shareholders optimistic about their projected growth and productivity. NexBank is based in Dallas, Texas and spearheaded by CEO and President, John Holt. They are backed with a strong team of leadership professionals that are committed to superior banking, innovative services, and maintaining their valued customers that consists of over 246,000+ patrons worldwide. They are committed to three core services that include investment, institutional, and commercial banking.

Why Customers Are Choosing NexBank?

Amazingly, NexBank has a strong focus on providing a high level of customer service to their customers. They have been serving the local community for over 60+ years and have added online services to their portfolio. PRN has dubbed them one of the largest growing online financial institutions in the industry. Their leadership and management team is always creating innovative ways for their clients to maximize their money including 1.9% interest with a savings accounts after 6 months. Their institution is also committed to company success to improve their overall services.

NexBank Services:

– Mortgage accounts

– IRA accounts

– Free direct deposit

– Free online bill pay

– Free checks

and more…

If you’re interested in saving on college tuition and other college expenses, NexBank has over 1,500+ college savings programs through a merger with New Jersey based College Savings Bank. College students and their parents are complaining about the rising cost of a college education. John Holt says, he is glad to offer these additional services to their customers.

They also have a first time home buyer program through the local Dallas based Habitat For Humanity. They offer lower mortgage payments and interest that makes the dream of owning a home a reality. You’re invited to learn more about becoming a NexBank customer by visiting their exclusive website or speaking with a friendly customer service professional at a local branch today.



New York City Group Urging Transit Authorities To Lower Metro Fares

New Yorkers have a major concern right now, the growing cost of public transportation fares. There’s been some hard times for people who are barely able to pay their monthly rent and put food on the table, and in a place where using public transportation is very necessary to getting around, it adds in another cost to many families. Right now, the average cost for a metro card monthly pass is about $116, and added to the current base fare costs of buses, and toll tunnels and bridges that are increasing every two years, it’s no wonder advocacy groups are demanding changes to these costs.


The organization spearheading this transportation fare reform effort is Community Service Society of New York, led by David Jones. Jones is urging Mayor Bill de Blasio to consider changes in the city’s annual budget that could address these rising costs. What this group is looking for is an income-based fare with rates that are adjusted for lower income families and individuals, while those who can afford the regular rates continue to do so. It’s actually not a new idea as some cities like Seattle are already using a similar program for their public transportation. But while it’s been a success in some cities, the size and cost of transportation infrastructure in New York presents a real challenge to this.


According to the Community Service society, they estimate that implementing this program would account for about $194 million in annual lost revenue, but believe that there are ways the city could compensate for that. However, even bringing this program about would cost a lot, and the city’s transportation commission has been struggling to garner revenue as it is. Other areas that are being looked at right now include City Ticket, a program that allows travelers discounts for metro rides if they put over $5.50 on their tickets, a cost that might get reduced. But also factoring into this is ongoing feuds between Mayor de Blasio and Governor Cuomo over sharing the burden of transportation costs between the city and the state.


Social Security and It’s Impact On Retirement Planning

The vice president of the sales and financial distribution in nationwide life insurance company David Giertz is one of the world known financial advisers. He took four major exams, General securities principal examinations, Municipal Securities principle, uniform securities agent state law examination and general securities representative examination between 1986 and 1994 all of which he passed. David Giertz started working at Mony Securities Corp in 1988 and moved on to other insurance companies like The Mutual Life Insurance Company of New York, Citicorp Investment Services, Mony Securities Corp and Financial Horizons Securities Corporation before he ended up at nationwide life insurance in 2006. His commitment in his work at the company has borne fruits and is now one of the major vice presidents of the company’s subsidiaries.

Giertz is also a licensed broker and could work in any company whose business involves the sale and purchase of stock, bonds and other forms of securities. Apart from his leadership roles and his involvement in security brokerage, he also conducts investments advisory services on SoundCloud.com. Most recently, he gave a talk on the mistakes that could lead to smaller retirement. Gierz is also of the opinion that if people take up social security too early they are likely to lose thousands every year.

In a column by wall street journal wealth advisor, David addresses the question as to why most of the financial advisors are reluctant to speak to their clients regarding social security. According to David on cnbc.com, most of the advisors are not confident with the many social security rules. They also lack the understanding on the same and thus cannot elaborate something they do not understand to their clients. However, a recent conducted on people some of them retired and others a few years before retirement show that many of the people wish to discuss this topic with their financial advisers at https://vimeo.com/davidgiertz. Some of them would go as far as switching their advisers if they failed to do this simple task.

Get the Best in Cancer Research with JeanMarie Guenot


JeanMarie Guenot is a prosperous woman who has used her medical experience to help so many people. She is well known in the building and rebuilding of health facilities. 20 years is the umber of years she has been in the medical business, therefore she is an accomplished doctor who deserves her title. She achieved a Ph.D from the University of California and an MBA from the University of Pennsylvania in the Wharton School. Her specific fields in the medical industry are pharmaceutical ad biotechnology.


SKS Ocular and SKS Ocular 1 are one of the first organizations she began managing. These companies were in charge of distributing medicine initiatives, incessant release ocular medicine and dry AMD. She had the role of vice president at PDL BioPhama where she handled corporate and business growth. After sometime JeanMarie Guenot was the company advisor of Hoffmann-La Roche and Shanghai in Basel. She handled the Biogen Idec, it had 3 areas of Phase 2 Cancer and autoimmune illness patients.

The 10 Hottest Bay Area Biotech Startups

In 2005, she attained an award in Bio Business Network Initiative due to her excellent work. In a nutshell, she was also a businesswoman. She participated in the PDL’s manufacturing and profitable trades. Furthermore, Guenot was a member of the administrative Committee of PDL and also an associate at the executive Team. Among other fields of diseases where she contributes in eradicating are; autoimmune diseases, neurology and oncology.


Currently JeanMarie Guenot and her associates lead Amphivena Therapeutics. This firm is located in San Francisco in California. The company was started with the aim of eradicating different forms of blood cancers, cancer is a killer disease, and the firm hopes to abolish it and handing a normal life to people suffering from it. In order of abolishing the cancer cells, the company has particular modified therapy that brings together the immune system of the patients.


The firm hopes that it will achieve more in this therapy and apparently they have created an antibody treatment that will help in detecting cancer symptoms and signs. The organization has also received help and medical support from different medical professionals in various facilities in the aim of abolishing cancer cells.  Read more about Amphivena’s latest partnership on Takeda’s website: https://www.takeda.com/news/2017/20170111_7659.html


The Teaching of Kabbalah at the Kabbalah Centre

The Kabbalah Centre, a nonprofit organization headquartered in Los Angeles, takes an approach to the teaching of Kabbalah that differs from other traditional courses of instruction. Through the Kabbalah Centre, a person interested in learning about the Kabbalah need not have a background in Jewish or Hebrew texts. Visit http://www.eventbrite.com/o/the-kabbalah-centre-5939226587

The Kabbalah Centre also makes its courses of instruction, and other resources, widely available. In addition to the Kabbalah Centre itself located in Los Angeles, the organization has about 50 other branches located around the world. This includes branch locations in major cities like Toronto, New York, and London.

In addition to branches, the Kabbalah Centre also maintains hundreds of study groups. These are also located around the world. A person interested in Kabbalistic teaching can also Kabbalah Centre courses via the Internet.

In order to make its courses and resources as available as possible, the Kabbalah Centre also has what it calls Kabbalah University. Through Kabbalah University, a person can partake in a wide array of learning experiences offered by the Kabbalah Centre.

The Kabbalah Centre also publishes a significant number of texts on a broad spectrum of topics associated with the Kabbalah Centre and Kabbalistic practices. Many of these books were written by teachers and others associated with the organization.

The teachings and practices of the Kabbalah and the Kabbalah Centre are nor designed to take the place of a person’s religious or spiritual practices. In fact, the Kabbalah Centre makes it clear that the teachings and practices of the Kabbalah are intended to complement and supplement other religious and spiritual practices.

One of the key teachings of the Kabbalah Centre is that all major religions, and spiritual practices, are all derived from the same universal wisdom. This is the reason why the Kabbalah compliments and supplements other religious and spiritual traditions.

CLICK HERE for more.

Maggie Gill Provides Inspiration to the Healthcare Community:

Maggie Gill is the leader of Memorial Health in the stylish and traditional area of Savannah, Georgia. This is a very interesting region of the United States. Savannah is one of antiquity; yet, state-of-the-art thinking. The community is one that continues to restore; yet, looks to the future, greatly anticipating the best in technological advancement and delivery systems.

Maggie Gill, as leader of the progressive health care team, of Memorial Health, in Savannah, fills very “big shoes,” indeed. However, Gill is a leader: a described visionary–and never loses her focus, as to the healthcare issues at hand. This makes for the perfect partnering, with regard to a community, that evolves and has a diverse sampling of many healthcare woes and concerns.

Maggie is strongly aware of the challenges of the healthcare industry. She has been an award-winning executive, in her role at Tenet South Florida Health System, prior to coming to Memorial. Within her current leadership capacity, at Memorial Health, Maggie views challenge as opportunity: and she is not shy about facing those challenges–head-on.

Maggie has a terrific track record. She began her ascent, to her current post, attaining a B.S. degree from sunny Florida State University. True to Gill form, she earned her Bachelor’s Degree with honors. She went on to attain an MBA from St. Leo University in Florida. She earned this degree, with honors, as well. It is obvious, from the beginning, that Maggie Gill made it a point to perform all of her endeavors with a great deal of optimism–which easily translates into success.

She launched her executive career, as briefly mentioned above, at the Tenet South Florida Health System. She worked for 3 different health care institutions, within the Tenet System. She then made a move to Memorial Health.

She started out, in 2004, as Memorial Health’s Vice-President of Finance and Managed Care. She quickly “accelerated” to a new post, that being, COO or Chief Operating Officer, in 2005. In 2011, after several CEO’s, within a short period of time, the progressive health care organization knew the true answer, to providing its facility with the perfect brand of leadership, was right in its own backyard: It made the clear choice of having Maggie take the post of CEO, in 2011.

Maggie Gill combines spirit of caring with that of fiscal responsibility. She has done a terrific job in assuring Memorial Health’s operational success. It is this dedication to “standards of excellence,” that provides the progressive healthcare institution, with the ability to provide, its segmented populace, with award-winning healthcare–year-after-year.


Tammy Mazzocco’s Client Focus Puts The Real In Real Estate

Ohio real estate agent Tammy Mazzocco was interviewed recently for an article appearing on ideamensh.com. She shared a few of her strategies for entrepreneurial success which include goal setting and staying organized by setting aside time for specific tasks. She also shared on Facebook a few of her favorite things; among them is her Swiss army brand rolling briefcase, and “Life Strategies” a book by Dr.Phil.

Tammy Mazzocco started out as a secretary with The Edwards Realty Company, a commercial real estate firm. She was bitten by the real estate bug while supporting a team of nine commercial realtors led by Mike Zelnik. Tammy eventually left for an opportunity at Scotland Yard Condominiums where she spent the next seven years working in condominium management. During this time Tammy Mazzocco obtained her real estate license at the suggestion of Scotland Yard’s general manager.

It wasn’t until 1999, after working as a personal assistant for RE/MAX producer Joe Armeni that Tammy decided to pursue a career in real estate full time. She was inspired by the fast pace of the extremely successful office and she realized that real estate was the right choice for her.

Tammy Mazzocco’s client focused approach to real estate is all about staying in the moment and treating the client’s time as her own rather than focusing on a commission at the end of a deal. She is committed to getting the best deal possible for each of her clients. Tammy Mazzocco sells residential real estate in four counties in central Ohio.

For more info, visit tammymazzocco.tumblr.com.

Tammy Mazzocco’s agent profile: http://www.homes.com/real-estate-agents/tammy-mazzocco/id-629647/