Legal Cannabis Could Provide Windfall For New York City

New York could soon follow in the footsteps of many cities and states in the country and make marijuana the next big cash crop. The venture could bring revenue in the hundreds of millions to New York City alone says comptroller Scott Stringer.


Stringer went on to cite even more impressive numbers saying that the legalization of the drug could result in gains of $3.1 billion for the state. A number that is twice as much as the state revenue realized by Colorado. Stringer also says that approximately a billion dollars could flow through NYC alone.



The potential tax revenue that would be generated if tax rates consistent with the rest of the country are used is $436 million and $336 million annually for the state and city respectively.


The Democratic Stringer, who speaks in support of marijuana legalization, says that there is no reason that New York should continue to live in the past regarding this matter. He further explains that the present analysis details in depth the benefit to New York City, as well as the state as a whole, if a decision to be forward thinking is made.


The study by Comptroller Stringer comes at the same time the state is waiting for the results of a similar study order by Governor Andrew Cuomo. The results of the Cuomo study are expected to be released in the coming days.


The study by Stringer used surveys to determine that approximately 10% of New York residents are regular users of marijuana. This would mean that the city of New York would have over half a million pot users that are estimated to spend $2000 a year on average for legalized marijuana.


Stringer also says that part of the revenue generated by legal marijuana sales could be used to invest in African-American and Latino neighborhoods that have been disproportionately affected by marijuana prohibition.


The legalization of the drug would also trim $36 million from the public safety budget with the elimination of minor marijuana possession charges. The NYPD announced recently that it is looking to significantly change the way it polices the use of marijuana within the next month.

You Cannot Avoid Success; Grab The Brand New Book Release By Nick Vertucci

You may have tried severally to start a business but you have never succeeded; every time you start, something just knocks you down to square one. That is very discouraging, nevertheless, there is someone who has gone through the same struggle and knows the pain of having such an occurrence. After helping many in his real estate Academy, he has got a notch higher to put more tips of succeeding in a book. Nick Vertucci is the man behind the newly released book that guarantees success no matter the stage of growth you are in. Introducing, “Seven Figure Decisions: Having the Balls to Succeed”.

Nick Vertucci in his new book tries to bring the reasons behind his success more open where he shares his personal life and the challenges he has gone through, he explains in detail the principles that govern real estate investment and shows you how he applied the same principles to gain financial fatness and wealth he has now. He also explains the main decisions you make that help you move from your current state to a millionaire. One of his emphasize in the book is that no one gets rich by playing safe.

Nick in his new book explains the lessons he learned from the mistakes he made. Some of these lessons include: pushing away anxiety and adjusting your mind to the pursuit of your dreams, aiming higher than the normal and the importance of serving others without always thinking about self-centeredness. “Seven Figure Decisions: Having the Balls to Succeed” has been endorsed by the Founder of “As Seen On” TV and one of the original individuals in the Shark Tank Show; Mr. Kevin Harrington.

The story that surrounds the success of Nick Vertucci is a motivation itself that shows how real entrepreneur ought to behave. He was brought up by his mother after his father passed on when he was 10 years. When he reached 18, he began his own company of selling computer parts and he noticed the freedom of an entrepreneur. The business was super until 2000 when it crashed resulting in losses.

Nick Vertucci struggled to sustain his wife and three kids until he met with a friend who convinced him to attend a real estate 3-day training seminar. This changed everything; he developed a strategy to match the goals he had set. Challenges were many but he had a way of navigating around them and he decided to teach how he sailed through in “Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy” as the CEO which he founded in 2014. And now he has the book.

New York City Actress Paid Just $28 Monthly Rent for 60+ Years

The Big Apple’s rental prices are notoriously high, but it’s possible to find affordable housing in New York City, as actress Patricia O’Grady proved. For over half a century, O’Grady lived in Greenwich Village for the astounding price of $28 per month.

Most Greenwich Village apartments cost somewhere around $5,000 per month to rent.

O’Grady’s secret to securing such a lucrative housing agreement was simple: she got in early. In 1955, while she was getting her start in acting, Patricia rented the apartment at-hand for $16 per month; three roommates and an agreement whereby routine cleaning would produce a sizable rent discount helped to make the once-in-a-lifetime arrangement a reality.

Over the years, O’Grady’s roommates moved out of the apartment and on with their lives. Patricia remained in her home, however, and because of sympathetic landlords and New York’s stringent rent-control laws, her rent increased to a whopping $28. Despite the wishes of well-meaning friends, O’Grady insisted on living alone in this same apartment; she did so until she passed away at 84.

Although tremendous, Patricia O’Grady’s story doesn’t feature a happy ending. In March of this year, while she was walking down the street, O’Grady was struck by an at-fault vehicle and instantly killed. As word of Patricia’s fantastic apartment spread across the media, support for her, her family, and her friends was offered from all corners of the globe.

The heartbreaking and tragic end to Patricia O’Grady’s life is hardly indicative of all she offered the world and, in particular, New York City. O’Grady was reported by friends to be a kind-hearted and caring individual, and her final landlord spoke glowingly of the friendship they developed.

O’Grady was a lot of things—friend, family member, actress, and New Yorker—but the truth is that most individuals will remember her for her spectacular Greenwich Village apartment and the unbelievable agreement that made it possible.

Chances are that Patricia won’t mind this label at all.

New York City has Highest Construction Cost

New York City is well-known for a lot of different things like Times Square, Broadway, and world class museums. One thing that it is not well known for is affordability. A new study by Turner and Townsend as part of the 2018 International Construction Market Survey has shown that New York City is the most expensive city for construction.

The cost of building in New York City is $362 per square feet which is an 3.5% increase over the prior year. In 2018, Turner and Townsend is anticipating a further increase in the cost of construction by approximately 3.5%.

There are many different factors for the high cost of construction in New York City. The high price of land and the lack of raw or unbuilt space is one of the primary causes of high construction costs. However, a complicated regulatory process and concerns and processes over integrating with an outdated subway and rail system, as well as other utility integrations also further complicates the construction process and adds to the cost of building. New York City also has powerful unions that add another tier of cost to the construction process.

Second to New York City’s cost per square feet is San Francisco which has a cost of $347 per square foot. Hong Kong, in China, is third on the list with a cost of $344 per square foot. All three locations on the top of the list have a similarity in that they have a limited amount of space and are large and established cities with high costs for land and a multitude of skyscrapers.

John Robbins of Turner and Townsend also cited a lack of skilled laborers as a cause for the high cost of building. Overall, the construction industry decreased by 12% from the prior year and the industry is finding it challenging to obtain top talent. Robbins cited a need to attract talent back to the industry which may lead to a lower cost structure for construction going forward.

Homeless Girl Scout Troop Aims High With Cookie Sales

For those looking for a wonderful cause to support, Girl Scout Troup 600, located in New York City, will be selling their famous cookies in Union Square with a goal of 6,000 boxes. These aren’t just any regular troop of Girl Scouts though, this troop is made up of girls living in a homeless shelter.

Created in 2016, Troop 6000 was made to allow the thousands of girls who live in the shelter system in New York the opportunity to participate in Girl Scouts. The creation of this troop allowed them to belong to something and become a part of a sisterhood, helping them to not feel so alone in such a difficult living situation. This, in itself, is important, but when you look at the stats, nearly 40% of children in the New York City shelter system are homeless, it makes it even more important to offer these children the opportunity to participate in something amazing.

A recent study by the Institute for Children, Poverty, and Homelessness discovered that an elementary student who is homeless typically misses, on average, 88 days of school per year, which equates to nearly half the school year. By offering participation in an organization like Girl Scouts, these children get the chance to achieve higher levels of success and education, feel a stronger sense of self and are far more likely to reach a higher socio economic level in the future.

With their lofty goal set, these girls will gather in famed Union Square in hopes of moving at least 6,000 boxes of their famous cookies. This is a big goal for any troop, and one that would generally prove even hard for girls in their situation. Living in a shelter provides obvious difficulties to selling and distributing these cookies in the traditional way, but thanks to help from a generous cereal cafe in the area, Kellogg’s NYC, these girls will have plenty of space for their stand. For more details and background information on this story go to Huffington Post.

Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey Fight for Minorities

Even when Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey first started helping minorities, they knew they wanted to be the kind of activists who actually took action. They also knew they had a lot of work to do if they wanted to continue helping people through the things that were going on in the industry.

It took a lot of hard work to get others to where they wanted to be and it took them the chance to show people they could make things better. Between the work the minorities did and the things that were going on around the industry, they knew they had to show them that things could get better.

While many minorities struggled to get the help they needed, Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey knew everything was better as a result of the work they put into the business. They also knew they had to work as positive journalists if they wanted the chance to keep showing people how they were thriving. Everything the men did was for minorities. It made sense for all the minorities who needed their help and everyone who was a big part of the things that were going on in the industry.

Even when Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey started doing things to help other people, they knew what would happen that would change the course of action for their lives. They always knew what was going to happen with their plan and they wanted to keep doing things that would make the plan better. Even when they struggled to get the opportunities they wanted, Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey prepared to keep giving back in different areas. All the positive experiences they had led to the work they put into the business and the things they were doing to make the business better on their own.

For Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey, the chance to make a difference came from an unexpected source. They found themselves in the middle of a lawsuit that was going to be extremely difficult for them.

If they wanted to fight to go up against the accusations in the lawsuit, they had to prepare to make some changes with some of the things that were going on. By doing this, they prepared for the worst to happen. They didn’t know they were going to be pleasantly surprised as a result of the lawsuit. Learn more about Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin: and

The men always knew how things would continue working and how they could make things better on their own. They also knew everything was important to them and that’s how they worked on different opportunities. If they wanted to keep giving people positive experiences, they had to make sure they could do things right.

They started the Frontera Fund so they had a chance to make things better for everyone who was a part of the industry. They also wanted people to keep looking at everything they had to offer so they didn’t need to worry about what was going on with the issues they faced.

Letitia James Launches Bid To Become New York State Attorney General

Leticia James, a public advocate in the New York City borough of Brooklyn, formally launched her bid to become the first woman of color to become the attorney general for the state of New York.

James, who represents the Democratic party, says that she was inspired by African-American predecessors Thurgood Marshall and Barbara Jordan. James has dubbed herself as the “the people’s lawyer” and promises to defend the causes of the vulnerable and provide resistance to the hostile forces in Washington on behalf of New York State residents.

The kickoff rally for the campaign of Leticia James took place at the Brooklyn Historical Society. Her resume includes time spent as a public defender, a New York City Councilwoman, and an Assistant District Attorney. Leticia James is the first Democrat to formally announce the intent to seek the position vacated by Eric Schneiderman due to allegations of abuse against women.

The James campaign has already garnered the support of three top labor unions and local representative of these unions joined James onstage at the announcement rally along with members of the city council.

Leticia James has just begun her second term as public advocate and is now turning her attention to the task of securing the nomination for the Democratic party in preparation for the November election. The nomination convention for the New York State Democratic party will be held next week.

The initial campaign speech of James promised to address the topic of corruption in the state politics of New York. The issue of corruption has plagued the state for some time now and has recently caused problems for present New York Governor Andrew Cuomo.

A top aide for Cuomo, Joe Percoco, was convicted in March of charges that included the solicitation of bribes and wire fraud. A former assemblyman, Sheldon Silver, was also convicted at a pre-trial hearing a week ago.

When asked about the situations involving corruption in the Cuomo camp, James expresses that the citizens of New York State deserve a government “that works for them” and is not operating on a rent for hire basis to outside business interests.

New York City Joins Fight Against Airbnb

The city council of New York is planning to restrict the operations of Airbnb as a result of requests from the hotel industry to halt the growth of the largest home sharing network on the planet.

The initiative by New York City comes on the heels of efforts by other cities like Los Angeles and San Francisco to combat the company. San Francisco passed a law that requires Airbnb hosts to complete city registration of the properties available for rental. This has lead to a steep decline in homeowners participating in short-term rentals through Airbnb.

New York City officials are looking to require home-sharing companies to provide the city with information regarding short-term property renters that use their platform. This would cause problems to Airbnb users that are using rent-regulated apartments to turn a profit in a city that is in dire need of increased housing availability.

The city has taken measures to hinder the activities of Airbnb before including a law enacted two years ago restricting the advertisement of services offered by the company. The measures have proven to be mostly ineffective up to this point.

The hotel industry, along with hotel workers’ unions, has combined their efforts to begin a campaign against Airbnb and companies like it called Share Better. The movement has sought to highlight a report by Scott Stringer, New York City Comptroller, regarding an accusal of the company of negatively affecting the numbers of affordable housing units in the city.

Further opposition to Airbnb came in the form of the Hotel Trades Council in New York City, who after spending nearly $100,000 on last year’s election and backing the successful campaign of Council speaker Corey Johnson, have been very vocal in their disdain for short-term rental platforms.

New York City officials are also preparing to monitor the results of a potential bill being pushed in Los Angeles that would legally restrict the time to 120 days in a calendar year that properties could be made available for use as short-term rental properties. The ordinance will also make the requirement that the property be the primary residence of the host.

A Different Type of Dental Company

It is truly heart-warming to know that not all businesses are out there to make money or operate to simply claim they are a nonprofit company, but they end up making some type of profit, small or little, whether it is by becoming famous and making a name for their company or plain out making a profit. Finally, there actually is a actual running, successful business out there. There is a company out there, that I recently learned about, the company is called MB2 Dental.

MB2 Dental is a business that operates in many different locations in the country of the United States of America and services are offered throughout the world. MB2 has contributed to helping the people of America and all over the world in so many different ways. They have helped in healthcare, dental care, providing services and also resources for many people who have experienced hardships due to natural disasters and or simply hardships due to the location and lifestyle.

It is truly amazing and heart warming to have a successful business assist in helping the people willfully without any need of profit. They had doctors from all over the country come together to work together in helping to provide as much services as they could to those who have never even seen a doctor before in their life. They have managed to make miracles happen for people and even save lives by the work they have done for the people. Throughout the world, there are people with families who starve everyday, or who suffer from illness because they cannot afford to see a doctor or dentist. There are people who die everyday in the world because poverty is so high, and there is nothing that they can do to help the situation. The places in the world that experience these hardships need help from people who can provide the help. Many companies are in the position to help, but they do not help, not because they cannot afford it, but because helping the people are not on the priority list. With MB2 Dental, they have always made the people their priority. I will always and forever be grateful to companies life MB2 Dental and the hard work they do for the people.

Visit their website:

New York City Provides Empowerment Tools For Women

The city of New York is looking to provide resources that will allow women to emulate the female rapper Cardi B, who is a favorite to many, and make “power moves.” The website Women.NYC was launched to consolidate information regarding economic, legal, and social resources available to women in the city in one place.

The website provides vital information on city programs that provide women with business funding, legal help, affordable housing alternatives, and a number of other resources. The city has also launched a marketing campaign with the goal of making women aware that the website exists.

Alicia Glen, who works with the city’s office of housing and economic development as deputy mayor, says that Women.NYC provides relevant tools to facilitate the empowerment of women in New York City and is looking forward to seeing these women take advantage of the assortment of programs available to them that for the most part have gone unnoticed.

Glen went on to express her feelings that the city of New York is a better environment for women than many other locations in the country. She cites the facts that there are more women CEOs in New York than any other city as well as the city having the smallest wage gap in the nation to bolster her claim.

Despite this impressive pair of facts, there are still obstacles for women residents of the “Big Apple” to overcome. The office of Bill de Blasio reports that despite having the lowest wage gap in America that New York City women still earn only 89 cents for every dollar earned by a man. And for female business owners in the city, the gap is even larger as revenue for women business owners is 61% of revenue raked in by businesses owned by their male counterparts.

The mayor’s office also reports that along with the marketing campaign and website, the group that powers the Women.NYC initiative will also provide fresh programs and workshops designed to support women with a number of pertinent issues.

The initiative is also calling on employers to eliminate the wage gap in ten years and offer women six weeks of paid leave for parental purposes annually.