US Money Reserve Elimination Of The Penny

Us money Reserve is a renowned distributor of gold coins, bullion bars, platinum and silver. The distribution platforms are normally online. The company is run by its president named Philip Diehl who has made a very interesting decision to eliminate the penny out of the market as it appears that many do not use it, and it has lost its worth. Diehl has observed that for the past 25 years many people have turned from using cash to using electronic methods of payment. About 25% using cash mode of payment while the rest which is 75% are using the electronic procedures.

The US Money Reserve has been operational since 2001, and it has been the largest distributor of gold coins, silver and platinum is widely known to keep its assets in the form of these precious types of metals. Situated in Austin, Texas the US money Reserve has ensured that it’s the main supplier of these metals with the help of the chosen few individuals who are trained professionals in matters relating to distinguishing all kinds of precious metals from the fake ones. It has ensured customer satisfaction and gives its clients the best of all metals.

The current decision to eliminate the penny from the market has received a lot of complaints that it will destabilize the market. In response to this, the US Money Reserve president appeared to discuss the issue to avoid people getting misleading ideas. He argues that it is not easy to find people collecting pennies from the ground unless you are surviving and living in less than the minimum wage. Removal of the penny will not make any change to the market at all for few people use it. The expenses of the penny are in this era outweighing the use by many people.

There are all types of assets including jewelry, apartments and businesses. However, there are metallic assets like gold, silver and platinum which one can buy and watch them grow more value as they stay long. US money reserves advice more people to buy their metals and keep them as assets for their own financial security. To understand more about the US money reserve check up on and you will get more advice on the value of having gold, silver and platinum assets as your securities. Many rich folks confess to owning a safe of precious metals with them for future holdings. You are lucky to have us money reserve to choose the best for you. There’s nothing more precious than owning such pieces for they are there to stay and neither will they depreciate.

The Zika Virus Was First Discovered In Africa in 1947

There is concern that the Zika virus is spreading around the globe at an alarming rate. Mothers in Brazil are especially concerned, according to an article. There have been four deaths from the Zika virus, and 46 more deaths are being investigated in South America’s largest country. Even though the Zika virus was discovered in Africa in 1947, the first outbreak of the virus didn’t happen until 2007.

In 2013, there was another outbreak of the same strain of the virus in French Polynesia. Then the virus spread through the Pacific Islands and Brazil, according to Sergio Cortes, the Brazilian head medical advisor from the Ministry of Health. The first case of the virus was reported in Northern Brazil in May 2015. From May to October, there were 150 babies born with microcephaly.

Microcephaly is the disease that the fetus contracts when the mother is bitten by a mosquito that is carrying the virus. Babies with microcephaly are born with much smaller heads and have brain development issues. Dr. Cortes told an interviewer that the number of cases of microcephaly sky-rocketed to more than 3,500 between October 2015 and January 2016.

Brazilian medical researchers on are working on a vaccine for the Zika virus, but they haven’t been successful. Dr. Cortes said the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention issued a warning to U.S. citizens to stay away from Brazil. There have been 12 cases of the virus reported in the United States. One infant in Hawaii has been diagnosed with microcephaly. Three UK travelers were recently diagnosed with the virus, and one Israeli girl returning from Colombia has the virus, so it appears the virus could spread through North America and Europe in 2016.

Dr. Cortes told that The Zika virus usually causes a two to 10-day illness. Infected people suffer from joint pain, rashes, fever and conjunctivitis. Pregnant women, however, could pass the virus on to their unborn baby, and that is Brazil’s main concern. Babies born with the virus related microcephaly don’t live longer than 10 to 15 years.

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has put out a Zika virus related warning in the following countries: Colombia, El Salvador, Brazil, Guatemala, Haiti, French Guiana, Honduras, Mexico, Martinique, Panama, Suriname, Venezuela, Paraguay, Puerto Rico, Barbados, Ecuador, Guadeloupe, Bolivia, Saint Martin, Cape Verde, Samoa and Guyana. Public Health England has put out a warning, and that agency expects to see more cases of the Zika virus the over the next six months.

But Dr. Cortes said that the virus is not spread through human contact. Zika is only transmitted to humans by a mosquito bite. But Cortes also said that researchers did a study in 2013, and they concluded that the virus might spread through sexual intercourse, but that has not been confirmed. Even though researchers believe that the Zika virus causes microcephaly, it has not been proven scientifically.


This has been a phrase that has been used a great deal in business. There are lots of companies and brands looking to “cut out the middleman”.

The premise for this catch phrase can be illustrated in the following way:

“Take a pair of italian shoes that would normally be worth $500, make them for $100. Take them and sell them for $300. That is a $200 difference. Do you see how that works?”

The problem in the shoe business has always been money. You see the style, color and fit you want. The only issue lines in the quantity. You only have money for one or two pairs, when you want maybe 4 or 5.


Why do the high-end shoes always cost so much? It’s because of all the overhead involved. To make a pair of really good high-end shoes it will take several processes. Than there is the overhead to consider. All of these processes take money.

Why not cut everything out. Go right to the source. This way you can get the same product for less money. Thus way the production comes in under budget. Nelson and Gerson are some of the first shoe suppliers to begin doing this. Once they started, they noticed a significant drop in pricing and production, but the shoe still maintained the same value and quality. Nelson and Gerson have seen an increase in stock by up to $100 million a year. This is within the last five years. Paul Evans is looking to do the same.


Paul Evans is another shoe store and source that has been getting into the “cut out the middleman” idea. More men have been coming to the Paul Evans chain. More men are buying into the product value and liking it. In keeping with this mindset, Paul Evans has done it’s own cutting.

This way men can still buy several pairs of high-quality shoes, all while staying under budget. Paul Evans is one of the cheaper shoe places to go shopping at.

If you have not taken a look at the Paul Evan’s site, please do so. All his shoes are high-end, yet you don’t have to go broke to buy from him.

New York Attorneys-Ross Abelow, in a Class by Himself

New York Attorneys are plentiful, but not all of them have the same amount of experience and some are better-qualified than others. Some stand out, others do not.

One of the top stand-out attorneys here is Ross Abelow, a highly-acclaimed New York Attorney. He has many years experience in the Legal Profession, and many people go to him for legal advice when they’re in trouble.

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Ross Abelow will ensure that you will have all of your questions pertaining to the case answered, and that you will fully understand all that will be involved in your case. His purpose is to help you to win, so he will give you all the sound, professional legal advice that you need to that end.

Mr. Abelow knows that this can be a difficult time for people like you; you can be a bit bewildered, but then again, that’s what attorney’s are for, and when you go to Ross Abelow, you have an attorney and a friend.

So go to his website, contact his staff and get the qualified legal help you need to help win your case. To Mr. Abelow’s staff, this is not just a job, but their profession, their passion, their job is to be of service to you, to help you.

Now you understand that New York may be the city with everything, but that doesn’t mean that you can just summon the services of any attorney you see. You have to be careful and selective with everything in this vast city, and that includes the attorneys you choose, too.

Mr. Abelow has demonstrated that he is not just any attorney, he is indeed unique, he is in a class by himself. And when you contact him, you will clearly see that, too.

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Fashion Pioneer: The Work of Doe Deere

Fashion is many things. Fashion is often just something people choose to wear each day. But people have also realized that fashion can be an amazing way to express themselves and allow them to demonstrate their unique take on the world to others. Those who choose to use fashion in this way often find that it is helpful to look to others who know a great deal about fashion to help them make important choices about what to wear each day and what may work in any particular given day or any specific situation they have in mind at the time.

In a recent article for Bustle Magazine fashion expert Doe Deere talks about the kind of rules that have governed fashion for many years and how such rules can be broken well. Many people adhere to rules such as not wearing socks with open toes shoes or sticking to occasion specific dressing. They may decide to wear casual clothing for driving to the grocery store and then choose to save a specific outfit such as a lovely dress to wear only for a party. They may also decide that it is impossible to pair socks with a pair of dressy shoes.

Deere tells us we can break such rules and still look really good. As she reminds us, fashion is about many things. One of the most important of all such things is a sense of true confidence. Those who are confident in picking out fashion for themselves are those who be able to find fashion that is truly ideal for their needs.

Deere is the founder of Lime Crime, a site devoted to providing high quality cosmetics that are ideal for the needs of any woman. Her cosmetics are based on the use of whimsical shades that are not often seen on other sites. The pictures posted on the site show her customers the best way to use such colors to their advantage. Many people have purchased items from her site that allow them to be able to let out their own inner sense of overall style and fashion awareness while still looking really good at the same time.

Her work continues to be all about personal style and the amazing use of glorious color. She wants us all to know fashion rules and to be able to break them with great confidence and happiness. She also wants us to use our own sense of what works for us rather than a rule that has been handed down from a previous generation and may be quite archaic and not even applicable to the needs of today’s fashionista. It is this devotion to the world of fashion and the ideal of pushing it forward that has made her very popular.

The Dynamic New York Real Estate Scene.

According to the New York Times, the real estate scene in New York keeps on growing, and its prospects have been on the rise since it became a viable business venture. During the last financial year, the industry was at its all time high despite the financial crunch that had gripped the world a few years prior.

Pent houses often hit the nine digit mark with the real estate agents averaging five deals a month. This was especially so in the areas that surround Central Park and across the Manhattan area. In these places, there was a high rate of sales and these deals often involved extravagant prices or condos and pent houses as well as townhouses.

Brooklyn is another upcoming market often seen as a desirable address for many middle-class people. In the same financial year, it had the most expensive sale in the region when a single residence was sold in Cobble Hill.

Those in the know on real estate news say that the records were just an indicator of what was to come. They believe that the future holds more promising prospects and more deals than the past. Experts such as Shaun Osher believe that billionaire bunkers are going to crop up all over New York, and someone has to sell them. There will undoubtedly be a change of scenery and the New York skyline when these billionaire bunkers crop up in areas like the 220 Central Park South, 520 park, 432 park as well as 56 Leonard streets.

A little over 120 apartments are already on contract in the park area since the beginning of this year with each of these units averaging $ 50 million and above. The brokers believe that it is only a matter of time before these contracts are signed and the apartments are sold.

Sites like Town Residential have proven useful in showing potential clients the available units without having to leave the comforts of their homes or offices. The user just has to enter a preferred address and the listings available will be generated for him to make a choice.

Town Residential offers pictures, neighbourhood maps, developments and information about the closest social amenities such as healthcare facilities, schools, shopping malls and transport infrastructure. It also shows houses that are on sale, those that are available for leasing as well as the apartments that are rentable including the address and dates for the open house tours.