Illustrious Career of Don Ressler thoroughly shows that Don Ressler is a successful investor in who has been able to bring his businesses to greater heights. Over the years, he has managed to acquire several business startups and turned them to strong businesses. He is the man behind the management and creation of various online –based businesses that have recorded impressive returns. To test his prowess, Mr. Ressler started with the launching of FitnessHeaven which performed very well. He later on resolved to sell the business to Intermix Media with an aim to raise enough funds that he required for his next big idea. It was at this moment that Don met Adam Goldenberg, who was working as the chief operating officer in Intermix Media. They then agreed to work together to found their very own firm.



His Companies



With their great ideas, the two partners established Alena Media, a firm that ran an active advertising division. Within a short period of time, Alena Media managed to generate millions in revenue, an amazing and impressive score that the two partners celebrated before selling the firm to News Corp. Having knowledge and special skills in online advertising motivated Adam and Ressler to start bigger businesses that could operate in large markets and serve different people. To begin, the duo met to brainstorm ideas focusing on businesses that could excel in their field, and the final result of the convention was Intelligent Beauty. This company managed a wide array of brands including DERMSTONE, a well-known cosmetic retail that provides online subscription services.



His Contribution to JustFab


Within a period of two years, the business grew to a successful venture and so Don and Adam resolved to spice up their company by adding SENSA, a weight loss brand. With great returns from the two brands, the duo were motivated and decided to found JustFab, a company that offers retail outlet services. JustFab was established by Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg in 2010, as per It offers fashion products, cosmetic and also runs an active subscription system. This company has heavily invested in increasing its presence in the market and marketing its services. Currently, JustFab has a branch called Fabletics which offers evening wear, swimwear and athletic apparel.  Don Ressler’s career history can be sought on CrunchBase, and you can read more about his fundraising successes with JustFab on Forbes.


A Special Visitor Is Spotted In The Hudson River

It’s not a sight you see everyday, in fact, most people will probably never see it, but it happened in New York City. A humpback whale was spotted swimming in the Hudson River. He was spotted three separate times in one week, and is thought to be following his food source. The US Coast Guard received numerous calls reporting the gigantic creature frolicking in the famous Hudson River. Check out the cool video here.

Experts have stepped in and verified that this was indeed a whale playing in this urban river. New York based Wildlife Conservation Society employee Howard Rosenbaum verified that it was most likely a humpback whale. New Yorkers reacted, well, exactly as you would expect. Pictures flooded social media with the citizens photos capturing the special moment. Most showing the fins and tail of the creature as it frolicked and played in the river against the beautiful backdrop of the city. They were all in awe, all amused, and the topic quickly took over social media.

One citizen was witty enough to quickly make a Twitter account for the whale called Hudson River Whale. The Tweets were as entertaining as you might expect with corny jabs like “How do you like your plankton? I like mine “whale” done”.

The US Coast Guard was flooded with reports of the whale sightings from November 9 all the way through November 21. It’s unclear if the whale is still in the Hudson, but the reports have stopped. Whales are often known to frolic the coastal waters off New York, but it is much more rare to see one swimming down the Hudson River. It is believed the giant water dweller was following menhaden, also referred to as bunker fish, to gain his next meal.

In the past, when these type of animals have appeared in these waters, there is usually a reason for concern, often they are unhealthy. Experts reviewed the photos and videos of this particular whale and claim that he seems to be perfectly healthy.

Due to recent efforts over the past few years, the water quality of the Hudson River has greatly improved. This cleansing of the water has led to higher populations of numerous fish including bunker fish. The Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution along with the Wildlife Conservation Society launched a buoy off the New York coast line this past summer to record the sounds of whales that come within 25 miles of the area. In the month of November alone, the songs of both right whales and fin whales have been recorded on the bouy near New York every single day.


Three Grand Flavors From EOS Lip Balm

EOS lip balm is the rising star in the lip balm world, and they are proving their flavors are better than options from their competition. They have worked quite hard to ensure their customers are receiving the finest products, and they are helping young customers who want to remain on the cool side of the street. This article explains three flavors from EOS lip balm that are fun, and each one is a sight and smell to behold.

#1: Honeysuckle

Honeysuckles are a fun flower for kids to suckle in the park, and they have a light flavor everyone enjoys. The flower has been used an inspiration for this new lip balm, and it is a soft flavor that is easy on the nose. The flavor that is provided by the lip balm helps kids remember the park, and the color is lovely to see.

#2: Blueberry Acai

The blueberry acai flavor is a special one that reminds users of the smoothies they quite enjoy, and it will remind kids of summer trips to places that serve them cool drinks. The flavor on the sphere of lip balm is soft, and it helps every kid enjoy what they smell. The taste helps make the lip balm, and the smell floating in the air is pleasing to everyone.

#3: Strawberry Sorbet

The three-pack of summer flavors comes to a close with strawberry sorbet, and it is fun to smell because it reminds kids of the ice cream they get at carts around town. They will wear it happily, and they will smell it because it is such a familiar scent.

Each of the three scents listed will help kids enjoy their new lip balm, and they will learn to take better care of their bodies. Trying any of the scents online now ( is quite fun. Purchase EOS lip balm at your nearest Target store or via select retailers like Lucky Vitamin.


Jeffry Schneider’s Contributions in Ascendant Capital LLC

Investors have to be rather careful when making investments decisions. Sometimes, it reaches a point where the ideas don’t go as planned which may frustrate them as they have invested so much. Ascendant Capital LLC was founded to help investors get alternative investment ideas and increase their equities and profits while at it. With more than twenty years in the industry the company has developed various projects for companies and investors which make them experts in the field of alternative investments. The company also has created numerous network and connections with private companies and brokers in the industry in order to make sure that their clients get the best service.

Jeffry Schneider, having been in the alternative investment industry for several years used his insight and visionary skills to launch and come up with the company. It may have taken him a while to begin the company but once it was up and running, the company continues to grow and expand their client base. Also, under his guidance, the company has raised a billion dollars through equity and service to their customers. His creativity and ample knowledge in what he does has helped him spear head various projects in the company which have resulted in the success of the company.

Schneider together with his team are working harder using their creativity to raise $50 million every month this year. Having a great understanding of the market, he believes that the alternative investment will be a well sought after type of investment as people are moving towards it. The knowledge he has in the field will be used to help his clients find what they seek and making money while at it.

Having been a leader and supervising employees for various companies he knows a great deal on how to treat his employees. He knows well that having open conversations and interactions with employees brings about great ideas and innovations. Alternative investment cannot succeed with close minded team. Therefore, he encourages and inspires communication in his company. a strong culture is one of the things that can be attributed to the company’s success.

Despite having a busy schedule, Schneider is a strong advocate of healthy eating and exercise. He encourages his staff and the public on the importance of being fit. He uses his blog articles to encourage individuals and to raise awareness on the importance of being healthy. His love for other people is also seen through the various charity organizations that he supports. He gives money to Cherokee Home for Children and other organizations that supports homeless children.

Schneider is a degree holder in Science from the University of Massachusetts Amherst and uses his experience to run his firm.

A Check-In With New York Restaurants Who Did Away With Tipping

New York likes to stay trendy and liberal. One of the moves made by many restaurants in the city this year was ending the age old practice of tipping. Instead, they went to what can only be described as a fair wage system. It’s an effort to bring the restaurant business, one that booms at roughly $800 billion per year, in line with modern workplace standards.

Restaurants banded together in Danny Meyer’s Union Square Hospitality Group to ban tipping in their restaurants. Instead of customers tipping those who wait on them, these restaurants pay all their employees wages that reflect their seniority at the restaurant as well as their skill in their industry. Customers pay a fixed amount for their food, it is all stated in the menu so they are aware that the plates include the pay for the servers. This idea has been in place a few years now, and has often been found in very expensive restaurants. This year, New York saw a group of restaurants band together to try to make a change in October, information can be found here.Your text to link…. As the year comes to a close, it’s a good time to review how things are going after the first few months. Some restaurants saw some immediate changes were necessary. In order to compensate for the extra pay for their servers, restaurants were forced to raise prices on their menu. In one example, an octopus plate jumped from $16 to $21 overnight. While it makes sense that prices should raise, consumers were leery of paying an extra $5 for one plate. In order to make the transition a little smoother, the restaurant had to add some extra octopus to the plate. The compromise seems to have worked so far and consumers are pleased.

At some restaurants, raising the price for plates wasn’t the only change. The need to make up costs meant shifting around personnel. One location shrunk their kitchen staff from six cooks to four, sometimes five per shift, meaning a loss of a job, maybe two.

At the end of the day, restaurants discovered paying fair wages and removing the tipping policy required an entire overhaul for their entire system, essentially like opening a whole new restaurant. Some restaurants that got on board months ago have already revoked the policy due to finding it completely unworkable on their smaller scale locations.

It’s too soon to gauge weather this movement will become the norm nationwide, and too soon to see if it is the best way to go. Restaurants are still adapting and growing with the big change.


Troy McQuagge Is Honored For His Professional Excellence

Troy McQuagge’s exemplary leadership at USHEALTH Group, Inc., an insurance holding company, as the CEO has earned him many accolades. One Planet Awards named Troy as the Gold Winner in the CEO of the Year Category. One Planet Awards is a prestigious awards program that rewards companies and professional excellence in all industries in the world. It zeroes in on different functions like marketing, PR, executives, corporate, teams, communications, as well as new products and services globally. To participate in this program, companies across the world are allowed to submit nominations of their best choices of organizations, which include businesses of all nature and sizes.

This highly coveted award has enhanced McQuagge’s career. His arrival at the USHEALTH Group was characterized by unique strategies of reconstructing USHEALTH Advisors LLC, the company’s distribution agency. His unmatched approach to business helped the company to report a broad client base. This success saw the management appoint him to serve as the president and CEO of USHEALTH Group, Inc. in 2014. Under his leadership, the company has had tremendous success. Today, it is among the leading entities in the most competitive individual health insurance industry. Troy expressed his excitement upon receiving the esteemed prize. He appreciated the entire team at USHEALTH Group for their undying commitment to deliver workable solutions in terms of healthcare affordability and offering customers with innovative coverage that adapts to their growing healthcare needs.

About Troy McQuagge

Troy is an insurance and sales expert who is highly experienced in highly competitive businesses that include turnarounds, startups, and developed companies. With 30 years of experience in the industry, Troy has the ability to deliver workable solutions to complex issues due to his unmatched communication and leadership skills. He sits on the board of directors of USHEALTH Group. As the president and CEO of the company, he has been responsible for overseeing growth in sales. He has successfully made USHA the largest Captives sales company in the “under 65” Health Insurance Market and created a propriety Agency Platform to achieve growth objectives.

McQuagge’s career started in 1983 at Allstate Insurance Company. In 1995, he started working for the Student Insurance Division of UICI (United Insurance Companies Inc.). In 1997, he was elected president of UGA, UICI’s insurance agency. Private equity investors purchased UICI in 2006. Troy was mandated with the duty of overseeing all sales and marketing processes of the new brand, HealthMarkets. The company’s Agency Marketing Group (AMG) registered over $1 billion in annual premium sales volume. This achievement earned AMG recognition as the sales organization of the Year by the Stevie Awards and Selling Power Magazine. McQuagge studied at the esteemed University of Central Florida where he earned his B.A degree in 1983.

Jason Halpern’s Profile and his Contribution at JMH Development

Jason is a renowned real estate developer and chief controller of JMH Development since 2010. He has lived for more than four decades, and done significant things so far. At JMH, so far they have invested in projects worth more than $500million in New York. Halpern and JMH are devoted to ensure commitment to development of modern buildings in the New York State. Their market mainly targets people in need of residential and commercial buildings. Admirably, Jason is also a director at Parametric Dining, LLC, where he contributes greatly considering that he has attained adequate experience in the business world.

Jason Halpern, Thomas Hanson
Jason Halpern, Thomas Hanson

Jason’s Social Media Appearance

Going by the passion he has for his work, he is seen updating the world on what’s coming up with JMH.Much of the information on twitter is highly related to their hotels and the services they offer. For instance, he will direct you to the best hotels in the New York where you can visit for delicacies and events such as pies, wedding extravaganzas and the like.


Momentous Milestones Registered by JMH

Worth noting is that the company endeavors in structuringtop class property. In Manhattan, Brooklyn and Miami Beach, they have saturated the markets with luxurious and unique properties which they actually pioneer. The great success can only be attributed to the committed staff members. Jason, having such deep knowledge of the market is applauded for his tireless efforts as the principal.


Aloft South Beach hotel is one of the magnificent structures recently done by JMH.On September 22, 2016, the hotel was sold to a real estate company based in Boston, and it changed its name to ‘The Gates Hotel South Beach.’As Mr. Halpern puts it, the hotel was sold at close to $447,000 per room. The total amount summed up to $105 million.


As well, JMH joined hands with Mitchell Hochberg and they set off for pursuit of a hotel. Mitchell is equally a developer, and specializes in hotels, which made it even better for the team to raise the historic motel with an eight-story tower. Jason recalls that Americas Lodging Investment Summit recognized the aloft and awarded it. For Jason, there is only more strength left to exploit the innovative projects they intend to come up with. There are opportunities to continue taking advantage of across the nation.



Jason is an amazing leader with remarkable traits. His focus in the real estate brings out his nature as an embodiment of hard work and charisma. No doubt he is an icon with a legacy. From the look of things, he is still in the verge of lengthening his resume and adding to the list of his achievements. His desire is that he will lead the team in building high quality, unique and successful properties across the entire nation.


Personal Screenplay from Marilyn Monroe’s Unfinished Final Film up for Auction

Former New York City resident and Hollywood icon, Marilyn Monroe’s final movie script from her unfinished film, “Something’s Got to Give” is currently up for auction by Nate D. Sanders Auction, in Marilyn’s hometown of Los Angeles, California. As detailed in a recent article by The Huffington Post, , the starting bid for the movie legend’s personal script is set at $20,000. The 149 page screenplay includes Monroe’s own annotations, written throughout the script in both green pen and in pencil. The writings range from Monroe’s deeper motivations to dialogue directions and pointers.


“Something’s Got to Give” was the last film the screen legend worked on before her sudden death in early August of 1962 at thirty-seven years of age. Tensions arose on the set of the movie between Marilyn Monroe and the director of the movie, George Cukor, after the production was delayed repeatedly due to Monroe’s frequent absence and tardiness. The absence of the star on the set cost the studio a significant amount of money for each day the actress was not on set. The final straw for the production company was in the spring of 1962, when one day Marilyn did not show up on set for work due to an illness. She instead appeared and sang at a celebration honoring the birthday of President John F. Kennedy, in a neighboring state. Production was halted and Monroe was subsequently fired by Twentieth Century-Fox.


At the time of Marilyn Monroe’s death, rumors circulated that the actress was in negotiations with Twentieth Century-Fox to return to the set and complete the unfinished film. It was said at the time that Monroe’s co-star and husband in the film, Dean Martin, refused to continue the film without the legendary leading lady. Sadly, the film was never completed due to Monroe’s death just two months after her famous performance at President Kennedy’s birthday gala. However, scenes from the movie have since been pieced together and released to the public, including Monroe’s famous nude swimming scene from the movie.


Since Marilyn Monroe’s tragic death, her personal items have gone up for auction on numerous occasions, quickly going to the highest bidder. Her final movie script will undoubtedly prove no different.


Anti-Trump Protests in New York City

Millions of people have been left angry after Donald Trump successfully won the election on Tuesday. People are flooding the streets all over the United States to protest about Trump’s victory. On Thursday, thousands of people stood at the entrance of Trump Tower in New York City restricting people from entering or exiting the tower. Trump protests have already turned violent in parts of the nation with protesters lighting property ablaze.


Donald Trump’s controversial campaign left many citizens in the United States feeling ashamed. As of late, Donald Trump has made derogatory comments about women and immigrants that have offended many people. The victory left millions of people stunned all over the country. The nation was equally split on their vote to elect Trump or Hillary Clinton into office.


Americans are afraid that Donald Trump has been elected our next president. Some fear that we will lose our rights. Activists are already calling for Trump to be impeached when he takes office in January. Donald Trump, President Obama and others have pleaded with the nation to remain united and to accept the fact that Donald Trump has been elected the next president.


Into the weekend, thousands of people are expected to join the protests going on in New York City. Over the last few days, thousands of people have been seen blocking popular streets in New York City, rejecting access to those on the roadway. Thousands of police officers have been required to work more hours in New York City due to the recent protests. Police have been taking measures to attempt to deter the protesters by throwing tear gas into the crowds.


More protests have already been scheduled for the weekend in New York City. Protesters have already planned to hold an anti-Trump demonstration when Trump succeeds President Barack Obama on January 20, 2017. Protesters are stating that they are not going to budge and they will continue to protest until something is done about Donald Trump being elected.


Security Changes in New York City

The November 8th election was a life-changing day for Donald J. Trump and his family. Having won the election in a historical way, he now has the title of President-elect. Once the election was over, things started happening quickly. The first, and most noticeable to the public, was his security. Now being the man to become the next leader of the free world, he has his own Secret Service detail that is with him at all times and surrounding his home.


Donald Trump calls Trump Tower in Manhattan home. The building is located at 725 Fifth Avenue. This is a heavily traveled area and sees lots of traffic at all times of the day. There have now been barricades set up on the sidewalks and around the building. Security and a large police presence can be seen keeping watch over the building, especially when any member of the Trump family is there.


Even the airspace above Trump Tower is off-limits. The Federal Aviation Administration has placed a restriction on the airspace above and around the building. The government said that if there are any threats made to this building, there will be a strong response to it. Threats of any time will be considered real and appropriate actions will be taken.


The increase in security and barricades have been somewhat of a pain for residents of the building. Everyone going in for any reason needs to be screened and vetted before they are allowed access. Even though this may be seen as a hassle, it is a necessary one.


There are many people involved in this effort from the mayor of New York to local law enforcement to the Secret Service. They all are doing everything they can to keep the family safe and not disrupt the surrounding area too much. There are businesses in the surrounding area that have been affected but every caution has been taken to eliminate the affects on these.


The day after President-elect Trump moves into the White House, all restrictions on and around Trump Tower will be lifted.