Author Michael Zomber Triumphs Over Adversity Like a True Warrior

Michael Zomber is a name you might recognize. He is a well-known author and has been features on programs that run on both A&E and the History Channel. With this kind of notoriety it might be easy to assume that he has walked an easy path. Nothing could be further from the truth. Though he has spent years as an expert on antique arms and armor and an accomplished writer, Zomber has had his fair share of challenges to overcome along the way.

In 2003 Michael Zomber wound up accused of mail fraud and even had to suffer through knowing that his family was in a United States prison camp. Throughout all of these bad circumstances, however, he was able to remain productive. He even tutored prisoners to get their GEDs and continued work on novels and nonfiction works during this difficult time of his life. Fortune seemed to smile on Mr. Zomber in 2008, as was exonerated.

Fans of Zomber’s writing have more than a few titles to choose from. He achieved quite a bit of notoriety for his novel “Jesus and the Samurai: The Shining Religion and the Samurai.” This book explores little known historical facts about the spreading of Christianity throughout Asia during the early days of the religion. He is also known for penning “Shogun Iemitsu: War and Romance in 17th Century Tokugawa” and several other titles. Clearly, Michael Zomber has a way with words, and he is able to share a lifetime’s worth of knowledge about ancient weaponry and other topics via the written word.

Staying on track and continuing to strive for success is not always easy to do in the face of great adversity. Clearly, the knowledge about war, weapons and warriors that Michael Zomber has acquired over the years has allowed him to live his own life with the mindset of a scholar, and a warrior.

Livio Bisterzo Launches Hippeas Snack Brand

livio hippeas
Green Park Brands recently rolled out a pack of chickpea based snacks known as Hippeas. The organic snacks are geared to appeal to millennials.  They  come in a wide variety of flavors including Pepper Power, Sweet & Smokin, Far Out Fajita, and In Herbs We Trust.

Hippeas became the latest product to join the Starbuck’s assortment of snacks. They are available at Starbuck’s locations across the city.

Livio Bisterzo is a leader in the natural food business community. He is currently the CEO and the founder of Green Park Holdings, a food company that builds and invest in a new generation of health and natural food companies. Before founding Green Park Holdings in 2015, Bisterzo invested in food business for many years. He currently lives in Los Angeles and is married with three children.

Important Tips to help you Become a Print Model

The majority of young people dream of being featured on the front pages of magazines and their photos being mounted on billboards or appearing in a print advertisement on benches and apartments. These are all referred to as print media.

The things you require

Working out your body and making completely toned is a perfect idea since the bodies of print models should not contain any fat, flab or any other soft body parts. To be a perfect print model, all you need is a clear and bright skin for print work and this reason you must work on your skin.

Getting a friend to take photos of you as if you were in a photo-shoot session is a perfect way to realize your weakness. Try various appearances, fashions, and costume and after you are done taking the photos, evaluate each and every photo taking note of your best and worst looks, expressions and attire. After realizing your weakness, find a way to improve on it and try the shoot once more. Find out if you had the capability of making any improvements to your photos.

Search for best photographers around your area. Make an appointment with some them and examine their portfolios to find out if they can meet all your requirements. Appraise the quality of their services and set up a date for the photo shoot with the photographer of your choice. In your shoot, use different outfits and looks since all you need is to display a variety of your portfolio. Select the finest photos and make an outstanding photo collection.

With the help of online directories and print journals, create a list of model representatives looking for print models. Send each agent a portfolio and a compelling cover letter and wait for a feedback and meet with the agents who will be interested in you. Sign with the agent you are most contented with and the one you believe will help you advance in your profession.

About brown agency

Brown Agency is a full-service talent organization that represents actors and models in areas of commercial print and press. The rota of the Brown Agency is always exclusive and small and for this reason, the management is selective with the individual they want to represent. This gives them room to concentrate on making a reservation for their talent without the competition among agencies.

The company offers full service in acting and modeling areas, and it is committed to bringing the most good-looking, talented and motivating faces for commercial print and press modeling. The inspiration of the brown agency comes from the talent and beauty of the individuals who agree to work together with the management.

Improving Through Feedback at White Shark Media

Companies operate in an environment that laden with expectations. Companies must deliver on the things they promise to provide. According to Glassdoor, at White Shark Media, feedback is essential. It tells the company what they need to improve on and what they ought to maintain.

At White Shark Media complaints are seen as positive things because they help the company map the future. Recently, after a careful and elaborate effort to improve service delivery, the company came up with a structured way of dealing with the primary challenges.

Enhancing communication

It is a digital age, and customers want information symmetry to be the pillar of every company’s service charter. Customers at WSM wanted to be informed. They wanted regular updates on their campaigns from how the campaign is organized, how it is planned, and how it is launched.


They also wanted a regular update of the performance of their campaigns. This might sound an awful lot of things, but that is what the customer wants, the customer is king, they say, so the company has set out a master plan for how to respond to these and other needs.  Read more: Georgia Web Marketer | White Shark Media Inc. on Atlanta Shopify

First, the company will assign every customer a contact manager. The contact manager is responsible for all communication formal and privileged about the client’s campaigns. Second, the customer will be assigned specific status calls where the manager can discuss all the technical aspects of the campaigns. These calls will be done in a teleconferenced meeting.

Campaigns were failing

Customers expressed concerns that the new campaigns were not bringing in the results the company promised. The company found this complaint disturbing since it cast doubt on the overall competency of the team.

The company purposed to keep old campaigns active while the new ones are developed to rectify this problem. The new campaigns were to be fully optimized. To make sure that these campaigns were top notch, a Search Engine Marketing consultant will handle the campaigns.

In some cases, they promised that a team of experts would dedicate their efforts to making every campaign a success. The new campaigns will also be done in the client’s account to facilitate transfers of services.

Tracking of keywords and campaign’s performance

Customers had problems tracking keywords and overall performance of the campaign. White Shark team have organized several ways to track keyword and campaigns.

There is an active partnership with phone tracking company. There is also an activate Google analytics tools available for all customers. Customers can use this tools to track or wait for stats calls which will feature discussions on all campaign metrics.

Mall At Ground Zero Offers New Opportunities for Growth

The new World Trade Center Mall is scheduled to open this week at ground zero of the Sept. 11 attacks. The mall includes over 300,000 square feet of shops and retail businesses with more than 100 commercial tenants. Only about half of the retail shops will open this week, with the remainder scheduled to open before the end of the year. The mall has been under development since Westfield’s $1.4 billion investment in 2014.

The mall’s visually stunning “Oculus” connotes a dove released into flight and is meant to represent hope and opportunity. The new mall is symbolic of the significant changes the area has undergone in the last 15 years. Residential space has significantly increased with nearly three times the number of residents that lived in the area in 2000. The median income for households in the area is also up 14 percent, and nearby monuments are expected to bring in as many as 15 million tourists next year. Westfield expects the mall to produce as much as $1 billion in retail sales.

The tourism anticipated is a strong motivator for the high-end retailers which have set up shop at the mall. Brands such as Apple, Victoria’s Secret, and Under Armor all have space, and the area has drawn a London luxury magnate, Smythson of Bond Street. Smythson’s Madison Avenue store is already a popular tourist destination.

Likewise, Aldo, a Canadian shoe store is launching at the mall with a new technological feature. For the first time, customers can shoppers can use their smart phone app to request shoes directly. The mall is the first of Aldo’s stores to launch with this technology.

While many feared the area would be difficult to rebuild, the city has taken efforts to acknowledge the history of the site while recreating a successful center of local and global commerce. Some 230,000 private employees work in the area again, and this number is the highest it has been since Sept. 11. With the opening of the mall, area businesses expect increased sales and a continual improvement to the once-devastated area.

Life is a Little Brighter for our Four-Legged Friends

Animals that have been used for testing were previously euthanized upon completion of the tests. But now, thanks to the Beagle Freedom Bill, dogs and cats that have gone through testing can be put up for adoption. Though the bill covers multiple species of cats and dogs, it is so named because the calm and compact beagle is the primary subject of testing. Now all species , who are done with testing, and are proven by a veterinarian to be healthy, will be sent to a Humane Society to be put up for adoption.

California, Connecticut, Nevada and Minnesota already passed the bill with New York being the fifth. The Beagle Freedom Project hopes to spread awareness and find these furry friends a good home in all 50 states. It takes extra care to look after these little guys. Because they have often been bred in captivity, some of them have never seen the light of day. They are often very shy and need a lot of patient kindness and a lot of love from new owners.

Other animals are often used for testing too that could also be considered pets. These animals, such as rabbits and rats do not have a project for adoption yet. Their only hope is the New Life Animal Sanctuary, which houses some of these animals until they pass away from natural causes. Kindness Ranch is another home-like center for pigs, sheep, and horses as well as cats and dogs. There they attempt to rehabilitate the animals and then put them up for adoption.

The nicest part of the Beagle Freedom Bill is that everything is done according to a specific code. After testing is done, the animals are sent to a licenced veterinarian who determines whether or not the animal is healthy enough and mentally stable enough to be considered for adoption. Then the critter is safely and comfortably sent to a Humane Society, a well known and reputable institution for pet adoption. Here the new owner is determined whether or not they are suitable and is made aware of any health issues or special concerns that need to be considered.

After all the paperwork is complete these furry, four-legged individuals finally have a chance at a good life!

White Shark Media Is Helping Businesses Rise

Many businesses are now reporting how White Shark Media is helping them rise to the highest level in their industry. White Shark Media is accomplishing this in many ways. One of the main ways they are accomplishing this is by only letting experts be on their staff. White Shark Media does not just hire anybody from anywhere.

They make sure the individuals they hire have experience in helping businesses grow to a high level. These individuals have gone to the best institutions, and they have also had some of the best internships in the world.

White Shark is also accomplishing this by going beyond other companies. White Shark Media has a department that watches similar companies and how they are helping businesses grow. White Shark Media then takes everything to the next level. Whether this is with marketing, technology, or some other tool.

White Shark Media also has many secrets that are only shared with a few people they deem worthy to have them. These secrets can make a business go from failure to success in a matter of hours. No other similar company has secrets like this. That is why they cannot share them with just anyone.

White Shark Media is also helping businesses rise by showing them how to properly manage their companies. Reviews concerning the management department of White Shark Media are amazing to say the least. Business owners are claiming that they have had their eyes opened and are saving more money than ever. White Shark Media will show business owners how to downsize. Read more: @WhiteSharkMedia

They will show business owners how to take two to three jobs and turn it into one job. White Shark Media believes one trick to earning money is to save money. Their management department really stretches this to the highest degree.  Read more: White Shark Media Reviews | Glassdoor

If this is not enough, reviews have also come in stating that White Shark Media has helped business owners find a cheaper establishment to operate in. What’s amazing about this is that not only are the establishments cheaper, but they are strategically picked for marketing purposes. These businesses instantly have many clients come through their doors the moment the doors are open to the public.

White Shark Media has not received any bad reviews. All of their reviews are made public on their website, and they are sure to update their website on a daily basis, especially since they are doing more business by the day.

NYC World Trade Center Retailers Opening August 16th

Leading mall developer, the Westfield Group is all set to debut the massive World Trade Center retail space, with a “Family Day” kickoff celebration on August 16th. The Harlem Gospel Choir are all set to entertain and cast members from the “School of Rock” will also make an appearance.

More than 100 upscale retailers are opening their doors that encompass 365,000 square feet of retail space, including Michael Kors, Apple, Sephora, Kiehl’s, H&M, Hugo Boss, Giorgio Armani, Victoria’s Secret, and Under Armour, just to name a few. Already fully leased, Westfield World Trade Center is expected to pull in nearly $1 billion in annual sales.

The mix of tenants also includes 40,000 square feet of space for a food court, named the Eataly. The giant complex will ultimately redefine the customer shopping experience. The mall can host an estimated 15+ million visitors a day, which includes 15 million international tourists, 60,000 local neighborhood visitors, and close to 300,000 subway terminal commuters a day. It’s already been dubbed a New York City landmark, and Westfield World Trade Center is estimated to become the most populated place in NYC.

The company has also announced 30,000 square feet of space is being reserved to showcase retailing “branding” efforts through digital feeds and apps that enhance customer shopping. Looking for a red dress? These direct digital feeds will display every red dress available within the current Westfield World Trade Center brands.

Prior to 9/11, developer Westfield Group had three times less space and retailing tenants leased at the World Trade Center, which shows you how far the WTC has come.

Fifteen years after nine-eleven, architect Santiago Calatrava has designed this mall, called The Oculus. A mix of luxury, dining and fashion retail space that is linked to 13 subway and Jersey PATH connections and river ferries, welcoming consumers to a mesmerizing social centerpiece.

The majority of tenants will begin occupying their space August 16, and the rest will trickle in during the Fall.

Guidelines for Young Entrepreneurs in Panama

Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa is part of a new generation that remembers the days they spent without the internet and the slow loading browsers. People in that age are creative and aim at breaking serious entrepreneurial ground in Panama. Panama is in Central America, and it is a hotbed of success. Panama depends on trade and banking. As a result of the slow economy in the United States, young entrepreneurs are relocating to Panama in search of business opportunities.

Young people aspiring to start businesses in Panama are lucky because Panama is suitable for ventures. Here is a list of rules given Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa. The rules aim at assisting first-time entrepreneurs to succeed in their ventures in Panama.

Network well. Get yourself many potential business partners. Make sure you seek trustworthy business partners in Panama. Business people who work together as a team achieve twice as much than working as an individual.

Understand the importance of mobility. Come up with a business model that will work well if you are not present. If you want a venture that is easy to manage, choose the one that operates best in your absence. It works best in Panama.

Do not go for shortcuts. Shortcuts end up being expensive. Young entrepreneurs on ought to understand that success in business does not just happen. Something has to be done for a venture to be successful. Be ready to start from the bottom and climb the ladder guided by your vision.

Do not solely rely on academic qualifications. In most cases, people who perform poorly in class end up becoming the best entrepreneurs. However, it does not mean that paper whiz kids cannot do well in business. Legitimize your business through an attorney in Panama.

Cut down on overhead costs. Most entrepreneurs like Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa in Panama overlook the high costs of starting a business. Consider splitting electricity, rent costs and internet costs to cut down on costs. Alternatively, you could choose a low-capital venture.

Identify your niche. When defining your niche, you need to understand your skills, interests, and experience. Pick a niche you are conversant with in Panama. Carry out a detailed research before settling on a particular business idea.

Be ready to make mistakes. Recognize errors of others in the industry you choose. Be willing to fail and plan for that so that you avoid making similar mistakes. Do not respond negatively to critics.

Be ready to learn. Get a mentor to guide you and help you learn business tricks in Panama. Choose a mentor wisely. Contact your mentors and take them out so that you get advice.

About Adrián José

Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa is an entrepreneur in Panama who hopes to encourage other young entrepreneurs and mentor them to be successful. Jose was born in Venezuela. Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa celebrated his 25th birthday this year. He believes that Panama has opportunities for young people. His passion for entrepreneurship is evident when he started a venture immediately after completing tertiary education.

Learn more about Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa:

Two Gunned Down in Queens

The New York Times reports that New York Imam, Alauddin Akonjee, and his assistant, Thara Miah were gunned down right outside their mosque in Queens. Oscar Morel of Brooklyn has been charged with second-degree murder of the two men. The investigating police officers arrested Morel after the murder weapon and clothes matching the description of eyewitnesses were found in his home. The murder weapon was a gun that Morel had hidden in the wall. His family and friends are all stunned at the arrest of someone they love and thought they knew well.

His eldest son, Fayez Uddin Akonjeet, who lives in Bangladesh has expressed gratitude and relief that the police have discovered and arrested his father’s murderer. New York has a large Muslim community, of which many like the two deceased individuals are immigrants from Bangladesh. Part of the ongoing investigation involves city officials assuring this sizeable community that the man strongly believed to have committed the crime has been arrested and will be tried. This has not vanquished the newfound fear in this neighborhood which is actively imploring the police to beef up security with more patrols and more security cameras near mosques.

Many are insisting that the tragedy was a hate crime, but the police as yet remain unsure. It is not even clear whether or not the man had any connection to the two victims whatsoever. What the police do know is that the two men were followed to the end of the street where they were both shot in the back of the head. Street surveillance footage also shows the perpetrator get into a black GMC and speeding away. Upon tracking down the car, they discovered it was also involved in a nearby hit and run incident. In haste to leave the scene of his dastardly crime, the drive had rammed a police car.

Hundreds attended the funeral prayers for the two victims. Most of those in attendance were the faithful congregants of the Mosque who meet for worship there five times a day. His wife and two his children will take his body home to Bangladesh. His loss is huge for both his family and for the entire New York Muslim community. Although murders are rare in the area, they are not unheard of. In July 2014 a Bangledeshi activity was beaten to death and in August 2002 a Bangledeshi reporter was also beaten to death.