Josh Verne Lends His Advice For Being Successful

Josh Verne, CEO of, has over 20 years of experience in creating, growing, and selling businesses. He is the perfect person to give others advice on success. He has some key points for others to follow to lead successful, happy lives.



First, Josh Verne recommends being a leader and not a boss. Those are two distinctively different things. A boss only strives to accomplish his own goals, does what is only best for his and demands respect. A leader earns his respect by putting others before himself. A leader then uses that earned respect to accomplish goals for his team. Success cannot come from demanding respect. If you put others first, you and your team can accomplish anything.



Secondly, Josh claims that every situation needs to be a win-win. You should never agree to a deal that is in any way a losing situation. You should always work with the goal of achieving a win-win. No matter how dreary a situation may seem, you should always look for a way to create a win for everybody involved. If you stop settling for losing situations, you will force yourself to find only the best solution to every problem.



Thirdly, Verne advises that a great leader speaks less and listens more. He claims that you have two ears and one mouth for a reason. If you speak less, your words have more power when they are said. When you use fewer words, they carry more authority when spoken and there is a much more likely chance that people will listen when you speak.



Fourthly, he stresses the importance of having balance within your life. If you do not focus on creating balance in all aspects of your life, your life will suffer. You can create balance not by spending the same amount of time focusing on every aspect of your life, but by making progress in every area of your life. You should try your best to improve a little bit every day.



Lastly, a successful person should find his or her passion. As Mr. Verne points out, there are many people who are passionate and unsuccessful, but few successful people who are not passionate. You should find a job or area of expertise that makes you wake up every day with a fire in your blood and gets you excited.



Josh Verne is an entrepreneur with over 20 years of experience. He is currently the CEO of FlockU, LLC. FlockU is a peer to peer exchange for college students. It is a platform created by a network of students where they can go to read, watch and share content.



Before FlockU, Josh Verne founded and sold workpays, which is a company offering employee benefits that enable people to make purchases with the flexibility to pay over time with payments. Prior to that venture, he grew his family’s business into one of the largest furniture brands in the country.

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