Neat Things About Panama According to Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa

One thing about Panama that not many people know is the importance of the Panama Canal to its economy. In fact, by some estimates, the Panama Canal produces about 30% of the countries revenue.

The Panama canal is 80 kilometers in length and it took 17 years to complete. It is one of the nation’s top tourist destinations for Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa because people from all over the world stop by to see it if they are visiting Panama. Most of the money generated by the Canal does not come from tourism. It actually comes from trade that passes through the canal. It is a robust center of economic activity for the region. More than 14,000 ships go through it every year when they want to travel between the Pacific Ocean and the Atlantic Ocean. These ships tend to carry massive amounts of cargo that will be sold as exports to countries around the world. The value and weight of the items being transported allow Panama to charge fees for transport through the canal. Without the Panama Canal these ships would have to travel around the tip of South America, so not only is the canal an impressive manmade structure, it is also important to the global economy at

Panama is also known for having rich and diverse wild-life. There are more species of bird in Panama than there are in the United States even though Panama is a much smaller country geographically on In fact, the total number of bird species in Panama is greater than the U.S. and Canada combined. Panama’s biodiversity is truly impressive. Bird species total 970. The landscape is lush and full of forests where these exotic animals can live. There are also coastlines that serve as a natural habitat for the animals. If you visit Panama you should definitely watch the birds.

Interestingly, Panama uses the U.S. dollar as its national currency. This was done back in 1904. It’s because the U.S. and Panama have very close economic ties to each other. However, all of the money is minted within the U.S. since there are no official U.S. treasuries within the country.

Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa is one of Panama’s preeminent citizens. He is a business executive who was born in Venezuela but he decided that Panama was a land of opportunity. Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa has 5 companies all based in Panama. Figueroa is a valued member of the business community who many depend upon for advice.

Former Migrant George Soros Now Supports European Migrants With a $500 Million Donation

The billionaire investor George Soros is about to donate $500 million of his own money to help migrants and refugees around the world. Soros hopes that his donation will help raise awareness of the issues surrounding mass migration in this globalized era, as well as help promote businesses that can help migrants find meaningful and stable employment.

Soros himself knows the struggles of migration first-hand. He was born in Budapest, Hungary, in 1930 to Jewish parents. In 1944, National Socialist German forces occupied Hungary, and Soros faced discrimination from their regime. Luckily for Soros, he was able to flee to the UK and study philosophy at the London School of Economics. After years of struggle, Soros finally entered into the business world and was able to reap billions of dollars from his shrewd investments. George Soros has become one of the world’s most powerful billionaires and one of the most politically active philanthropists.

One area George Soros is keen to support with this donation is digital technology. Recent UN reports show that a refugee’s access to the Internet is just as important as their access to food and water. Internet access is tantamount to access to human rights, since with the Internet a refugee has access to legal resources. By bolstering the migrant communities’ ability to communicate, Soros believes they can better organize and make meaningful connections in their host countries.

According to the UN High Commissioner for Refugees, there are now 65 million people seeking a better life away from their home countries onCNBC. Soros wrote in a piece published by the Wall Street Journal that his $500 million is specifically tailored to help migrants arriving in Europe. The amount of migrants applying for asylum in Europe has risen to 1.3 million in recent years, and this rapid influx of migrants has become a hot button issue in European politics at

Soros’s announcement of this investment comes at a time when the UN is meeting to negotiate global issues in New York City. Soros hopes that his donation will help nations around the world discover the benefit migrants can have on a host country’s economy. George Soros also hopes that other investors will follow his lead and help migrant communities rise out of poverty and successfully integrate into Europe and elsewhere.

Places to Visit In Panama for Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa

Most people who visit Panama do it with the intention of seeing the great Panama canal but they stay because of the other beautiful places they discover while exploring this beautiful country. Panama is called the “Crossroads of the Americas” by many because of its position between North and South America. It is also the bridge between the Pacific Ocean and the Atlantic Ocean due to the Panama Canal. The word “panama” itself is very interesting on It means, “lots of fish”. It was a term that came from one of the Native peoples living in the area. Even to this day Panama is great for fishing and while you relax in one of Panama’s beautiful beaches the fish are something you should definitely try for Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa.

Panama has many beaches along its 2500km coast line. It also has more than 1000 Islands off its coast some of which you can visit. One of the most famous beaches is called Playa Las Lajas and it is 8 miles of pristine beach along the Gulf of Chiriqui on the Pacific side of Panama. It is still a rural treasure because there not many big hotel chains operating in the vicinity.

Just 20 km from Panama City is a place called Isla Taboga according to Figueroa. It is the Panamanian people’s favorite spot for jet skiing, speed boating and going out in fishing boats. There is also a tiny village nearby that has the second oldest church in all of the western hemisphere for those who want to feel Panama’s history.

Panama’s Native people lived on many of the Islands until the Spanish Conquistadors came. Many have witnessed parts of the islands and the native culture by watching the television show Survivor which is regularly filmed in Panama. Many other tv shows who want to film in a tropical setting shoot in Panama as well.

Amador Causeway is a famous place in Panama for allowing you to travel between three different islands. It just near the Panama Canal so after you have taken in the view feel free to go Island hopping.

One of Panama’s more famous residents is Adrian Jose Velasquez Figueroa. He has long been an active member of Panama’s business elite. Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa is a successful man who is involved with many companies and he is an experienced business executive. In just 4 short years he has made a name for himself and won the respect of Panama’s business community.

More than your average bank

Dallas-based financial institution, Nexbank Capial Inc. unveiled it has increased the amount of private placement of senior notes amounting to $75 million, an increase of $25 million previously announced on March 18, 2016. Proceeds are going to be put forth to fund growth capital and general corporate purposes. Having a maturity date of March 16, 2026, the notes bear a fixed interest rate of 5.50% for five years, after that a floating interest rate based on the spread above the three-month LIBOR of 435.5 points. According to the Chief Operating Officer Matt Siekielski, this increases the total raised to $100 million of debt and equity from the last six months.

Nexbank’s primary services offered are commercial banking, mortgage banking, and investment banking serving clients nationwide. Bringing these essential methods of banking to the city of Dallas, Nexbank established in 1922 with a strong record of satisfaction and superb results. As of June 2016, assets held by Nexbank are $3.5 billion with a strong finish to the 4th quarter in 2015 Nexbank is growing at a rapid pace. Ending the year with a 42% increase in total loans up to $1.7 billion and deposits up 32% reaching $1.88 billion.

If you are looking for a change away from the conventional bank Nexbank is the place to go. Growth showing tremendous strides and all the features offered as with other larger banks Nexbank is a financial institution game changer.

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Stephen Murray’s Contributions and Accomplishments Portray a Life Lived Well

Over more than a year since Stephen Murray CCMP Capital, the former Chief Executive Officer of CCMP Capital, his legacy and significant contributions in the hedge fund sector still raise eyebrows. He was in charge of one of the most successful private equity firms in the world, CCMP Capital.

Murray’s Academic Background

Murray was an American born on August 2, 1962. He held an undergraduate degree in economics from the renowned Boston College, where he graduated in 1984. Later in 1989, graduated from the popular Columbia Business School with a master’s degree in Business Administration. His academic background in business-related courses propelled him to the kind of status he enjoyed before his death.

Career Background and Development of CCMP Capital

Upon graduating from the Boston College, Stephen Murray CCMP Capital was fortunate to secure a spot as part of the credit analyst training program, which was created by the Manufacturers Hanover Corporation. He moved to the MH Equity Corporation, which comprised of its finance unit as well as Manufacturers Hanover Corporation’s private equity group.

In 1991, the Chemical Bank acquired the Manufacturers Hanover Corporation whereas the Chemical Venture Partners merged with MH Equity Corporation. This triggered other acquisition endeavors such as the merger between Chase Manhattan Corporation and Chemical Bank in 1996. On the other hand, the Chemical Venture Partners transitioned to Chase Capital Partners.

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Due to JP Morgan & Co’s acquisition in 2000, the JP Morgan Chase was founded, which later changed to JP Morgan Partners. In 2005, Murray got a spot at the JP Morgan Partners as the Head of Buyout Business. Massive business growth was experienced with the integration of other numerous private equity entities including Hambrecht & Quist, The Beacon Group, Robert Fleming & Co as well as Manufacturers Hanover Corporation.

In March 2005, the JP Morgan Partners announced a spinout from the JP Morgan Chase, which culminated successfully on July 31, 2006. This triggered the inception of CCMP Capital, with Murray as its CEO and President. Stephen Murray CCMP Capital is an acronym that stands for predecessor firms such as the Chemical and JP Morgan Partners. Murray was significantly involved in the formation of CCMP Capital as a co-founder.

Board Membership and Philanthropic Endeavors

Before his death, Murray served as a board member to numerous companies including Pinnacle Foods, Aramark, The Vitamin Shoppe, AMC Entertainment and Warner Chilcott. In addition, he was a charitable giver who supported a myriad of foundations including the Make-A-Wish Foundation, Columbia Business School, and Lower Fairfield County’s Food Bank.

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A Business has to Control their Brand’s Online Presence

Today’s businesses must take control of their brand’s presence within the market. If they don’t, the internet could turn into a very unforgiving place. As a matter of fact according to website OnlineReputationReviews, a person’s online reputation can be destroyed negative criticisms and reviews. These helpful points will reinforce how important it is for a business to keep their online reputation intact.
Consistence Online Brand Experience

When a business is out in the market they transmit a particular identity to the outside world. People will evaluate and examine this reputation to figure out what they are, how they act and what role they play within society as a whole. Once consumers figure out this information they will then use it to identify a business and its overall reputation.

Restaurants are known for the types of foods that they serve; electronic retail outlets are identified for the products that they sell or the services they provide. If a business wants to be perceived a certain way by consumers, they have to control every aspect of their business.

Everything from the types of products they sell, their employee interaction with the public and how their enterprise operates on a daily basis must be carefully controlled by management and employees. These factors are critical to brand recognition and identification.

Impact the Local Market on a Global Scale

Online reputation management will also require businesses to examine their products and service locally but with global implications. Keep in mind that most businesses will use the internet to market and sell to consumers within their local community. However, that does not mean that they will not have customers from outside of their location.

Having a good reputation locally is important but having a solid global reputation is just as crucial to success. So a business should just make sure that their online reputation is just as good on a global as well as local scale.

A business should also examine their communications, stakeholder strategies and ways to improve their standing within the market. Once an organization puts these processes into practice they should be able to increase their market value and share. More information about ORM is available on CMS Wire.


Rental Boom in Brooklyn: Will It Turn Into A Glut?

The views of Manhattan, which was previously expansive from a building’s rooftop, are now blocked with rising towers. The Junior’s restaurant’s sign, which was once impossible to miss in the area, is now only visible in between new constructions.

Either completed or under construction, there were 19 residential towers in the 10 block area of Flatbush, which stretches from Barclays Center to Myrtle Avenue. Once all these towers are completed, these will add more than 6,500 apartments to the New York City’s overwhelming housing stock.

A research firm, Nancy Packes Data Services reported that there are numerous new apartments built in the neighborhood and roughly, one fifth of them are all rental units, which will become available in 2017. This might lead the Brooklyn rental market to take off right past boom – to glut.

Sofia Estevez, a developer and executive vice president of TF Cornerstone, said that the Brooklyn market has become saturated and may take two years or more to stabilize. Her company will start offering apartments in a 714-units and 25-stories rental building at the Bond Street next spring.

This overbuilding in Brooklyn has caused prices to soften, even in the highest end of the market. This construction boom as prompted many landlords to offer deals to fill their apartments, which dwarf down the surrounding row houses, tenements and brownstones. Some landlords offer two months free rent and free use of the building’s amenities such as the fitness center. The building consultants and developers are not predicting that rental fees will plunge. However, they do expect that rental fees will stagnate and may ease in a short period of time.

In a study conducted for Brooklyn rents, it has been reported that while median rents on an entry level apartment had increased by 50 percent since 2009 until today, the ones located at the area’s highest end had decreased by 4 percent.

Nevertheless, Mr. Schwartz, builder and owner of the Slate Tower located at 1 Flatbush Avenue, said that he is not worried about the number of residential towers going up. He further added that “Brooklyn is still the coolest place to live on earth.”

New York Yankees Continue Surge and Have Chance at Playoffs

The New York Yankees, who have played in New York City for over 100 years, are the most historic and successful Major League Baseball franchise. The Yankees have won more World Series and American League titles than any other franchise and have a long list of players in the Hall of Fame. While the Yankees have historically been one of the best teams of all time, the 2016 Yankees have struggled to play well consistently. While it once appeared that the Yankees season was over, a recent publication ( gives reasons why the Yankees could still make the playoffs.

The 2016 season has been a significant season of transition for the Yankees. The Yankees are still dealing with the recent retirements of future Hall of Famers Derek Jeter and Mariano Rivera. During the 2016 season two additional players, Alex Rodriguez and Mark Teixiera both announced that their careers were coming to an end as well. At the mid-point of the season, the Yankees looked like long shots to make the playoffs and they ended up trading several key players, including Aroldis Champan, for prospects with significant potential.

While the Yankees were already preparing for the 2017 season, it now appears that the team suddenly has a lot of life left. Rookie Catcher, Gary Sanchez, has been the hottest player in baseball over the past month. He is making a strong case to be Rookie of the Year in the American League and is showing significant signs of potential. Furthermore, the pitching staff has done very well, despite having a very depleted starting rotation and bullpen.

As it stands today, the Yankees are fighting for one of several playoff spots. They are currently in fourth place in their division and are 6.5 games behind Toronto for the division lead. However, they are only 3.5 games behind the Red Sox and 4.5 games behind the Orioles, which are currently the AL leaders for the two Wild Card spots. If the Yankees can play well the rest of the season, they have a very good chance of catching one of the two teams and playing in the Wild Card game. This is further supported by the fact that the Yankees have several games left with both of the teams ahead of them.

David Osio’s Real Estate Agency Embarks on a Mobile Journey

This is the era of mobile applications and what a wondrous fact that really is. There is a mobile app for anything, each one designed to abate the stress of everyday life. From what you should wear to where you should eat to information regarding purchasing property, there is an app for that, thankfully so. Recently, the experts who work at Davos Real Estate Group launched the first of a series of applications that will educate investors on property buying tips, investment in general, and which properties will help them work towards their goals.

The Davos CAP Calculator is the first app launched by this real estate agency and it is compatible with both iPhone and Android devices. Designed to help current and prospective investors, this app educates them on property listings, the price, and really just general information about the property and why it is a good investment for both the short and long term. For those who desire a bit more information, the experts at this agency are continuously eager to assist, specifically David Osio.

David Osio is a leader in the real estate, finance, and investment industries. He is a financial advisor expert among other things, but the most intriguing aspect of him is his cultural influence and his appliance of that influence to his work. Specializing in the Latin American market, Osio has over two decades worth of experience in dealing with the Latin American population and the properties that serve them the best culturally. His marriage of cultural affairs with real estate broadens his horizons and greatly stimulates the American economy. The CEO of the Davos Financial Group possesses strong leadership qualities that help him tackle such competitive industries.

Currently, David Osio is in compliance with the launch of his real estate agency’s mobile app. By embarking on a journey in the programming industry, he is able to proudly boast of further accomplishments alongside his co-workers who are equally as skilled in the same line of work. A man of many trades, David Osio does not believe in resting until his job is done, people are properly educated in a plethora of industries, and his future work has been decided and put into action.

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Gage and Lucy Welcome Their Seventh Offspring

Prospect Park in Brooklyn, New York was proud to announce the birth of a Tufted fawn deer. The presently nameless fawn, a boy, was born on August 2, 2016. He is the son and the seventh offspring of Lucy and Gage who live at the zoo’s outdoor Discovery Trail. Within weeks of his birth, the fawn made his public debut. Prospect Park Zoo is run by the Wild Life Conservation Society that also runs the Queens Zoo, Bronx Zoo, Central Park Zoo, and the New York Aquarium. The WCS is dedicated to inspiring people to see the importance in nature by educating the public. The Wildlife Conservation Society is dedicated to preserving animals and their natural habitats in hopes of saving them from extinction. The Tufted deer is similar in appearance to Muntjacs except that the Tufted deer has longer legs and a leaner body. From his appearance, the new fawn will probably not grow fangs until he reaches adolescence.

The Tufted deer is a species that originates from central China, northeastern Myanmar, and northeastern Burma. They get their name from the black or brown tuft of hair on their forehead. In this case, the new fawn Tufted deer has brown tufted hair on his forehead. The male Tufted deer have large canine fangs. These fangs tend to make the male deer a little scary. The fangs are used during mating season to fight off competitors, and they are also used to defend deer territory. Musk deer and Water deer are the only other deer species with fangs.

Despite Lucy, Gage, and their children taking up residence in a Wildlife Conservation Zoo, the species is in no danger of extinction at the moment. Lucy is a very experienced mother who learned wildlife behavior. She has already taught her other children, including daughters Ellie and Roxanne, how to hide in bushes.

The mating season runs from September through December, so it is possible that the new fawn might become a big brother next summer. Tufted deer become sexually mature around the age of two. The gestation period lasts approximately six months long. Their lifespan is 12 years in the wild and 7 years in captivity.