Roberto Santiago – Helping Grow Brazil’s Entertainment And Recreational Space

Roberto Santiago is the proud owner of the Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping Mall situated in the Brazilian state of Paraiba, . It is the largest in the state, and one of the largest malls in Brazil, which opened its door to the public in the year 1989. Located in Manaira area of Joao Pessoa, the mall is centrally located and offers easy access to the urban dwellers.

As one the most noted entrepreneurs of Brazil, Manaira Shopping is the vision of Roberto Santiago to offer a diverse form of leisure, fun and recreational options to the people in the region. And, to ensure that happens at par with international standards on, he left no stone unturned, which can be seen in the standards the mall boasts of. Manaira Shopping Mall has bowling alleys, ballroom, multiplex movie theaters, garden, restaurants, shopping area, leisure area, food court, hyper-store, and much more.

As an entrepreneur on who has already been well established in the niche of entertainment and fun, and is also the owner of Mangabeira Shopping Mall, Roberto Santiago ensured that with Manaira Shopping Mall he would up the ante. The major attraction of Manaira Shopping, for which it is highly known for in the region is its movie theaters on, of which it has 11 in number, with 3 of them equipped with advanced 3D technology. The bar service is offered for the movie goers, along with other refreshments including popcorn, a variety of snacks, drinks, ice cream and candies.

For kids and teenagers, the Game Station in the Roberto Santiago Manaira Mall is an entertainment haven. The area of Game Station is spread over 1800 square meters and has over 200 game machines installed with a variety of game themes on The bowling alley is another place where the kids and adults alike can be seen having a good time trying their hands with getting a strike and is always full. The complex of Manaira Shopping Mall also houses bank and a college, and thus, can be rightly said is a city in itself.

One of the most popular features of Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping mall is the Domus Hall, which is located on the terrace of the mall and can house 8,000 people. The Domus Hall can also host a variety of other events like an art exhibition, reception, theatrical performances, fairs, conferences, seminars, and other different format of events. The mall has a huge car parking space for over 3,100 cars, and the mall in general covers the area of 135,000 square meters. This gives a good insight on the extensive scale of the Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping Mall.

Entrepreneur Alexandre Gama

Award winning entrepreneur, Alexandre Gama, was born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil in 1958 and that is where he began his career. He studied advertising and communications at the Armondo Alvares Penteado Foundation. In 1982, Gama started working in advertising at Standard Ogilvy & Mather. Next he moved to DM9, where he became the most awarded copywriter in Brazil of the time.

Alexandre Gama worked at several other advertising agencies until 1999. That is when he founded Neogama. Operating his own business, Gama achieved many honors and awards such as being the first Latino lead a Master Class in France at the Cannes Festival and acting as the Foreman at the International Film Jury of the British foundation D&AD twice. Neogama and a London agency, BBH, formed an association in 2002 and were named “Agency of the Year” by Meio e Mensagem newspaper.

Not only is Alexandre Gama an influential entrepreneur in adverting, he also founded VIOLAB, a Brazilian acoustic guitar project that includes everything from a recording studio to a YouTube channel. In addition to his own businesses, Gama is also an investor in Briggs Automotive Company, a British auto company.

Lime Crime Has Another Scandal Set To Break


Every time you hear Doe Deere quite for some time, you are sure she is working on a lucrative product that will blow our minds off. Lately, in a press release, she announced the introduction of Scandal, a new addition to the line of velvetines. The product is a purple violet matte lipstick which gives the lips the deserving boss lady touch.  This goes above and beyond their last new product for the holiday season, which was covered in this piece: Lime Crime Launches VELVE-TINS: Holiday Mini-Velvetine Boxed Sets



When asked what inspires the Scandal Velvetine, the Queen of Unicorn reveals that the product is for ladies who are unapologetic. Those who don’t give in the pressures of the peers and gives the “don’t care attitude.” Sometimes, we all feel as though all the forces of nature are going against us and Scandal can help us go through such days when we don’t want to be bothered.



For great results, Doe advises the users to apply lip balm fifteen minutes before they apply scandal. This gives the lips a chance to moisturize and wear off excessive oil so that after the application, the lipstick will dry off into the perfect matte which brings out the sexiness in the wearer. In addition to the scandal, Lime Crime has several other products that come in pink red velvetin and nude.



Lime Crime Makeup company has been in existence since 2008 and so far is one of the most popular makeup companies around the globe. The company has widespread and a large presence in the social media and uses these platforms to interact with their customers. Any new products are communicated through their Instagram and Facebook accounts where they have millions of followers.



Doe Deere runs her company with an unconformity approach, and she also runs the official Lime Crime blog. She believes that makeup is something to be used to express oneself and not an additional or a cover up for the person’s beauty. In fact all her product lines are dedicated to women’s character. Those that don’t allow color to define them or weigh them down. All her product lines describe a person and gives them the freedom to be who they are.



In addition, Lime Crime is a vegan brand, and a lover of animals and has a certificate from Leaping Bunny.

Tips For Giving a Pet For Christmas

Before you know it, Christmas will be here and after all these years pets are still a popular gift. If you’re considering getting a pet for someone special in your life this Christmas, there are some things that you need to consider. Alexandra Silver, community advocacy and outreach manager for Animal Care Centers of NYC, has some suggestions before you consider purchasing a furry little friend and tying a bow around him to place under the tree. You need to begin by knowing the recipient of your gift. What type of pet would be appropriate for him? Far too many pets are neglected because the owner is either too young to assume responsibility or too irresponsible. Many pets are abandoned or abused because they are placed into the wrong hands. A child needs to understand that a pet is a living thing that needs to be cared for, like him. He needs to understand that a pet isn’t a toy that can forgotten after a few days of play. You must be very choosy when giving a pet to someone for Christmas.


Alexandra Silver says the giver must be sure that the recipient will have the time and patience needed to care for the pet. If the person receiving the pet lives in an apartment, it’s important to make sure the manager allows pets to live in the building. Once the owner has the permission of the manager to have a dog, then it shouldn’t make any difference how small or large the dwelling is. Pets need to get lots of exercise. Dogs, unlike cats and hamsters, should be walked twice a day. In New York city, the dog can always get plenty of exercise in the park. Be sure the person receiving the dog as a gift is willing to abide by the pooper scooper laws. Silver recommends pets can be purchased at the Animal Care Centers for a reasonable price. The staff there is eager to help you and answer any questions you have about getting and caring for a pet.


Pet store usually get puppies from mills that don’t abide by health regulations. Puppies can become ill and quickly die, causing unnecessarily heartbreak to the new owner. Breeders may be too expensive.


4 Reasons to Use the Services of White Shark Media

Since its founding in November 2010, White Shark Media has gained immense growth. The company, which involves in search marketing campaign, can attribute the increase to offering cost-effective and strategy oriented measures while at the same time providing world-class customer service experience. The company uses their knowledge on online marketing apace with a series of proprietary marketing tools to help businesses expand.


Assist you with the Hardest yet Important Task


Not many people can successfully manage online marketing campaigns successfully despite it being one of the most basic methods of reaching out to potential clients. When you feel like you are drowning business-wise due to lack of marketing ideas, you can turn to White Shark Media. With their modern marketing tools, they will help you reach your target.


However, depending on the type of business you run, the results may take time or be seasonal. The most important thing is that at the end of the campaign, you will experience an increase in performance in your business.


Excellent Customer Service


While looking for help with your marketing campaigns, you want to deal with someone who can clearly explain the strategies they will use in helping you. The campaigner in question should faithfully answer any queries you might have, no matter how lame they may sound. The staff at White Shark Media has the understanding and patience to take you through the services until you have them at the tips of your fingers.


Assured Growth of Your Campaign


You may not understand how Adwords campaign work while you first approach White Sharks Media for help. However, with time you will experience growth in your business which will be as a result of the campaign.


Through constant communication from the White Shark Media team, you will slowly start to understand what it is that happens. They will contact you weekly or bi-weekly depending on the agreement and development. They are quick in responding to emails and never miss your calls. This open communication is one of the greatest ways that White Shark gets to understand you and your needs. You also get an opportunity to advise on any changes that you may need to be done.


Helps you Save Time


Getting through Google Adwords campaign is not an easy task. You end up wasting a lot of time and getting no results if you do it on your own. However, seeking the help of White Shark Media will get you almost immediate results as well as the value for your money.

Off-Duty Long Island Cop Arraigned For Deadly Head-On Collision

Suffolk County, New York law enforcement official Robert Scheuerer entered a plea of not guilty to aggravated vehicular homicide and manslaughter at his arraignment. Scheuerer, on September 27, 2016, drove his 2000 Nissan Pathfinder eastbound in the westbound lanes of the Sunrise Highway, resulting in a deadly crash.


The Nissan Pathfinder hit a westbound Ford passenger van, between exits 40 and 39 in West Islip, New York, at approximately 5.00 am.The collision caused the Ford van to erupt in flames, with the driver, Brian Fusaro, declared dead at the scene. Scheuerer, sustained an injury, resulting in the amputation of a portion of his right leg. Fusaro, a cabinet maker, was traveling westbound on his way to work. His employer remarked that Fusaro was liked by everyone and a talented craftsman.


Suffolk County New York prosecutors and a grand jury indicated that Scheuerer drank 10 pints of beer and one margarita, prior to the collision. He was with other officers, drinking for over five hours. Scheuerer’s blood alcohol content level registered a reading with .017, which is twice the New York State legal limit of .008.


The collision caused the Ford van to erupt in flames, with the driver, Brian Fusaro, declared dead at the scene. Scheuerer, sustained an injury, resulting in the amputation of a portion of his right leg.


Scheuerer has retained Long Island attorney William Petrillio to represent him. Petrillio commenting on the charges of aggravated vehicular homicide and manslaughter, “We have uncovered credible evidence that will unfold later as the case progresses which will demonstrate that his being on the wrong side of the road had nothing to do with alcohol consumption.” Over 100 local and New York state law enforcement officials attended Scheuerer ‘s arraignment as a show of support.


Suffolk police say he has been suspended without pay. Anyone with information regarding the accident should call Crime Stoppers at 1-800-220-TIPS or the Major Case Unit at 631-852-6555. Calls are kept confidential.


Not Surprising: Compasionate Caring Memorial Health President and CEO–Maggie Gill Makes List of One of 135 Nonprofit Hospital and Health System CEOs to Know in 2016

Maggie Gill, President and Chief Executive Officer of Memorial Health, in Savannah, Georgia was recently featured as: “One of One-Hundred Thirty-five Nonprofit Hospital and Health System CEOs to Know in 2016”. The folks at Memorial Health, who embrace Gill’s leadership, as second-to-none, are not surprised by Gill making the distinguished list.


Maggie became the hospital’s CEO and President, in 2011. She had previously served Memorial Health, in her capacity of Vice President of Finance/Managed Care, and afterward as Chief Operating Officer of Memorial University Medical Center.


Maggie, prior to joining MUMC, served as the CFO of Tenet South Florida Health. Maggie, during her tenure, at Tenet, was recognized and presented with the award of “Tenet Outstanding CFO“, on three separate occasions.


Ms. Gill earned a bachelor’s degree with honors from Florida State University—located in Tallahassee, Florida. She acquired a Master’s degree—with honors, from Saint Leo (Florida) University.


Maggie has had a progressive career within the healthcare dynamic, constantly improving the quality of care at each of the distinguished health care providers wherein she oversaw departments and operations. She continues this same dedication in her role at Memorial Health in Savannah, Georgia.


Maggie is a personable CEO and a very professional role-model with respect to refined leadership–important attributes in assuring the needs of the healthcare populace are properly addressed. Maggie is knowledgeable of it: and points out that she wishes to improve the lifestyles of the populace in Savannah by way of preventative healthcare measures; and in assuring the highest level of healthcare service is achieved, with regard to the areas and departments she oversees.


Ms. Gill is undoubtedly devoted to healthcare excellence. Her achievement in making the preceding distinguished list is well-applauded and recognized by the clients she serves in Savannah, Georgia and, once again, the staff at Memorial, Health.

Automated Restaurant Opens In Midtown Manhattan

An automated restaurant has recently opened in New York City and is providing customers with a unique dining experience that only can be experienced in several remote locations around the planet.


The automated restaurant is known as Eatsa and is located in Midtown Manhattan. Eatsa is a small company that started in California and has now expanded as a chain. The new location in Midtown Manhattan will be their anchor restaurant on the east coast of the United States.


Eatsa operates a concept where you don’t need to interact with a waitress or other restaurant staff and instead handle your kitchen ordering using an ipad device that is available on site to use. Alternatively, you can use your own phone to submit an order. The meal is then delivered in a locker in the restaurant that you tap on in order to access the meal. While people work in Eatsa preparing the food, you do not see them or need to interact directly with them. Instead, all ordering and food specifications are done using your device.


Eatsa is located at 285 Madison Avenue near 41st street and serves Vegetarian food. Meals are affordable and cost about $7 per meal. For Midtown Manhattan where meals can cost as much as $10 to $15 for a salad these prices are comparatively affordable, although no meat is available. The restaurant specializes in quinoa, the healthy alternative grain and also has kale salads, a hummus bowl, a curry bowl, and a burrito bowl.


Of course, the restaurant saves on the avoidance of costs relating to serving food. Co-Owner, Scott Drummond indicated that he is working to reducing the cost of the food to about $5 per bowl of food, but rent costs and other operating costs add to the overhead for the business. While there are few reviews for the newly opened restaurant, overall the few that do exist are positive.


The advantages of the restaurant’s structure is that meals are delivered quickly and affordably, particularly in a crowded area where many office workers need to pick up their meals quickly and easily so that they can return to the office fast. The meals, being vegetarian, are also low in calorie and include many healthy ingredients that can fuel a person on the go.



Keith Mann Provides A Helping Hand To High School Seniors

College is the next step for many graduating high school seniors. While many of these students are excited and ready to take on the challenge of college, there are many other high school students who are graduating who are worried about their chances of going to college. These students are usually not worried about being accepted to a college. The students are usually worried about having the money to pay for college.

The cost of college is a concern for thousands of graduating high school seniors every year. Paying for college is becoming more and more of a problem for students wanting to continue their education. One of the advantages that many high school seniors have regarding college is the opportunity to have access to guidance counselors and resources that can help students find available money to pay for college.

One of the resources that many high school seniors are using to help pay for college is scholarships. High school guidance counselors have access to information regarding a wide variety of scholarship opportunities. In addition, there are other sources of information related to scholarships that high school students can use to find potential scholarships.Uncommon Schools, which is an organization that operates public charter schools in New York, Massachusetts, and New Jersey, announced a short time ago that Keith Mann is providing a scholarship to one graduating high school senior year each year from one of its High Schools in Brooklyn. The scholarship can be used by the graduating senior to help pay for any college related expenses.


A respected member of the business community, Keith Mann is top executive at Dynamic Search Partners. The firm is an executive search firm that helps companies to locate qualified individuals to fill key positions within the companies.Keith Mann manages the daily business operations of Dynamic Search Partners. In addition, he contributes significantly with the recruitment of new clients and helping to find qualified people to fill open positions within the companies that Dynamic Search Partners assist with executive search needs.Keith Mann worked many years in the management search arena. He has gained a tremendous amount of knowledge and experience during this time. He uses the knowledge and experience he has gained to help his clients at Dynamic Search Partners.

Fire at NYU Langone Stopped Without Injuries

A fire broke out at NYU’s Langone Medical Center but was quickly brought into control within an hour of the fire starting. Twenty five fire trucks were on the scene where the fire broke out who immediately set to work on putting out the fire. The fire started on the fifth floor at 560 First Avenue which is located near 30th street on the east side of Manhattan.


The fire broke out around noon and was extinguished by 1 pm though billowing black smoke continued to appear in the skyline. The building is a hospital that is currently under construction and does not have any patients. Images of the fire were particularly striking but ultimately only one person was injured in the fire and he did not require hospitalization as a result of the injury which was not considered to be serious.


A statement by Joe Lhota, who is chief of staff at the hospital indicated that there were no evacuations of the nearby hospital as a result of the fire. However, some patients were relocated within a nearby facility as a result of smoke that impacted their rooms. Construction workers in the building that caught on fire wre immediately evacuated from the fire. A statement by Daniel Nigro, the Fire Commissioner of the FDNY indicated that only a small amount of smoke ultimately entered the hospital and this was quickly and efficiently handled by the building’s ventilation system.


The building where the fire broke out is scheduled to open in 2018 and this fire is not expected to cause any delays in the opening of the facility. The building, when opened, will be known as the Kimmel Pavillion. The lack of significant injuries were linked to training and practice that the construction workers received before the fire which helped them to be prepared for such an event.


The cause of the fire is not completely known but it is thought to be related to the ongoing construction in the building specifically relating to some roofing material that caught on fire. A possible cause of the fire was a significant amount of welding that was taking place in the building which commonly has a significant amount of sparks included in the process which can lead to a fire.