Give Your Hair The Treatment That Promotes Safe Hair Growth

What condition are you interested in your hair rebuilding itself back to? Are you tired of unmanageable locks that are not easy to dangle? Wen by Chaz provides a quality solution that will leave your hair feeling nourished after every treatment. Wen hair care has a wide variety of products that are guaranteed to give your hair a one of a kind solution that doesn’t contain any harsh chemicals. You have the rewarding satisfaction of having rich long locks that are guaranteed to have shine and bounce. Best of all, their products offer a hair care solution that you can afford.

Your hair will be kind to use based on the products that you use. The Wen cleansing conditioner is one of their most popular hair care products and has taken over the industry. Thousands of women who use Wen are relieving their hair from dirt and oil to promote a natural hair growth solution to damaged hair. Often times, your hair is not giving you the growth that you want because it isn’t able to breathe. A buildup on your hair follicles will stop your hair from being nourished and actually grow. Wen by Chaz is committed to giving your hair real hair care solutions for an affordable price.

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Wen By Chaz Products

  • Strengthening products
  • Shampoo/conditioner
  • Cleansing conditioner
  • Styling products
  • Healthy hair kits
  • and more….

You have the opportunity to get a host of products that are FDA approved for all hair types. Take the first step in taking back your confidence with your hair. Wen by Chaz would like to invite you to their official website ( for more details on their products and program offers. If you have questions a friendly representative is standing by to take your online questions.

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New York City College President Quits Over Personal Expenses

A New York college has parted ways with its president after questions were raised about her personal expenses. The college, which was recently in the limelight when Michele Obama gave a commencement speech on its grounds, is now struggling to come to terms with the new development. Its president, Lisa Coico, had to resign unexpectedly amidst calls for state investigations on her.


Her decision to resign from her post was provoked by a recent article published in New York Times that questioned how she managed her documented $150,000 expenses. Her departure was treated as her consent, and nobody in the institution was willing to give concrete reasons why she resigned.


New York Times had shed some light on the credibility of Coico’s expenses. They were suspicious of a deal in 2011 that saw Coico benefit from a non-profit organization that raised funds for the college. The foundation paid Coico thousands of dollars as expenses. The expenses included food, furniture and housekeeping. When the news broke out, the Eastern District of New York attorney issued a subpoena to Coico to get more information on the matter.


Coico’s resignation was treated with a lot of privacy with the College University of New York chancellor James Milliken refusing to go into details about her resignation. The chancellor only named an interim president as they await the official appointment in October. He lauded the excellent track record of City College and said that the institution would continue to train students for the real world.


The college have been on the forefront in training millions of Americans since it was started in 1847. The college has produced students in different fields. It has ten alumni who have won the Nobel Peace Prize. The school was chosen by the first lady Michele Obama as the venue for her last commencement speech as the first lady of the United States. When asked why she settled for the school, Michele said that she was impressed by the way the school is diverse. A thorough checking of facts reaffirmed her statement. The college has students from over 150 countries, and they speak more than 100 languages. People are waiting to see whether the recent scandal in the college can affect its good reputation.


NYPD Police Officer Saves Life of Choking Man

Late last Saturday night, a 49-year-old Bronx man entered the police station at Hoyt and Schermerhorn Streets , holding his throat and gasping for air. Officer Soner Ozuk performed the Heimlich maneuver on the man, extracting a Life Saver candy from his throat. After being taken to Brooklyn Hospital by emergency van for some brief treatment, the man was soon released and pronounced healthy. Officer Soner Ozuk was Brooklyn New York born and raised.


Anyone can be a super hero. This method for extracting objects from the throat is not something that is just for the police and health professionals. It’s easier to do than CPR, and you don’t come in contact with body fluids. Many hospitals and Red Cross centers in New York are offering Heimlich manuever classes. It doesn’t matter if you are an adult, teenager, or elementary school student. To find out where and get all the information needed for people in New York city looking to take Heimlich Maneuver classes, just check the internet for classes in your area.


Henry Jay Heimlich created the Heimlich maneuver back in 1974. Dr. Heimlich has created many inventions for throat procedures, including a surgical procedure to replaced the esophagus that he developed back in the 1950s. In the 1940s, during World War II, Dr. Heimlich performed tracheotomies. In 1964, Heimlich invented the chest valve in order to drain blood and air from the chest cavity.


There are several ways to tell if a person is choking. They can’t breathe or talk, their fingers or facial color will take on a bluish or grayish tone. They might lose consciousness. The procedure can be done in a standing or sitting position. It’s recommended not to give the person back blows before the procedure because it could cause the object in the throat to become lodged even deeper. Standing in a tripod position, encircle arms around the victim’s body and around the stomach area. Make a fist with the dominant hand, making sure that the thumb is against the victim’s stomach. The fist should be above the navel and below the breast bone. Make sure other hand is around the dominant fist. Pull inward and upward. This is called abdominal thrusts. Check if person is breathing again.


New York City to Expand Number of Food Vendor Licenses

The food truck and other mobile restaurant industry has been extremely popular in major cities across the United States. In cities like Chicago and Portland, thousands of people line up every day looking to get freshly made food from a non-stationary food vendor. While food vendors have increased dramatically in recent years, New York City is one city that has not increased its presence. While New York City has held out, a recent news article ( has noted that this could change in the near future.


According to the article, the amount of permitted food vendors could more than double in the next few years. The city has previously set a cap of permitted food vendors in the city at just over 4,300, which is a significant amount less than is needed to properly serve the entire city. Since the amount of licenses available has remained so low, it has become next to impossible for some people to obtain a license necessary to operate legally.


Due to the restrictions on the amount of licenses available, many vendors in the city are working illegally with an official license or one that was obtained through the black market. For those that obtain one legally, a two-year license can cost less than $1,000. However, those that buy one through the black market will often pay more than $25,000 for an illegal assignment of the license. This not only is far more expensive, but greatly opens up the door for the possibility of fraud and other crimes.


While the city has feared that the food trucks could cause congestion in certain areas, they now appear poised to more than double that amount. This will pertain to any business that is looking to operate outside of a normal space, including hot dog and ice cream cart vendors. At this point, it is not yet known what the exact amount of licenses released will be, when they will be released, and what the cost will be. It is expected that there will be a huge demand for these licenses and food vendors will look to expand into New York.

The Key To Writing Engaging Wikipedia Pages

Smart online marketers have been using Wikipedia pages in their marketing strategy for years. Those that do not use Wikipedia in their marketing plans are simply losing out. The key to making the marketing strategy work, incorporating Wikipedia pages is to create well written and managed business pages that follow Wikipedia’s strict rules and guidelines. It should be noted that any pages that are placed on the Wikipedia site usually reach the top of the search engine results in their category. Certainly, this is an important fact to remember, when designing a new marketing strategy.

Creating Professional Wikipedia Pages
The fact is that when you make a Wikipedia page you should only submit work that is notable. This is Wikipedia’s way of saying that the topic warrants a page on the site. In addition, the topic should have received media or press coverage, to pass the suitability test. All pages must have reliable sources. This is an area that seems to produce a lot of frustration for some writers. Wikipedia has a number of other guidelines to follow. It is advisable to carefully study their guidelines before attempting to create the first contributions to the site. Certainly, creating the business pages is going to take a lot of time and effort. Most online marketers would probably prefer to speed up the entire process of Wikipedia page creation. Fortunately, a professional Wikipedia writing site offers clients customized writing that is designed to improve their business image and attract a lot of positive attention.

Get Your Wiki
The fact is that trying to write and submit professional looking business pages to Wikipedia is more difficult than you imagine. Writing attention grabbing pages that accurately describe the company’s focus or an individual’s background requires strong writing skills that go hand in hand with professional writing. Chances are that Wikipedia is not going to accept the first articles written by a non-professional writer. End the frustration and hire Wikipedia experts from Get Your Wiki. Get Your Wiki offers their clients consulting on creating, editing, and writing business pages that are accepted. If you would like articles that look very professional and instantly appear in the top of search engine results, hire the professionals at Get Your Wiki. They will help you to get those business pages, placed on Wikipedia. In addition, they offer their clients monitoring service on all their business pages on Wikipedia. Contact Get Your Wiki for more information.

George Soros renewed support in the United States Presidential Campaigns

George Soros is a self-made billionaire whose business savvy and courage have earned him the 22nd richest person on earth position, according to Forbes. He amassed an enormous amount of profit during the 1992 financial crisis in the UK.

George Soros was born in Budapest, in the year 1930. He earned a degree in from the London School of Economics and began his career at an investment bank in London. He relocated to the US for an analyst and investment management position on at the New York firms of F.M Mayer, Wertheim & Co., and Arnold & S.Bleichroeder between 1956 and 1973.

He took the independent route in 1973 to establish Soros Fund Management, currently known as the Quantum Fund. This profitable company has ground-breaking records of returns with an excess of 30% and twice with 100% residues.

George Soros began actively participating in Open Society Foundation contributions towards justice, education, public health, business development and independent media, in the late 1980’s.His donations amount to $7 billion. George Soros’ notable involvements are his support to the Millennium Promise of Jeffery Sachos, with an aim to give education and medical care to poor communities in Africa.

In 2009, George co-partnered to found Institute for Economic Thinking with an injection of $50million.

George Soros gained an increased interest in politics in the recent years. He addresses issues on human rights, education, and political freedom internationally. He has documented these views in his 12 published books, with diverse topics such as “Reforming Global Capitalism” and “The Age of Fallibility: Consequences of the War on Terror”, among others.

George committed billions against George Bush’s campaign in 2004. After elections, he regressed with the remarks that the donations were an exception on Forbes. He contributed $3million and $20 million to the Center for American Progress and America Coming Together respectively.

He is extremely involved in the ongoing US campaigns by donating $25 billion to support Hillary Clinton’s movement. He has funded a total of $7 million to the anti-life group, PAC Priorities USA as reported by the Federal Election Commission. That has been his biggest single contribution since the beginning of the campaigns.

The reports also indicate that he donated $2million to American Bridge 21st Century, a group that enthusiastically supports Hillary Clinton. A further $3million is aimed to support Immigration Voters Win to ensure an increased number of Hispanic voters in the coming elections.

During his study at the London school of Economics, George extensively studied the philosophy of science from the book “The Open Society and Its Enemies.” His open support for anti-life stems from the lesson he picked from that study, which is the belief that society grows when freedom of free will is a right to every individual.

Eating Out in NYC

New York is known for a lot of things. In fact, it is the top city that people mention when they talk about just about anything. It is the entertainment mecca. It is also a hot job hub, but there may not be anything in the city that gets more accolades than the food. There is a reason for this. There are a lot of chefs that come from different parts of the world to serve the finest cuisine that New York has to offer. It is also easy to see that there are tons of restaurants so it is only natural for everyone that is a NYC native to have a favorite spot and a favorite food.


New York is a cultural melting pot. This is what makes the city so great. This is also the thing that has made people stop and look at the authenticity of the meals. That is where people find their pleasure in eating at places in Central Park or Tribeca. They know that they are getting some authentic meals that are being prepared by some of the best chefs in the world when they dine in certain places.


For many people that have lived in NYC for a long time, it became a bit difficult to pick just one thing when they are talking about their favorite foods. That is why some people may be interested in the delectable pancakes from Friends of a Farmer that come in different flavors like apple or pumpkin. This is delicious fall food, but it is not the only thing gets the taste buds percolating . There are other sweet treats like the apple cider doughnuts at the Union Green Market that are also favorites for locals.


The thing that people outside of New York will discover is that there foods that have been flipped and altered in every way that one could imagine. Taste buds go crazy in New York City. There is no such thing as a plain hot dog or a simple glazed doughnut. In New York City people are accustomed to things like chocolate croissants and ultra creamy New York cheesecake. Visitors want the New York styled pizza and the Lobster Newberg. These are all New York City staples.

The Midas Legacy Helps People Improve Their Overall Lives

Money is great to have. However, it is only one of many aspects of life that needs to be addressed. While money is needed to do many things, there is something that is needed in order to get money. As a matter of fact, there are quite a bit of issues that need to be handled before one could get money. Among the issues that need to be solved are mindset, sources of income, and commitment. There are plenty of other issues that people need to consider before making money. However, The Midas Legacy is willing and able to help with that.

The Midas Legacy understands that every aspect of life is worth taking care of. While other firms just take care of financial matters and leave the client to figure out their other issues, The Midas Legacy is willing to help the client take on any aspect of their life. They understand that they are related. They are even willing to take on religion and spirituality with the client. As a result, the client will feel more connected and willing to go to the experts at The Midas Legacy for support. This is one of the reasons that The Midas Legacy stands out from the rest of the firms.

Another important issue that The Midas Legacy helps with is health. If one is having health problems, then he is not going to be able to function well enough to support himself. For one thing, it is important to be healthy in order to be able to hold a job. Therefore, the client has to make sure that he is wise with the money that is spent on food. The Midas Legacy is willing to help the client when it comes to the different types of food that are available in supermarket. For instance, the client will learn about the different types of diets which include a vegetarian or even a vegan diet.

The Midas Legacy is all about life improvement. They are also about innovation. For one thing, they are willing to help their clients come up with more effective solutions to different issues.

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How Clay Siegall made Seattle Genetics highly successful

Going to your office every day to save someone’s life is just the most rewarding job. This is what it feels to work at Seattle Genetics. The Bothell-based company focuses on producing cancer treatments and cures for cancer. The company has produced cancer treatment products for Hodgkin Lymphoma cells. Many patients have found the drug highly beneficial. Approximately 26,000 patients have been treated with Adcetris products since it was first introduced and approved by the FDA in 2011. The Adcetris drug functions consistently while other drugs have failed to produce optimum results.

The impact Adcetris drug has had has energized people that work at Seattle Genetics located at the Canyon Creek Park. You sense the kind of passion people dedicate to their work once you enter the company. People that work there know that they work for a greater good of the community at large. Apart from developing the Adcetris drug, Seattle Genetics plans to expand and have several other drugs included in its products.

The company plans to hire an additional 100 employees to work in the United States. An additional 20 employee base is going to be in Switzerland. The company plans to add an office in Switzerland to make their products readily available to the EU. Employees here are going to work at the operations department. Since it was started, Seattle Genetics has grown to increase its workforce by 100 every year.

Most of the accomplishments made by the company all go to Clay Siegall. He serves today as the chairperson and the CEO of the company. Siegall has worked in other pharmaceutical and research companies and has the experience in cancer research. His educational experience speaks for itself about his knowledge. He today holds a Ph. D. in Genetic achieved in the University of Maryland and a B.S in Zoology achieved in the George Washington University.
Clay Siegall co-founded the company in 1998 where he worked as the director. He quickly rose to become the company’s CEO, President and Chief Executive Officer. Through his leadership, Seattle Genetics has risen to build diver-antibody-based cancer treatments such as Adcetris. Dr. Siegall has also guided the company in multiple fundraising activities.

Different Tones For Advertising

Among the different aspects of advertising that need to be determined is the type of tone one wants to take with the audience. For one thing, there are a lot of good ways to get the point across in a way that gets attention. Among the different types of tones that Jose Borghi and his advertising agency can use is cool, comedic, and other types of tones in order to get the point across. While different companies can use a multitude of tones for their products, it is important to come up with something that works the best for the product that is being advertised.

Jose Borghi knows how to use each of the different tones in order to make any advertisement work for his clients. While there are many different ways to use the different moods for advertising, it is important that the tone manages to get represent the product well. Also, one does not have to limit himself to one mood for the advertisement campaign on Facebook. There are many campaigns for the product that can include both a comedic commercial, an intense commercial, a mellow and heartwarming commercial, and other moods for advertising. With the right creativity, this can be worked out.

One can even combine moods when advertising. This is one thing that is effective for Mullen Lowe, Jose Borghi’s advertising agency. There are a few steps that one must take in order to determine the type of ad that works best for the company and the product. There are other factors to consider when it comes to an effective advertising campaign. Among these factors are the time of the year and the different aspects of the culture.

Jose Borghi is one of the most creative and passionate minds when it comes to advertising. He has been so passionate about it that he has shown that he would do it for free. Jose Borghi has put in a lot of hard work towards setting up his advertising agency. It is this passion and demonstration of an ability to do all kinds of marketing campaigns that have gotten him the respect and the trust that he deserved.