Mall At Ground Zero Offers New Opportunities for Growth

The new World Trade Center Mall is scheduled to open this week at ground zero of the Sept. 11 attacks. The mall includes over 300,000 square feet of shops and retail businesses with more than 100 commercial tenants. Only about half of the retail shops will open this week, with the remainder scheduled to open before the end of the year. The mall has been under development since Westfield’s $1.4 billion investment in 2014.


The mall’s visually stunning “Oculus” connotes a dove released into flight and is meant to represent hope and opportunity. The new mall is symbolic of the significant changes the area has undergone in the last 15 years. Residential space has significantly increased with nearly three times the number of residents that lived in the area in 2000. The median income for households in the area is also up 14 percent, and nearby monuments are expected to bring in as many as 15 million tourists next year. Westfield expects the mall to produce as much as $1 billion in retail sales.


The tourism anticipated is a strong motivator for the high-end retailers which have set up shop at the mall. Brands such as Apple, Victoria’s Secret, and Under Armor all have space, and the area has drawn a London luxury magnate, Smythson of Bond Street. Smythson’s Madison Avenue store is already a popular tourist destination.


Likewise, Aldo, a Canadian shoe store is launching at the mall with a new technological feature. For the first time, customers can shoppers can use their smart phone app to request shoes directly. The mall is the first of Aldo’s stores to launch with this technology.


While many feared the area would be difficult to rebuild, the city has taken efforts to acknowledge the history of the site while recreating a successful center of local and global commerce. Some 230,000 private employees work in the area again, and this number is the highest it has been since Sept. 11. With the opening of the mall, area businesses expect increased sales and a continual improvement to the once-devastated area.


NYC Subway Gains Cellular, Wi-Fi Service Ahead of Schedule

At the beginning of 2016, when work began on the project to install cellular and wireless connectivity throughout the New York City subway system, the project was expected to take at least three years. Instead, both systems were ready as of January 9, 2017, nearly two full years ahead of the scheduled completion date in 2018. The Governor’s office announced the early completion this week, much to the pleased surprise of transit riders.


Cellular service was scheduled to be installed by the beginning of 2018, and Wi-Fi service had an anticipated completion date at the end of 2018. However, the state’s partnership with Transit Wireless has been incredibly fruitful so far. The company has already installed over $300 million in network infrastructure in the subway system. As part of the same goal to completely upgrade the subway system, Transit Wireless has worked with the city to install the 3,000 new Help Point emergency intercoms throughout subway transit stations.


Governor Cuomo pushed for an accelerated completion date on subway connectivity, and his insistence appears to have paid off. “As of Monday our customers can text or call from our underground stations staying in touch with their families, keeping up with work, and staying connected,” noted city transit president, Veronique Hakim.


Underground communication and connectivity have been among the largest concerns of transit customers. The newly installed infrastructure, supported by all four major cellular networks, is a major upgrade for the city transit system and demonstrates New York’s ability to raise the bar in both safety and convenience for those who live there.




NYC’s Biannual Restaurant Week Opens Reservations

The New York City Restaurant Week of Winter 2017 is fast approaching. Just Monday the complete list of participating restaurants was released to the public, and the 378 restaurants included are spread across the city. NYC & Company, the team that organizes the biannual food celebration, announced the list for the week of Jan. 23 – Feb. 10 of this year.


If the total number of participating restaurants isn’t enough, here are some fun Restaurant Week facts:



  • 32 different cuisines will be offered throughout the city
  • Some of the cuisines offered include Indian, Latin American and Asian Fusion
  • Prices range from $29-$42



Restaurant Week is a great time for residents and tourists in New York City to try out new or higher-class food types and restaurants at affordable prices. Entrees and multiple-course meals that might normally cost hundreds are available at significant discounts. Lunch plates are only $29 and dinner courses are $42. Both are three-course meals at the same high-quality customers can expect at menu prices. Normal tips and taxes are still expected, and customers should check with the restaurant when booking, as some will participate in only lunch or only dinner offerings throughout the week.


Though walk-ins are welcome all week, NYC & Company recommends making reservations early. For serious foodies, that means immediately,, as reservations have just opened this week. Of course, there are no limits on how many reservations you can make, and customers are encouraged to try as many different restaurants as possible, or to stick with a couple favorites all week long.


Personal Screenplay from Marilyn Monroe’s Unfinished Final Film up for Auction

Former New York City resident and Hollywood icon, Marilyn Monroe’s final movie script from her unfinished film, “Something’s Got to Give” is currently up for auction by Nate D. Sanders Auction, in Marilyn’s hometown of Los Angeles, California. As detailed in a recent article by The Huffington Post, , the starting bid for the movie legend’s personal script is set at $20,000. The 149 page screenplay includes Monroe’s own annotations, written throughout the script in both green pen and in pencil. The writings range from Monroe’s deeper motivations to dialogue directions and pointers.

“Something’s Got to Give” was the last film the screen legend worked on before her sudden death in early August of 1962 at thirty-seven years of age. Tensions arose on the set of the movie between Marilyn Monroe and the director of the movie, George Cukor, after the production was delayed repeatedly due to Monroe’s frequent absence and tardiness. The absence of the star on the set cost the studio a significant amount of money for each day the actress was not on set. The final straw for the production company was in the spring of 1962, when one day Marilyn did not show up on set for work due to an illness. She instead appeared and sang at a celebration honoring the birthday of President John F. Kennedy, in a neighboring state. Production was halted and Monroe was subsequently fired by Twentieth Century-Fox.

At the time of Marilyn Monroe’s death, rumors circulated that the actress was in negotiations with Twentieth Century-Fox to return to the set and complete the unfinished film. It was said at the time that Monroe’s co-star and husband in the film, Dean Martin, refused to continue the film without the legendary leading lady. Sadly, the film was never completed due to Monroe’s death just two months after her famous performance at President Kennedy’s birthday gala. However, scenes from the movie have since been pieced together and released to the public, including Monroe’s famous nude swimming scene from the movie.

Since Marilyn Monroe’s tragic death, her personal items have gone up for auction on numerous occasions, quickly going to the highest bidder. Her final movie script will undoubtedly prove no different.

Betsy DeVos Understands The Impact Of Education

Education has always been an important topic in the lives of parents and children. Many studies show that education is one of the primary factors in the success that children will have in their lives. The lack of education has many negative results. One of the things that impacts education overall is the foundation of the education. The public school system is the foundation for many children regarding education. The public school system is based on various factors. One of the most important factors is the area where public school systems are operated.

In areas that have above average income, economic, and social levels, the quality of the education in the public schools tends to be significantly higher than in areas that maintain below average income, economic, and social levels. This difference affects millions of children across the country. There are many things that people suggest could be done to improve public schools in below average income areas. However, many times the children in these areas are suffering academically while people continue to talk about ways to improve the level of public education.

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One of the things that has been discussed is the use of school vouchers for children living in areas where the public school systems are not achieving certain standards because of reasons such as below average income levels. An article released recently discussed the idea of giving school vouchers and Betsy DeVos a chance to improve the conditions concerning the education of children in areas with struggling public school systems. The article pointed out several reasons why giving school vouchers and Betsy DeVos an opportunity is the right thing to do for several reasons.

Betsy DeVos, who is married to Dick DeVos, is an individual who has made helping others a passion in her life. She is a strong supporter of school vouchers. She is a strong supporter of many charities and worthwhile causes. Betsy DeVos and Dick DeVos have given millions of dollars to help others across the country. The couple is known as very generous givers of their money and time.

In addition, Betsy DeVos has made a name for herself in the business world. She has served on many boards, and she has been the chairman of the Windquest Group. Recently she was appointed as the new Secretary of Education. The appointment as the new Secretary of Education is a position that Betsy DeVos respects tremendously. The position has a direct affect on how education is carried out across the country.

I believe that Betsy DeVos has helped to improve the lives of many people through her financial given and social efforts. She is a person who believes in family and doing her part to make the world a better place for everyone.

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Anti-Trump Protests in New York City

Millions of people have been left angry after Donald Trump successfully won the election on Tuesday. People are flooding the streets all over the United States to protest about Trump’s victory. On Thursday, thousands of people stood at the entrance of Trump Tower in New York City restricting people from entering or exiting the tower. Trump protests have already turned violent in parts of the nation with protesters lighting property ablaze.

Donald Trump’s controversial campaign left many citizens in the United States feeling ashamed. As of late, Donald Trump has made derogatory comments about women and immigrants that have offended many people. The victory left millions of people stunned all over the country. The nation was equally split on their vote to elect Trump or Hillary Clinton into office.

Americans are afraid that Donald Trump has been elected our next president. Some fear that we will lose our rights. Activists are already calling for Trump to be impeached when he takes office in January. Donald Trump, President Obama and others have pleaded with the nation to remain united and to accept the fact that Donald Trump has been elected the next president.

Into the weekend, thousands of people are expected to join the protests going on in New York City. Over the last few days, thousands of people have been seen blocking popular streets in New York City, rejecting access to those on the roadway. Thousands of police officers have been required to work more hours in New York City due to the recent protests. Police have been taking measures to attempt to deter the protesters by throwing tear gas into the crowds.

More protests have already been scheduled for the weekend in New York City. Protesters have already planned to hold an anti-Trump demonstration when Trump succeeds President Barack Obama on January 20, 2017. Protesters are stating that they are not going to budge and they will continue to protest until something is done about Donald Trump being elected.

New York City College President Quits Over Personal Expenses

A New York college has parted ways with its president after questions were raised about her personal expenses. The college, which was recently in the limelight when Michele Obama gave a commencement speech on its grounds, is now struggling to come to terms with the new development. Its president, Lisa Coico, had to resign unexpectedly amidst calls for state investigations on her.

Her decision to resign from her post was provoked by a recent article published in New York Times that questioned how she managed her documented $150,000 expenses. Her departure was treated as her consent, and nobody in the institution was willing to give concrete reasons why she resigned.

New York Times had shed some light on the credibility of Coico’s expenses. They were suspicious of a deal in 2011 that saw Coico benefit from a non-profit organization that raised funds for the college. The foundation paid Coico thousands of dollars as expenses. The expenses included food, furniture and housekeeping. When the news broke out, the Eastern District of New York attorney issued a subpoena to Coico to get more information on the matter.

Coico’s resignation was treated with a lot of privacy with the College University of New York chancellor James Milliken refusing to go into details about her resignation. The chancellor only named an interim president as they await the official appointment in October. He lauded the excellent track record of City College and said that the institution would continue to train students for the real world.

The college have been on the forefront in training millions of Americans since it was started in 1847. The college has produced students in different fields. It has ten alumni who have won the Nobel Peace Prize. The school was chosen by the first lady Michele Obama as the venue for her last commencement speech as the first lady of the United States. When asked why she settled for the school, Michele said that she was impressed by the way the school is diverse. A thorough checking of facts reaffirmed her statement. The college has students from over 150 countries, and they speak more than 100 languages. People are waiting to see whether the recent scandal in the college can affect its good reputation.

Scott Rocklage involvement in the biotechnology industry

Scott Rocklage decided to join 5 AM Ventures as a Venture Partner as from 2003 but later became the Managing partner one year later. 5 AM venture was focused on building and creating biotechnology companies.

Before Scott joined the firm, he had worked in a publicly traded pharmaceutical firm, Cubist Pharmaceuticals Inc, as the Chairman of the Board and as the CEO of the enterprise. He had also worked as the president and chief executive officer of Nycomed Salutar Inc which was a diagnostic imaging company as from 1986. His experience in healthcare management and his leadership responsibilities in various institutions made FDA prove three new drugs applications in the US. One of the drugs was Cubicin which was going to act as an antibiotic drug.

Three investment partners namely Andy Schwab, Carin Mueller and John Diekman were responsible for founding 5 AM venture after a spin-out of Bay Capital. During the first year after the firm was founded, it made investments in six biotechnology companies namely Kalypsys, Symyx, Alexza, Ambrx, Miikana and Celscia therapeutics. According to one of the founder and Managing Partner of 5 AM Ventures, John Diekman, he views Scott as an excellent addition to the firm and the entire investment team. This is because; Mr. Rocklage has been able to successfully established robust development pipelines, built an infrastructure where drugs would be launched and directed the approval of three drugs by FDA.

His operational experience is seen as an asset to the firm and is an element they considered before bringing him to the company. Scott has had the privilege of serving as the Executive Chairman of Miikana Therapeutics which is one of the six companies 5 AM Ventures invested on. He is also expected to head another portfolio company that is about to be finalized as its Executive Chairman. For more than fifteen years, Scott has had the knowledge of what goes on at 5 AM Venture and has had a healthy relationship with all the firm’s founders.

When joining the firm, he was excited as he knew he was participating in a team of entrepreneurs and investors. He was ready to work with all these people and contribute his experience to the continual growth of 5 AM’s portfolio of inspiring and innovative biotechnology ventures. With the help of his knowledge and expertise, Dr. Scott has been able to lead teams to raise more than five hundred million in the various institutions he has worked in such as Cubist Pharmaceuticals.

Scott Rocklage experienced sharpened the knowledge he had received from the University of California where he graduated with a degree in B.S chemistry. He later furthered his education at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology where he earned his Ph.D. in chemistry. He believes that he will make an impact on the biotechnology industry with the help of his education and extensive experience.

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Kim Kardashian Flirts With Possibly Voting Trump Because Of Caitlyn’s Influence

Kim Kardashian had posed with Hillary Clinton for a presidential selfie a year ago and seemed to be in the democratic corner with her outspoken husband, rapper Kanye West. She had gone as far as revealing to GQ magazine in June, that she was Team Hillary.

However, the most famous TV reality star is suddenly considering a vote for Republican Donald Trump. Recent conversations with her step-parent Caitlyn Jenner seemed to have made some kind of key impression on Kim K, and now she’s up in the air on who to vote for in this November’s presidential election. “I’m on the fence,” she has said in recent interviews.

Kim K knows Mr. Trump and appeared on one of his “The Apprentice” episodes in 2010, to launch her signature fragrance in Perfumania’s 370+ stores. In addition, her younger sister Khloe was one of the Celebrity Apprentices on Mr. Trump’s show several years ago.

Caitlyn Jenner has been a life-long Republican, although she has become the most familiar face of the transgender movement. The former Olympian decathlete has been very vocal about her opposition to Hillary Clinton, saying that the former secretary of state “(she) couldn’t care less about women.”

Although Donald Trump has gone after a large number of visible people, he has not bashed Kim K yet and apparently has no plans to. He told Yahoo! Politics that Kim K “was always nice to me.”

Meanwhile, the sexy reality television star is even pondering the year 2020, the time Kanye might be ripe for a presidential bid. Kim K is trying to envision herself as the country’s First Lady but has some reservations. In an interview with Wonderland magazine, the 35-year-old mother of two suggested her past might come back to haunt her, just like the troubles dogging Melania, Donald Trump’s third wife. Publications were posting naked photos of the former model, and Kim K, who has disrobed for numerous photo shoots, is afraid she would receive similar embarrassing treatment by the media.

As far as what party Kanye associates himself with, Kim K believes her iconic rapper husband would probably run as a democrat or possibly an independent.

The presidential election is set for Tuesday, November 8, 2016.

New York City and The Bag Tax

This fall, New Yorkers will have to start paying a plastic bag fee if that’s what they choose when they go shopping. A council decided to add the 5-cent surcharge onto any paper or plastic bags that are bought at stores. This is a way to cut down on excess waste. Plastic bags are known to be bad for the environment. They create waste and they get stuck in places they aren’t supposed too. They’re also hard to recycle. This fee is hoping to cut down on plastic bags and encourage people to bring their own.


Proponents of the bill are hoping that the fee will annoy people so much that they remember to bring their own bags from home. It’s not meant to inconvenience anyone or attempt to take money. Rather, it’s just a reminder that their are alternatives that are better for the environment. According to Grubstreet, the State Senate voted to cancel New York City’s Plastic Bag Fee. State senators passed a bill 42 to 18 prohibiting the tax on grocery bags. One of the bill’s sponsors says that the tax is basically another way to try and tear down New York families. Many of them are just trying to get by when it comes to paying bills and rent. The sponsor says that this is a bill that will try and take away money that they so desperately need.


Democrats and Republicans came together to stop the tax which was surprising to some. Many thought the democrats would stick with this proposed tax because it’s a way to cut down on waste. It’s well-known that New York does have a waste and pollution problem and are looking for help however they can get it. However, two drastically different political parties came together because they realized that some things in life just aren’t fair, like a tax on grocery bags. A few cents for a plastic bag may not seem like much to some people. To others who are struggling with money, they will see it as just another way their hard earned money is being taken for no reason.