Stephen P. Murray Made A Positive, Lasting, Impact

Professionally, Stephen Murray was known as a private equity investor, financial analyst, and founding CEO of CCMP, a well-respected financial services company. Personally, Murray was a dedicated husband and father and a well known philanthropist.

Stephen Murray was also focused on giving back to the colleges he attended. He was also a hardworking, experienced financial services professional that work his way up from an entry level training program to president and CEO of one of the most powerful financial services companies with over $12 billion in transactions.

Murray long had an interest in financial services. The led him to major in economics at Boston college. When Murray hot his bachelors degree in 1984, he decided to participate in a credit analyst training program the Manufacturers Hanover Corporation was making available.

While in the training program, Stephen Murray was also pursuing his Masters degree in Business Administration at Columbia Business School. In 1989 he got his MBA and was offered a job with Manufacturers Hanover’s private equity and leveraged finance section call MH Equity Partners. That was a move that would eventually lead to Murray becoming CEO of financial services giant CCMP.

Philanthropy is also a very important part of the life of Stephen P. Murray according to WSJ. He has thrown his support behind several organizations serving people in need. One his favorite charities was the Make A Wish Foundation. Murray was very active in this organization’s metropolitan New York branch.

He also gave his time and support to the Stamford Museum, and the food bank of Lower Marion County. Stephen Murray was also very much involved in his alma maters. He frequently lent any support he could to Columbia Business School and was the board of trustees of Boston College vice president.

Stephen Murray was also involved helping to guide a number of well- known companies. In fact he was on the board of quite a few companies including AMC Entertainment, Aramark,

Cabela’s, Warner Chilcott, Generac Power Systems, Pinnacle Foods, Legacy Hospital Partners, and The Vitamin Shoppe. Stephen Murray was loved by a wide array of business owners and private citizens whose lives he has touched.

Sadly, Stephen Murray beloved husband, father, philanthropist, and financial services professional died on March 12, 2015. Although he was only 52 year old when he died, he had a positive impact on the world. He was a loving parent, effective CEO at CCMP, and longtime philanthropist.

Sanjay Ray Believes in Autism Rocks

Sanjay Ray knows what creating a successful business is all about. As the head of the London-based brokerage house Solo Capital, Ray has a track record of making companies happen and for raising the funds needed to keep them going. All of this is why the businessman, philanthropist and entrepreneur was asked recently to sit down for a chat with Eric Dye of the Entrepreneurial Podcast Network’s Enterprise Radio Show.

During their wide-ranging discussion, Ray spoke about what’s involved in really making a startup company succeed. The two keys, he said, are in knowing how much money is required to really get the company launched (there is never quite enough money around, he said) and in knowing you can’t do it all alone. He also stressed that no matter how savvy and talented you may be, no company ever succeeds without a solid team in place to cover every aspect of what has to happen. That’s why it’s crucial to bring together the right talent at the outset, so the team can guide the company through the rough early days as a startup gains stability and credibility.

One of Ray’s most recent ventures is Autism Rocks, which is a charitable organization that produces rock and roll shows with major acts as a way to raise money for research. Ray became involved with launching the charity when his young son was diagnosed with the disorder in 2014. Since its launch the group has produced several successful (and highly entertaining) events for the cause.

For Ray, it’s all about putting together his passion for music with his talent at finance, to produce something that can provide help where it is really needed. Autism Rocks is truly a passion project, and it is dedicated to making a difference.

We Trust Beneful’s Nutritious Dog Foods

Premium Dog Food Is Incredible
We never tried premium dog food until recently because we thought that the food that our dog was eating did not matter. However, now that our dog is older, we are seeing that we were very wrong. I do not know what we were thinking because we care so much about our own diets and what we eat. I feel bad, but at least we caught it before it had serious effects on our dog. Our dog started acting funny, and we brought her to the vet to find out that we needed to feed her a better dog food. We did our own research before deciding what dog food to feed to her.

We found an article on the Daily Herald’s website that gives a great perspective of what kinds of dog foods we should trust. The premium dog food companies put more effort into making high quality products that you can trust to provide your dog with a healthy balance of wholesome ingredients that will keep your dog satisfied and healthy. They put more effort into the manufacturing process, and the premium companies actually spend more money on their ingredients. They are willing to pay to use high quality ingredients in their recipes.

The Premium Company That We Trust To Make Our Dog’s Food Is Beneful

Beneful uses high quality ingredients in their recipes, which is much better than what the cheaper brands use. Beneful actually puts real meats in their recipes. They use real vegetables, and they list their ingredients right on the package in plain English for pet owners to read. It is comforting to see that our dog food has high quality ingredients that we can trust. Beneful is available online on Amazon.

Our dog seems to have more energy ever since we switched her to Beneful Dry Dog Food Original ( They make this dry food with real chicken in it, and it smells great, which is unusual for dry dog foods. also makes this food with real beef or real salmon. Here is the article that the Daily Herald published. Here is the link ( to the Beneful Youtube Channel.

George Soros – Paying It Forward

George Soros’s early life was no bed of roses. Born to a Hungarian Jewish family in 1930, he went into hiding from the Nazis at age 14. An employee of the Hungarian Ministry of Agriculture helped him to avoid detection, and in 1947, Soros arrived in England on Interested in finance, he studied at the London School of Economics and got a job at a bank.

George Soros came to America in 1956 and started work at F.M. Mayer, a Wall Street brokerage firm. With a few years’ experience and a gift for finance, he soon garnered $12 million from investors and set up his own hedge fund. First called the Soros Fund, then renamed the Quantum Fund, the enterprise met with huge success, and Soros could claim a net worth of $20 billion by 2012.

Although by that time George Soros was the 22nd richest person in the world, Soros did not sit on his good fortune. He’s made a point of paying it forward ever since by donating to many charities. He began providing grants so black students could attend college in South Africa in the 1970’s, under apartheid. He’s given $50 million to alleviate poverty in Africa, and $35 million to poor children in the state of New York. George Soros’ funding helped eastern Europe’s economic development after the collapse of communism, and he gave one of the largest endowments in history to the Central European University in Budapest. It’s estimated Soros has made over $7 billion in charitable contributions.

As a student, Soros discovered the works of Karl Popper on, a philosopher who advocated a democratic and open society. Based on Popper’s beliefs and his own narrow escape from the Nazis, Soros has been a spokesman for humanity, advocating human rights and transparency in government. Soros has always been a strong voice against totalitarianism of any kind; during the Cold War, he provided funding to dissidents in Poland and the Soviet Union.

Since 1979, George Soros has been chairman of the Open Society Foundation, which provides grants to humanitarian causes. The foundation has given $1.5 billion for reforms in criminal justice and for drug rehabilitation, $700 million for AIDS, TB, and patients’ rights, and $2 billion for the rights of minorities. It’s also provided $200 million to protect the rights of the Roma in central Europe. During the 1990’s civil war in the former Yugoslavia, the foundation provided millions in relief funds, including financing the re-connection of utilities in Sarajevo.

George Soros is one billionaire who hasn’t forgotten where he came from, and has a goal of making life better for the world’s struggling people going forward.

The Life of George Soros

A Review of Investment Bank Laidlaw & Company

Many people end up making bad investments due to misguidance. Before making forays into the world of investment, there is need to seek extensive and comprehensive guidance from those who have been in the field for long and fully understand its workings. Laidlaw & Company (UK) Ltd are the go-to specialists for a prospective venture capitalist.

Company Overview

It is one of the oldest investment banks in the world according to The Wall Street Journal, having been formed in 1842. The institution prides itself in the fact that it offers full-board stock banking, brokerage services, custom-made investment guidance and competent management of business organizations. It offers its services to public and private entities as well as affluent private. It has offices in New York, London, San Francisco, Ft. Lauderdale, and Connecticut.

The fact that Laidlaw has been operating for over 170 years is proof of its continued devotion to its customers by offering them excellent services, which are unmatched. The services are specifically tailor made to fulfill the investment needs of local and international companies, corporate executives and private individuals who want to make investments. It also has the FCA and FINRA certification, which enables it to operate in Europe and the US.

Laidlaw is driven by a commercial and affiliation based work ethic, which ensures that the needs and preferences of clients are put above everything else. Its unique approach to business matters through controlled and independent sales offices has helped it gain supremacy in the industry. Under its fold, it has experienced investment bankers who provide unique perspectives and insights about making ventures.

The Management Team

Key figures according to a prnewswire report at Laidlaw & Company are CEO Mathew D. Eitner, Head of Captital Markets James P. Ahern and Craig Bonn, who is the Senior Managing Director. The trio lead an able team of over 200 employees.



An Analysis Of The One Of Kind Complaints Handling Model Used By White Shark Media.

White Shark Media has of late been the subject of online discussions after they released a statement of their complaints handling model. This firm is specialized in providing small and middle market business entities with market expansion solutions through online marketing.

White Shark Media operates globally to serve its clients with top notch online marketing solutions that favor their specific business. This online marketing solutions provider addresses each of its clients needs specifically and offers solutions that with help their firms grow at its maximum.

The White Shark Media complaints handling report that it realized to the public started by thanking its clients for choosing them as their online marketing solutions provider. It extends this appreciation to its clients for sharing their complaints with them (more on WHM at

On their Google Plus profile page, White Shark Media stated that from its customer’s complaints it has been able to improve the services it provides. This firm says that understanding what their customers need without any physical contact is very tricky, but their customer’s complaints have helped it understand its market. This firm says that from this complaints it has been able to realize its weakness and worked to improve them and also maintain its strong points.

White Shark Media in its complaints handling report stated that it has developed a unique model to handle its customer’s complaints perfectly and ensure that it offers unequaled services to its customers. White Shark Media stated that in its model it started by streamlining its customer communication sector. This was a move that was aimed at ensuring that the clients were able to relay their complaints easily to the firm.

The firm said that it had received some earlier complaints from their customers about their contact systems. White Shark Media then instituted a policy that would ensure it fully addressed its customers complaints. In this policy, this firm was to work on a complaint comprehensively to cover the whole market. This way the problem leading to the complaint would be fully solved.

White Shark Media then started working on its customers complaints. It went ahead and initiated client education programs to help its clients understand their services. This firm also improved its online marketing products to make it customizable to every clients needs.

This would help the clients easily work with the firm to grow their businesses. Furthermore, White Shark Media introduced monthly market expert analysis for its customers to their services. In this monthly analysis, experts would remotely guide their customers in vetting the performance of their online marketing campaigns.

Madison Street Capital Leadership Paves the Way to Success

Charles Botchway has taken his long history of financial success and put his focus behind building one of best companies that serves the corporate finance needs of successful middle market clients. Botchway was in charge of direction and operations at Houlihan Smith & Company, Inc., until he started to create his own vision. The company was focusing on the derivatives and larger corporate needs. That was not the direction that Botchway wanted to go and that led him to become the Chief Executive Officer and founder of Madison Street Capital.

It was a desire to serve the middle market companies and really make an impact that motivated Charles Botchway to create the dream that Madison Street Capital became. This is an international investment banking firm that delivers financial advisory services to corporations. They pride themselves of letting excellence, leadership, service and integrity be their guiding principle. Madison Street Capital invites new clients to join them and bring their goals to the company and then they adopt these goals as their own. They deal with all aspects of the global marketplace. Madison Street Capital handles Mergers and Acquisitions, successful capital raises and all other types of financial guidance that one can imagine. They can even handle transfers of ownership. Through all of this, the leadership of Charles Botchway has been evident. It is through this leadership that the interests of their clients and their goals and accomplishments come first. They have built a first rate reputation across the globe and continue to grow each year.

The process that Botchway encourages at Madison Street Capital is one of constant collaboration and brainstorming. It is an exchange of ideas about the best way to do things and get the most tangible results. It doesn’t matter if it has been done that way before. They put ideas on the table and analyze the validity of these quickly. That allows them to be able to move their investors in positive new directions rather than be stuck in the old ways. When they see an idea that excites the team they take action, avoiding the lack of action that often comes from over thinking things. Botchway has gone on record stating that the growing globalization of the international financial transactions that previously were reserved for the largest global companies are now available to smaller boutique banks just like Madison Street Capital. The playing field is being leveled each and every day.

The leadership of Madison Street Capital is in very capable hands. When you look at the philosophy and leadership of Charles Botchway it is clear that he is a strong guide into the future for the company. He believes in surrounding himself with people who are successful and intelligent and believes that good things are going to result. He finds these successful and driven people a motivation to become a better leader and to provide more to the clients of Madison Street Capital.

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