New York Is Thinking About Adding Booze To Their Movies

New Yorkers may soon be enjoying their movies in a different way. That’s because Governor Andrew Cuomo wants the State Liquor Authority to issue beer and wine licenses to all of the movie theaters that are in the state. According to Grubstreet, right now the only theaters that can have alcohol are the dine-in types that have a kitchen attached to them.


This new type of movie theater would really switch things up. Chances are that it would bring in more revenue as well. Often when people are out on a date, they enjoy going to a movie and then the bar. This way they can combine both into one. The movie theater would make more money because these drinks would sling a higher profit for them. Many people like drinking and if they can have alcohol while watching a movie, they might be inclined to get out more. So many people enjoy watching movies at home because they can kick back with a beer and relax. This will help to get those homebodies out and into the theater.


There are certain rules and regulations in place to make sure that movies won’t turn rowdy. After all, it’s still supposed to be a quiet place not a bar. Those who are seeing a PG-13 or higher movie would be allowed to drink. This would help to cut back on underage drinking in the theater and drinking around families that are out. People would only be allowed one drink at a time. Sometimes, that’s all you need. First date jitters can be erased with a glass of wine. If a person is scared about seeing a scary movie, they can feel more comfortable by drinking.


This is a big deal for the state of New York. Many other states already have movie theaters that sell alcohol. New York is such a big place with a variety of people that it only seems natural that they should be able to drink alcohol at theaters. Right now it’s unclear how much attention state legislators will pay to this quest of Governor Cuomos. If they consider the idea, however, it’s a win win for everyone. Customers will enjoy it, people will make money, and overall everyone will be a little happier.

New York Is Getting A New Grocery Store Concept

New York is an expensive place to live so anytime a New Yorker can find a deal, it makes them happy to save. Not only is rent higher in New York so are the prices in stores. Even still, those living in New York will pay the high price because they love their name brands and they love stores they can trust. A popular grocery store for shopping is Whole Foods because of it’s wide selection of healthy and organic food. It is a bit pricey but it’s worth it for those living in New York.


Recently, Whole Foods has been opening budget-minded stores. There are currently three stores opened and over twenty in development. According to Grubstreet, Whole Foods has just made a huge announcement regarding New York. Whole Foods is working hard to open their first 365 store in New York. It’s set to open in 2018 in a Brooklyn neighborhood that is welcoming new developments.


These new stores are a great idea. It’s a chance for Whole Foods to reinvent themselves in a way that appeals to more people. In this day and age, so many people are budget-conscious. Whole Foods new 365 store is appealing to that need. The New York store will be found in Fort Greene in the Ashland Place Development which will eventually house an Apple store as well. The New York location will be significantly larger than the other 365 locations that are already open. Those previous locations are open in Los Angeles and this New York location is a welcome development.


Overall, it’s a new idea and one that is sure to stick around for a long time. That’s because the stores will be located in an ideal location. They are also offering a new idea which is something that New Yorkers will love. Finally, these deals will be great. Only time will tell if more of these locations will open and New York. It will also be interesting to see if they will bump out the full priced Whole Foods stores. Right now, it seems that both will co-exist for now.


Knicks Rebound from Off Court Issues

Heading into the 2016-17 NBA season, one of the most interesting stories in the league revolved around the New York Knicks. The Knicks had a very active offseason, which saw them trade for Derrick Rose and Joakim Noah from the Chicago Bulls. The trade made the Knicks one of the hardest teams in the league to predict as they clearly have a lot of talent, but could be prone to injuries.


While the Knicks started off hot, including winning five games in a row at one point, they have seemed to have slowed down a lot. The Knicks are currently three spots and 2.5 games out of the Eastern Conference Playoffs and have had a lot of issues with both performance and locker room issues.


Over the past month, the Knicks have had to deal with off the court issues with both Derrick Rose and Carmelo Anthony. Prior to a game a couple weeks ago, the Knicks announced that Rose had not reported to the game. At first it was not clear where Rose was, but it was eventually revealed that he had returned home to Chicago to spend time with his family. Rose, who is nearing the end of his current contract, even stated that he was considering leaving the game entirely. Rose ultimately returned to the Knicks and has played well since coming back.


Anthony, who has been with the Knicks for several years, has continued to be one of the best players in the league and the top scorer on the Knicks. However, due to the continued losing, many have speculated that Anthony may accept a trade. Anthony has reportedly had several conversations with back office personnel and may be open to accepting a trade to a number of competing teams across the league.


While the Knicks have had some issues in recent weeks, they do appear to be turning things around. On Monday night, they had a game against the playoff-bound Indiana Pacers. The Knicks played a tough and strong game and ultimately were able to win the game by 6 points.


New York City Offers Pay Increse For Officers Who Will Wear Body Cameras

As people around the country continue to question the integrity of officers, New York City is in negotiations with their police force. The largest police union in the city is currently working with the city as they negotiate, and one thing on the table is body cameras, and a pay increase for those who will wear them.

Currently, the city is offering a 1 percent increase in pay for those officers that will be required to wear body cameras. While it sounds odd, there are some large complaints from the police force. The body cameras are bulky and can be an encumbrance when officers are working. In order to even wear the body cameras, officers are forced to go through body-cam training, plus the stress of constantly being recorded all day long. The NYPD has been delaying the implementation of body cameras that stemmed from a federal court order in 2013, news of that order can be found here. The delay will come to an end in 2017.

In 2017, one thousand body cameras will be deployed on NYPD officers. By 2008, that number is expected to grow to roughly five thousand. The NYPD currently employs about 35,800 officers, this is still a very small percentage, but it is a start when it comes to complying with the federal court order.

The city wasn’t open to discussing the ongoing negotiations with the police union, but the Patrolmen’s Benevolent Association had a few words. They are concerned about the rights and safety of both police officers and the public, and they would like those concerns to be addressed before the city forces officers to wear cameras. While paying officers extra to wear the cameras does not resolve all the issues, it does show the Patrolmen’s Benevolent Association that the city is recognizing that it does increase burdens and duties for NYPD officers who previously were originally asked to take on those duties with no further compensation.

In the past, police unions have widely claimed body cameras pose higher stress levels, job difficulties, and concerns over the privacy of the officer as well as some civilians as reasons they stand against the body cameras. Those who believe body cameras will help decrease the questions in officer related shootings believe the police unions are simply trying to block the technology that could bring transparency to the police department.



Celebrating Sixty Five Years By Running The Block

Judith Jaffe, a Pediatrician, recently celebrated her sixty- fifth birthday by doing what she has done several days a week now for over twenty years. Ms. Jaffe has been running around her neighborhood block.


Judith came to the conclusion, when her children were very young, that her health was starting to fail. By the age of forty-five, Ms. Jaffe stated her bones were starting to weaken and her blood pressure was rising. So her compromise was a simple one that would have a profound effect on her and the people surrounding her, she laced up her running shoes, went out the front door of her home on the Upper West Side of Manhattan, and began circling the block. It wasn’t easy at first, Judith started with one, struggling circle around the block. Now Ms. Jaffe can complete 17 times around her route in an hour.


This compromise worked well for her as Judith wasn’t willing to leave the kids and babysitter to go further away for her exercise. She has stuck to the same route all these years that way if anyone in her family was in need of her, they could find her running around the block. Ms. Jaffe’s consistent exercise did not go unnoticed by the neighborhood, as she frequently gets stopped or cheered on by neighbors.


When Ms. Jaffe’s children were younger, they used to attend the Manhattan Day School, a Jewish school across the street from her route. Her children and classmates would cheer her on from the windows of the school. Judith’s steady consistency over the years have earned her the title of “jogging lady” by the neighborhood. Ms. Jaffe is not changing her routine any time soon, she likes the consistency.


Ms. Jaffe has taken something that many people struggle with, exercising, and broke it down into something simple. Having the will to put one foot in from of the other in order to achieve what needs to be done is simple, yet we can make it seem so hard. All we need to do is lace up a pair of tennis shoes, open the front door, and put one foot in front of the other.


The Sunny Plumber Provides Great Opportunities of Home Improvement For All Homeowners In The City of Tucson, Arizona

A Sunny Plumber in Tucson, Arizona may be what is needed for you to ensure that you are getting the most out of your property. Unfortunately, many homeowners are no necessarily aware of what initiatives they need to take in order to get the most optimal performances out of their properties’ appliances, amenities, and any and all interconnected components that are be considered as being fixated into the home’s infrastructural design.

If you are wanting to see how the conditions of your plumbing company are, then you may be able to benefit greatly by hiring The Sunny Plumber to tend to your property’s drains, pipelines, and any of its interconnected components/devices. By tending to such aspects of your property, you will be able to reap a myriad of benefits that contribute tremendously to the overall conditions of your property.

A home’s pipelines, drains, and components that are attached to them may be dysfunctional or faulty. If you are suspecting certain issues existing within them, then please do not hesitate to call The Sunny Plumber of Tucson, Arizona so that they can travel to your home to conduct a quick inspection to get an insight on the conditions of your home’s pipelines, drains, and interconnected components. They will be able to provide you with an appointment time that is most accommodating to your own schedule. They offer flexible scheduling for any and all appointment types, whether it be for appointments on recurring schedules or an initial appointment in which the homeowner(s) want to have the plumbing system of their home inspected. Today is a great day for you to contact a plumber who has been well renowned as being a part of a company that is dependable, honest, and extremely good at what they do. You Will thank yourself for making the phone call in the long-term.


Uber Spars With New York City To Protect Customers Privacy

Uber, the app that allows citizens to find drivers to take them where they want to go similar to a taxi but through other app users, has been asked by New York City to share their data. Uber is pretty simple. Weather you are looking for a ride or to make some money on the side being a taxi driver, the app can work for you. Information can be found on them at their website here.

The city of New York has requested that Uber share all it’s data, information like where they took their passengers, with them. The New York City Taxi & Limo Commission, often referred to as simply TLC, is responsible for collecting information on all the taxi trips made in the city, this information often includes pick-up and drop-off dates, times, locations, distances, itemized fares, payment types, and number of passengers. They then turn around to use this information to audit the taxi drivers working hours, hours which are regimented to a certain amount of hours per day and week to prevent drivers from become fatigued and cause accidents.

Up until now, app services like Uber have not been required to provide that data because they operate differently than a traditional taxi service, but Uber has recently been established as part of New York’s transit, so the city wants all their information. At the moment, Uber only provides their pick-up locations and times. Currently, the court hearing between Uber and the New York City Taxi & Limousine Commission is ongoing.

Uber originally replied by saying that since this was simply about drivers hours, they would provide the city with detailed logs about the drivers hours, but TLC quickly turned down the offer claiming that they must have all the information about passenger drop-offs for other reasons citing traffic planning and analysis and identifying drivers who committed driving infractions.

Uber is standing their ground, wanting simply to protect the privacy of their users. Uber was determined to stand their ground and sent riders a scary email letting them know that the government is requesting where they are headed for every single ride.


Different Strategies Work For Different Entrepreneurs Including Adam Milstein

One thing that is really characteristic about an entrepreneur is the individuality. There are rarely any two entrepreneurs that are alike. Each entrepreneur is different and is therefore working from a different approach. For one thing, an entrepreneur is one who plays to his best strengths. Often times, this results in him using a method that is different than what others would have suggested for them. Often times, an entrepreneur may succeed using a method that others have determined to not be effective. However, he finds that it has worked for him. One thing that is expected is for the person to eventually fall. However, it doesn’t happen.

Adam Milstein is one of those people who find a method that is different from what is conventional. For instance, a lot of people say that it is important to break big dreams up into smaller goals. However, Milstein has found that setting specific goals does not work for him. There are a lot of reasons that specific goals may not work. For one thing, life is filled with many surprises and success often requires one to be flexible. Therefore, while it is good to have goals, being too specific can only be a hindrance.

One thing that Adam Milstein has believed in is doing his best. This meant not limiting himself to any specific goals of the day. At the same time, this also meant putting one’s full heart into the work that he is doing. When he has taken this approach, he has made a lot of progress. He has also exceeded expectations if there were any. This is one of the reasons that he is not only one of the most successful entrepreneurs but one of the most influential people in the world. He is also willing to share his success with his community.

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Adam Milstein

Historical Society Archives Unusual and Moving Subway Art

After the post election dust began to settle, people began to celebrate and mourn. In New York, a strong Democrat leaning state, people felt the loss to their very core. Some cried, some lashed out, and some turned it into an art form that will now become a part of the states history.

Down in the depths of New York’s Union Square subway station, people took pen to paper and expressed their feelings. There were messages that were kind, messages of hope, messages of empathy, all anonymously left on around 20,000 brightly pastel colored Post-It notes. The special wall of feelings was an art project started by Matthew Chavez. He called it Subway Therapy, and thought it would be a great way for people to use peaceful expression to spread messages about hope and love, and make them realize that they are not alone. An in depth look at the art can be found here.

The messages on the wall included phrases like “Don’t give up – stand up.” and “Respect and protect civil rights.”. Now, The New York Historical Society has announced their plans to archive roughly 4,000 of the Post-Its to provide a massive picture of the city’s emotional state following the election of Donald Trump as President of the United States.

The museum is looking to preserve the feeling of the city in these moments for future generations to look back on and even learn from. The notes were created spontaneously and are full of emotions of the moment, and this creates a vivid historical document of the moment.

People in the future may look at this as a simple or quaint artwork of the moment, but it, in its own way, truly captures the spirit of 2016 and how the citizens of New York felt when Donald Trump became the leader of their country.

Though there is no set date for when the display will be open to the public, the group has already began archiving the notes by sticking sets of 12 between sheets of mylar to keep them protected. For those who are looking to still share their feelings, The New York Historical Society has invited the public to write and attach their Post-It notes to the glass-walled entrance to their building. The wall is currently titled “Messages to the President-Elect”.


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