Controversy At The Metropolitan Museum Of Art?

With regards to recent allegations against so many well know with these days, people are getting much more sensitive to bodies, touching, and what should be seen and known. The appropriateness of almost everything is being called on the carpet lately and it seems museums will not be left out of the intense scrutiny.

There was a recent complaint lodged about one painting in particular “Thérèse Dreaming” by Balthus, a 20th century French painter. Balthus depicted a young girl getting ready to bathe, sitting in her chair with one foot propped on the chair. The angle in which she is sitting, shows the subjects undergarments and gives the viewer a slightly inappropriate glimpse as to what is under her dress. I know that the subject matter can be a bit touchy what with all of the accusations regarding inappropriate touching around the world currently.

I understand the complainants position about finding this painting uncomfortable, but on the outside where is the line drawn between offensive and appropriate? The painting in question has been in existence for over 70 years and has no plans on being hidden as the museum saw fit to refuse the removal of the art piece. Their stance on the matter is sound. If we take down this one piece, it will leave the door open for more art pieces to fall under art scrutiny and banishment. And where would it end?

There are many art pieces that I would rather not see again. Some bizarre, others way too personal, but I would never suggest they come down. Do you want to know why? Art is individualized. It doesn’t cater to just one person and art should wake you up, make your feelings raw, and get people talking about good and bad subjects that need exploring. If this one lady was upset by this one picture, then obviously the true meaning of art: to enjoy or upset, love or hate, feel peace, anger, or feel anything has reached its mark and maybe she needs to talk . Enjoy art, even if you dislike the piece, and talk to your fellow man because that’s why we have museums, to stir conversation and create kindred art spirits.

And bravo to the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York for defending the free will of the art goer to interpret the painting for themselves.

Stephen Hanson’s New Henry Restaurant In NYC’s Life Hotel Is A Charming Eatery

After retiring from his successful B.R. Guest restaurant group in 2013, famed restaurateur Stephen Hanson recently celebrated his return to the hospitality business by opening a new Manhattan hotel eatery named Henry. In a recent Grub Street interview, Mr. Hanson explains why he feels it has become more difficult than ever before to open a new restaurant in NYC.

Through the years, Stephen Hanson has owned a multitude of popular restaurants and several hotels. It has been 30 years since he opened his first restaurant, and the hospitality industry has experienced a host of changes since then.

A much broader spectrum of ingredients are now available and today’s chefs are doing some really good things. Years ago, it was a big thing for one of his restaurants to be importing anchovies from Italy. Now, those same anchovies can probably be acquired on Amazon.

Situated within the historic Life Hotel on W 31st Street, Henry restaurant seats roughly 80 people and offers full bar service. Among the menu items that are available there are baked clams, wood-fired pizza pies, a whole scorpion fish, beef tartare and inventive pasta dishes.

In Mr. Hanson’s opinion, New York City is doing very well in general, and the city is trying to make sure that restaurants there are clean and safe. By being stringent with its regulations, the city can make it difficult for builders, but in actuality, it helps to reduce potential liability.

Finding dedicated workers is an ongoing challenge that restaurant owners must deal with these days, says Stephen Hanson in the Grubstreet interview. There are more official procedures involved in the hiring process, and the risk of being sued is always high. Mr. Hanson also says that if a restaurant can hire staff members that possess a real sense of hospitality, great products can be produced.

Stephen Hanson believes that although chefs and consumers have become more sophisticated in the past decade, customers still want to find value for their money, and they want to be treated with respect.

Is A Margaritaville Finally Coming To New York City?

Fans of Jimmy Buffet and/or the Margaritaville restaurant chain may be able to enjoy their favorite dining spot in midtown Manhattan after all. According to a recent Grub Street article, two real estate companies have been in negotiations to open a branch of the famous chain in New York City.

A plan to open a Margaritaville restaurant in NYC’s Times Square was stopped in January 2017 when the building’s landlord rented part of the desired space to CVS.

The proposed site for the Margaritaville outpost is 560 Seventh Avenue, which would be convenient for Broadway theater patrons. Speaking of the entertainment district, the Grub Street article mentions the “Escape To Margaritaville” musical that will be making its Broadway debut in 2018. The musical premiered in May 2017 in California and also embarked on a short national tour.

The developers of the proposed Margaritaville want to bring more than just cocktails, quesadillas, burgers and shrimp to the Seventh Avenue property. Rumored to be more than 100,000 square feet in size, this facility will likely include a 29-story hotel. The whole facility is supposed to be dedicated to the lifestyle and the music of Jimmy Buffet.

The developers of the project are moving ahead with their plans, and have already secured a $180 million loan. With its interesting decorations, hip yet relaxed image and appealing menu, a new Margaritaville hotel and restaurant would probably be very popular with tourists and NYC residents alike.

Having enjoyed the Margaritaville experience more than once, I can say that I found the food offerings there to be consistently fresh, tasty and well-presented. The service is usually very good and the prices are what I would call average.

If you have the opportunity to eat at a Margaritaville restaurant anytime soon, please let me recommend their fish tacos, beach club sandwich, BBQ Ribs and their homemade cole slaw. They also feature an absolutely scrumptious key lime pie that is made from scratch every day.

Great Handmade Products And A Feminist Perspective Are Offered At The Craftacular Fair In Brooklyn

During the winter holiday season, crafts fairs are held at many different venues. A recent New York Times article tells about a large crafts fair named Craftacular that was held in mid-December in Brooklyn, New York. In addition to offering a wide range of handmade products, this crafts fair also featured a number of mystical craft-related attractions.

The Craftacular fair is sponsored by a women’s lifestyle magazine and website named Bust, that provides a feminist perspective on various topics. Celebrating its twelfth year of existence, Craftacular began as a small Brooklyn event, and is still held there each year. The event has generated so much interest that it is also now a yearly event in Los Angeles and London.

An assortment of interesting workshops were held during the recent Craftacular fair that was held at the Expo Center in Brooklyn. One of these involved learning how to belly dance, while another offered participants the opportunity to learn about and connect with their past lives. A workshop that focused on the use of bath salts was especially popular with attendees of the fair.

Visitors to the Craftacular fair were able to learn how to read tarot cards, have their horoscopes read, learn about their chakras and learn how to palm-read. Free gold-colored, temporary tattoos depicting ovaries were offered at the fair to anyone who wanted one. Fans of glitter could even partake of the biodegradable glitter and wax “bombs” that were being sold at one of the many booths that were set up at the event.

Various activists were present at the Craftacular fair, representing a host of causes and organizations, and several different speakers were featured at the event. Among the topics that were discussed at the fair were consent, male-run institutions and storytelling.

Lots of vendors were on hand at the twelfth Craftacular fair in Brooklyn. Vegan beauty products, lots of crystals, handbags, teas, jewelry and artwork are just some of the products that were available.

How Lime Crime Has Expanded Around The World

Lime Crime has made a name for itself thanks to Doe Deere’s excellent marketing skills and creativity, but its expansion has certainly proven challenging. In order to ship to the many overseas markets, Doe Deere had to find ways to both please the stringent requirements while staying true to the ideals that made Lime Crime the company we see today. She managed to not only do both but to also make a name for herself as one of the most prominent vegan cosmetic brands in the world. Regardless of where you are you have probably heard of her and her makeup line.

LimeCrime has been able to enter the highly coveted Chinese market by partnering with Revolve. This make up producer understand the problems often seen in China and helped them find a solution. Counterfeiting and issues involving regulations are often found when people try to market their products in China. Revolve knows how to handle this better than anybody else around and gave Deere the assistance she needed in order to make a way into this highly desired market. She has managed to craft an entirely new niche in a saturated market by herself and continues to thrive.

Doe Deere isn’t somebody to back down from a challenge and she understood this when she decided she was going to enter the cosmetics market. Her business has succeeded when many others would simply have fallen. Now, we can enjoy her products even beyond America thanks to her quick thinking and wit. She has adapted her marketing and approach to match the occasion with a specific style geared towards China and its specific ways. People are always looking for the next big thing in cosmetics. When Deere decided she was going to create this brand, she went all out in her approach. This brand is serving as an example of how to build a successful cosmetics line and how to continue it down the road. People like what she’s done and what she offers. It’s no surprise the business continues to expand well beyond its origins as a small line of lipstick.

Fun and Perfect Patient Care– All You Need For A Great Practice

Dr. Chris Villanueva, actively practicing Dentist and founder of MB2 Dental, an innovative management network that allows dentists to be dentists- while support staff ensure that the patient receives the best care and service possible. MB2 Dental has expanded to over 80 affiliated dental office around the southern U.S. and Alaska, with over 1000 employees since 2007. Dr. Chris Villanueva had a vision of tailored support systems that were intuitive and focused on patient care. He described MB2 as a fusion of worlds in a recent interview with Ideamensch, of joining an established practice where high-end technology and high traffic and starting a private practice where there is autonomy and ownership. They developed the software the practice uses from the ground up- and all the bumps in the road and frustration getting it off the ground has led to a set of intuitive reporting tools that assist in patient care and administration tasks. MB2’s team uses this data to assist practitioners with challenges they may face- to truly fulfill their needs and help them maintain autonomy in their practice, and Dr. Chris Villanueva’s lacrosse camp.

Dr. Villanueva has experience as a dental associate at a large practice, his own practice, and now MB2 dental. Taking his personal experience and trusted team, they developed the systems and protocols used by MB2 to cater to the practitioner, and by extension, the patients. After the initial growing pains and bumps in the road, his team has developed a system that not only makes reporting patient information easy, but reduces mistakes and allows practitioners to focus on what they’re trained to do: dentistry. An inside joke with his team, they’ve named the system “JARVIS”, akin to “Jarvis” from the Iron Man Franchise. In his recent interview, if given the chance to start MB2 again, the only thing he would change is preparing to scale up and expand earlier. There are always growing pains when expanding, but Dr. Villanueva believes sticking with your core values will allow you to overcome any obstacle- whether it be patient care, expanding, or any number of issues. MB2 Dental’s culture is very new-aged and friendly, with a variety of blog posts featured on their site such as MB2’s Hurricane Relief Efforts and a feature on Lindsey Bunch, Ironman championship participant and MB2’s Director of Operations. In the recent interview mentioned above, Dr. Villanueva’s best recent purchase was on custom nerf guns to keep around the office- more evidence of the laid-back culture behind a great network of dentistry.

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UPDATE: Career and Legal Advice by Jeremy Goldstein

******UPDATE 1/10/18******

Jeremy L. Goldstein’s Solution to Employers on Stock Options

Jeremy L. Goldstein is the founder and a partner of the Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates, LLC. He studied law in New York School of Law and later on acquires a Master’s degree from the University of Chicago. Jeremy used to work in a New York law firm before starting his own firm in 2014.


His law firm is well known for its expertise in dealing with corporate governance issues and executive pay. Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates LLC, offers related advice to CEOs, corporations, compensation committees and management teams, whenever such issues arise.


In his law firm, Goldstein has worked with big companies such as Duke Energy, Chevron, Bank One and Merck, Verizon among others.


Looking at how several companies have eliminated the stock options providence for employees, a number of reasons could have contributed to it other than just saving money.


Mr. Goldstein sheds light on the main three reasons for options elimination.


  1. A major drop in the stock market may be a limiting factor to employees exercising their options. While this is the case associated expenses incurred by a business must be reported, risking stakeholders to option overhang.


  1. These compensation methods no longer seem worthy to most employers, especially with the frequent economic falls.


  1. Employees are more interested in the raised salary they may receive once these benefits are scrapped other than the benefit themselves.


Equities provision for employees may become more complex for Internal Revenue Services, especially when the top executives have a compensation package. Providing of shares in a business only projects them to more taxation compared to when options are being provided.


Goldstein’s Solution


According to Goldstein, adopting the right Strategy that will help reduce overhang and prevailing expenses will enable a company to be free of many costs. Applying a knockout, which a barrier option is the best solution. Employees lose their options when the share value drops below a certain amount. Rather than eliminating the options employees can just cancel the options which remain low for a week or so to avoid the loss.


Overhang threats are not viable to non-employees thus fewer worries for stakeholders. Knockout ensures that a corporations stock value does not fall to risky levels solving the greatest barrier, though not solving all. However, involving an auditor in the process is important, says attorney Goldstein, the over 15 years business lawyer.

In this current period, corporations have come up with a plan of saving money by not providing stock options to employees. Even if the businesses claim that money saving is the real reason, there are other reasons which are stated by Jeremy Goldstein. These reasons include:

  • There may be a drop in the value of the stock hence it would be tricky for the employees to use these options.
  • Many employees have known the dangers of these stock benefits. They are aware of the economic decline hence making the options worthless. These options resemble gambling at some point.
  • Stock options lead to accounting afflictions. The cost at the end may make the financial status of an employee worthless. The main aim of an employee is to get a good salary at the end of the month.


  • Stock options lead to additional wages to an employee salary. There is also the addition of insurance coverage and equities. The employees understand all about stock options hence can efficiently manage.
  • If there is a share increase in an organization, the personal income of an employee is likely to be more. These can encourage the employees to work hard to make sure the company achieves its best towards the customers.
  • According to Jeremy Goldstein, some companies find it hard to give equities because of the internal revenue service rules. Giving of shares is found better compared to providing options.


The company may want to give the benefits to the employees, but they have to do these and at the same time eliminate excessive costs.

The answer to these is the use of knock out barrier option. In this strategy, the employees still receive the stock options still retaining their original features, but they can lose them if the employee share reduces to certain limits.

It may not solve all the issues but is usually the recommended one.

Jeremy Goldstein was the founder of Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates LLC. It is in this firm that all the critical meetings and all legal activities are performed.

Jeremy Goldstein has been involved in managing the teams, advising the compensation committee and also he acts as a CEO.

Jeremy Goldstein has published many articles regarding the law, companies, and employees related issues. Shareholder Activism and Executive Compensation is one of the many articles Jeremy has published advising the organizations on issues of shares and equities.

In conclusion, Jeremy has extensive knowledge when it comes to the law field. In case an organization has issues on shares, stock options, equities and others, they should get advice from him.

It is advisable for both business managers and employees to read his articles to gain a clear understanding of the company-employee relationships.

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Where Does The Charity Of $18 Billion Go? “A National Wave Of Hate Crime”

What George Soros sees in the American society is startling.

The vision may have inspired his recent donation to the Open Society Foundation. That donation went past $17 billion and all in one, quick transaction. The American society is unfolding and revealing a number of caustics conditions that stuns George Soros and his moral standing. He holds an uncomfortable view on the values of the United States.

These values are tested by George because of recent violence. No one knows for sure what the nature of these hate crimes are. We often ask ourselves, “Is it an American thing,” or “Do we have an innate problem in the States?” As a financial professional, Mr. Soros believes that what’s occurring is a national wave and no localized incident.

He then donates $18 billion to everyone’s surprise. His statements challenge both sides of the argument and peaks the interests of nations around the globe. His long history in charitable work puts George in a place that best leverages his aide and what he can do. He knows when aid is needed in society or its political realms.

The Dynamic George Brings To Philanthropy

Dynamic is what George Soros brought to philanthropy and is clear in an $18 billion donation to the Open Society Foundation. The voice of Mr. Soros speaks a message that’s not often shared among other elites. We say elites to signify that the wealthy in the world can leverage as much influence as do the political leaders we have. George brings his sense of duty into the equation he has regarding wealth.

The money he makes often acts as a tool to fuel his charity. We can’t be certain about which issues are the most important. What we can see is that George Soros steps up to spread an idea he believes must stick. His money is also involved. The world is changing and evolving fast. More nations have democracy. The world’s citizens are working with their own governments.

When the media presents limited views on these historical facts, men like George Soros feel the need to engage. We call the philanthropic work of George Soros a full engagement that goes well beyond $18 billion in cash. The dynamic he has challenges others working in charity while convicting the leaders and rulers of many nations.

George Soros developed this career in philanthropy because of his past.

As a young Hungarian during World War II, George Soros was displaced from home. Ongoing military campaigns threatened him and his family. The events led George to get a glimpse of the world many never see.

This became the drive of George Soros and the name we hear in charity today.

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The Benefits of Securus Technologies – Wireless Containment Systems

Securus Technologies is a firm that has been on the lead in the application of the technology to bring transformation in correctional facilities. The main area that the company has ventured much in is addressing the issue that is related to the communication of the inmates with their families and parole tracking. The decision of the firm has provided the extra support to the government through the provision of the needed sensitive information. The company has proved itself to be dedicated to its duties after widening its scope as the service provider to more than 2600 correctional centers across the United States. The Present CEO of the Securus Technologies is Rick Smith. He has pragmatic skills in the field of technology which is traced back to its excellent educational background. There are many ideas that Smith has implemented in the firm that has placed the company in a better position to handle the arising challenges with ease. Furthermore, he has integrated into the system of Securus Technologies, a team of experts that are specialized in the different field of coordinates that matters that are deemed necessary by the organization.

Securus Technologies is currently providing its services in 45 states. Many bodies have benefitted a lot in the efforts that Securus Technologies technology are putting to amend the broad issues in the correctional facilities. For instance, the law enforcement authorities which marks the data that are collected by the Securus Technologies and sourcing the information that is needed for combating the ill of drugs in the society.

The amenities that are available in the Securus Technologies are worth $600 are they are all patent. The push that the company is making at the moment is to ensure the utilization of the contraband cell phones is entirely done within the society. The invention of the Wireless Containment Solution by the firm has led to the excellent management of the contraband cell phones. Wireless Containment Solution has been made available, and there are expertizes in the company that is running it well. The firm has also increased its services to the sector of investigation and management of the information. The move has made it easier for the law enforcing bodies to collect the data from the company. The prisoners that have been held in jail for a long time have now access the new platform, and they can communicate with their relative or send the messages via the email. The information that is related to the public is well protected by the firm. The primary aim of doing so is to ensure that there is safety for all residents.

Securus Technologies has set in place all the measures to improve the lives of the prisoners. For instance, there is an LBS software that is crucial for tracking all the stolen properties and firearms.


Paul Mampilly Believes Certain Stocks Will Be Great For 2018

In an article published recently at Banyan Hill, investment expert Paul Mampilly talked about what the future holds for stock buyers in 2018. 2017 was a great year for investing, and while 2018 may have some changes, Mampilly says investors should look out for mega trends stocks. What exactly are these mega trends stocks? A lot of them have to do with how automated technology and advanced medical research are going to change life as we know it. Mega trends to look out for include enhanced mobile financial technology such as blockchains, cryptocurrencies, mobile payment and loan solutions, and others. You also should be aware of precision medicine developments, and things related to the “Internet of Things,” or in other words how there’ll be not only smartphones, but smart appliances, self-driving vehicles and other ways the internet will have precedent.

Paul Mampilly has been researching stocks, mutual funds and other investments since he began his career at Deutsche Bank in 1991. His family history is Indian and he came to the US to complete his financial degree at Montclair State University. He learned the way to make good profits in investing quite well that soon he was joining his superiors at Deutsche Bank, and not too much later had earned even higher positions at Banker’s Trust, ING, Sears and even a Swiss Bank. From the banks he then went on to become a consultant at Capuchin Consulting, a firm based in North Carolina. Then he got a major position as the Managing Director of Kinetics International Fund, one of the top hedge funds of its day cited by Barron’s as one of Wall Street’s top performers. Mampilly also invested $50 million that gained 76% in one year despite the 2008 financial crisis being at its worst, and it won him the famous Templeton Foundation competition in 2009.

Paul Mampilly eventually decided Wall Street served primarily just the corporations and top 1%, so he decided to retire and bring his knowledge to the 99%. He had been one of the first investors to buy stocks in Netlflix, Facebook and Sarepta Therapeutics and he decided it was time to show people how they could manage their money without needing the professionals to do it. So he began writing “Profits Unlimited,” a newsletter published at Banyan Hill which showed which kind of stocks people should look into, and the price was cheap compared to most other financial insider journals. Over 60,000 subscribers joined that newsletter overnight, and more and more have come to appreciate what Paul Mampilly has to say.

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