A Rapid Downward Spiral, Kyle Bass

Kyle Bass, principal and founder of Hayman Captial Management offers up his, often convoluted, thoughts on the current state of the economy along with 2016 and the presidential race, explaining his predictions of the possibility of economic recession as well as which presidential candidate the nation could benefit most from.

When asked if the United States should be concerned over negative interest rates, Kyle Bass spent a time rattling off information regarding the topic, articulated in such a way that it is unclear if he is planning to offer a true answer whatsoever. As it turns out, he planned no such thing. Kyle Bass dodges numerous questions and offers very little backing or support behind any of his half-baked responses, thus lending himself very little credence or credibility.

A continued downward spiral in the credence of Kyle Bass comes to most as no surprise as since his rise to undisputed stardom after successfully predicting the “subprime” mortgage crisis of 2008, Kyle Bass has publicly made poor career decision after poor career decision with such rapidity and ferocity that it proves overwhelming. It is clear that his strategies for marketing are not working as intended. It is observable that as Kyle Bass’s funds have depleted over time since 2014, his public media appearances have increased seemingly in time with the decrease in funds to his name.

Kyle Bass has even opted to support the “economically illiterate” Argentinian despot Cristina Fernández de Kirchner who has been criticized for her failures on countless occasions by nearly every affluent professional in the business world. Bass has been recorded boasting of her success despite her negative reputation across the globe. His feelings toward her career draw similar attention and criticisms toward his own name and career. Claiming Kyle Bass’s decision to praise her to be questionable would be a catastrophic understatement.

Supporting unlikely individuals is quite commonplace for Kyle Bass, as he claims that the best candidate for the United States impending economic crisis is Hillary Clinton; however, Kyle Bass also exclaims that he questions Hillary Clinton’s sanity. The contradictions and confusion surrounding Kyle Bass grow thicker and more convoluted with each passing press release.

The review of Martin Lustgarten

Martin Lustgarten, born on July 9 1959 in the state of Florida is supposedly an expert when it comes to the topic of investment. According to given sources Martin Lustgarten is a firm advocate when it comes to international investments. It is stated that Martin goes and spread his own wealth throughout several counties which allows him to be able to control and limit any risks as well as making sure that he is able to benefit from the local growth.

Martin Lustgarten is said to have an eye for market as he is able to quickly react when a market seems to be going in a downward spiral. Him being able to watch the market trends so constantly allows him to be able to get the best outcome results for the clients that he works with. Martin seems to be the ideal investor for he is always prepared, one step ahead of the games and is able to work her and think hard on the job already planning his next move before the last minute.

It seems that the article pushes Martin into a bright light explaining his accomplishments and strategies he uses in the market world. Martin also seems to be an outgoing and down to earth person as it seems that he enjoys vintage items and is stated to collect things he finds beautiful. In one of the given sources he is shown in a picture with two other women, possibly family members. He not only seems to enjoy his career and stay on top of the game at work but also has a lovely family life able to spend time with those he cares about. Showing this side of him will no doubt give clients interested in working with him a friendly vibe.

Lustgarten poses a serious yet somewhat calm tone attitude both in the written sources and within the picture he posted. He is an intelligent man with the way he is able to run his business and not stop for a moment to hesitate. He is an ideal role model for any inspiring investors.

Instagram: @mlustgarten

Securus Press Release Maintaining Integrity

The cry for justice is long overdue across the world. While many would sit and watch the injustices prevail, Securus Technologies would not stomach a problem. Chief Executive Officer of Securus Technologies Rick A. Smith has registered his disappointment due to Global Tel Link (GTL) unprofessional standard. In a report by PR Newswire media, Smith has announced his company will thereby publish a series of press releases meant to tell the truth about the integrity of GTL. He explains the business of serving inmate communication should go beyond money.

Going Against the Law

Inmate communication is used to enhance the relationship of a prisoner and the family back home. Exploiting the inmates in such a situation would thus seem completely unethical. Securus America Technologies, therefore, has decided to tell of the unprofessional standard of GTL of advancing the clocks. Charging higher rates above the amount indicated in their tariffs was also another misconduct of the company. Ad-on programs are also highly unethical because in the end they hike your budget.

Every call should be billed singly yet GTL would bill it twice. This was completely against the expectations of the inmates who were using their services. Such a system of double billing has never existed in the world. The actions were undertaken intentionally to milk cash from the customers. This shows the extent of wrongdoings of GTL and lack of integrity.

In Need of Quality

Customers need quality service all the time. However, the string of wrongdoings by GTL triggers the actions of Securus. He argues the case is long overdue but due to the extent of damage it is causing in the inmate communication market, it has to be dealt with. The case, which dates back in January 21st1998, is a real cancer in the market. This is according to an argument by Smith who is ready to protect customers in this industry and improve the confidence of subscribers.

For more info on Securus, visit https://www.crunchbase.com/organization/securus-technologies#/entity.

9 Candidates Vie for Rangel’s Seat in Harlem’s Democratic Primary

This year Charlie Rangel won’t be among those running for the position of US Representative for New York’s 13th congressional district, the district in Upper Manhattan that includes the Harlem neighborhood. Mr. Rangel, who has filled that position since 1971, has announced his retirement, leaving the field wide open for no fewer than 9 candidates seeking to win in New York’s Democratic Primary Election.
In an article that appeared this week in the New York Times, William Neuman catalogued the contenders and traced a bit of their history (http://www.nytimes.com/2016/06/11/nyregion/contest-to-fill-rangels-seat-its-old-vs-new.html). The two front-runners, Adam Clayton Powell IV and Keith L.T. Wright, have names that resonate in Harlem’s history. The others represent the diverse interests of Harlem’s mosaic-like ethnic identity, which has changed considerably in the past four decades.
Keith L. T. Wright is the son of State Supreme Court judge Bruce Wright, a figure much respected in Harlem for his work in ridding the state judicial system of racism. Keith Wright has been endorsed by Representative Rangel and other major figures in the Harlem political establishment. He also enjoys considerable popularity among older residents who remember his father’s work and reputation.
Adam Clayton Powell IV can also draw upon the support of Harlem voters who remember his father, Adam Clayton Powell Jr., a major civil-rights activist who was unseated by Charlie Rangel in 1970, after serving as Representative of the 13th district for 26 years.
Other contenders for Charlie Rangel’s position include state senator Adriano Espaillat, originally from the Dominican Republic, and Clyde Williams, a former director of the Democratic National Committee.

Luxury Abounds in New York City Luxury Hotel Renovation

As recently reported in an article by Forbes, The Time New York, a famous luxury hotel in New York City, has been renovated from top to bottom by renowned designer David Rockwell. One of the most stunning elements of the renovation involved The Time’s triplex penthouse, which includes three floors, a balcony and a 500-foot private terrace. The featured penthouse has all the modern amenities to make it an incredible living space.

The Time’s triplex includes views of the Hudson River, expansive floor space and an enormous bathroom with multiple smart TVs embedded in wall mirrors, dressing rooms, various USB ports, oak floors and a modern kitchenette. The luxurious triplex at The Times has anything that a traveler could need to feel more than relaxed.

To help advertise its newly updated space, The Time New York is currently running a promotion for a night’s stay in the triplex penthouse. For $7,500 guests can enjoy the amazing accommodations, Caviar pizza made by Serafina, Dom Perignon champagne and a round trip limousine ride from the nearby airport. While the price tag may seem steep, the triplex at The Times is sure to attract the most elite and wealthy travelers to the heart of New York City. This latest round of innovations is certain to put New York City on the map as a city with some of the most luxurious and elaborate accommodating in the world. The Time New York hopes that the latest publicity will bring more wealthy tourists to New York City and help boost sales.

On Wings of Sunshine We Did Fly

Great news for anyone that cares about the environment! On Saturday, June 11th, the solar-powered aircraft, the Solar Impulse 2 touched down in New York City’s John F. Kennedy International Airport after having traveled across the continental United States on its continued journey around the world.

“Si2 is now safe in New York, JFK airport. Our new home is Hangar 19 in John F. Kennedy International Airport!”, was exclaimed as the plane touched down on the tarmac.

The Swiss-made experimental aircraft was created at the Swiss airfield, Payerne Air Base between 2011-2013 as a joint venture between multiple sponsor companies lead by head-designer, businessman, and engineer André Borschberg and piloted by both Borschberg and lead-pilot and areonaut, Bertrand Piccard. Aviation enthusiasts may recognize Piccard as being the individual that circum-navigated the globe in late 1999 in the world’s first non-stop balloon flight – A feat that earned Piccard a place in the Guiness Book of World Records.

The intended purpose of the flight was to show world leaders and aviation companies that solar-power is a viable source of motive energy for long-distance flights and in turn, generating increased interest in pursuit of solar technologies.

The plane had been initially scheduled to head to the Big Apple late Monday evening but poor weather forced the crew and support staff to re-direct the flight.

The Solar Impulse 2 first began its trip across the continental US back in April when the plane touched down in San Francisco after having sojourned across the Atlantic from Hawaii. This is the last flight listed for the Solar Impulse 2 at this time.

Anyone interested in learning more about the flight and the future of solar-power in the aviation industry can learn more at their website, SolarImpluse.com

Broadway’s Biggest Award Comes to New York City

The 70th Annual Tony Awards take over New York City on June 12. The ceremony, which awards excellence in Broadway theater, is being held at the Beacon Theatre on Broadway.

Each year, the American Theatre Wing and the Broadway League in New York City present dozens of medallion statues in multiple categories. They honor shows that take place at official Broadway venues during the season – May to April.

The big story of the 2016 awards is “Hamilton,” the sold-old phenomenon of the Great White Way. The hip-hop musical racked up a record 16 nominations, including three for the star and creator, Lin-Manuel Miranda. Six other “Hamilton” actors received nods for their performances. As well, it receive nods for Best Musical, Best Book of a Musical, Best Original Score, Best Lighting Design and Best Direction of a Musical.

Other notable nominees include the legendary Andrew Lloyd Webber for “School of Rock,” Oscar winner Lupita Nyong’o for “Eclipsed,” Michelle Williams and Jeff Daniels for “Blackbird,” and Jessica Lange, Michael Shannon and Gabriel Byrne for “Long Day’s Journey Into Night.”

It was also a record year for diversity. In the acting categories, 14 of the 40 nominations went to minorities.

The winners will be revealed on Sunday evening in a ceremony hosted by James Corden. For those who live outside New York or couldn’t score tickets, CBS will broadcast the show live.

The Times They Are A-Changing For Greenwich Village Record Stores

After 28 years in business, the Greenwich Village record store Rebel Rebel, is going to be closing its’ doors at the end of June. According to business owner David Shebiro, his landlord is renting the space out to another tenant. Rebel Rebel’s closing, which is set for June 30th, is symbolic of the changes Bleeker Street has undergone over the last few years. Mr. Shebiro summed it up perfectly, “The fashionistas have taken over.”

Before 2000, the blocks of Bleeker Street, nestled between Abingdon Square and Seventh Avenue South, was home to quirky independent shops, from the store that only sold condoms to a small grocery. Now, Bleeker street is dominated by high-end clothing stores. Ngawang Choden, the owner of a store that specializes in products from Tibet, feels like is one of the last of the Mohicans among the big labels.

When the New York Times attempted to contact Shebiro’s landlord, SW Management LLC, they did not return any phone calls to comment. It is undeniably disrespectful to tell a tenant that has never had a problem paying rent in 28 years that their space has been rented. Since he is not sure if a different locale would have the same energy, Mr. Shebiro plans on taking a break after his store closes. The majority of the friends he made in his life were through his record store. Here’s to Mr. Shebiro, may the spirit of Rebel Rebel live on, even if it no longer sells LPs.

Fallout from the Ice Cream Turf Wars in New York City

In a recent article published by the New York Times, the competitive world of ice cream truck business was given an in-depth profile. In New York City, summertime means plenty of opportunities to purchase delicious ice cream treats from ice cream trucks. While this may seem like an innocent enough activity, behind of the scenes of turf wars over prime selling space is less than cheery.

The biggest target of the ice cream turf wars in the city is Mister Softee. In fact, the corporate office of Mister Softee said that its drivers are actually afraid to peddle their ice cream in the heart of the city for fear of being physically attacked by rival ice cream trucks.

The history of violence between rival ice cream truck drivers in New York City dates back to the 1960s. There are plenty documented incidents of physical altercations and vandalism against rival ice cream trucks since then. One of the major disputes between ice cream truck companies making headlines right now is the rift between New York Ice Cream and Mister Softee. The current owner of New York Ice Cream was a former driver affiliated with Mister Softee and has been accused of trademark infringement for painting over the logos and changing the names of the trucks that he was driving under the Mister Softee franchise. The owner of New York Ice Cream has been ordered by a federal court to pay more than $700,000 for his trademark infringement against Mister Softee.

Flying On Solar Power

What better way to fly through the air than on a solar plane. A group of developers created a solar plane with a goal in mind of going around the world. The plane recently landed in New York City. IT circled the Statue of Liberty before landing. While the team is thankful and proud that the plane has been able to make it as far as it has, one of the downfalls of being in a solar plane is that it can only be in the air during the day unless there is a battery source. The plane only has one seat and is an experimental design.

The pilot was completing the 14th leg of the journey when it landed in New York. The pilots who fly the plane have to take meditation courses so that they can stay awake while in the air as there is a limited amount of time to fly. The trip started on April 24in Hawaii. It took about three days to get from Hawaii to California. At this rate, it might take a good bit of time before the plane can get around the world, but if the plane is as successful as it has been, then it’s promising. If larger planes could be built in this fashion, then it could save a large amount of money for airlines.