Bustle.com Writer Takes Own 7-Day WEN Hair Challenge to Fight Limp Locks

Greasy, frizzy and unruly describe Emily McClure’s fine hair, so that’s why she decided to try the world-famous WEN no-shampoo cleansing method. She planned on her own 7-day WEN hair challenge for Bustle.com and kept a daily hair log with hair selfies.
Emily has seen on QVC a lot about Chaz Dean and his amazing, revolutionary way to wash hair without all those chemically-laden lather shampoos. Most people are washing with regular shampoos and watching their tresses snap off, lose shine and weaken. WEN is far superior, because his cleansing conditioners feature only natural botanical ingredients that boost shine, strength and manageability. Just one bottle of WEN will cleanse, condition, de-tangle and offer styling treatment.

Emily chose the Sephora sweet almont mint cleanser for extra body, moisture and shine and decided on a daily morning WEN wash.

The Bustle.com writer made a major faux pas at the very start of her challenge. The directions on the WEN bottle of cleansing conditioner say that someone with medium length hair needs to use a minimum of 16 pumps of product. Emily was baffled and called the concept, “actual insanity,” so she used the minimum 10 pumps of product for short hair.

Was Emily going to achieve the same Wen hair results? Who knows, because she had instantly not followed the directions. In addition, she also messed up the hair care schedule, skipping a daily morning wash and also washing at nighttime, instead. During those instances, her hair flopped, falling flat and greasy.

When Emily followed the simple daily AM WEN cleanse, her selfies showed soft, shiny, pretty hair, and her friends had noticed the difference, too. She looked fab.

Emily revealed that she’s a bit lazy when it comes to her hair care routine, and if you’re that lax, then WEN might not be for you.

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Class Dojo Is Second to None

Most parents have heard of a website called Class Dojo. If you haven’t, it might be because the school your child attends is one of the few schools that chooses not to use it yet. You see, there is only one out of every three schools in the United States that is not currently using the system. When you consider what the site is all about, it is easy to understand why it is so popular. It is all about creating a positive environment within the classroom that can be shared by parents, teachers and students alike. It is designed to allow teachers to find extra resources and communicate what the children are learning inside their classroom, allowing parents better access to the entire experience. It also provides a sense of community for everyone involved because everyone has the ability to communicate back and forth with each other.

Without a doubt, Class Dojo is changing the way that everything works in the classroom because it empowers everyone involved to get together and work harder in order to achieve the goals that exist for each child as opposed to allowing the entire system to be fragmented as it has been in the past. In addition, there are so many things that can be done with this site that the possibilities are virtually endless.

For example, teachers can send both videos and photos of classroom activities to parents. They also have the capability to send these and other messages to a single individual or to every parent of every child in that classroom simultaneously. Everyone on the site is able to create announcements that are sent directly to a particular individual or that everyone can read with the single push of a button. The site also allows for the use of instant messages and provides additional teacher resources that are available for use, completely free of charge.

It is easy to see why 15 million students are currently using the system. As previously mentioned, teachers never have to pay for using the site and it gives parents unabated access to everything that happens in the classroom. It truly links teachers and children along with their parents, with the end goal being a better education for that particular child. It is also a safe and private site that is secure and it works on any computer, as well as Android and iOS systems. It even works on Kindle Fire. No wonder so many people are using it.


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NutriMost Is a Quick and Effective Diet Program

Looking in the mirror and feeling dissatisfied with what is being reflected back can cause a person to go on a diet. However, this is sometimes not enough. It is usually not until a person’s health has been affected that they decide to make serious lifestyle changes and improve their health. Many individuals in this circumstance have turned to NutriMost. This is a weight loss program that has helped many individuals lose weight quickly and effectively.
NutriMost is a program that helps individuals to focus on the health aspects of weight loss. Sadly, many individuals are dealing with visceral fat. This is the belly fat that generally causes a person to look unattractive and can negatively impact their health. According to NY Fat Loss, when fat is allowed to accumulate around the internal organs, it can cause a variety of health problems. Most of these conditions are very serious. Being overweight can cause a person to experience high cholesterol, high blood pressure, diabetes, a fatty liver, sleep apnea, and other health problems. The NutriMost program can help individuals in this situation to reach their weight loss goals and experience the best health possible.

Many individuals like this program because it helps them lose weight quickly. Individuals who stick to this program are able to lose about five pounds every week they are on the program. It is also an effective program. Once of the reasons why it is so effective is because it is not a one-size-fits-all diet program. Instead, a person will visit with a physician (see, https://nutrimost.com/members/find-a-doctor/) when they go in for a consultation. State-of-the-art technology will be used to measure the individual. Then a diet plan will be drawn up that will help a person to lose about 20 pounds within the first month of their being on the Nutrimost program. This program even helped the founder of it, Dr. Mitch, to lose more than 35 pounds.
NutriMost Weightloss Program Helps Shed Pounds

The New Arrivals for Plus-Sized Women at JustFab

The new arrivals at JustFab are in, and many people will be thrilled to discover that these new clothes cater to a different group of women. It is official. JustFab has started to look out for the interests of the curvy women, and curvy women love it. Much of the fanfare has to do with the great marketing that is behind this.

When women check the site they will see some garments that are worn by beautiful curvaceous women. These are ads with women that are looking good and feeling confident. For so many curvy women it was about the presentation. JustFab found favor with plus-sized females because the company offered something that was alluring.

It comes at a good time because JustFab has partnered with Fabletics, and this website is hot. The concept of sporty gym wear has got more people checking out Fabletics, and this will result in more hits for the JustFab website as well. The market for consumers is filled with a lot of curvy customers that are just waiting for the chance to shop online.
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JustFab is a site that will grow because the company is not afraid to take these types of risks. According to the Curvy Fashionista, this is just the beginning of the line of clothes for curvy females. More women are going to embrace these clothes, and the brand is going to become even more popular because the prices are affordable. That is another thing that makes this brand shine. The company also took a real risk with making clothes that would be both affordable and high in quality. This is a rare combination, but JustFab took the risk to get these type of clothes made for consumers. Now that the product line on The Curvy Fashionista has expanded it will be even easier for more people to embrace the clothes that are offered.

Many people are choosing to search the web for clothing. This is so much easier than leaving the home. There are people that may not have the time to go to store to shop. JustFab is the best alternative for these people.

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Dr. Walden Honored by Austin MD Magazine

Dr. Jennifer Walden of Austin, Texas was just featured in Austin MDmagazine for her incredible success in the field of plastic surgery. She was also recently named one of the 24 top best cosmetic surgeons in the U.S. by Harper’s Bazaar magazine in April 2014. While Dr. Walden has hometown roots in Texas, she moved away to study in New York City before ultimately coming home to start a new practice. With a busy personal and professional life, Dr. Walden is the picture of success and serves as an impressive role model for young women and anyone looking to enter the medical field. Dr. Walden is a mother to two boys and relies on her family in Texas for a wonderful support network. In fact, it was the birth of her two boys that made the decision to come home that much easier for Dr. Walden.

Dr. Walden was born in Austin, Texas in 1971. Her parents were a dentist and a surgical nurse, which helped to spark her interest in the medical field. After earning her undergraduate degree from the University of Texas, Dr. Walden the University of Texas Medical Branch for medical school. Even though Dr. Walden was originally placed on the wait list as an applicant to the university, she ended up persevering and graduating second in her class. After graduating from medical school, Dr. Walden moved to New York City to work at the Manhattan Eye, Ear and Throat Hospital for a fellowship. It was in December 2011 that Dr. Walden returned to Austin, Texas to launch her own practice and branch out as a self-made professional.

Dr. Walden is widely recognized for being leading cosmetic surgeon, which has resulted in numerous professional awards and prestigious appointments for her. For example, Dr. Walden received an exclusive invitation to serve on the board of directors of the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. She is frequently consulted for her perspective on developments and trends in the field of plastic surgery and is respected for her consistent attention to detail and extreme precision in her work.


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Ross Abelow: A Powerful Attorney in NY & Hero to the Animals

Ross Abelow is a no-nonsense type of lawyer that entertainers want in their corner. He also deals with divorces, making sure the party he represents is properly protected and awarded. But he is also a man with a huge heart that melts at the sight of a needy animal, which is why he started a GoFundMe campaign that seeks to benefit strays.

How Rose Abelow Became a Name in NY

There are well over 19 million lawyers in New York alone so make no mistake about how competitive being a lawyer can be. But Ross Abelow is not the type of man who backs down from a challenge, which is something that he has actively showed in court, as well as in life.

Abelow did not have to be restricted to just one industry because his knowledge of law was extensive and covered many areas of law, like marital law or entertainment law. He understood that entertainers have to deal with contract loopholes or intellectual property issues. And he also understood just how important it was to make a divorce a more personal affair rather than just a legal case because the gravity of the situation should be taken into account. These are just some of the attitudes that made Abelow stand above the rest.

How Rose Abelow Got Involved with Strays

Abelow has always cared for those in need, just like in his practice. Abelow is simply the kind of person who cannot see a defenseless creature not get a fair chance. This is is what prompted Abelow to start the GoFundMe campaign to raise 5,000 dollars, which should provide much needed resources to animal shelters. These resources should help animal shelters continue to help and protect strays.

Abelow is very adamant about making sure that every animal shelter is ready to help the poor strays of NY, especially before the winter hits the city. Sure, winters are beautiful, but stray animals are in particular danger because they may not be able to survive the extremely cold temperatures. Abelow knew that by lending his name that the issue might get more coverage, which is very important in order to raise awareness and hopefully assistance.

So, it is easy to understand a man like Abelow because his actions truly speak volumes about who he is.

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Shaygan Kheradpir: Star of the Show


The History of Coriant

Coriant is a technology company that provides products to make optical transmissions for things such as bandwidth that companies use for telecommunication. It was launched in the month of March in the year of 2013, stemming from their parent company of Marlin Equity Partners, who deal with cyber security. Coriant operates in well over 100 countries all over the world and have been vastly successful since their founding, and it was with the addition of their new leader, Shaygan Kheradpir, that they will continue to be successful for a long time to come.

Who is Shaygan Kheradpir?

Shaygan Kheradpir was born on the 19th of December in the year of 1960 in London. From an early age, he was exposed to the medical field as his father was a doctor in the country of Iran, later moving to the United States to attend college at Cornell University with a Doctorate in electrical engineering. He has worked at many different jobs over the years, before settling at Coriant in late September of 2015.

His Experience

Kheradpir was employed at his first job in 1987 at GTE Laboratories, where he achieved a lot in the departments of networking and management of the networks for the Laboratories. Later on, when GTE merged with Verizon, he became the President of Verizon’s electronic business division. His expertise with all that is technology benefited the company, exposing the company’s under the table dealings with buying their software off of unreliable sellers on eBay, and with the installing of new, more reliable software, the company became even more successful. Eventually, he moved on to Barclay’s and later Juniper Networks, where he once again did a lot of marketing management in the companies’ software departments. It is no wonder why his many years of experience led him to taking over Coriant.

A New Leader

Kheradpir joined Coriant as the new head of the family in late of the month of September of the year 2015. He is now the number one executive and chairman of the company with the stepping down of former leader Pat DiPietro, who returned to working with Marlin Equity Partners. Although the stepping down of the former head of the company, who had advanced the company in a great way may seem sad, the potential that Kheradpir shows for the company is a great promise for the future for the overall health of the company.

Read original source here: http://bcexploration.com/index.php/2016/01/12/the-new-star-at-coriant-shaygan-kheradpir/

Central California’s Premier Retirement Community Offers More Than Just A Home

Hidden in the beautiful city of downtown San Luis Obispo is a retirement community that goes above and beyond all expectations. Beginning with the serene location the Manse on Marsh offers premier living for those looking to retire and spend their golden years surrounded by the breathtaking landscape of Southern California. Manse on Marsh offers both assisted and non-assisted living programs as well as a variety of housing types. Residents can choose from one bedroom and two bedroom apartments, private cottages, or a detached home with up to four bedrooms. Regardless of the program a resident enters they are all given five discreet check ins and a pendant to wear around their neck for use in emergencies.

General services like daily laundry, turn down service, trash removal, and three meal tickets a day are covered in the general fee but personal laundry can be added if necessary. While Manse on Marsh does offer the traditional services of any retirement community they offer a myriad of luxurious services as well. Their magnificently designed atrium services as a massive community center where the salon, movie theater, library, and bistro is located. Residents can dine beneath sky lights in the bistro style restaurant and choose from a variety of meals and desserts. The salons are separated for male and female residents and offer nail service as well as hair care.

For those looking to stay active the Manse on Marsh offers up to five different classes a day for residents to participate in. From exercise to dance to art classes the Manse on Marsh knows a healthy lifestyle includes social and physical activities. Daily walks around the neighborhood are offered and transportation is included during scheduled shopping trips. When family comes to visit residents can rent a variety of movies and watch them in the private movie theater will popcorn and reclining chairs, or they can take the family to the roof top terrace for drinks and dinner.

While the Manse on Marsh offers a multitude of amenities they offer just as many medical related services to ensure the safety of their residents, part of the reason they win so many awards. There is an RN on staff 24/7 as well as a licensed medical technician. Transportation is available and included for all doctors visits and their private emergency team has a record response time of three seconds. Assistance can be added as time goes on and is chosen by the resident.

Wen By Chaz Review

Emily McClure is a fashionista and blogger who writes and reviews products on Bustle. She has very fine hair, which can be difficult to manage. Too much product can cause he hair to feel wieghed down and greasy.McClure wanted to simplify her hair care routine, so she decided to try out Wen by Chaz Dean (http://www.wen.com/chaz-dean.html). She blogged about her experience on Bustle.
Overall, she was very happy about the results. Even though she was initially worried when she saw the amount of product she would need to use, her fears proved unfounded. She saved time in the shower, and discover that Wen made her hair look shinier and full of life. After six days of trying the product, she decided that the best time to use it was in the morning. Using it early in the morning, during her shower was the best way to ensure that her hair stayed shiny and soft all day long.

Emily also liked how it made her hair much easier to take care of. She did not have to worry about tangles or snages when she used Sephora’s Fig Version. She even got compliments from her friends and coworkers. Overall, Emily McClure was very satified by the results of her experience. She decided that if she was given the opportunity she would definately try Wen by Chaz again.

Wen was desingned by expert Chaz Dean to give users the softest, shiniest hair possible. It is also designed to help reduce the amount of time spent getting ready in the morning. Many people spend hours getting ready in the morning, and use multiple products to keep their hair clean and neat. Wen by Chaz was created by experts as an effort to help reduce the amount of time, energy and money that people spend taking care of their hair. It is available online on ebay and local stores nationwide.

Event Planning As A Career

Planning and designing an event can be exhausting. Just having the resources and know how as to how to plan an event is mind blowing. But make no mistake, this is an industry that is growing and growing. It is estimated that each year about $500 billion dollars is spent on event planning. Special events that may require planning could include parties, weddings, reunions, birthdays, anniversaries, conferences, meetings, graduations, and even civic events. Events can be business related or social.

So exactly what is event planning? People who are paid to handle the details related to hosting an event. This can include finding the venue, arranging the food, decorations, and entertainment, transportation to and from the event, and any necessary accommodations.

Why do people use event planners? Individuals needing to host events often lack the time needed to plan the event. Some people lack the organizational skills to put an event together. Some people don’t want the responsibility of planning the event. Whatever the reason, professional event planners are available.

There are two markets for event planners. The first market is the social market. This includes events such as weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, and graduations just to name a few. The second market is the corporate market. This market is much larger and events happen more than once or twice a year. Corporate events can include events such as charity events, gala fundraisers, receptions, and athletic competitions.Some companies host trade shows, conventions, and holiday parties. For large groups of people, organizing and planning is a must.

Find event planners in NYC
Event planning is a growing profession and will continue to grow as long as professions and social groups need to host events. If you are a great planner and are extremely organized, this could be a great career choice for you. www.wikipedia.org, www.intitute-of-event.com