Goettl Air Conditioning: Keeping An Eye On The Pets

It is great that there is a company out there like Goettl Air Conditioning that does so much more than just air conditioning. That is their bread and butter, of course, but there are so many various layers to them and so much more than meets the eye. For example, Ken Goodrich has gone out of his way so many times to help out the community and give back in any way that he can. He knows how much the community can benefit from it and how gestures and charity can make such an improvement on the state of things.

One must remember that Goettl has been around since 1939 and with that amount of time put in, seven decades plus, they have built up a lot of trust within the community. Recently, Ken Goodrich gave $1,000 dollars to a veteran that was graduating college to help him get his career started. Now, he is giving out tips to people that have animals. Since Goettl Air Conditioning serves the areas of Tuscon, Phoenix, and Las Vegas, they know the heat can be unseasonably warm and it is their duty to make sure that not only do people have air conditioners that are up and running for themselves but also for their parts.

They recently went out of their way to offer tips for the animals that have to endure the heat and how to make sure they stay comfortable, safe, and healthy. One thing they recommend is increased grooming. This might be something that is hard for us to relate to, as we don’t have fur, but that fur can really make them a lot hotter than usual. It is important to keep up with grooming to make it a cooler summer for them. Another thing they recommend and talk about is water. It is important to have plenty of cold water around the house for them at all times. They need to stay hydrated and cool especially during these conditions.

Another great tip Goettl gives also comes in handy when it comes to helping them have some fun while also staying cool. It involves doggie pools. This ensures they stay cool and also get in some exercise as well. It is a win-win situation for everyone in this case. These are just a few of the tips that are out there, but don’t forget those furry friends in the heat. They will be very grateful for the accommodations.

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