USHEALTH Group vs The Competition

The war for healthcare coverage is an ongoing battle. If life was perfect, everyone would have access to some form of quality healthcare. This is one of the biggest concerns in the medical/healthcare industry. Whether you have a freak accident and need medical support, or you suddenly come down with an illness, healthcare insurance can surely take the stress away to a certain degree. For those who don’t have healthcare insurance, the healing process can surely take a toll on the mind and the body. This is where USHEALTH Group comes into the picture, and it’s revolutionizing the healthcare industry.

This exclusive organization is based in Forth Worth, Texas, but it provides extraordinary services for people across the nation. USHEALTH Group uses its subsidiaries for the greater-good of mankind. Not to get too philosophical, this organization will help anyone who is need of healthcare service. Who actually benefits from the services?

  • Self-Employed Individuals
  • Single Working Individuals
  • Families
  • Small Business Owners
  • Employees of Small Businesses

On top of that, one of the best attributes of these advanced programs is that you can get tailored-healthcare solutions that meets your personal needs. That’s right! In a sense, you can actually pay for the type of coverage that you want or need. There is nothing more and there is nothing less. You won’t even have to worry about underwriting. Every base just seems to be covered, literally.

Thanks to this huge combination of insurance companies that are involved here, people of all ages can benefit, and people of all illnesses can benefit. The options are nearly endless as the plans cover:

  • Short-Term Accident Disability
  • Specified Illness
  • Term Life Insurance
  • Income Protector
  • Dental Plans
  • And many more

In the end, USHEALTH Group is rewriting what a great health insurance provider truly is. Raising the bar and setting new trends is what this extraordinary organization is all about and that speaks volumes.


Success Shown by Infrastructure Auction Schedule

Beginning in September of 2017, the Investment Partnership Program (PPI) is expected to hold 18 infrastructure auctions by the end of the year. This schedule, while very engaged, is set in stone according to the secretary of the project coordination, Tarcisio Gomes de Freitas. The high expectations were brought on by a change in the presidency of the Republic. On August 31st of 2016 Michel Temer assumed the role of presidency, whom Freitas believes is “pro-business”. An expert on Infrastructure Projects, Felipe Montoro Jens, reports that in his first year of holding the presidential office 44 infrastructure auctions were held by PPI that accounted for approximately $23 billion earned in investments. An example of this great change is the auction on transmission lines that took place in April, which, according to Jens, was the largest in history.

In order for this positive streak to continue the country itself must be considered. Brazil has created a challenge for this program because PPI is going to have to work on altering the infrastructure sector to expand and become more modern, but they have a plan in mind. PPI intends to interest investors by selecting projects that are successful and targeted towards the private sector. This line of action was brought forth by learning from past mistakes that originated from the Public-Private Partnerships (PPP). Due to the way this program was designed, the State intervened too much causing an imbalance of project risk.

This insight from the past, along with the new “pro-business” president, creates a seemingly successful future for PPI. The last year is only the start of what is to come, which can be seen with the 18 infrastructure auctions being held over the course of only 4 months. This bold schedule is appearing to be a estimable indication of how PPI will be handled from now on.

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Troy McQuagge: Leadership Being Recognized

The most prestigious and awaited award giving body recognizing the leaders in the corporate world, called One Planet Awards, has given the CEO of the Year award to Troy McQuagge, the current CEO of the Texas based insurance company called the USHEALTH Group. The dedicated CEO was also given the recognition being the Gold Winner during the whole course of the awarding ceremony, and he cannot hide his gratitude because of the recognition that he received. He said that the award given to him is a testament to his hard work and dedication to transform the USHEALTH Group into one of the most competitive health insurance providers in the United States. He also thanked the employees working for the USHEALTH Group, saying that they are also one of the reasons why he got the award. He dedicated the recognition to everyone who is working at the USHEALTH Group, and thanked them for their hard work.

Troy McQuagge has been in the company since 2010, and within four years, Troy McQuagge managed to climb the corporate ladder and he was chosen by the board of directors as the chief executive officer in 2014. Under his leadership, the USHEALTH Group began acquiring more revenues, and the company which was being under the threat of bankruptcy turned around and become a profitable company. Troy McQuagge also restored some of the arms of the USHEALTH Group, including the USHEALTH Advisors, which would provide more services to their customers. The tremendous growth experienced by the USHEALTH Group under the leadership of Troy McQuagge can be attributed to his will to succeed.

The USHEALTH Group has a 15 million strong customer base, all of them purchasing one or more insurance plans from the company. This tremendous number of customers keeps on growing, thanks to the business strategies formulated by Troy McQuagge. It was his idea that the company should hire professional insurance agents who would be speaking with the customers over the phone. Because of their knowledge and expertise on how the insurance works, people started buying their insurance plans. The excellent customer service provided to the customers is also helping the company generate new customers, because of their positive reputation, affordability and reliability. Visit:


How Nathaniel Ru and His Georgetown University Schoolmates Transformed Sweetgreen from a Restaurant Company to a Lifestyle Brand

Nathaniel Ru and his schoolmates at Georgetown University always experienced difficulties when finding healthy food joints. The three students decided to transform a rental tavern into a stylish eatery during their senior year at the university.

The eatery, Sweetgreen, grew in six years from a 21-table eatery to a restaurant chain. Sweetgreen attributed this growth to Ru and his friends. The restaurant branched out to New York, Boston, Washington, and Philadelphia. Read more: Nathaniel Ru | LinkedIn and Nathaniel Ru | Dynamic Dialogues

Sweetgreen continues to serve customers with clean and healthy foods. Ingredients utilized by the restaurant come from local purveyors and farmers. In Sweetgreen’s ad campaigns, one can learn that the restaurant focuses on a lot more of food services rather than salads. Its digital marketing head, Theresa Dodd, believes that Ru and his counterparts drew inspiration from Apple. She also believes that Sweetgreen focuses on changing the norm just like Apple.

Sweetgreen’s marketing approach focuses on depicting the food service company as a social, smart and local brand. According to Dodd, consumers buy the way a service is done rather than the service itself. Sweetgreen’s stores have a shared mission of living up to their parent company’s core values and serve the community as Ru notes. Ru and his counterparts came up with five core values to govern their eatery from their Georgetown University hostel.

Sweetgreen’s Core Values

Sweetgreen operates based on the fact that clients’ victory is also a victory for the company. The food service brand operates with sustainability concerns in mind. This means that every decision made by brand’s executives must be long-term. Ru believes that these core values enable Sweetgreen to not only operate as a restaurant but also as a lifestyle brand. According to Ru, the “keeping it real” principle means that everything at Sweetgreen from food products to employees’ demeanor must be authentic.

What makes Sweetgreen to stand out from its competitors is its musical solution, Sweetlife. Every year, a festival known as Sweetlife takes place to celebrate the good local food and music. The festival is a means of uniting food and music lovers with local chefs and musicians. Since its debut in the entertainment sector four years ago, Sweetlife grew to be a music and food experience targeting everyone.

About Nathaniel Ru

Before Sweetgreen came into existence, Nathaniel Ru was a Georgetown University student majoring in finance. His life changed for good after he met with Jonathan Neman and Nicholas Jammet. The three schoolmates attended an entrepreneurship class together and had the vision to transform the food service sector in Georgetown. Today, they serve as co-CEOs of Sweetgreen, which boasts a large client-base nationwide.

End Citizens United

In early 2010 the Supreme Court of the United States issued a ruling on a landmark case known as Citizens United v. FEC. This case was brought on by the conservative non-profit group Citizens United, whose mission is to limit the role of government and promote freedom of enterprise. Shortly before the Democratic presidential primaries in 2008, Citizens United wanted to air commercials for a documentary that featured then hopeful Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton in a rather unfavorable way. The Federal Elections Commission (FEC) noted that this was a violation of the McCain-Feingold Act which prohibited corporations from using their general funds to engage in electioneering communications. Citizens United challenged this as unconstitutional, and the Supreme Court ruled in their favor, effectively changing the way campaigns are financed.

In an attempt to expand off of the momentum of the Citizens United ruling, the Republicans have introduced a tax bill that would pave the way for 503(c)(3) non-profit organizations to be able to directly endorse or oppose political candidates, which is currently prohibited if the organization wishes to retain their tax-exempt status. The Johnson Amendment is a crucial barrier separating Church and State, and the proposed tax bill would give mega-donors another avenue to dump massive amounts of money into political campaigns, this time with a tax-write off.

The Brady Amendment introduced in the new tax bill would allow pastors to endorse candidates directly through their platform within the church. Many Americans are in favor of keeping politics and religion separated, which is a crucial tenant of our democracy. If passed, the Republican tax bill would make it easier for the ultra-wealthy to use their money to influence elections, a luxury your average American does not have.

In response to the infamous Supreme Court case, a political action committee (PAC) called End Citizens United was created to promote more accountability and transparency in American elections. The PAC was established in early 2015 and aims to reform campaign finance laws to ensure that the majority of Americans, not those at the top, have an equal say in who represents them. The PAC runs a Twitter account, @stopbigmoney that has over 35,000 followers.

End Citizens United works to achieve their goals by making the issue of campaign finance a national issue. To do this, it is important to start by focusing on state ballot measures that are in favor of campaign finance reform. In addition, End Citizens United endorses candidates who believe that the system is rigged, and that we must fight the corporate mega-donors to restore democracy to the United States. Recently ECU has endorsed the following House candidates: Joe Neguse (CO-02), Abby Finkenauer (IA-01), Gretchen Driskell (MI-07), Angie Craig (MN-02), Susie Lee (NV-03), Ken Harbaugh (OH-07), Betsy Rader (OH-14), Daylin Leach (PA-07), Christina Hartman (PA-16) and Joe Cunningham (SC-01).

Focusing on grassroots efforts to elevate campaign finance reform to the forefront of election issues, End Citizens United hopes to help get candidates elected in the 2018 elections who will help make their end goal of reversing the disastrous Citizens United decision a reality. Learn more:


Success Behind Highland Capital Management

Highland Capital Management is the brainchild of James Dondero and Mark Okada. It’s an SEC-registered investments adviser with approximately $15.4 billion of assets under management. Highland Capital is among the most prominent and most qualified alternative credit managers in the world. Highland capital is also involved in real estate. It has joined the Markets in Dallas where speculators have raised the prices of property to unimaginable levels. It has begun a project to build luxury apartments as the company’s CEO Mr. Dondero believes it is more profitable to develop new structures in some areas than buying. Read more about Highland Capital at

The basis of any business is to maximize profits. Highland Capital ensures that any investment in credit makes gradual above-average gains. These are achieved by investing and maintaining capital while aiming a proper risk-return balance. The company’s primary goal is to work with assets and strategies that increase the value of the investment by either allowing one of a kind skill or expertise to the investment or access to an asset class. Highland Capital works with different clients and organizations. They include financial institutions, public pension plans, high net-worth individuals, corporations, governments, endowments, funds of funds and foundations.

Highland Capital is committed to giving back to the society. The company assists the communities surrounding it by not only giving financial donations but also by volunteering in different community projects and offering advice to various boards. It has donated over $10 million to nonprofits around the world especially to help improve health care and education systems as well funding the veteran initiatives. Visit to know more.

James Dondero is the President and CEO of Highland Capital. He has over 30 years of experience in the equity and credit markets. In his early years as a financial manager, Dondero worked for JP Morgan as an analyst and also as a portfolio manager for American Express. Mr. Dondero graduated from the University of Virginia with dual majors in accounting and finance from the McIntire School of Commerce. He is also a certified Managerial and Public Accountant. He also has the right to employ the Chartered Financial Analyst designation.


New York City Will Soon Get an Entire Margaritaville Themed Hotel

If it’s a warm sunny day, you’re on vacation, or you’re sipping a margarita then there’s a song that’s likely to get stuck in your head. Margaritaville by Jimmy Buffet has long been one of the most popular songs of summer and warmer times. It makes people happy to sing along and envision themselves on the beach with margaritas. Well, it looks like the dream of turning that song into reality is closer than ever. That’s because New York City may soon have an entire hotel dedicated to Margaritaville.


According to GrubStreet, two New York firms are in late negotiations to create an entire 29-floor tropical-themed hotel. They’re eying a location that on 560 Seventh Ave for their building plans. Nothing is a done deal yet but it sure does seem likely that this Jimmy Buffet hotel will be built. It’s in a perfect location, as well. New Yorkers and tourists can head over to Broadway to catch a showing of Escape to Margaritaville before checking out the new hotel.


This new attraction in New York City is sure to attract tourists from all over the globe. There are countless fans of Jimmy Buffet and even more that are fans of that song! There’s no word yet on what type of bars and restaurants the restaurant will hold. It’s probably safe to speculate that they will be offering up island drinks and most importantly, Margaritaville. Bright flashy lights also seem to be a theme of Margaritaville hotels. Last January, there were plans to start the building but those were stopped. It seems that this time is the real deal.


There are already a few Margaritaville hotels in Florida and Tennessee but the one in New York is a bit different. It’s an interesting concept to build one in the city. It’s perfect for those who want to vacation somewhere where they get the big city feel but also want to feel like they’re on a tropical vacation. This new hotel combines both and it’s sure to be a smashing hit to anyone that wants to feel like they are in a tropical paradise.

New York City’s First Carl’s Jr. Restaurant Will Be Opening Soon In Coney Island

Although hungry diners regularly patronize Carl’s Jr. restaurants in other parts of the U.S., fans of fast food in New York City have not yet had the opportunity to partake of the chain’s tasty offerings. That is about to change soon, however.


A recent Grub Street article explains how the California-based Carl’s Jr. chain is planning to open its first New York store in Coney Island in the near future. The storefront and signage for the restaurant are already in place, and one of the paper-covered windows features a sign stating that the restaurant will be opening soon.


Known for its charbroiled burgers, shakes, hot dogs and chicken sandwiches, Carl’s Jr. was founded in 1941 and operates more than 1,100 restaurants. The corporation that actually owns Carl’s Jr. restaurants also owns the Hardee’s restaurant chain.


According to the Grub Street article, an IHOP restaurant is situated across the street from the Coney Island Carl’s Jr. store on Surf Avenue, and an Applebee’s eatery is located nearby. Burger-lovers can rejoice in the fact that between the three chains a broad spectrum of burger variations will soon be available.


A special menu feature at Carl’s Jr. restaurants is the $5 All-Star Meal option. With this popular option, customers can choose from several different combo meals. Double-cheeseburgers, spicy chicken sandwiches, natural-cut fries, onion rings, hot dogs, chocolate chip cookies and 20-ounce sodas are among the combo choices that are available.


Located near Luna Park, the neighborhood where the new Carl’s Jr. restaurant will be opening was also home to a Wahlburgers restaurant. Co-owned by actor Mark Wahlberg, that burger spot recently closed its doors for “restructuring.”


Soon, residents and visitors at Coney Island will have the opportunity to eat items such as the Western bacon cheeseburger and the charbroiled chicken salad. Also, a nice breakfast menu, wonderful milkshakes, and an assortment of Mexican dishes will be available at the upcoming Carl’s Jr. restaurant in Coney Island.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America Discuss an Unbiased Medical Cancer Library Online Platform

In the past few months, Cancer Treatment Centers of America and two other notable health entities Allscripts and Nanthealth released details of a promising new cancer treatment tool. This computer platform designed to compile tons of cancer care data into one location is one way that this prestigious healthcare provider is keeping abreast of new technology finds. This vast network of information creates an unbiased clinical library that gives up-to-date evidence based cancer care data to various cancer specialists and other support team members. This computerized data center is able to interpret massive amounts of clinical data, research and treatment recommendations for specific cancer care options.

This new sytem hopes to better coordinate cancer care when healthcare providers are located in various locations. Specialists can even get a cost summary to determine the best treatment with regards to patient health status, type of cancer diagnosis and type of insurance coverage. Having this ability to quickly document factual findings can speed up health insurance approvals that rely on this precise and statistical data. This programs allows cancer care providers to evaluate all of the current available treatment options for each unique patient case. They can also tap into the latest clinical drug trials and other experimental treatments.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America has long believed in precise cancer care. Their holistic care approach incorporates many various components. Expert nutritionists can aid a patient in maintaining a healthy diet while undergoing taxing chemotherapy or radiation treatments. Nursing can develop suitable goal oriented nursing care plans to best care for each different patient. No two people are alike, and no two cancer diagnosis cases are identical either. This precision in the manner of cancer care has built up CTCA’s reputation for having an edge on other cancer care providers. Contact CTCA for details.

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Casio Audi and his Early Music Career

Recently, before packing efforts into the music career, Casio Audi gets affiliated with a career which he pursued in the finance industry. However, before going too deep into the business world, Casio Audi co-finds a rock band by the name Viper. Together with other associates like Andre Machado, Felipe Machado, Pit Passarel, and Yves Passarel, they started singing in 1985. In the band, Casio played the drums until 1989 when he left the band to pursue his business career. The group found its inspiration from another British band which was called Maiden.

Casio’s Expertise with the Drums

Casio had a great mastery of playing drums, and he used the skills to inspire the release of the first album by the name The Killer Sword. However, the track was released in their album, and some adjustments were made to make it even more perfect. With Casio as the drummer, the band released its very first album in 1987; the album was called Soldiers of Sunrise. After the release of the first album, the fans and critics remained adamant that the band needed some urgent refinement so that it could produce better music.

The Album Rating

The Soldiers of Sunrise received a four-star rating by the Allmusic. Since the original release of the album, there have been several other releases of the same work by the Viper Band. Theatre of fate is the second album which was released by the group after Casio left in 1989. Theatre of fate accomplished a lot of success as the group worked extra hard to impress music fans who expected more from them.

After Audi left the music career, he joined University and later graduated with a bachelor of business administration. Later on, Casio Audi enrolled in the University of Sao Paulo where he received An MBA in Finance. Currently, Casio has acquired rich skills in Finance Management Industry.

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