Kyle Bass Takes Biogen Head On

The Patent Trial and Appeal Board have scheduled an inter parties review (IPR) owing to a petition filed by Kyle Bass’ coalition for Affordable Drugs. The petition seeks to challenge a patent issued for Multiple Sclerosis drug; Tecfidera dimethyl fumerate developed by Biogen Inc, this is according to an article on CNBC.
J. Kyle Bass founded the Hayman Capital Management and serves in the capacity of principal the company. The company takes the form of a Hedge fund and is based in Dallas. He is also the founder of ‘CFAD’ Coalition for Affordable Drugs which seeks to promote a healthy society which enjoys reasonable medical care fee. CFAD since its inception has been used as a tool to address the concerns of patients as well as engage the government in regulating medicine prices. There’s another article on UsfefulStooges about what Kyle has been doing with his company:
IPR is understood to be the set up framework that receives and gives directives with regards to the validity of any U.S patent. Petitions are filed before the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).
Bass challenged the U.S Patent No. 8,399,514, which prescribes the usage of 480mg of dimethyl fumerate which treats multiple sclerosis and is set to expire in 2028. PTAB, which is mandated to resolve this sort of disputes found that prior art introduced by the coalition provided sufficient evidence on the means to arrive at the appropriate dosage while treating multiple sclerosis.
There has been a massive increase in petitions, by October 2015, CFAD had filed 33petitions of IPR, some of the petitions were against the same patent, PTAB has ruled on 17 institution decisions. With 10 petitions denied and 7 granted.
With the 10 petitions denied, Kyle Bass’s attempts to drive certain drugs out of the market have hit a stumbling block. The U.S Patent and Trademark Office specifically refused to review two patents Acorda Therapeutics Inc’s multiple sclerosis drugs.
This decision comes in the wake of an outcry by the pharmaceutical industry which hints at Bass’ attempts to challenge patents as a move aimed at driving stock prices downward with the intention of making money. This is evidenced by the fact that after Bass’ filed a petition against Ampyra, Stock Prices dropped by 10%.
On the other hand Bass claims that the petitions filed are not based on a witch hunt but are based on the fact that big companies were improperly extending patent protection in unscrupulous ways in a direct attempt aimed at keeping drug prices high.
When making a ruling on the Ampyra patents, the patent office observed that the Ampyra Patents have been in existence and their existence was not obvious as compared with previous patents. These grounds were enough to deny attempts by Bass’ to have the patent revoked. This decision by the patent office offers the Ampyra Patents permanent relief from further scrutiny with a guarantee that the patent will enjoy its full life.

Technological Advancements in the Wedding Industry

Wedding is an age old ceremony which is found in almost all the cultures in the world. In part 2 of the Huffington post article series the past, present and future of wedding the wedding industry, the writer looks at;

  1. Wedding Registries
  • Past – a registry gun was used to scan the items you needed. The system did not work very well as the scanners were slow and duplicate items were created on the list. If the item was not available on the list, you had to leave it out.
  • Present – Technology has brought many changes to wedding registries. This includes the ability synchronize registries from different stores. This is aided by sites like TheKnot.
  • Future – Online or in-store registry limits couples. A couple could build their registry throughout the day online, watching on television or even an item spotted in their friends’ house.
  1. Wedding Attire
  • Past – The bride spent a lot of time with friends looking for a wedding and bridesmaid dresses. Obviously this was cumbersome as it took so much time to find the desired dresses. The disadvantage was that the dresses were expensive. The groom also had to be through a lot to acquire his and the groomsmen’s tuxedos.
  • Present – Dresses can be rent out from Magnolia moreover, ladies who own a bridal gown can sell or rent it out on the site. Companies like Men’s Warehouse have the Apps and software to handle the groom and his crew.
  • Future – More brides and bridesmaids will be able to rent out their dresses for other weddings. The prices are also expected to go down and with advancement in the textile industry the couples will be able to customize their attire within a short period of time.
  1. Wedding Websites
  • Past – Many hours were used fixing layout for the websites and visitors to the sites were few. The information given was not alluring.
  • Present – We have many wedding sites that have photo galleries, registries, and you can easily communicate with the guests.
  • Future – Mobile phones will be used more to create wedding websites. Apps will be available for this purpose. For more information check

Slyce Inc. is an image recognition company based in Toronto. Slyce uses the visual technology and are revolutionizing commerce and the use of the internet. The main purpose of Slyce is to discover, develop and grow companies to make it easy for people to use the technology. Slyce has partnered with six of the top 20 retailers in the US to operate its technology as a mobile application.

Once the image that the user has sent is scanned, consumers can immediately make a purchase online or goes to the nearest retail shop. This technology can be used by retailers, publishers and brands.

White Shark Media Talks Keywords and SEO


White Shark Media wants to help businesses generate more revenue. White Shark Media is a search engine marketing company. The firm works with clients to help them amass solid earnings through PPC campaigns. White Shark Media review does not provide search engine optimization work, but the company’s experts are available for evaluations of current SEO campaigns. Keywords play a major role in any SEO strategy. The right use of keywords is paramount to success. Properly using keywords also helps website publishers avoid being accused of “black hat” (illegal) techniques.

The blog of White Shark Media is filled with many interesting entries and comments. A recent entry discusses keywords, a topic anyone with even a passing interest in SEO should check out.

The reasons for understanding the proper use of keywords are vast. The most obvious benefit is researching and integrating the correct keywords – and doing so properly – maximizes the chances of experiencing the best results. The “best results” are defined by the amount of traffic flowing into a website and the intensity of the interest on the part of the traffic. Drawing in a lot of traffic serves no purpose unless those persons are likely to become actual customers.

This way, traffic typing in those particular variants can be targeted as well. Weaving the keywords seamless into the content and other areas of the page have to be done as well. All these tasks may seem like a lot of effort is required, but hold your complaints. All the effort is necessary if the goal is to achieve desirable results.

SEO results are not as easy to acquire these days as they were in the past. Being a lot more deliberate with keywords is a must or else results are going to be elusive. This means revenue figures are going to be far less than they should be.

White Shark Media’s SEO evaluations can aid with improving keyword usage among other things. To learn more about what White Shark Media can do, read the company’s blog and testimonial pages.

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SKOUT Proves Committment To Community With SF-Marin Donation

On National Potato Chip Day – March 14th, the annual day set aside to celebrate the venerable American potato chip, Christian Wiklund, CEO of SKOUT announced the day’s profits from the very popular SKOUT app would go to the SF-Marin Food Bank. This constitutes a considerable cash donation to give back to the company’s local neighbors in need of enough food. The SKOUT application for smartphones helps strangers with declared interests to find and meet each other. It is a safe way for millions of people everyday to learn of exciting events in any area of interest and then get connected with other people interested in the same.

Wiklund thought it fitting that the same app that helps people who are lonely or bored should benefit those 20,000 people in his community who are less fortunate and who rely upon the services the food bank provides. True to his creative roots, he decided to launch his new initiative to give back on a day that celebrates a food most loved: potato chips.

The SKOUT app will benefit all the food banks across the San Francisco and Marin County areas, which are at least partially supplied through the coordination of the SF-Marin Food Bank. About 1 out of 4 people in San Francisco would starve without this worthy organization. Over 100,000 meals are delivered every day of the year. Therefore, the SF-Marin Food Bank must obtain and process over 24,000 tons of food in that year. About 450 smaller food banks partner with SF-Marin to get the food distributed where it is needed.

The functionality of the SKOUT app can be increased with ‘Points’ to unlock certain new capabilities. Available on devices that run the iOS operating system and is downloadable from Google Play and The App Store. One of the first uses for the Points is usually to unlock the ability to find out who has been looking at your profile on SKOUT. Read more at SKOUT’s Home Page.

SKOUT is the app for finding fun social events, other people who are going to that venue, and even to reserve tickets or bottle service. The app has been running now for over nine years, it is available in 180 countries, and supports 16 languages. The company is funded by Andreessen Horowitz. The management has disclosed that SKOUT membership is about 70 percent outside the United States, and 30 percent internal. PR NewsWire had the first article covering SKOUT’s Event.

Lime Crime Is The Ultimate Destination For Vegans

Vegans who are trying to be faithful to their lifestyle will be able to come to Lime Crime for vegan makeup that is safe for them to use. There are a lot of people who are very serious about going vegan, but they cannot stay vegan if they cannot find enough makeup to use. Lime Crime was started by Doe Deere to offer women bright colors to wear when they are out and about. Doe actually can make the makeup by hand if she wanted to, and she now has a huge operation that allows her to sell to thousands of people online.

People who shop with Lime Crime via Amazon can see the vegan and non vegan products when they are on the website. Everyone gets to choose from the makeup that they want to wear, and they will see new vegan products coming up all the time. Doe is trying to make sure that everyone can use the vegan products that they need, and she is pushing to make sure that all her products can be purchased as vegan.

The line has the brightest colors in the world today, and it will help people when they are trying to dress in an alternative way. Someone who loves to wear something different will be able to use the Lime Crime line to look totally different, and everyone who is trusting in the line needs to make sure that they keep checking back for new items.

There are some people who love to mix up bright colors as much as they possibly can, which is why Lime Crime is so popular on Pinterest, and this is going to make it much easier for them to look the way that they want. Someone who wants to make sure that they are going to look their best can come to Lime Crime for help, and they can scan through all the different things that they can wear when they want to pop with bright colors on the street. Lime Crime makes people look their best while it respects that they are going to use products that match their lifestyle choices in the every day world.  Both Instagram and Tumblr are also great places to see what Lime Crime does with their makeup next.

Is the Man Who “Broke The Bank of England”, looking to turning The U.S. Presidential election?

George Soros, the 84-year old international philanthropist and business magnate, (net worth of $24.9 billion) has made a heavy financial investment in support of a pro-Hilary Clinton PAC. The eight million dollar grant, solidifies the fact that he has long been an advocate and supporter of the left- wing democratic ethos.
Born in Hungary and fleeing the his communist mother land for the United Kingdom in 1947, Soros educated himself at LSE (London School of Economics). In 1956, after numerous attempts to find good compensatory work, the young George Soros emigrated to the USA and started working as an arbitrage trader. His specialty was trading European stocks for US investors. Soros never looked back and grew multi million dollar investments from strength to strength finally setting up Soros Fund Management in 1970, and subsequently the Open Fund Society.

An avid believer in democracy and equality for all, where all people are entitled to have the freedoms and access to democracy, The Open Fund Society was founded to help people make the transition from communism to democracy. Today it is a network organisations working in over 100 nations worldwide. According to a latinofoxnews statement by George Soros he said “My success in the financial markets has given me a greater degree of independence than most other people. This allows me to take a stand on controversial issues: In fact, it obliges me to do so because others cannot.”

While the support of the Clinton campaign is not surprising, what is surprising is that Soros has also supported the Republican party candidate Kasich. According to the FEC (Federal Election Commission), Kasich has received in excess of four hundred thousand US dollars for his “New Day For America” PAC fund. Moreover, it has been further reported that the funds were received by the “New Day For America” campaign through two of Soro’s former employees Scott Bessent and Stanley Druckenmiller.

With all the world’s eyes on the 2016 presidential campaign, Soro’s vicarious support of Republican candidate Kasich has more raised more than a few right-wing conservative eyebrows. With the burning question: Why this turn from George Soros who has characteristically always supported the ilk of the democratic party and those with progressive mind-sets. The pattern has been interrupted by this open support of the Republican party candidate Kasich. Soros was recently quoted by NY books saying:
“We must reaffirm our commitment to the principles of open society and resist the siren song of the likes of Donald Trump and Ted Cruz, however hard that may be”.
Looking at the current trend, the theory to thwart Trump winning more delegates may well be at the forefront of the Soro support. With Kasich looking strong in Ohio, Rubio’s campaign has been slated to realign his supporters to Kasich in an attempt to deny Trump winning more delegates.

This information was originally published through the Political Insider.

THIS Major GOP Presidential Candidate Took $588,375 From George Soros!

Soros helps liberals court Latinos


Billionaire George Soros plans to donate $5 million to a campaign by liberals that will spend $15 million to attract Latino voters to the Democrats for the upcoming elections in November. Democrats hope to take advantage of Hispanic anger over remarks made by Republican front runner Donald Trump, who called Latino immigrants rapists and thieves, according to an article in The New York Times . He also called for a wall between Mexico and the United States, and said he would force Mexico to pay for the construction.

Democrats say this will be the largest effort to date to court Latino voters. They hope to get left-leaning voters to actually vote, and to persuade the swing voters. The campaign, called Immigrant Voters Win, will spend in Colorado, Florida and Nevada, all state with significant Latino populations.

Conservatives have their own PAC aimed at Latino voters, called Libre Initiative, and it will spend $10 million that they received from the Koch Brothers.

The donation by Soros is part of a return to politics for him, as he has already donated $13 million in this election cycle. He was very involved in the 2004 election, helping organize a $200 million campaign in an effort to unseat President George Bush. Since then his donations have been geared more towards specific social issues and less overtly political campaigns.

Latino voters may seem like an easy target, but Democrats still feel there is work to do. Some Latinos have expressed disappointment that President Barak Obama did not deliver on a promise of immigration overhaul, and the current administration has deported a lot of poeple. Latino political organizers also say the Democratic party has not funded them adequately in the past, leaving them unable to do all they would like.

Soros is one of the richest men in the world, and he made his fortune with international finance. Soros, who is Jewish, grew up in Hungary, and was in hiding from Nazi occupation in World War II. In 1947 he went to England to study at the London School of Economics. He moved to the United States in the early 1950s where he started his international finance, and hedge fund company.

He said the Republican, especially coming from Trump, anti immigration and anti Muslim talk has been offensive. He feels it is harmful to the national interests and to democracy itself. He believes there should be consequences for taking such stands, and he hopes he can encourage Latinos to get out and vote an make that happen by electing Democrats.

Visit Project Syndicate to learn more about George.

Why Organo Gold’s new Products are a Hit with Coffee Lovers

Many people enjoy taking coffee. It acts as a supplement to meals and also as a relaxant whenever we feel like clearing our minds. Recently, there was excitement amongst coffee lovers after manufacturer Organo Gold introduced coffee and tea varieties containing a 4200 year old Chinese herb known as Ganoderma Lucidum. The shrub, also known as the ‘King of Herbs’ increases the flavor of beverages. In addition, nutritionists say it helps increase oxygen stock in various parts of the body, boost resistance to diseases and assist in the elimination of toxic wastes from the body.

The new range of products is packaged in such a way that they are ready to drink. One can have his favorite beverage ranging from Café Latte to Mocha without necessarily searching for a coffee shop. All one needs to do is dip the coffee bags in hot water.

About Organo Gold CEO Bernardo Chua

The Filipino native is the founder and CEO of Organo Gold. This is the parent company of smaller firms operating under the names Organo Gold and Coffee Connoisseur. He was led into forming the firms after noticing that a niche existed in the coffee market despite its high potential. There were no healthy products containing Ganoderma Lucidum and he therefore wanted to tap into this.

Before starting Organo Gold, Chua was an executive with Gano Excel Philippines. He helped expand operations to Hong Kong, Canada and the USA. The company was in the business of marketing products such as coffee which contained the herb. He later moved to the USA where he became Gano Excel’s North American Executive. He is credited for introducing the herb to the profitable North American Market.

From his Facebook it’s clear Mr. Chua has managed to oversee an ambitious expansion plan that that has seen Organo Gold open shop in many locations all over the world. Recently, its operations were expanded to Turkey, a country believed to be the location of the world’s first coffee shop. Chua has led the firm through a successful era. Dubbed one of the most accomplished Asian businessmen, Mr. Chua has been awarded many times during his corporate journey. He is a recipient of the 2014 Dangal ng Bayan Award for Business and Industry. He is also a five time recipient of the Direct Sales Company Executive of the year award. He continues to place his focus on making the best quality instant coffee and financing research about Ganoderma and ensuring Organo Gold maintains its position as the market leader.  Bernie also tweets about the company, but there’s a brilliant YouTube speech Chua gave that should be required watching.

Sanjay Shah Grows The Solo Capital Brand In An International Powerhouse

Sanjay Shah founded Solo Capital with an eye on providing for himself and his family. He was without a job after cuts at Merrill Lynch, but Sanjay had an acumen for investing that led him to offer boutique-style services. The company has grown to take over many other firms in Europe, the middle east and the Caribbean, and Sanjay has used his considerable influence to take charge or flailing company that needed his help. This article explains how Sanjay Shah updated the boutique investment industry with his new firm.

#1: What Are Boutique Investing Services?

Boutique investing services offer individual service that customers receive from a specific broker. Sanjay began Solo Capital by doing all the work himself, and he began hiring brokers who helped customers on a one-on-one basis. His plan for the company was to ensure that every customer received the finest service possible, and no customer at Solo Capital lost money out of a lack of understanding.

#2: How Far Has The Boutique Business Taken Solo Capital?

Solo Capital was the impetus for many business acquisitions that Sanjay made over the years. He has purchased many small investment firms around the western hemisphere that offer boutique services, and Sanjay applies his own service standards to each new company he buys. Sanjay holds the companies under an umbrella corporation known as Aesa S.a.r.l., and every company according to a crunchbase article offers the same level of service that was pioneered at Solo Capital.

#3: Sanjay Purchases Old Park Lane

Sanjay Shah saved one of the old pioneers of the boutique trading industry when he purchased Old Park Lane. Old Park Lane is a London firm that offers boutique trading services on an invitation-only basis. Sanjay wanted to save a company that he respected greatly, and he wanted to add a high level of service to his brand that would help all his customers.

#4: Sanjay Believes In Charitable Giving

Sanjay believes deeply in charitable giving, and he has used his success at Solo Capital to help fund Autism Rocks. Autism Rocks funds concerts that raise money for autism research, and Sanjay uses the Solo Capital family to invest the money raised by the charity. The endowment is quite large, and the foundation sends money to researchers in the field of autism every year.

Sanjay Shah has created an international powerhouse that is serving millions of people every year. His companies pan much of the western hemisphere, and his charity has a global reach. The success of Sanjay Shah and Solo Capital is proof that hard work and perseverance pay off.

Queens of Drama Bringing Soap Operas Back to Television

Queens of Drama is a US television show that first aired on April 26, 2015, on POP. The first season had 10 episodes. The producers of the show wanted to highlight the disappearance of soap operas from television. They thus scripted this soap opera with a hint of documentary reality. The running time for each episode is 30 minutes.

Queens of Drama focuses on the efforts of former primetime and daytime soap stars as they try to bring soap operas back to television. The stars form a small production company with the aim of developing and producing a new TV drama series. They struggle to work together not only in front of the camera but also behind it. They juggle between acting and trying to get a pilot deal before the end of the first season.

Vanessa Marcil seems to lead the pack as she tries to advance the TV project. She enlists the help of Donna Mills who comes in as a prima donna. She hires Hunter Tylo without consulting the others and this irks them. She further goes ahead to attend a network meeting with CW without informing the other partners. This act causes the rest of the gang to try and find a replacement for Mills and thus settle for Joan Collins.

The show also brings to light the shaky relationship between Crystal Hunt and Lindsay Hartley. The two have a passive aggressive relationship that is full of tension. The reasonable member of the cast is Chrystee Pharris. The composed and reasonable character is often trying to defuse the tension between Hartley and Hunt.

The show is wonderfully scripted to highlight the struggles of a dying breed of soap opera stars in trying to get back to prime time television. It explores the thin line between documentary reality and reality television. It also shows the plight of fading soap stars and what they go through to remain relevant in the industry.

Crystal Hunt’s Character in the Show

Metacritic reviewers wrote Crystal Hunt plays a fictionalized version of herself on the new POP television show. She has blended her character for Queens of Drama with other characters she played on other soap operas. One notable character is that of Stacy Morasco on One Life to Live. On this new show, Hunt showcases her business side as well as her creative skills. Viewers will be able to appreciate her sharp business acumen and creativity.

About Crystal Hunt

Hunt is an American television actress and producer. She has been cast on many TV commercials before she got her breakout role on Guiding Light. She played Lizzie Spaulding from the year 2003 to 2006. In 2005, she appeared in a film titled The Derby Stallion. Later in 2007, she was cast as Demetria Rosemead Hodgekiss in Sydney White. Hunt played Stacy Morasco in One Life to Live from 2009 to 2010.

In 2014, Hunt produced a feature film, Talbot County. She owns My Pets Dream Boutique located in Clearwater, Florida. In 2005, she was nominated for a Daytime Emmy Award and a Soap Opera Digest Award.  Crystal’s acting reel can be seen on YouTube.