Goettl Owner Ken Goodrich Makes Las Vegas A Priority

Every business leader wishes to be the top in their particular market, including myself, but I have also looked to the work of others to bring myself inspiration from the choices he has made as the owner of the historic Goettl brand. I have been impressed with the way Goodrich has brought the Goettl brand back to the Las Vegas area that has always been an important market for the company; included in this success is the recent acquisition of the Moore Air Conditioning brand that was a major rival to the Goettl brand.

Ken Goodrich felt it was his destiny to purchase the Goettl brand after he spent much of his childhood assisting his father in repairing and servicing HVAc units developed by the brand. I have been impressed with the way Ken Goodrich has looked to make sure the Goettl brand is once again an important part of life in Las Vegas for the people of the city; a strong partnership has been built between Goettl and the College of Southern Nevada where the Goettl brand has provided a scholarship for many different people entering the HVAC industry.

Goettl Air Conditioning Acquires Moore Air Conditioning

I feel the success of the Goettl brand has been assured because of the impressive way the brand was launched in Arizona in the 1930s by the Goettl brothers. The brand developed some of the first mechanical air conditioning units in the U.S. and continued to develop mechanical ways of living life comfortably in the changing environment of Arizona and Nevada.


The success I feel Goettl will have in the future is guaranteed with the purchase of Moore by Ken Goodrich, which brings more than 50 years of experience in the company to the always popular Goettl brand I enjoy using for my own HVAC solutions.

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