Homejoy Goes Bust

Even David Hasslehoff could not save the home cleaning and repair company startup, Homejoy. The company hired the former Knight-rider star to headline a commercial for the company that was founded by siblings, Adora and Aaron Cheung. The company is based in San Francisco. The idea for a home cleaning and repair company is not new. The idea for a home cleaning and repair company that allows people to book independent contractors is relatively new. Their biggest competition is Handy. Handy is a similar operation that allows users to book a cleaning or repair service through their app.

Homejoy Woes
The company filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in San Jose court. Certainly, expectations for the new startup were high. This is based on the amazing success of their biggest competitor, Handy. The Homejob company was off to a good start. They acquired funding from several wonderful resources that included Google Ventures and First Round Capital. The company quickly expanded to several countries, offering cleaning and repair services to clients for 25 dollars per hour. However, it was not smooth sailing for the company. The company faced a number of challenges that led to rough waters. The startup is in the midst of a large number of lawsuits that forced it to close the operation.

Handy Technologies Inc.
Handy is a company that offers residential cleaning and repair services through a booking software application. The on demand cleaning service scored a major hit with consumers. In fact, the mobile applications have reached a point in booking $1 million per week. Independent Contractors like working with the handy application. They are able to work the hours they prefer, any day of the week. Handy’s amazing success led to other entrepreneurs trying to grab a share of the market. However, Handy still leads in offering cleaning and repair services through a mobile booking application.

Handy is still enjoying amazing success, while competitors find that it is difficult to grab a piece of the market. Today, the Handy service is in about 25 countries across the world. Nearly 200,000 independent contractors have applied to the site. Their popularity and success continues to grow and dominate the market.

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Reason Interviews Yeonmi Park

In an interview on Reason, young Yeonmi Park tells her story, and she explains she didn’t know what freedom meant. Yeonmi Park is the young author of a new book entitled “In Order to Live, A North Korean Girl’s Journey to Freedom.” The interview gives an insight to the contents her saga, and she gives an overview of her journey. Yeonmi is a North Korean native who after nightmare experiences in her homeland made her way to freedom in South Korea in a dangerous journey across Asia.
Her family decided they needed to get out of North Korea for safety, so the family started out one dark night and crossed the Yalu River with her mother and sister. Her father was incarcerated in a concentration camp for selling merchandise to support his family. He had one goal, and that was to get his family to freedom. The women made their way to China, and there they were separated when captured by bounty hunters. They were sold and sexually abused, starved and her sister was lost and presumed dead. Young Yeonmi made a deal with her captor, sex for release, and he kept his word. She found her mother, and they were joined by her father then they made their way to South Korea.
The outspoken Yeonmi Park travels the world spreading the word on Youtube of the human rights violations in North Korea, and the North Korean government rages a campaign against her. She doesn’t scare of give in however, and she keeps speaking at colleges and universities across the world. She says in the interview that she knows the truth of North Korea, and she carries it to anyone who will listen. She is one of the youngest lecturers in the world, and her valor is beyond question. She refuses to be silenced by the North Korean regime, and she plans to continue to travel the world spreading the word and praying for peace.

Visual Search Technology is Set to Change the Way We Use the Internet

An article titled “AI Advances Make It Possible to Search, Shop with Images” recently appeared on The MIT Technology Review website and it shed some light on the fascinating visual search technology that is being used in retail and in social media. The author remarked how there has been little change to basic internet search functions that have been in existence just as long as the internet itself. The fairly recent innovation of visual search is changing the way we look as searching on the internet.

It was reported that retailers like Shoes.com and the driving forces behind the popular social media platform Pinterest have recently started experimenting with visual search technology. The goal is to determine if visual search technology is something that can be easily integrated into their operations.

Visual search works in conjunction with Google’s Deep Learning software that matches information with an infinite number of photos extracted from all over the web. Pinterest’s Head of Visual Search, Kevin Jing, thinks this integration will make visual search much more user friendly and stated “Image representation coming from deep learning is much, much more accurate.” While Pinterest is testing visual search capabilities on its website, Shoes.com is experimenting with using visual search to link customers in retail stores with the online experience.

Slyce has developed a search technology called Slyce Link that allows users to snap a photo then instantly get information gathered from the web to assist them in finding that item. This type of search technology not only makes it easier for consumers to find products, it also assists retailers by giving their customers multiple options on how and where they can purchase an item. If an item is out of stock on one website, visual search can assist consumers in finding the same item on another site.

Slyce is working hard to develop and support visual search technology and has already expanded its capabilities to include mobile coupon technology called Scout and their developers are constantly looking for new ways to improve this technology. Using outdated search boxes may soon be a thing of the past in the world of retail and Slyce is at the forefront of this exciting technology.

Skout is One of the Top Dating Apps

Dating apps are one of the easiest ways that people are able to find great dates and new people that they can love. The best dating apps are the ones that allow people to have many different options when it comes to who they are picking out. This is something that has grown over the years and has become an industry out of itself, even after it was originally a branch of the online dating world. There are many dating apps that are available and the top ten include some of the names like Zoosk, Badoo, POF and Skout. Each of these have specialties that make them great options, but some are better than others.

Skout was the first online dating app that was introduced to the App Store for iPhone in 2008. When it first came out, it was choppy, somewhat difficult to use and had many glitches. People still chose to use it and continued to form lasting relationships as a result of meeting on the Skout app. This app, while it was the first, remains prominent in the online dating world today. In the list that was compiled by an industry expert on app dating, Skout came in at number seven. This is a great number for an app that has been around for almost a decade. Shout continues to thrive on the market for app dating.

Choosing a dating app is all about what you want out of your dating experience. If you want to find someone close to your area, nearly all dating apps will have that. Users who are looking for a broader range and are unopposed to finding someone in a different country may want to try an app that incorporates global profiles into the app. It is important to make sure your chosen app has this before you make the decision to use the app.

If you are looking for a global dating app, you will be able to find someone with Skout. This app not only allows you to tailor your search to the type of person you are looking for, but it also allows you to find people around the world. If you want to filter out some countries or areas, you are able to do that. It is important to note that the more filters you have on your search, the harder it will be for you to find someone you want to be with.

Kevin Seawright Now Helping Newark, New Jersey

LinkedIn shows that Kevin Seawright made a name for himself working in the city of Baltimore, and his accounting expertise has helped the city save money in several departments. Large cities like Baltimore and Newark are managing millions of dollars a year, and Kevin has had his hands on that money for some time. This article explores how Kevin is changing the way the Newark CEDC is developing the area.

#1: How Far Behind The Times Is Newark?

Newark is several decades behind the times in terms of development. The city has been blighted by poverty and crime for a long time, and the schools are not performing as they should. Poor schools and housing are causing crime rates to go, but the CEDC has planned to develop neighborhoods to return them to their former glory.

#2: What Will These Developments Do?

On Twitter Kevin says the developments in the city will bring back proper residences, better shops and new businesses. Every business will hire people, and those people can afford to live in these new areas. Nearly everyone in Newark will be able to find a job in one of these new locations, and Kevin is helping funnel money to the people who need it.

#3: How Will Kevin Help?

Kevin is more than capable of managing the books for the Newark CEDC, but he is more than a bookkeeper. Kevin knows how to arrange the accounting department in a way that is more efficient. Efficiency helps the city save money, and the CEDC will have more money to reinvest into the city development plans. Millions will be saved over the next few years, and the millions that are saved because of Kevin’s expertise will help Newark rebound faster from several decades of trouble.

#4: How Many Years Will This Take?

The development of the city could take a decade or more, but the Newark CEDC is dedicated to ensuring the city can recover as quickly as possible. Newark is no longer running development, and calling in Kevin Seawright will help the CEDC get their work done faster. The development of the city is an important part of changing the eastern seaboard, and the popular airport in the city will once again become a favored destination of travelers to the New York area.

There are several parts of the city that are in dire need of help, and these developments will come from a company that is capable of saving money as it pays for construction, development and advertising in the area.

The Town Residential Offering Exceptional Luxury Condos

For anyone looking to live in the lap of luxury, there are plenty of options available to them in New York City, they just need to know where to turn to. Town Residential has NYC Real Estate covered. No matter where they want to call home in New York or what kind of property they are interested in, if it is luxury driven, Town is the place to check out. With some of the most experienced real estate agents on the market today, these individuals will not stop until someone finds exactly what it is they want.

Real estate in New York is always moving and there is always something new. However, properties also move fast as well, so if someone sees property they are interested in they need to move fast. Town Residential can help make all of this happen. From a three bedroom, three bathroom condo on East 72nd Street to property right on Fifth Avenue, overlooking all of the action, there is always going to be a location that welcomes individuals home. Plus, Town Residential can assist with locating a property to both buy and rent.

Real estate in New York is always in flow. There is always something in motion and it is always changing. Vacancy has been going down in recent months, which makes finding a property more challenging for someone who wants to wait and exercise their options. Recently, the Manhattan absorption rate fell to 4.1 months in November while the sharpest decline took place in Midtown and Midtown East. Luxury condos has been a hot ticket item though, as 70 contracts were signed in the first half of the month.

On top of all of this, multifamily sales within the city of New York sold for $1.7 billion total just in September alone, which is a 97 percent jump from the month of August. Rent is also increasing throughout Lower Fifth Avenue. Property between 42nd Street and 49th Street is now up to $1,244 per square foot. This is up over 14 percent from the previous month. Throughout all of Manhattan, while the vacancy rate held steady at 8.9 percent, the average asking price for rent increases by just over $71 per square foot.